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Welcome to Live the Fast

Welcome to Live the Fast

A Catholic apostolate centered on renewing the practice of prayer and fasting by providing nutritious fasting breads, a prayer community and educational resources.

Mary's Meals Partnership

Mary's Meals Partnership

Live the Fast is honored and blessed to announce the support of Mary's Meals as the charity to fulfill the Trinitarian component of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

Fasting Education

Fasting Education

What is fasting? How do you start? What are the best practices? Get the answers to all your questions!

Live the Fast Founder

Live the Fast Founder

In 2010 Andrew LaVallee had a profound re-conversion to the Catholic faith and in 2012 he founded Live the Fast. Learn more about the beginning of the apostolate here.


USCCB’s Call to Pray & Fast

The U.S. Bishops are encouraging the faithful to pray and fast for the renewal of a culture of life and marriage and for protection of religious liberty. In particular, Catholics are invited to make a pledge to fast and abstain from meat on Fridays.

A Fasting Testimony for YOU!

I was given the grace to become a better housekeeper. I’ve always struggled with sloth in regards to keeping up my home and while I still need to improve, I, and everyone else who knows me, have seen a difference. Just last Saturday my husband said, “I don’t know what you’ve done with my wife, but I like it,” as I cleaned up the breakfast dishes immediately after breakfast. To over come something that I have struggled with for so long, and never really thought I would make head way in, has been such a gift, as well as proof of the power of fasting. Praise be to Our Lord Jesus Christ for his infinite mercy.

There are 3 highlights of this testimony that apply to each one of us!

1. Fasting makes a difference! We are to rejoice in breaking habits and in behavior changes because those come from the eradication of vices and sins from deep within! These answered prayers are changes of the heart, conversion, and that is the real power of fasting.

2. We each struggle with sloth in some area of our lives – whether it’s getting out of bed in the morning, delaying in calling someone back, housekeeping, avoiding God when we need Him most, forsaking Confession, lukewarmness towards prayer or towards others – and the better we know ourselves, the more honest we are in prayer in asking God for help in overcoming slothful behavior. Why not make that a specific prayer intention for tomorrow?

3. Praising Jesus for the gifts He gives us. Sometimes we present our prayer intentions like a checklist for Jesus, and we forget to thank Him and praise Him for the prayers He answers because we’re so focused on seeing the whole list checked off. Let us thank Our Lord with sincerity and for His infinite mercy that catches us each time we fall.

Prayer Intentions

praying for family

For my husband who is not Catholic and not supportive of my faith. For our marriage to be renewed in love and in Christ. For my daughter, Mary’s mental and emotional well-being, and for my son, Cory who also has a...

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Job search guidance

I pray to find a job that will allow the opportunity to spend more time with church, family and friends. Mike P

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Upcoming Events

  1. Andy LaVallee Presenting at Men’s Prayer Gathering

    August 16 @ 7:00 am - August 18 @ 8:30 am
    St. Mary of the Hills (Lower Church) 29 St. Mary’s Road (off Brook Road) Milton
  2. International Week of Prayer & Fasting

    September 20 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
  3. Presentation at TINE

    7th March 2015 @ 11:10 am - 11:55 am
    TINE 127 Lake Street Brighton MA

Latest from the Blog

Fasting in the heat

Father Thomas Hart, OSB In regard to fasting in the hot weather, it’s actually quite simple. Unless you have a medical problem, the heat is not a valid reason to abstain from fasting. Use your common sense. Tell-tale signs of...

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Who are we?

Fasting Bread

Fasting Bread

Live the Fast bread is all-natural with no additives, preservatives, dough conditioners or GMOs. We ship anywhere in the U.S.

Prayer Community

Prayer Community

Live the Fast prayer community consists of more than 2400 members (including priests and religious) worldwide.


Live the Fast is honored and blessed to announce the support of Mary’s Meals as the charity to fulfill the Trinitarian component of Prayer, Fasting and Almsgiving.

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