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Community Intentions

May all the past and present intentions of our fasting community be handed to the providence of God’s wisdom through the aid of Our Blessed Mother. Be sure to send us your prayer updates!

Daughter’s soul

Please lift up my daughter K in prayer that she may know Christ's unconditional love and hear His voice. Please heal her and protect her from anything that is not of you, Lord. Give her wisdom and show her the way you want her to go. Encourage and guide. In Jesus's name. Amen

Please pray for Antonio

I ask you please to pray for my boyfriend named Antonio. He is away from the church and unaware of God's mercy and love. He's feeling bored, impatient, with difficulties sleeping and unworthy to live. He can't find meaning to his life. I know God's mercy is infinite and He can do the impossible. So I ask you please to pray for his soul and conversion. Thank you very much.

Please pray

For my brother's mother-in-law who is very ill with kidney and heart disease. Please pray for healing.

Please Pray

Please pray for me to start enjoying sex in my marriage. I am tired of pretending that I am enjoying just so I do not hurt my husband. Sex is to be enjoyed with your husband and I do not feel anything.

Fully sponsored Scholarship to study abroad

There is nothing impossible with God. My husband and I have been wanting to further our education but we do not have enough money and sponsors. I am requesting that God opens a way for me and my husband to find fully-sponsored scholarships to study abroad and advance our education.

Please Pray

Please pray for K to be given a job contract at ECZ. He has been working very hard for the organisation, risking his life but they have not been considering giving him a permanent job contract. This job will enable him take care of his family, as he is struggling. Thank you in advance.

That my husband can be faithful to our marriage vows

Please pray for my husband to stop the extra marital affairs he is engaging in. Let him come out clean to me so that we can start on a new page. I am scared that he may infect me with deadly diseases because of his promiscuity.

For Success in Professional Examination

I’m praying and fasting for the success of my Law Professional Examination that is starting on the 4th of June and ending on the 21st of June, 2018. I’m praying to God to give me the strength, knowledge and understanding to write this exam without any problems. I am presently going through a lot of anxiety but I pray that God calms me and gives me strength. I cover this prayer intention with the blood of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Appreciation of the efforts at my work place

Asking God to open the eyes of my employers and superiors to appreciate the effort I put in the discharging of my duties. Of late they have been sidelining me for reasons best known to themselves. Am also asking that the transferring of workers in order to fix them should come to an end. May our superiors also appreciate other workers who put in much effort in their work.

Prayer for Healing

I am a wife and mom to six children. I am treating chronic Lyme disease and have recently been diagnosed with MGUS which is a condition that may progress to Myeloma. I trust fully in the will of God. If it be in accord with His will, please pray that I am healed or that this condition remains stable and that I live a long life on this earth loving God and my family.

Deliverance of my family from dark forces

Of late we have been experiencing strange happenings and dreams in my family. I am asking you, my fellow Christians, to pray for us so that GOD can reveal to us what is really going on and to deliver us from the works and snares of the evil one. We are asking God to grant us peace and uncommon protection as well as favor.

Healing of my husband’s High Blood Pressure and Diabetes

Please help me pray for my husband's total healing of his High Blood Pressure and diabetes. These diseases are wearing him down and sipping the life out him. Mother Mary, please intercede for us to your Son so my husband can receive his healing for everything is possible with GOD. Thank You in advance.

For the Gift of Healing and Recovery

Please pray for the reversal and healing of my recently diagnosed Graves' disease. I refused to take treatment via conventional medicine due to the undesirable side effects of the drugs, instead took a functional and naturopathic approach which alleviated most of my symptoms. I still have a way to go in terms of the accompanying cardiac issues. I will need monitoring over the next several months. This is a reversible condition, please pray I recover soon. I need my health to be able to work. Thanks, prayer community!

Prayers for Super Hero Júlian

Praying for a child named Julian. He’s been battling DIPG cancer and has been very sick lately. As I turn to fasting, hoping for a miracle, please, Lord, give me the strength I need to accomplish this. AMEN!! #SuperHeroJuilan

Answered Prayer

Original Intention: Discernment and Employment By MaryOfNazareth on 13th March 2018 in Please help me pray for God’s will at this point in life. I’ve lost my job over a year ago. I took some time to regroup. I went to Medjugorje and had a blessed experience there. I just completed another certification in the meantime. I have had several interviews but nothing really worked out. Kindly pray I get a good job offer soon and the grace to know what God wants me to do. Thanks. This prayer was answered so graciously by the Lord, last week I received two job offers. I decided for the one close to home that will allow me to attend daily mass and participate in Sacraments often even if the pay was a bit less. I start the new job June 7th. Praise the Lord for His kindness and providence.

Prayer for the new Job

Please pray with me for the new job that my heart is set on. I have been for two interviews and I am waiting a response. I am expecting a response by Friday. I thank the Lord for victory.

Freedom from a troubled woman

My wife and I, along with others, are being sued by a woman we actually did some favors for - she has other lawsuits going on as well. She seems to use litigation as a way of playing the lottery - hoping sooner or later she will win the jackpot and she doesn't care who she hurts. Please pray that the judge throws out this case and my family is permanently freed from her.

Intercession prayer for return to Cornell University.

Resolution for the transfer of 59 credits to fulfill the ILR core curriculum credits to effectively ensure junior standing and intended graduation in two years (four semesters) with a copy of the transfer evaluation report emailed to my immediate attention to complete my Fall 2018 class schedule .

Family in distress

Pray for the R. family, they are in distress.

For financial rewarding good jobs for my husband and I

My husband and I are praying for his letter of employment at our electric distribution company after a successful round of interviews while I am believing our good Lord Jesus for a better financial rewarding job that will help my career growth, give me great work satisfaction and make me a better person.

Our Church

Pray for our priests, bishops and our Church to seek the Holy Spirit as in Acts 15 for understanding and truth. End the confusion. Pray for conversion of my son and his girlfriend. Amen Pray for healing of J, M, D and B. Amen Pray to end abortion, euthanasia and assisted suicide.Amen Pray for all to seek to be Saints. Amen

husband’s conversion

Please pray for my husband's conversion.

Conversions for Family Members

My two sons and daughter are away from the Catholic Church. One son is into mid-eastern religions and the other two are simply uninterested. please pray for them! I am presently baking "fasting bread" to try to fast on Fridays and then to increase it to Wednesdays also each week. I truly believe that fasting MUST go together with prayer and I pray for the strength and self control to do it! Thank you for your prayers.

Release of Same Sex desires

Prayer for my daughter who is in a same sex relationship. That God will release her of these feelings and provide a path to end the relationship and repent.

Please pray

I have severe depression, no job, no savings. Feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me.

prayer for purity

Please pray for me in my fight against impurity and pornography. I am in the process of discerning a vocation for marriage and want to be pure for my future wife. Please pray for me that I am given the strength and grace to fight for purity. Thank you in advance for your prayers. Our Lady, Virgin most pure, pray for us and all who invoke your aid.

Recovery and Healing

For the gift of healing and recovery and the reversal of my recently diagnosed autoimmune disease.

Free our family from sister-in-law’s demonic influence

I humbly ask for your prayers that God’s will be done in our family, and that we be freed from the pernicious and demonic influence of my brother’s second “wife”. That my brother be freed from the chains with which she has bound him; that my mother be protected from her and her ungodly influence; that she be stopped from pursuing her plans to destroy our family peace and unity; that she be removed from my mother’s house and our lives permanently. She has caused much damage, suffering and strife. Her greed and incessant plotting is destroying lives and futures. May God have mercy on her soul, but please free us from her.

Please pray

I recently lost the use of my thumbs from chronic use making Madonna icons for many years. May I ask for prayers with Gods preparation for me, wherever that may be.

Health and family

Please pray for my uncle who just got diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. He has had health issues his whole adult life. Please pray for comfort, healing if it is God's will and wisdom for all involved. Please pray for my vision. It seems to be getting weaker each day. Please pray for my family that we are able to enjoy the Easter holiday as a family all staying safe while traveling and healthy. Thank you.


Pray that my husband gets employment/a job.


Please pray for me. I am struggling with depression. I am also in a troubled marriage.

Healing of lymphoma

I pray that Jesus and the saints remove all lymphoma from my mother’s body. That all upcoming tests are completely free from cancer and that she lives healthy for decades more to watch her grandchildren grow and teach them the faith.

For a relationship

Please pray for my coworker C and his wife L. Help her understand he is a trustworthy and loyal man and a great husband and father!  Please take away her anxiety and jealousy and have it in her heart to forgive.

God’s Grace

Lord, please, come to my brother's aid and assist him and grant him hope as he awaits his interview. Grant him success in his interview, Lord. Lord Jesus, you promised that anything we ask Our Lord shall be granted. In your name I pray that my brother's interview date shall be confirmed in April, and that he shall come out successful and everything he requires to keep him successful will be granted to him through the intercession of Our Mother Mary. Amen.


Please pray for me to be delivered from unclean/defiling/lustful spirits. Thank you.

Five year old Gracie needs prayers

Gracie, her surgeons and team of over one hundred are still in surgery now. It is 3/17/18 1:00 am. It has been 17 hours. Gracie’s surgery required the repair of 30 arteries in her lungs. St. Patrick , saint of miracles and God’s servant please pray for Gracie. Mother Mary, mother of God, please bring Gracie and her surgeon to Jesus! Thank you for your prayers, fasting family!

Gracie is in need of prayer

We need big time prayer for Gracie (9 y/o). She is in surgery right now 3/16/18 1 pm for repair of thirty arteries in both lungs 12/15 hr surgery! If you Will it Lord Jesus, Gracie will be healed.

Please pray for my son

Please pray for my 15 year old son who is struggling in life right now. He is having trouble academically and also is disrespectful at home to my husband and me and with his siblings. I miss the sweet boy he used to be ( at least at home, his teachers tell me what a great kid he is even though he's barely passing their classes.) There is just a lot of turmoil on our house right now and any help is appreciated. Thank you and God bless.

Success in new business venture

Please pray that I am successful in my new business venture of consulting, designing and installing Solar in India.  

Discernment and Employment

Please help me pray for God's will at this point in life. I've lost my job over a year ago. I took some time to regroup. I went to Medjugorje and had a blessed experience there. I just completed another certification in the meantime. I have had several interviews but nothing really worked out. Kindly pray I get a good job offer soon and the grace to know what God wants me to do. Thanks.

For financial responsibilities

Asking prayers for my insurance to pay my ambulance bill and for the car crash payment to go well. For my vocation. For a Godly marriage and Hannah miracle of healthy biological babies.

Prayers for Conception

Please pray for my husband and I to conceive a child, and for a healthy pregnancy, labor, and delivery. May God be ever praised for this blessing. Amen!

Financial Relief

I’ve made many mistakes in my past and I am dealing with them one by one. I’m praying for my financial debt to be brought to a zero balance. Somehow a financial windfall will come my way. I know this is selfish but until it’s gone it’s hard to move on.


Please pray that I get a job offer soon. I've been out of work for over a year now. I've been to several interviews but nothing has worked out so far. I just completed a certification course in the hope that would help. I'm running out of funds. I need God's providence to keep me afloat. I also need to discern if God has other plans for me and to show me the way, if that is the case.

Please pray

Pray for my nephew Matt that he heals and for his safety.


Please pray for my children. One is taking midterm exams. One is testing for colleges. Please pray that he is able to get test scores that will allow him to attend the college he is interested in. Please pray for my family that we can continue to grow in love and wisdom of the Father this Lenten season. Pray for me. I work in a high school. Several of the students are going through some difficult times. Please pray that I use the right words when they are talking to me.

Pay Increase and Stop Foreclosure

Please pray for me that I will receive a 25% increase in pay or more that will help me stop the foreclosure of my home. Pray that I will be considered for the position that I applied for. I am worthy and deserving of the best. I am grateful.


Please pray for me to the Lord our God. I need a new job. May I be succesful in my job search and also my partner be successful in his business. We want to get married but don't have enough money for it. Please pray for that and also kindly pray for our child to be protected and out of harm's way.  

job at municipality

Please pray for me to get the job at the municipality. I have been praying and fasting for the position.  


Please pray for me that my business will survive and be successful. Thank you!

For Job & Marriage

Greetings in the name of Christ. I am from Mumbai, India. I am going through a lot of struggles in my life. Poverty and unemployment has made me useless, even at 33 years of age, I am still unmarried even though I have sincerely loved a girl for the past 15 years. I suffer health problems too. Life is punishing me a lot. I pray the Rosary & the Divine mercy chaplet daily. Please intercede for me that my intentions be fulfilled through the grace of Christ & mother Mary.

Please pray

That I can overcome a life of lust and addiction.

Latin Mass and a New Youth Director

Please pray that God's will be done in our parish as we search for a new youth director, funds for renewing and improving our building, and for us to have a regular Latin Mass.

for Rich

Please pray for Rich as he prepares to enter Maryknoll as a lay missioner. May Our Lady assist him to do God’s holy will in his new vocation, and may he find great joy as he continues his life of selfless service, laboring in the Lord’s vineyard.

Healing of my daughter’s anxiety and depression

Please pray for my 17-year-old daughter who is dealing with anxiety and depression. We have come a long way and have faith that the Lord will continue healing and protecting her.

For God’s will in a medical emergency

My father has suffered a massive brain bleed and is in the ICU. He cannot communicate at present and there is no indication of comprehending spoken language or his surroundings. However, alone God knows what awareness my father have internally. I place my trust in the Lord’s will. My father’s name is Herbert. He has a profound devotion to the Divine Mercy, St. Joseph, St. Therese and Our Lady. Please pray for God’s will for his soul and physical condition, and for our family’s strength and complete trust in God. Thank you.


PLEASE include 30 year old Patrick in your prayers. Patrick has brain cancer and just received his "last chance" immunotherapy session. He has been fighting this horrible disease for 9 years and has had multiple brain surgeries!


Please pray for my family as we try to get over the flu. Also pray for my strength to be able to not focus on my worry but my family who needs me. Please pray that my husband and I don't get the flu so we can care for our sick children.

Husband Would Like to Sell Business

My husband has had a business for about 50 years and would like to retire. His health isn't that good and the pressure is always present. We have had the business on the market for about 10 years. We've had a few "bites" but no one as yet has bought the business. We now have a few prospects. I hope they will become fruitful. Thank you and God bless you!

DVT and PE

Please pray for Greg, who has had three major surgeries in the past 9 months. He now has Deep Vein Thrombosis and Pulmonary Embolism and complications from these issues. Please pray for his healing!

for our priests

Please pray for all priests in the Arcdiocese of Boston who are receiving new assignments for the next phase of the collaborative model that begins in June. May their current parishioners shower them with love and thanksgiving as they prepare to journey forth, and may their new parishioners welcome them with open hearts and much love and assist them always with prayers, physical and material sacrifices, time, and talent. Mary, Mother of Priests, pray for us. Jesus, mercy! Amen.


Please pray for my 15-year-old son. He is having teenage rough times. I have fasted as well and need more fasting. He feels Mom is out to get him and that is very painful for his mom to know that he feels that way. We are looking for him to be the man God created Him to be.

For the conversion of politicians in Canada

That a Godly first leader be chosen for the Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario now and that whoever is chosen may defeat the Kathleen Wynne government in June elections.

For the Victims in the Parkland Florida Shooting

For the repose of the souls of the victims in the Parkland Florida high school shooting, for healing of the physically and emotionally injured and for all their families.

Healing, Blessing and For God’s Will

Please pray for my boyfriend Patrick who is 16 months clean from drug addiction. Please pray that God will give him all necessary graces to maintain a lifelong recovery, offer him healing as he works with his counselor and blessings as he moves forward sober. I’m asking for prayers that he finds his calling and finds the career God intended for him. I’m also asking for prayers for my relationship with him to be as God wills it: that we discern whether to resume our engagement and plans for marriage and love each other the way God wants us to.

God’s Will

I am trying to surrender to God's Will. My family & finances are strained. I am new to fasting and I am excited to do this. Pray for my family & finances.

Conversion to the Church

For the conversion of my husband Chris and sons-in-law, E and S. And renewed faith of my daughters L and S and son H.

prayer for healing

Prayer for my son Colin who is going through a challenging time with loss of job. I am praying that helpful and appropriate people come into his situation that are beneficial and helpful. Also, prayer to lift his depression and help his mood as well as continued recovery.

For TK

For freedom from TK's painful past.


To find a good affordable house quickly.

Midlife Crisis

Please pray for my husband Dominic's mind, and for my family.

Believing for my own House

Please pray and believe with me that God will provide me with my own house.

Please pray for my children

God please heal my children of any trauma from their childhood. I prayed to God that my son Sebastian spends more time with his family and girlfriend rather than with friends in the restaurants. Help him to prosper in his business as his workers depend on him. I pray to God that he pays attention to his body, spiritual and financial health. God, thank you for his kindness and compassion to others. Amen I pray to God for my son Esteban for his emotional health. Please God, make him more patient and humble. If there is anything wrong in his head, please heal him. God, thank you for making him so caring of his family. Amen

Grow In My Spiritual Journey to God

Want to grow in my faith and have a relationship with God. I was away from the Church for a few years and returned in late summer 2016. Late summer 2017 I discovered that I would cry or tears fill my eyes while listening to Christian music or during the Eucharist at Mass. Now, seeking to have a closer relationship with God.


For the restoration of 10 years of youth, time, and opportunity lost through a miraculous restoration of time and/or youth.


For siblings; a large, close extended family; many friends; and a strong community and support network

A home

For our family to have a clean, functional, organized home and an organized life now and always

Please pray

Please pray for me that I can follow God's plan for my life and serve him well. Please pray for my husband and two sons, that they may know Jesus and his love for them, so that they can overcome their addictions and anxieties. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

For Gabriel

Gabriel is really in need of prayers in the next 24 hours. Each day he has scans on many parts of him, but the most important are the ones on his brain. The ventricles in Gabriel's brain cannot afford to grow any bigger, and the past two days they have slightly increased (since he has born, they have marginally gone both up and down). Tomorrow there will be another scan on his brain. It has really hit his parents who are both just really exhausted as they aren't allowed to sleep in the hospital, and they still have their two-year-old son to look after (who is just the cutest toddler in the world!). We know that God is in control and that He is on the move and is healing His child, Gabriel. Please, please could you pray for God's full healing and intervention on Gabriel's brain right now? Specifically it is praying for the right ventricle in his brain to not swell, but to decrease in size in the mighty Name of Jesus. Once again, thank you just so much. Your prayers are powerful and God hears each and every one of our prayers to Him. God is on the move!

For a friend

Please pray for my friend who has macular degeneration and could be blind within six months.  Please pray for her healing, for trust and for the grace to endure.

For My Family

Dear Lord Jesus, Please heal the brokenness in my family. Please bring all back to your catholic church, especially Bradley. Please heal and repair all brokenness, all anxiety and depression, all addiction. Bring sobriety, hope, and holiness, healthy mind, body and soul. Bring our family safety from all harm, including accidents, injuries, and illness and evil. Protect us, guide us, restore us. Bring conversions. Give us your blessings and graces. Nourish and repair our relationships and help them flourish, help our marriages to grow in holiness. In Jesus, Holy name, amen. Holy family, all the angels and saints, please pray for us.

Prayer for Healing

For Brent, please pray for healing of throat pain, throat bleeding, eye floaters, fungal infection, and autoimmune disease. Thank you and God Bless.

Prayers for our company

I'd like to ask for prayers for managing our company in its myriad of concerns, and protection and resolution of some legal concerns we are experiencing.

For secure future

I need a home that is safe..comfortable and affordable. My two adult children who are affected either have an addiction or has a spouse that has one. Please pray. Thank God and God bless

Please pray

Savannah is going through depression and alcohol problems and putting her daughter at risk but she’s going back to a mental institution. Please pray for her and her daughter. Thank you.

Family in danger of divorce

Please pray for my marriage, especially for Sam that he will be protected from the lies of the evil one. Please pray that God’s will is done in my marriage and Family. For healing of Sam’s mind and soul. For protection from divorce. Thank You!! God bless you all!

prayer for healing

I am requesting prayer for my son Colin for continued sobriety and healing of depression. Also, prayer that he is protected from spiritual attacks.

Healing of Marriage

Please pray that my wife, Heidi, forgives me and comes back to me before the divorce is finalized so that we will spend our lives together loving and serving Jesus Christ and each other. Thank you!

Prayer for healing

Please pray that God heal me and grant me perfect health. Please also pray for my mother's health and healing. Thank you so much!

A friend’s vocation

This prayer request is for my friend Julie. She is in her 30's and wants so badly to find a good Catholic husband and to start a family, but she can’t seem to find such a man. She’s even starting to have to fight off feelings of despair. Can you please pray that she finds a Catholic spouse, or at the very least, find some peace? I am so grateful, thank you.

Marriage/Hannah miracle

Hello everyone. God bless you all. I am writing to ask for the prayers for a Godly, sacramental marriage and the honor of a Hannah miracle, as I long to be a mommy to healthy biological babies. I am 40 so it will take a miracle but nothing is impossible with God. Your prayers are a blessing for me.

Special Intention

Prayers for good health and special intention for Fr. Dariusz.

Answered Prayer!

Original Prayer (November 2, 2017) Please pray for my son, Keith. He is currently choosing drugs over life and has literally lost everything including a place to live. Pray that the Lord would grace him with an open heart that he may surrender this addiction to Him and begin his road to recovery. Thank you in advance for all prayers! January 16, 2018 Thank you Lord!! This prayer was answered in a way I could have never imagined. I have the 54 day Novena to thank among many other prayers and Masses. But on January 11, 2018 my son entered the Cenacolo Community in Florida. It is a beautiful program within a Catholic Community lifestyle (hopereborn.org) My son's yes to this was nothing short of a miracle. I ask for continued prayers and thank you all for your prayers. God is good!! And so is Our Lady....

My children and husband

I am just asking for prayers for my 17 year old daughter, that she find a great college and good swim program at a DI school and that we can afford it. She is having some major challenges right now with choices, friends, abandonment, etc. She has been terribly hurt by several adult swim coaches. I am praying that the Lord lift her high above her enemies and to be victorious and give honor and praise to God. For my 12 year old son, who is autistic with ADHD and anxiety. He is doing pretty good at a private school, I pray that he can overcome these struggles and be able to have a career, family and live independently some day. I pray my two kids stay strong in their Catholic faith and never stray, and continue to love the Lord. My husband is a non-believer. I pray he is brought back to the faith and believe in God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We could do so much together to serve God if he believed. I am praying for all those on this site, and for their intentions. Some of the stories break my heart. Stay strong, everyone. Stay strong in the Lord. Thank you, everyone!

Please pray

Special prayer request for a dear college friend, Martha, who is in her last stages of recurrent ovarian cancer. I pray for the restoration of her once vibrant faith as a Catholic Christian. She once spent time discerning a vocation to the religious life but lost her Christian faith decades ago.

Prayer intention for my husband and our marriage.

My husband of 13 years and I are currently separated (not filed for divorce yet); he has been living a life of sin (not wanting to accept God in his life.) He is a good man (father) that has lost his way. I am asking for prayer intentions that God calls him and fills him with the holy spirit. That from his flesh, God takes his heart of rock and transforms it to a heart of flesh. I have faith in God that he will call my husband to accept him and repent. My kids need there father. I need my husband. In advance thank you all and God Bless.

For an end to unemployment misery

I have been on the hunt for a full-time job for over four years. It is driving me nuts. The worst is that I get so close and as if by curse, demonic force, or whatever, I don't get the job. Pray for whatever it is holding me back from gainful employment to be undone, not extravagant employment mind you, but enough to live on, save for retirement, and go on vacation. That's it. I ask for nothing more but it seems so elusive for some reason.

Daughter & grandkids moving

My daughter is a single mother with two kids, disabled, non-practicing Catholic. She has met a nice man (non-Catholic) who wants to marry her and take care of her and the kids. The problem is they want to move into his house, three hours away, now, before they're married. The children will have to change schools, and there will have to be parental visitation instead of seeing their dad and other family every day as they do currently. I ask for God's will to be done in their lives. My Jesus, I trust in You. Amen.

For JH

For grace in our relationship, and financial/practical assistance in our troubles.


My father-in law has been diagnosed with bone cancer. May God heal him. His will be done! That we receive the strength to accept His holy will. Amen

For my children

Please pray for my children, Daniel and Rachel, that they will remain strong in their faith. Thank you.

Start of my fasting and praying

I am fasting and praying so that I can get closer to God also praying for my son who is in Florida working. I pray that he gets his life together. I pray that God will protect him and keep him safe from all harm, watch over him when he is traveling. Also praying for my family that all cancer and sickness be removed from us. In Jesus' name, I pray.


To conceive within the next month and to give birth this year to a healthy baby or babies!!

Prayer for my Father

My father, Rudi, is in the critical condition at the hospital as we speak after a massive heart attack, followed by the fall, broken hip, and now pneumonia. He received the Sacrament of the Sick and is ready to meet the Lord at the age of 87. I ask for the prayer for his peaceful transition to the arms of our Lord, and for the strength of my mother who is near 80's herself and he was a love of her life for over 57 years. I am worried about her being left behind, as we, her children, all live far away in various countries. I pray that she will be ready to move in with me here in USA, leaving Europe behind. Big changes are coming and I ask the Lord to open the roads and possibilities for my mom. Amen

Please pray

Please pray and fast for the repose of the soul of Frank Stone.

Please pray

I have severe depression, no job, no money, feeling suicidal. Please say a prayer for me.

Conversion to the Church

For the conversion of my husband and his baptism. As well as the conversion of my sons-in-law E and S. And for my children, L, S and H, that they will long to be back in the Church as well.

Family marriage issue

Please pray for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law who are seeking divorce and currently separated. They have three wonderful teenage children. Please pray that God‘s hand will be upon their marriage and keep them together to honor their marriage vows.

Job/career for H.

I want to ask for prayers for my friend H. He immigrated to the USA five years ago and since then he has worked very hard, usually more than one job to make ends meet. Please pray that he will find a job in his professional area so that he can really develop himself and be able to live a normal life with time for prayer, family, and to settle down.

Desperate need for prayer

I hope there is room on this page. Explanation is lengthy-sorry. I am a disabled senior and have a special needs disabled adult daughter. We have just fled a domestic violence situation. We are in a domestic violence shelter where unfortunately, it was from one abusive situation to this one. We are eternally grateful we have a place to stay, but it is unbearable. It is rodent infested, there is bullying from the other residents, total chaos, filth, etc. The staff just makes excuses but will not do anything productive about it. We are in desperate need of prayer to find clean, safe housing we can afford, basic furniture, suitable clothing, ( I need another electric wheelchair), and be able for me to be able to work from home. We have absolutely NO ONE earthly to turn to for help. We do continue to say our prayers daily. We were not able to get to our rosaries before we fled. I feel so much abandoned. I understand this is yet ANOTHER trial of some sort, but don't feel I am able to get through this one. I feel totally beaten down without hope. PLEASE pray for my daughter and I. It would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you. God bless.

Please pray for my wife

My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer about 10 days ago and is in for surgery tomorrow. Please pray and fast for her. Thank you.

Urgent prayers for my child’s friend

Please pray for my daughter's college friend Alex who is 18 and just diagnosed with cancer. The prognosis is poor but God can change that! Praise to God that he offers a way to petition our needs and wants!


I was victim of a terrible situation; I was scammed for a large amount of money by someone who played on my emotions and my faith. I ask for prayers from the community to heal from my deep hurt and also for a just resolution to my case.

Please pray

For Chris and Randy. They want a baby for Christmastime.  Thank you.


That Brian will find affordable housing and good employment to take care of himself.

Ed, aneurysm surgery

Please pray for our friends Ed & Ali, the doctors who will do Ed's aneurysm surgery next Tuesday... "Ed is so scared. The doctor said there is always the possibility of a stroke or the wire puncturing the brain." Ali told the doctor that God blessed him with this capability and she knows it will go well. Ali said she is scared too and her heart is so sad right now.

Family intentions

Financial security for my children to pay off education debts. Good employment and the ability to use their education according to God's Will. Retirement security for my husband and the hope & strength he needs to reach retirement in a difficult work situation. Also hope, strength & peace within our family.


Please pray for me; I am in graduate school but have been going through an emotional trauma at the same time I am trying to study for my classes. I am behind in all my work. Please pray for me that I can somehow learn what I need to know in a short time!


That my niece's husband returns to his family. He has left to be with her first cousin. For our Retrouvaille couples in January.


Please pray for healing for my mother who has struggled with her breathing for over a year.

Please pray

Asking for prayers for a close friend who is being horribly abused by her husband.


Many things are going on in our home - spiritually, corporally, interpersonally, structually - and I'm finding it hard to even breathe, let alone figure out how to best deal with each circumstance. I'm praying to be able to hold it together, and for wisdom, as well as for God to present good solutions. Thank you.

Please pray for Mother

Please pray for Mother Olga as she takes a sabbatical for a few months and please also pray for the Daughters of Mary of Nazareth.

Please pray

Please pray for God's merciful healing for my son, Steven, who had a nervous breakdown and is in a clinic. He misses his children and family. Ask God to heal him mentally so he can come home. Thank you and God bless you all.

Prayer for a new job

Please pray for me that I will find a new job that allows me to use my gifts and talents to serve God. My current employer supports and promotes same sex marriage and Planned Parenthood.

Please pray

Taylor just had heart surgery, and the doctor is requesting her to come back immediately because they messed something up. Please pray and fast for her. We are worried about her.


Hello, my name is Robert. Please pray for me. For the last five years or so, I have been feeling a call from God to dialogue with Him at early or late hours of the night. I sit down, write in my journal, praying and worshipping, and then He responds, and I record His words. It began as a "personal prayer journal," but as time went on, it felt like it was something much more. I now have 4 volumes of these writings, some of them, at least in my eyes, are quite profound. Yet, the last few months have been terrible for me. Some of the (very specific) things God told me did not come true. I'd like to think that I'm not crazy. I took many precautions against the devil's interference--specifically praying that I was hearing God's words only, rebuking any spirits that might be trying to step in and give me a false dialogue with God, etc. But still, lately everything He told me has not come to pass. I am very, very disheartened and heartbroken over this, as I really honestly felt it was God. I am a marginally good Catholic. I try to go to mass a few times a week when my job allows. I pray every day, usually in the morning and in the evening. But this has really floored me. And it all came right when I found out that my wife's job was being renewed at the end of the year and that my dog, Cora, died. I am very upset right now with God. I feel like I stepped out in faith to obey Him and He didn't show up. So, now in my despair and anger and hopelessness, I am beginning to return to old sin patterns, using all of this to justify my bad behavior (i.e. pornography, lust, etc.). I feel like I've gotten hit by a spiritual 18-wheeler. Would you please pray for me? I really need it.


Please pray that the Holy Spirit may descend onto Samantha and show her the truth in the Catholic faith and give her the desire to convert to the faith, so one day she and I may walk together as one family on the path to our Lord.

My sister just diagnosed with rare leukemia

Please pray for my sister, her health care providers and her family. She just found out that without treatment, she has 3-6 months. I trust that with your prayers and all the angels and saints interceding for us, that she will get through this. I believe that if it's God's will, she will have a miraculous healing and be able to use her experience and story for God's Glory.


Please pray for me so that I am able to fast. I used to fast every Wednesday and Friday on bread and water, but my husband would get so angry that I quit. I don't seem to have the willpower to fast anymore. I would also like prayers for the conversion of my children. Two of them have left the church, and for my husband who doesn't go to church. Thank you.

Need a miracle

Please pray for my son who was born with bone marrow genetic disease, myself and my husband also carry another terrible genetic disease -- muscular dystrophy -- it breaks our hearts and it feels like our dreams of future children have been shattered. Please, Jesus, guide us.  My daughter is clear of all disease, thank God. Please pray that God will help us.

Can you pray for me

I'm kidney transplant patient and I'm 24 years old I don't know what to do anymore. I always trusted our God Jesus. Can you pray to get me closer to him and my Holy Spirit to heal me out of this suicidal and depressed mood, please. I don't have the emotions anymore and I want them back really bad.

Healing of Mike (cancer)

Mike, father of six, was diagnosed with an acute form of leukemia. He owns his own auto repair business, but is currently hospitalized and can't work. He is the sole support of his family. We are praying for his healing and for his family.

Conversion Prayer

That Mary may introduce Courtney to her son, Jesus, turning her away from a life of atheism/agnosticism. And for the salvation of all those who won't believe or who do not know Jesus, may they encounter him through the intercessory prayers of his Mother!

Forgiveness and Protection

Almighty God, my Father, in the Name of Jesus, I cancel every plan, action, omission and anything else that has opened the door for the devil to mess with Your destiny for me. Thank you for creating me and blessing me with many roles, at home as a wife, mum & employer...at work as an employee and as a member of my community. Father, I cover myself, and all the positions you have graced me with, with the precious blood of your Son and our Lord, Jesus Christ, please reveal for me the reason of my presence on earth and send forth Your holy Spirit to guide my steps as I walk in Your will. Amen.

Please pray

Please pray and fast for my cousin's husband who has cancer and will be having surgery on November 20th. Thank you.

For my Family

For my family that they continue to persevere in holiness and rediscover certain devotions for the Catholic life, and that my father and mother have a blessed marriage, and that I become more humble and accepting, trusting in God's will. Amen.

Get rid of difficulties in my life

Please, pray for my sister and I to get through this difficult time of our life. My mom and dad are doing their best to gather our family in peace & love, especially my mom, she needs your prayers so she can obtain her goal to heal our family.

Master’s program & future employment

Please pray for continued academic success and that God will use Morgan's education for His will. Also for clarity and direction in helping a disabled student, Noah, who is on her caseload.

Faith and my Job Situation

Pray that my daily practice of the faith improves. Also pray for my job situation to be drastically improved to a fitting role that uses my talents and pays sufficiently. The lack of proper work has taken its toll on me, my family, and the practice of my faith. I really struggle to believe and I see no benefit to being idle for so long.

Healing of my son’s drug addiction

Please pray for my son, Keith. He is currently choosing drugs over life and has literally lost everything including a place to live. Pray that the Lord would grace him with an open heart that he may surrender this addiction to Him and begin his road to recovery. Thank you in advance for all prayers!

My Marriage

Prayers for the healing of my relationship with my husband, and healing for his relationship with his daughter. Prayers that everything be ordered as the Lord would want it to be. God-Spouse-Family.

Please pray

I'm a sinner who had lost his way and ended up alone afraid and helpless but Christ and his holy mother Mary send me an angel and that angel was my beautiful daughter, a daughter I had left behind as a child, her loving forgiveness and kindness help me to realize the importance of the rosary and daily prayer and fasting. In the beginning fasting was extremely difficult but through daily prayer and saying decades of the rosary, fasting becomes part of my life and I really look forward to Wed and Fridays those are my fast days. Please pray for my daughter who is going through a very difficult time; she is a saint. She's so strong. My hope and prayer is that God will remove the awful illness she has. God bless you all. Thank you.

I want to forgive!!

Please pray for me! I am suffering grief and remorse because I refused to forgive a friend who asked my forgiveness. I was so hurt by what he did that when he asked me for forgiveness, I said, "I can't." When he asked for prayers, I said, "Find somebody else." I hurt him by pushing him away when he needed mercy. Now I have lost contact with my friend and the only thing I want day by day is to extend to him the love and forgiveness that he asked me for. I confessed my sin but I beg God for a chance to have a restored relationship with my friend, who I always loved so much. I want to talk to him again!

Please pray for my daughter

My teen daughter was molested by a female cousin when she was about 6 or 7 years old. This week, I found out that she is sexually active and that she has been raped twice in the last year and a half and that she has smoked marijuana and acid. I want my daughter to love and value herself. I want her to want to know, love and serve God. I want her to agree to go to counseling so that she can unburden herself and begin to heal. Please God and Blessed Virgin, protect my daughter from all evil and danger. Please don't let her continue to be victimized. I pray for her to become, through your grace, healthy and strong, in mind body and spirit. Thank you so very much for your prayers.

Please pray

Please pray that my niece who is a lesbian and engaged to her partner will change her ways. That God will convict their hearts to do what is right. She was raised a Christian. She knows the truth. Her parents are not happy with this development. Please pray for the family. God bless.

Erin’s Stronghold

My daughter, Erin left a year ago to go live with her boyfriend and his parents. This same boyfriend abused her resulting in her receiving stitches in her head, bruises on her body and her car windshield cracked in two places due to him punching it from the inside of the car. She returned to him after a few months since he promised that he had changed. He has spoken so disrespectfully to me. We have no contact with her as she has broken all ties with her friends, family, etc. Please pray that God may break this stronghold once and for all and have our daughter return home for good, back to her loving family. I pray that God in His divine mercy, will touch Erin's heart and remove this person permanently from her life and remove the desire for my daughter to have anything to do with him or his family. I pray that my daughter may return to God.

For my sister

Please I ask for your prayers for my sister. She has mental illness, and I feel as thought she is being tormented by the Devil. please keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Prayer for my fiance

I pray that God break and destroy every spell of a strange woman on my fiance and deliver him from her captivity completely.

Please pray for us

I'm asking for prayer for a loan modification on my property from Shell Point Mortgage and favor with negotiator, relationship manager and investors. Thank you!

Fasting and Friends

Please pray for me. I am having a very difficult time fasting. I believe in the power of prayer and fasting, for some reason, I am struggling with actually doing it. Also, please pray for my son who is having a difficult time in school. Please pray that he finds a friend or social group that will accept him as he is. Pray that those who do not "like him" will become more tolerant and understand the pain they cause others.

Please pray for my friend’s mother

Please pray for my friend's elderly mother who just had her hip replaced after a fall and who, it's been discovered, has an aggressive form of cancer with a short time left to live. Thanks so much.

Pray for Employment

I lost my job in June. I need a good job with benefits to support myself. Please pray for me.

joy in heaven

Please pray for Charles P., a recovering addict with HIV and terminal lung cancer, who is due to be baptized today. Pray that he would be released from his demons, and that Satan would be crushed under his feet. Pray our Blessed Mother take him under her loving protection.

Mental Illness

Please pray for my son's girlfriend who suffers from depression and anxiety. Thank you so much.


Please pray for my discernment about my life and what I should do. It's been a rough year and a half, jumping from job to job, thinking about marriage & the priesthood. I'm just not sure what my next step is.

Desperate prayers for a 12 year old girl

Please pray for Ashley. She is 12 years old and suffering from anorexia, severe OCD and extreme anxiety. Particularly she continuously has "bad thoughts" that come to her without her meaning them to. She has thoughts that she wishes bad things will happen to people or that people will die. She puts God in front of these thoughts in her head, such as "God, I wish this or that person would die" and then she is completely convinced it is going to happen and that it going to be her fault. Her parents are desperate and asking for as many prayers for her as they can get.  Thank you!


Please pray that I can lower my blood sugars.

Priests and family, sick and suffering

Please pray with me for Mary's intentions and those consecrated to Her Immaculate Heart.


Please pray for my children. One that is off to college, that he may stay healthy, continue to prioritize his life and keep God's Will first. That he may have safe travels as he goes on a school trip. For my junior in high school, that he may find true friendship in the midst of a very intolerant group of students. That he may always keep God in his heart and know of His love for him. That he find some happiness at school. For their parents, that we look toward God for wisdom in guiding them. For my husband's job, that it may stay secure.

For Alana, age 10, pray she is healed from anxiety and OCD

Please pray for my beautiful 10 yr old granddaughter. She is recently suffering from anxiety and OCD. She prays to the Blessed Mother for help and healing daily. My heart aches to see her suffer at such a young age. Thank you and God Bless.

Please pray

Please pray for Hogan who had a cancerous tumor removed near his heart today. He is young man less than 20 years. Thank you.

Job breakthrough this month

Pray that I get some kind of breakthrough with my job situation. I have only had part-time roles so far for the past two years and it is really taking a toll: spiritually, emotional, physically. I am often tempted to think God is a vindictive jerk. Pray I get a breakthrough that proves me wrong.

Families under attack /separation/ file for divorce

Please pray for families that are under attack, especially friends who have recently filed for divorce. She blames him and has moved into the basement and put locks on her door and is now traveling (with a male friend of the family) to different locations for sporting events for children with this other man instead of her husband. Neither adult can see who the Real Enemy is; they just blame each other and want out of the marriage. So we are asking for prayers for T and D and their children who are facing the devastating fact that their parents can't get past their pride and pain to help each other see that principalities have a plan to destroy the generations to come through divorce of good Catholic families. We are asking for prayers that this married couple can wake up and see that their spouse is not the enemy. Praying that they will choose to fight for their family instead of handing their family to the wolves and turn to God and trust God's will instead of their own will.

Please pray

Prayers are needed for 8-day-old Ayden who needs a bone marrow transplant & is on his way to Children's Hospital. May the Good Lord continue to bless you abundantly & all those you touch with his infinite graces.

Prayer for deliverance and healing

For KP whose obsessive, controlling behavior is threatening a friend's mental and physical health. May KP be blocked from harming others and healed of this abusive thinking and dangerous behavior. May EC, KL and the family be shielded and protected from it by Our Lady's mantle, immersed in the unfathomable ocean of God's mercy.

Healing for my Mother and Discernment

Lord, I lift unto you the healing of my mother for a complete healing. Renew the cells that are broken, remove any inflammation and abnormal growths. Heal all her wounds and lift up her spirit. Embrace her Lord and relieve her from any pain. Shield her from evil and anxiety. Lord we completely surrender everything to You for we know with just Your words alone can heal any infirmities. We are confident that she is healed. We claim that through Your mercy and compassion she is completely healed. Lord, I also pray for me and my family's spirit. Give us the courage to face all obstacles and hope so we remain in Your Grace. We are not giving up and we remain confident that whenever we ask we shall receive. Please Lord, give us discernment as to what shall we do in order to save my mother. Give us the spiritual and physical strength and well being so we may glorify You till the end of our lives.

Friend in need

I ask this community to pray for my friend M. He has been a long time struggling with many difficulties and unable to find his path in life. He wants to be baptized Catholic but lives far from any priest. He wants to join a Catholic community and live this religion fully but the doors always seem to be barred for him. Please pray that God will have mercy on him and give him a chance for a truly new life.

Sobriety & Early Release

Please pray for Stephen that he will be free from alcohol. Please pray that Meg will get an early release from jail and that charges will be dropped. Pray for my health and peace of mind and soul. In Jesus name. Amen.

Broken relationship by Witchcraft

Good day, I am asking for help in prayer as my family was broken apart by the works of a jealous person who used help of healers to tear my family apart. I need prayers to help the father of my son to get out under the attacks of Satan who made this happen. It has been a painful past months I am just asking for help to help L get healed and for God to help him see what is going on and what the truth is how he is misleaded in the devil's trap. I have been praying for months. I've gotten to the point where I need to ask help from people to help me and get my family in prayer to be healed and reunited from this tragedy. Thank you. God bless.

Pray for my husband

I have been married since 2009 and ours was a simple middle-class family. Now I have a seven-year-old son. Last Jan,2017 I came to know my husband is having a relationship with a bar girl.  He told me that he will leave the girl but till today the relation is continuing. I would request you all to pray for my husband's early return to our family.

Please pray

For eight friends who need healing, conversion and peace. Also to find and heal any and all blocks/bondage for our family and my son. We ask your prayers as he will be screened at a Catholic school this fall. He has been in special education since he began school and received healing to part of his battle last year. We pray for further healing upon him so he can attend general education.

Family Liberation

Prayer for liberation of our family from bondages and evil curses and spells used against us. Also pray for marriage for myself.

For my niece to leave homosexuality

Please pray that my niece and her partner will leave homosexuality forever!

For my Family

Please pray for all my family including myself. We have been overcomed by so many trials and tribulations; our Faith is strong but growing weak at times. Please pray that we may get the comfort in Jesus and may He bring peace to this home. Thank you!

For healing and good health

Lord, I ask that you heal me from my medical conditions, and to bless me with good health, and the same as with my children, husband and my mother. Amen.

Please pray

For the health and well being of my family, for world peace and an end to terrorism, for the judge to rule in my favor.

For a Decent Full Time Job

For the grace of a suitable full-time job. I have been searching a long time and have only been working part-time. I need something not just for material and mental well being but spiritual also. Please pray I obtain an offer within the next six weeks.

For fasting graces

Please pray that Jesus and Mary would grant me graces of fasting, also for familial reconciliation. Thank you, Jesus.


The safety of my 26-year-old daughter Nikki Jo as she travels alone staying in her car and in strangers' homes, moving from place to place, city to city, cafe to cafe, brewery to brewery during the day and evenings+++. Prayers for me who is so stressed out and having anxiety issues over her safety.

Job and vocation

Please pray that very soon Chris will obtain a full-time job with good benefits and enough pay to support a family and pay bills. Also pray that I will meet and marry a virtuous and faithful Catholic man. I'm finding it hard to meet a good man. Pray that God will bring us together and open our eyes to our vocation very soon.


Peace and harmony for son, daughter-in-law and granddaughter.

Shepherd Me, Oh God

Father in Heaven, please guide me on this journey and show me what I can do for you. Please help my husband and sons to receive your love so that they can live lives that are pleasing to you. In Jesus' name, Amen.

For Fr Jean Paul

Please pray for Fr. Jean Paul that he may receive his visa and return to us very soon. I ask, in Jesus name, Amen.

Blessing and Guidance

That the good Lord will bless and guide me, and that He make me a better person. Thank you and God bless!

I need to know God is my Father

I grew up without my real father and my mother remarried two times. I was not a welcomed member of family and became an alcoholic & had eating disorder in high school and later drugs. The harsh, inconsistent, apathetic and adversarial environment in which I grew up in was in contrast to my mother's/step-father's acceptance, external gestures of love I witnessed my sister receiving. I have often felt that God must not like me very much and I have often felt that He agreed with them. I desperately need to internalize God the Father's unconditional love and acceptance of the Beloved in my heart. Then I need to humbly rest in that love and acceptance and get off the no self-esteem/wanting recognition rollercoaster.

For the U.S.A…

Please pray for wisdom and guidance for the leaders of the United States. For increased honest and integrity in all our citizens. And on a personal note, please pray for improved discernment in my daily decision making. Let me hear and respond to God's voice.

For our family

Blessed Mother Mary, I pray for our family and our economical situation that our store becomes a success. Thank you for your prayers.

Prayer for employment

My job was eliminated at the end of June. Please pray for a new position to be secured. Thank you and Amen.

Prayer for Separated Spouses

Prayer request - My husband and I have recently separated, please storm heaven with prayers on our behalf, for God's will to be done, thank you, God bless and repay you.

Please pray for K

K has had a very hard childhood of neglect and emotional abuse. Through no fault of her own, she grew up without a dad. She must have been scared all the time. Now she is in her late-twenties, has shaved her head, and suffers from same-sex attraction. Please pray that she be healed of her emotional and mental wounds and that a "good St. Joseph" man comes into her life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Please pray for me. In March (St Joseph's feast day) I found pornography on my husband's phone. I have confronted him over the years and he would deny it. This time he admitted to it being a habit, since he was eight years old which began when he was exposed to it through his father's playboy magazines. He is 52 years old now. We have been married for ten years. We have been going to couples' counseling and individual counseling. My husband keeps telling me that he is healed and we need to move on. I am angry, feeling betrayed and can't seem to move forward from this lie. Please, Lord, help me and heal me. We have an eight-year-old son. Amen.

Softening of Daughter’s Heart

Our daughter is upset with us (her parents). It started with troubles in her marriage. As much as we have tried to show her support, we can't seem to respond to her in the way she desires. She has refused to communicate with us for nearly three months now. They are not communicating with both immediate families and all extended family. There is a three-year-old grandson and a two-week granddaughter who family have not been able to see. This is causing suffering in body, mind and spirit for all involved. We pray for her and her husband to see and accept the love their loved ones have for them. May all family members love as God loves. We pray to the Lord. . .

For M

For M to join a Catholic community and receive the sacraments.

For health

For my brother-in-law who has bladder cancer, for a friend's daughter who has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and for mental health for a lady at mass having trouble and for a friend who was in an auto accident and isn't doing well. In thanksgiving for all the holy souls in purgatory and for those who do not know God's love.


Please pray for our son who is in his junior year of college. We pray for a successful year. Thank you.

For husband

For my husband to get a fulfilling full-time job and for CBR and gratitude for many gifts. Thanks.

Rebuilding a Broken Life

For E, who is preparing for a parole hearing next week 7/13. He has worked hard and humbly to prepare. He is unwell physically and suffers from PTSD. He is prepared to rebuild his life and to reach out to the doctors and counselors who can guide him forward. The alleged victim is advocating for his release. Jesus, I trust in You.

Peace and Healing According to God’s Loving Will

For my beloved S., who is critically ill with cancer and has also just been laid off due to corporate restructuring. Jesus, he is filled with a heroic and awe-inspiring love for You. Guide him and his doctors as they evaluate and treat. If it is Your will, my Lord, I pray for his healing so that he may live and serve you, which is his only desire. If healing is not your loving will, protect him from fear and temptation, that he might lean on You, & spend the remaining time here with us in peace, consolation, trust and union with You his savior and friend. Praised be Jesus, with Our Lady.

Our family prayer intentions

For the re-version of my son's soul back to the Catholic faith. To keep my family free from sin. To follow God's will for each of us in our lives. Thank you.

Fr Michael Nolan

Recently hospitalized for to treat lymphoma, Fr Michael needs our prayers for remission and elimination of his cancer.

Please Pray!

For the health and well being of my family. For me to win my court case and get my money back that was taken from me. For the holy souls in purgatory. For world peace.

Peace & Conversion for my uncle who is dying

May the Divine Unfathomable Mercy of Jesus be poured out on Bob Roark, who is dying at a convalescent care unit. He received the Catholic faith & sacraments up to confirmation, but did not continue his childhood faith as an adult. He appreciates prayer but not willing to talk to priest or have sacrament for the sick.

Help for Grace to Fast

Please pray that tomorrow God and Mother Mary will grant me the grace that I may be strong enough to fast.

Miracle of Salvation

Please pray for the Miracle of salvation. May God give Eric McDonald all the graces that he needs for conversion and the joy of salvation. For God's Blessings upon Eric McDonald. "Heavenly Father, have mercy upon Eric McDonald. Please save his soul. I pray for all the grace he needs for the conversion of his soul. Abba Father, draw Eric to Jesus. Please help him to have the faith he needs to turn to Jesus and be saved in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!!!" Jesus, Mary, I love you. Save Souls! Thank You.

For Fr. Michael Nolan

Please pray for healing for Father Michael Nolan (the spiritual advisor for LTF), who has been diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. He has already begun treatments and will be staying at the hospital for a bit.

strength in relationship

Please pray for a couple in hard times because they are on the verge of ending their relationship due to familial pressures. Please pray that my partner may gain strength in this hour to stand up for us and be courageous enough to stand tall against the oppressions and emotional torture of his parents. Let there just be love in everybody's hearts involved in this. Please pray to save this seven year old beautiful relationship from dying out due to such familial pressures of reputation and ego. Please pray for my partner to have the patience and the love for me to endure this painful time and come out of it triumphant.

To conceive a child

Please pray for my husband and I to successfully conceive a healthy baby, for a full-term pregnancy with no complications. We have had two miscarriages and are holding on to hope to one day have a child, our blessing.

Family prayer requests

For the reversion of my lost son. For my daughters and young son to continue to grow in holiness. For my husband to pick up his crosses and follow Jesus even when he'd rather not. That I may discern Jesus' will in my life, and for the Holy Trinity to keep my family free from sin.


I don't feel comfortable writing the details of my request. It's very urgent & important ... literally, my family depends on positive outcomes with this.

Prayer for dying man

Could you please remember in your prayers and fast my Uncle Dusan, who is in his last hours battling cancer. May he die in peace. Lord have mercy on his soul. Thank you all very much.

Prayer for our president and all our public servants

Please pray for wisdom, for hearts open to God's will and protection for our president, cabinet and all public servants of the United States of America.

Urgent, serious prayer for a violent, sexual abuse case going to trial this Thursday & Friday

Hello! I am new here. This is my first post but it is quite serious. A faithful, Catholic friend has two children who were violently, sexually assaulted several years ago and the trial is tomorrow and Friday. There were many other victims and one is permanently hospitalized from the attack. The perpetrator may have occult ties. This is truly diabolical and he is trying to inflict even more pain and injury through this trial. Please pray for truth, justice, healing and conversion for ALL involved. Thank you from the depths of my heart.

Please pray for Hogan

A friend and his wife are at the Boston Children's Hospital with their son, who was found to have a four-by five-inch tumor near his heart yesterday. They were on Cape Cod with a large family gathering when he started feeling badly yesterday. Took him to a clinic, then the local hospital and now Boston Children's. Biopsies being done tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers!  This needs to be non-cancerous! That's the prayer.

For a Job and for Strength

For the grace of a full-time job that pays the bills, and enables me to have a family and use my talents for the good of society. And the grace to make substantial progress against habitual vice.

CBR, job, MH and safe travel

For CBR and P job search... healing in families, peace and safety in travels and mental health and physical healing and especially sanctification of self and loved ones. JMJ

God’s will

Please pray for me to be open and obedient to God's will in my life, that I may become a better mother, daughter, sister and disciple of Christ. Please pray for the health and well-being of my sons and for me to have wisdom in parenting them.

Lead us to Reconciliation

Bring all to confession. Help us to complete a good examination of conscience. Let us confess with sincerity to never sin again. By the grace of God, may we all be in heaven together. God's will be done in all things.


Lord please deliver me from debt and provide for me to pay up all outstanding. Break every spell cast against me that is working against my life and progress. Connect me with my husband and soulmate.

Jenny’s leg pain

Jenny is a new mother of a 6 mo old baby and has excruciating pain in her leg from almost falling off a stool and turned her muscle in the wrong way. Please pray for her healing in Jesus' name I pray and may her healing glorify God!

Prayer Request for my Granddaughter Isla Claire…

Please pray for my granddaughter. She is three weeks old and liver and other organs shutting down. Has a rare liver disease requiring a big surgery which may or may not work and liver transplant in next 2 years potentially.

Healing from melanoma for my mom

My mom has had metastasised melanoma for the past two years. She has numerous tumors throughout her body. We just found out that the cancer has mutated. Please pray that the Lord completely heals her.

For my little brothers

That my little brothers stay safe and away from all danger as they adventure and grow this month.

For My Children

That my son and daughter stay on the road to recovery from drug and alcohol addiction and that my son be able to go to Medjugorje with us in June. Also for my other son who is away from the Church.

Loosening bonds

I ask for loosening the spiritual bonds and bindings imposed by abusive controlling behavior from my earthly mother that also are distorting my identity. She hasn't understood who I am. I feel she has put her system in place in the ways of the world.  

Prayer for dying JULIET

Would you please be so generous as to pray for JULIET from England, who has just few hours or days to live. According to her cousin, Juliet does not believe in God. But nothing is impossible to Him who is Love and Mercy Himself. Thank you in advance and God bless you.

Please pray for the Sisters in Venezuela

The sisters in Venezuela are swamped with people lining up needing food and mothers are leaving their babies at their convent because they can't feed them. All they (the sisters) can give people now is about a cup of "gruel" a day. There are literally hundred of unwanted babies dying because they don't have enough resources, but the government won't let charities in to help. Please pray for resources so the sisters can feed the people and provide for the babies.

Prayer for a family

Praying that my pregnancy test today will finally say pregnant. We have been trying to conceive for a long time. Please answer or prayers, Lord Almighty.

Healing of Jack

He is struggling with addictions and has become very vulgar and angry. May Mary bring him deep into her merciful heart!

Healing and deliverance

Please pray for my daughter 9-year-old Grace to be healed, she has developed some disturbing health symptoms that are really worrying me. She has no relationship with her father and says no one at school likes her, that she's dumb and ugly. Please pray for complete healing in her body, spirit and soul. Please also pray for my healing of severe acid reflux that is not responding to medication. I have trouble breathing and swallowing and the doctors have been no help. I'm getting desperate in my situation but am seeking the Lord. Thank you. God bless you.

Financial Miracle

Lord, I confess I've made mistakes. I have accumulated too much debt, and now I cannot imagine overcoming it without your help. Please Lord, I beg of you to intercede on my behalf. Provide me with the financial means to be able to breathe again. Please forgive my sins, Lord. Walk with me and help me to make the right decisions throughout my life. In your name, I pray, Amen.

1 year old granddaughter

Please pray for Annabelle. She is hospitalized with a kidney infection and Monday May 1st she will be having surgery to remove one of her kidneys. Prayers that she remains stable through the weekend, that God will fill the surgeons and medical staff with knowledge and that she will receive a full earthly healing. Thank you!


I am trying to get healthy by exercising and eating proper foods and limited amounts so I can be active and continue to participate in activities with my family. I need help to do that. I find it so easy to use food and the tv as a crutch. I also ask for wisdom for decisions that I need to make so I am able to follow God's plan and will - not my own.

Deliverance from Pornography Addiction

Please pray for Nick, who is struggling with pornography addiction. Please pray for his deliverance from this vice and for his wife and family. Thank you so much!

Wrecked Family / Abusive Wife

Please pray for my family and the deliverance of my wife. My wife, formerly a model wife and Mom, tried to commit suicide this summer in front of our children, has been physically abusive to me, verbally abusive to me and our kids and has told me she is a lesbian. We have several young kids. Pray for a complete and total healing of my wife, our marriage, and the protection of our children. We need a miracle.

For Baptized Catholics to Return to the Sacraments of the Catholic Church

There are many who have abandoned their Catholic faith. Pray especially for our son, the mother of his child, and our son-in-law that our Heavenly Father will touch their hearts and bring them back to the fold. In the precious name of Jesus Christ I ask, I seek, and I knock that their conversion will happen soon. This is one of our fast intentions. Thank you for your prayers. God bless you all.

A Desire to Fast

Pray that I learn the right way to fast. I have been sensing God's call to something, not sure what. I did a hardcore fast for 7 days of just 5 almonds in the am, one yogurt for lunch, and simple soup for dinner. Needless to say when I "took a day off" from this I was gluttonous. I've never been into fasting much before but I feel that now God is calling me to fast. To get control of my physical appetites. I want to be in charge of food and not vice versa. I sense I may have a religious vocation and I need to fast and pray. Please pray for me as I'm unsure the best way to fast for this, but I will learn more through this website. Thank you!

Prayers for Brian

Please pray for my nephew. He is in rehab for drug addiction. Pray for the release of the demons which bind him and his return to Faith in Jesus alone.

For my wife to return to to God’s Church

My fast and my prayer is that my wife will return to the Catholic Church and recall her vows of our sacrament of Matrimony. I fast and pray that she will recall her vows made at the sacrament of our daughter's baptism. During this Holy week I will fast and pray for all of the Elect and Candidates preparing for full communion with the Catholic Church. I fast and pray for my adult children who have fallen away from God's loving church. Amen.

urgent prayer

Please pray for my daughter to find a godly husband and my son to be in good health even as his soul prospers.

For a job and my vocation

I am asking for your prayers as I look for a job - that I might find one quickly. And I also pray for my vocation - to be able to find a good husband.

Daughter needs inner healing

My 17-year-old daughter, through family and generational sin, has been held captive by the enemy. I am calling for the release of my daughter from the enemy's camp and all of the enemy's lies to be silenced. I am asking for the Holy Spirit to well up in my daughter and cleanse her from every defilement of flesh and soul. May the Lord enemies be scattered! Amen.

Teen girl after assault

Please pray for a young girl, the victim of a s*xu@l assault, for healing and strength going forward with reporting and the legal process. Also for her parents and siblings.

For my teens and young adult children

For a return to the faith and denial of atheism for my oldest, and for an increase in faith and courage and clarity when faced with a learning environment hostile to the Faith for all college students, my children J and L in particular.

For a new Catholic

Please pray for Stephanie as she enters the Church at Easter Vigil, and for her children who are showing interest in the faith as well.

Please pray

For good health and the well being of my family. Please pray that we win our case and get our money back.

For all intentions shared here and mine, too.

Please pray for all intentions shared here on this site. May our heavenly Father answer all the needs of the hurting souls who ask for blessing, for help and relief, and for conversion of loved ones and sinners. I also ask for prayers for my family's conversion to the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church. We need a total family conversion to be freed from the impacts and enslavement of our modern, society, the culture of death, selfishness, relativism and confusion and to embrace the truth of the Church, given through the Deposit of Faith, our beautiful sacraments, especially Confession, the Mass & the Eucharist, and that we may be a light for others to come home to the Church. I trust you, God, and I thank you for the gifts you give us, especially your Son, also Mary, His mother and ours, and the Holy Spirit. I ask you to allow the Holy Spirit to sweep through the doors and windows of our homes and schools and work places, as well as places we go to pray and to play, that we may all be filled with the Holy Spirit at every moment. Amen.

Prayer for my outstanding Insurance Pay that is not Paid Yet

Dear Friends of Live the Fast, Please pray for me so that my insurance claim may be paid. I feel sick due to the nature of work I have been doing as a secretary for the last 22 years. I developed a back pain and when I went for x-ray I had a disc lumbar prolapse. But the insurance company and my employers do not want to pay me like any other workers who have ever had accidents/injuries. Please pray for me. I am in the process of seeing the last doctors for review, then they decide on the pay accordingly. Dear Jesus, you know what I have been going through, let justice be the only truth. Amen.


Please pray for peace and forgiveness in my family.

Upcoming Divorce and Deliverance

A good friend and her husband are getting a divorce on April 27th. Both have had addictions to alcohol and pain-killers. Please pray and fast for their deliverance and re-union!

Special intentions

For the healing of a marriage and a happy family life. For a miraculous cure of a health problem


Please pray for the ability to be a good spouse and father, be well mentally and pray the rosary.


For healing of diabetes.

Job Change or change in position

I am currently employed with my present company 26.5 yrs. We are providers of pressure relief products and a large company. Unfortunately the demands physically and emotionally are weighing me down and causing much anxiety and depression. I am praying for a change in my current position or even a change of job, even at the cost of sacrificing much seniority and benefits for the peace of mind. I am praying to St. Joseph, also The Divine Mercy Prayer for guidance. As always my desire is to God's will. Thank you.

For my son

Please pray for my son, that God may touch his heart and that he can again feel the love of God and family for him. I ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

For my Son

Please pray for my son for his return to the church, the sacraments. For my husband and I as we travel to Greece to see his family, for protection. For the breaking of his cigarette addiction. For myself for perseverance in my prayers. Thank you, and God bless you.

Husband and daughter

Please pray for a conversion for my husband that he believe and trust in God. Pray for my 21-year-old daughter who suffers from debilitating anxiety and doesn't know what direction she should head for a career.

Pride and Fear

To help me heal from the woundedness of pride and fear, family and marriage.

Very Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray for me without ceasing. I need a lot of prayers and miracles.


Unemployed from a business that closed one year ago, I have used my retirement to begin a similar business, sales are slow and I simultaneously look for jobs. Please pray that Jesus show me the path. If it is to continue in my own business I am asking that He send me customers and fair sales. If it is to work for someone, those opportunities need to present themselves. This is after hundreds of applications, three calls and all rejections. I have been blessed with ability, talent, a good mind, health but I am in the desert of quiet. I ask for the light of His path daily and a bouquet from the Garden of God through St. Therese daily so that I am mindful of the miracles of the day. But I really want to work using all that I have been gifted with and being gifted to do and learn more.

Please pray and fast

Dear Jesus, help democrats to become the God-fearing people that they were back in my parents' era. The hate in their heart for our elected President, the way Democrats are not showing any respect for the citizens of these United States, they are trying to separate us. God gave each of us our own brain and free will, LET US USE THEM without fear, and pray for all democrats. In Jesus Name, AMEN.

Urgent prayer intentions for friends

Please pray for Eugene Staskey, who is suffering from loss of memory and depression. I also ask prayers for Alex, Kathy, and Henry for God's wisdom, guidance, blessing and protection for their urgent family situation. I also ask prayers for Jean Smith, who is having surgery (prophylactic mastectomy) TOMORROW. I also ask prayer for Judy, who is struggling with depression. I ask God's blessing and protection for her. Please pray for Walt, who has plantar fasciitis on his left foot. I pray for a quick recovery and good health. Thank you for praying for my intentions!


Please pray for my daughter who is suffering. She is 33 and feels forgotten by God. She lost her job and needs to find a new one soon - and is praying to meet her future husband soon.

Job success

Please pray for Mokane. He has not been able to find long term employment to support himself for over three years and he has not found long term work in his career area. May he find a gainful job soon that will allow him to retrain and further his education towards a new and productive career and a fruitful life worthy of human dignity.

Please pray

Please pray for my mother Thelma in  Tx., She is suffering terrible from Spinal Stenosis & a Urinary Tract infection. Please also pray for My Grandson Adam who is only 8 years old and is suffering from seizures. God Bless All of You!!!


My kids and I need a home as soon as possible and money. Please pray for us. I have a great job and we recently lost our home and we have been homeless and we really need your prayers to help us financially and with a home. Thank you.

From Cincinnati OH

Please pray for a Jammie. Many health issues who also has had many hardships in her life. Now is recovering from breast cancer. She is awaiting breast biopsy results and may need radiation. She will need open heart surgery later this year.


Please pray for my family to forgive & find love together again. So much hate & pain in everyone's heart.

healing of Mother Daughter relationship

PLEASE pray for healing in my relationship with my daughter and her husband who are furious with me for hiding a green scapular in their house. For Jesus to help them with their lives and problems and for love and trust to return to our healing mother daughter relationship. For all demons to be driven out. Amen.

Troubled Friendship

I ask your prayers for a relationship I have that has gone badly wrong. I am deeply hurt and I am asking for the grace to respond as Christ would and to offer up my broken heart for healing. I also ask prayers for discernment in a work situation, that the right assignment will come my way; the one that will bring me the most peace and where I can do the most good.

Healing of Eye Problem

Please pray for Kristine for healing of swelling on the optic nerve caused by excess fluid, that the doctors may properly diagnose the cause and that there is no tumor or other serious underlying issue.

For healing of drug addiction

Please pray for healing for Kathleen from a deep downward spiral she is in with drug addiction. She has essentially abandoned her 11-month-old daughter. Please pray that the baby's father will be awarded custody.

Stage 3 Ovarian cancer young mother

Please pray for Dana who has stage 3 Ovarian cancer. She has had a hysterectomy, and part of her diaphragm removed and her appendix removed. She has a husband and young children . Dana rescues horses that are old and are going to be put down. She needs a miracle! She is starting an intense 8 hour chemo 3 times a week for 18 weeks. Pray for healing, strength, peace, joy and trust in God's infinite love and mercy for her and her family. Thank you, all, for your prayers❤

Pray for My Intentions

Please pray for my husband to have a conversion to the Catholic faith and let the Lord send him a good Catholic role model like Ambrose was for Augustine. For our children to return to the Catholic faith and church. For all priests and in particular our parish priest for whatever he needs healed in his life and spirit, for him to have joy and compassion and show the Holy Spirit in all of his works. For the ACTS community, future retreatants, ACTS teams for guidance of the Holy Spirit to serve our brothers and sisters with joy and humility. For the souls of purgatory. For our extended family. For our continued good health. In Thanksgiving for all of our blessings-good, bad and the beautiful. In Jesus' name. Amen

Conversion and healing

Please pray for my one son who is bipolar and refuses to take medication and is alienated from our whole family and God and is a self-proclaimed atheist and for my younger son, his girlfriend and their baby that they will come back to the church, baptize their baby and marry and have a faith-filled family. Thank you, Blessed Mother, always yours for Jesus to the Father. Amen

Romans 4:17-25

The Lord spoke to me before the Blessed Sacrament when I was in deep prayer. He put Romans 4:17-25 before me..which is glorious as HE KNOWS how much I need a miracle. Would you please join me in praying Romans 4:17-25 over me? God bless you  

For My Son and Daughter

Please pray for my son who is an alcoholic in treatment for the second time. He has also recently been convicted of a felony, which is related to alcohol, but there is a chance that it will be lessened to a misdemeanor in the future, so I am praying for that as well. My daughter struggles with addiction to prescription medications. Please pray for her, too.

Eating struggles recovery

I am 5'11 and weigh 289 lbs. The heaviest I have ever been, with my 2 pregnancies included. I have a 4 year old daughter, and I want to run and hike and go sledding with her. I am a 40 year old single working mom, and am finding it hard to make improvements in this area. After going to bed with my daughter at night, I get up to eat in the middle of the night. I keep praying for recovery with these struggles, but the problems/cravings persist. I am from a Catholic upbringing and my father maintains that I should start with fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. I just want to start with stopping the eating at night, any night of the week. Seems like it's so hard for me, for even one night! I have been a part of Overeaters Anonymous in the past, and wish I could have a network of support to help me in these desires to have recovery again. It is just so hard, trying to stay afloat and raising a child on my own with a man who has very little to offer us physically or emotionally. Please pray for me, that I may find the ability to become a healthier and stronger witness for our beautiful Lord and maker! Thank you.

Career job for my husband

My husband graduated in 2011 with a Master's degree in Interior Design. He unfortunately has not yet gotten a job in the field. (He does have a stable job, but it doesn't use his God-given artistic talents.). Please pray that the Lord finally blesses him with an interior design job worthy of his education and talents.

Return of Joy and selling Parents’ house and debt relief

Please pray for my daughter who has been sad since her mother divorced me almost 5 years ago and has lost faith in the Church and her joy in life. I also pray that my co-worker Andy and his family will be able to buy my parents' house. Finally, I ask God to guide me towards the wisdom to make prudent financial decisions so I can become free from the huge debt I am currently facing. Thank you, Blessed Mother and Saint Joseph, for your love and protection.

Healing my children’s hearts and my debt

Please pray for my children: Clare, Paul, and John that the pain and sorrow of their Mom divorcing me almost 5 years ago will be healed and their trust in God will grow. I also ask for prayers for wisdom and courage to find the path God wants me to take as I search for additional income to get out of the many debts I currently have. I also ask for a quick sale of my parents' house.

Conversion of my Family

As I begin my first day of fasting, Lord, I do so for the conversion of my two sons, my husband and extended family. I pray for blessings on the community of the Visitation of Holy Mary Monastery in Tyringham. Special intentions for my mother, Sr. DI and Sr. AM.

For Strength

Please pray that God will give me the strength I need to carry out the work he wants me to do. Help me to discern this work. Help me to fast and pray and serve him. In Jesus' name, Amen.

For the Young

McKenna Mae was diagnosed with leukemia, two types. She and her caregivers and family are much in need of prayer and fasting to help turn her situation around, and gleen the support she needs.

Focusing on Prayer

I would appreciate prayers to help me overcome bad habits of drinking alcohol and focusing on food. I, instead, would like to be focusing instead in prayer, reflection, and becoming closer to God.


Please pray that my brother-in-law Larry be healed and be able to come home from the hospital. He has had a triple by-pass operation complicated with anesthesia and now a reaction to the blood thinner. Please pray for the doctors on his case and for his recovery, to be able to return to his home and his family after this and for his healing. I ask this through Christ our Lord from whom all good things come. Thank you.

Work, Family and Spirituality

I pray that I may be able to quit my job and be a stay-at-home parent and that we can financially survive. So that my family grows stronger and closer to God. That my family opens their hearts to the Lord and the Catholic faith. That my oldest becomes Catholic and accepts its teachings and that my second oldest realizes how important her Catholic faith is. Help my entire family turn away from evil and turn to God. That I will have the strength to say no to what is not good and that my love grows for my loved ones. Send my sister the right person who will take care of and love her and her kids.

Young father and husband in diabetic coma

Please intercede for Andrew that he will wake up from the coma and be healed. He is a husband and father to two young children.

Conversion of family

For the conversion of my daughters Stella and Eliza back to the faith.

Jobs for 4 adult children

That a customer pays a large bill owed to son's business; job interview successful; son's job is safe & healing of injury, all with God's acceptance with a willing heart.


Please pray for Russ in his fight against prostate cancer. Pray for the doctors, treatments and medicines. Pray for all of those stricken with cancer of all kinds and may the Lord guide them. God's Blessings.

Prayer for Stephanie

Please pray for Stephanie, she was diagnosed on St. Patrick's day with stage one uterine cancer. Pray for her strength and positive outcome for treatment. Pray for all those with cancer. God Bless.

Please pray for my son

Please pray and fast for my son, who suffers from depression and anxiety. He is currently on medication but still has periods of anxiety and depression. Please pray for a healing for him. Pray that he can find joy and peace in his life. Thank you.

Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law

Please pray for my son and daughter-in-law. They would like to have a large family, but my daughter-in-law just found out she has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It makes getting pregnant more difficult. Can you please pray and fast that she will be healed from this condition and that, if it is God's will, that she and my son can welcome as many children as God sends them. Thank you.

Willpower to Fast

My prayer intention is for the grace to fast and to do it well for the conversion of family members to return to the Catholic Faith. And for us that do practice for a "closer" relationship with Our Lord Jesus Christ.  


Please pray for my son (Michael) and his girlfriend (Allie), their conversion and healing of their body, mind, and soul. That they abandon all their self-detrimental dependencies, stop his angry outburst, regain confidence and self-esteem and become productive and self-sufficient individuals and that they are by the Holy Spirit in their job or raising they 3 years-old daughter. Thank you.


For Elizabeth and her spouse to have a happy marriage.


For a divorced couple I know to get back together.


Please pray for my family to forgive & find peace with each other.

Please pray for these intentions

Doug needs prayers for a full conversion from smoking, drinking and that he become a convert to the Catholic faith. Jim needs a miracle to be cured of liver cancer as he just got a diagnosis of 6 months to 1 year to live and Jill is suffering from depression and going through a divorce. She is in a non-sacramental marriage to a man who is not good for her or her three daughters. She needs to have the gift of strong faith to get her through. Thank you and you all and your intentions are in my prayers. God Bless You All❤️

For my husband to give up smoking.

Please pray for my husband to have a desire to quit and be able to walk away from smoking for the rest of his life. Thank you!


Please pray that my daughter will come back to mass and confession while in prison and that her parole go well. Thank you.

For the Holy Souls in Purgatory

Please pray and fast for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Remember the words of St Charles Borromeo: ” Reflect on what you do when you aid to release one of the prisoners of love. You free a soul from dire woe, from inexpressible suffering, you add a citizen to Heaven, you give joy to the angels and saints, you comfort and delight Jesus and His Blessed Mother". This Lent enroll yourself or your loved ones as an act of charity in perpetual novena of Masses for the Holy Souls at www.knocknovena.com   Thank you in advance from All the Holy Souls in Purgatory.

My Son

I have a son who is 28 and has had mental and rebellion issues for a long time. He was injured in Afghanistan in 2011 and saw combat causing PTSD, which in addition to his rebellious nature, has made him very unhappy and difficult to help. He has self-medicated with drugs and alcohol and the VA hospital also prescribes to him a steady supply of drugs for anxiety, depression and insomnia. He has been through rehab clinics and battles his addictions with some success. He tells us now that his ex-girlfriend is expecting his child. My son is not even able to care for himself, so this is very concerning that he might have a child to support. He and his girlfriend are broken up currently and he isn't sure the child is his. As you can probably tell, through all of this, over the years, resentment has built, no matter how hard we believe otherwise, it is hard for both sides to forgive. So my family needs reconciliation as well as God's divine intervention to make us all whole again. I am currently fasting, as in the past, for a miracle.


Please pray for my son, Matthew, who has been hospitalized for anxiety, that he would find peace in Jesus. And for Christ's peace in our family.

Please pray

Please pray for my daughter Kristen and her husband Giorgio. Satan has surrounded them and blinding them to love. I will pray also for all of your intentions. Thank you

My husband’s job venture

Please pray that my husband does God's will with his job venture that he has been working on for 3 years. If it is God's will, may he find success and we have comfort.

My 9-year-old daughter, Faith

My nine-year-old daughter Faith needs a miracle to heal her eye and nervous system from an infection she contacted as a newborn. She suffers recurrences of the virus at times, which threatens her overall health and her eye. I ask for prayers that her eyesight be restored, her eye centered, her eyelid be healed and her nervous system be healed.

Holy, not worldy, TV and music in our household

Hello, I would ask for a special prayer that in my household we will watch only wholesome tv, better yet, holy tv, and that the influence of worldy entertainments will be kept at bay; also that my husband and our teenage/young adult children will peacefully accept Catholic tv programming and return to the faith of their birth and Baptism. We just today subscribed to a program with our Internet package that will now include more channels for our tv, plus dvr. This move was made mainly to improve our Internet service and to add the dvr, but it comes with more channels, and I am very concerned that too much junky, frivolous, ugly and violent, superficial, sarcastic, disrespectful "stuff" will be coming into our home. We're not a big "TV watching" kind of family, and I we've had subscription TV in the past and never watched all the channels, cancelled it, didn't miss it. I don't think that will change much, as we are all pretty busy. That said, if the channels are there, the temptation is there, even though we don't subscribe to any questionable or untoward channels. I just know there's so much junk out there. Already my teenage kids listen to a lot of music that is totally godless and can be pretty disrespectful. Also the social media on their phones is a worldy drag and distraction. I worry about these a lot already, pray about it, and give my kids reminders once in a while to evaluate their entertainments and guard their souls. So neither his new set of channels coming in, my guard is up big time. On a happy note, I believe we now have EWTN, the global Catholic tv network, so that is great, and I pray that by playing the programming available on EWTN the influence of Godly programming can overcome the wordly influences that bombard our family just in daily life, even when we aren't seeking it. Here's the rub, though: my husband and our 3 kids are very annoyed about my return to the Catholic Church (as of about a year ago) and they are not interested in coming back to the Catholic faith, they don't want me to talk about it to them, they don't want me to keep inviting them to Mass, Adorarion, etc, and they have really hardened their hearts against the Church, and have even said things like "I will never be Catholic again", "Don't talk to me about prayer", ""The Bible is a work of fiction", etc, etc. As awful as all this sounds, and it is, we really are a peaceful and living family overall, but there's an enormous disconnect (and tremendous discord) on this most important and essential thing: faith and truth. That's why I am really concerned about the TV thing, and I hope that EWTN can be a presence in our home that may be more acceptable than my words. I am learning to talk less and pray more, to trust God to convert my family. But as a returning Catholic, I've come to need and to rely on EWTN for good catechesis, scriptural enlightenment, spiritual encouragement and just edifying knowledge of Church history, etc, all of which help enlightened me and enliven my faith. I stream it live at work each day or on Kindle sometimes. I am so grateful for EWTN and glad it will be available bat home ni5w, just hoping it can also possibly be an instrument in my family's's conversion without them getting angry and annoyed about it. Sorry, this is a LONG prayer request. And as you can see, built into the special intention about the tv/entertainment factor in our household is really a more critical prayer request: for the conversion of my husband and our 3 children who are growing up without much faith to speak of. I appreciate all the prayers for them!

My Fiance’s daughter

My fiance's daughter is struggling in darkness. She has a young daughter. We're praying for Our Lady and Jesus to deliver her from this evil. Thank you in advance for your prayers. We remember yours in ours every day. God bless all of you.  

Please pray for me

Please pray for me. I am becoming more and more depressed because I cannot break through and quit my addiction to food. How disappointing I must be to our Lord.  Lord, if you will, you can make me clean.

Intentions in my heart

Please pray for my daughter who is 23 weeks pregnant and been very sick. Please pray that her pregnancy becomes easier and that she is not so ill and delivers a healthy baby boy in July. Pray for my son to meet a nice Catholic girl that he will someday marry. Please pray for the financial hardship I am currently going through and that my home tailoring business starts to flourish. Thank you all and God Bless!

Please pray for my son

Please pray for my son Jared who suffers from SSA, which seeks to destroy his soul. May he find his vocational call and stay true to the teachings of the Gospels & God's word.

pray for Emma – chemo

Please pray for my niece Emma, 2nd round of chemo for non-Hodgkins. Thanks.

Prayer for my 2 year old daughter having surgery

Please pray for my 2 year old daughter who will undergo oral surgery tomorrow morning at 6:30 am. She will likely have to have 4 teeth pulled, please pray that her teeth can be saved instead of pulled, that she will go through the surgery and will be OK and recover quickly. Thank you!

Prayer for our marriage

My husband and I have been married for 17 years and together for 21 and are currently having serious issues and he believes he wants a divorce as he is having an affair with a 25 year old. I do not believe in divorce and believe that we can fix our issues. This trial has strengthened my faith and I have been called to take the next step and fast twice a week. I believe the that through prayers and change God is leading us to reconciliation and full restoration of our marriage and to serve as ministers to help other couples get through similar issues. I ask for prayers to help lead us to reconciliation and restoration. I know it is His will and in His time frame....and I am so blessed for the journey to strengthen my faith up to this point.


Please pray that Larry's heart surgery and recovery are successful. He is a wonderful servant of our Lord.

Pray for Healing

Please pray for Mattie for a successful surgery on Monday and a quick healing.

For my son Dominic Anthony

For my son, Dominic Anthony, that he will turn away from the evil in this world and turn back to Jesus and Mary for healing of his mind, body soul and spirit and live in relationship and love with the creator of the universe with God.

For Jimmy and Mark

Please pray for 59-year-old Jimmy who was recently told he will soon have to go on dialysis. He is very depressed and doesn't even want to talk about it with his mother. He has also been away from the Church for many years and needs to revive his faith and trust in God. Please also pray for Mark, a young father of two who is now addicted to drugs following a work accident in which his doctors put him on opioids. He can only visit his children under supervision and is dying to get home to his wife and family and overcome this addiction. Thank you for your prayers!

For myself

Please pray for me. In the last few months I have been having a terrible time trying to accept the trust of Christ in my heart. It has been a terrible struggle that's been causing me inner turmoil since last Spring. I'm sinking deeper and deeper into an severe depression  of which I'm uncertain will end. I used to pray the rosary on a daily basis, but now I struggle to say at least once a month.

Reconciliation with Family

That my family will be forgiving and peaceable towards one another. That Mari become Christian Catholic. For healing of past hurts.

Freedom from addiction

Please pray for my son to get help for excessive drinking & online gaming. They are consuming his life & health. Thank you & God bless your ministry!

Please pray!

Please pray for the health, safety and well being of my husband, my kids and myself. Also please pray that the judge rules in my favor in our case and my money, in its entirety, is returned to me.

Please pray

Please pray that we settle a fraudulent lawsuit against our company.

Prayer Request for Dani and Luke

For Dani and Luke, for healing and reconciliation in their broken relationship. Please pray that the Father makes His love known to both Dani and Luke, and that they may become docile to receiving all that He desires to offer them. Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon them, and that in His infinite love and mercy, the Father will bring about the victory of Love in their lives and in their relationship through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Our Lady of Fatima, the Queen of the Rosary, St. Therese, Sts. Louis and Zelie, and their patron saints and Guardian Angels.

Lynn’s Cancer

Please pray for Lynn, a young lady who has remission of colon cancer. Experimental drugs are being tried after a delay. She has great faith and trusting God at this time.

For successful eye surgery

Please pray for Stephanie who will be undergoing eye surgery Thursday, March 9, that it be successful and her eyes be restored to perfect health. In Jesus' Name, we pray. Amen.

Please pray for Alessandra

Please pray for Alessandra who is experiencing anxiety and stomach pains. Pleaae pray for healing.


Please pray for my entire family's conversion and healing (mind, body, soul/spirit). And also for healing of my own health issue. Please pray for us. Thank you and God bless.

Prayers for Annabelle

Please pray for my 10-month-old granddaughter Annabelle who is riddled with kidney infections. Prayers that the doctors will be filled with the knowledge on how to best heal her body. That the Holy Spirit will restore her health and give Annabelle an earthly healing. In Jesus' Holy Name, Amen!

40 Days for Life

Pray and fast from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday for an end to abortion. Sacrifice by keeping vigil and praying outside an abortion clinic during Lent. Over 340 local campaigns are being held this Lent. Find one near you at https://40daysforlife.com/browse-campaigns/

Please pray for my nephew and his family.

My nephew is going through a difficult breakup and now facing a trial. I hope the truth is discovered in court and his name is cleared of all wrongdoing. Please pray for his conversion and peace for his family. Thank you.

for 7 of my 8 children

Help my children, Lord, to come back to the Faith, help them to return to the Mass and begin their relationship with You.

prayer for purity of heart

Please remember me in your prayers as I struggle with an addiction that has plagued me for many years. God bless all of you.

please pray for my marrage

My wife divorced me in November of 2016, but we are still married through the Catholic Church and our marriage is a Sacramental Marriage ordained by God at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in 2011. We have two beautiful daughters 9 and 2 and I am praying and fasting for my wife to come back. Satan has caused this confusion with my wife and she is involved with another man. She had an abortion prior to our relationship and she is hurting from it very bad and I believe there is a curse on her and she needs all the prayers I can obtain for her conversion. I love her with all my heart and I forgive her. I want us back as a family. I believe in miracles, and I have consecrated our marriage to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Mother and St Joseph for this healing and conversion of my wife. Thanks for all the prayers.

Please Pray for My Wife!

My wife has been struggling with her faith recently and needs to know the love of God for her. She needs to seek his forgiveness and then forgive herself. I love her very much and it pains me to see this, especially with how hard she previously worked on her faith life. Your prayers are appreciated and God bless!!

A. M.’s intentions

I pray for A. M's intentions concerning my own vocation and for those whom I am praying for in my ministry.

Prayer intentions

Hi, I ask prayer for complete deliverance from attacking evil spirits and all holds on my life they had. I ask the same for my children, mom, dad, and sister. I ask prayer that my clients start to find my charity and find it something they can apply to the area of their lives that's beneficial. I ask for prayer that my business starts picking up paying clients. God bless.

God have mercy on Christopher and family

Please brothers and sisters in Christ, pray for Christopher, a child diagnosed with a terminal illness and his family that the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ bring peace and healing into their life. "My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from me; yet, not as I will, but as you will.” Help us to accept Your will at all times. Amen.


Pray for me, I have an interview on Tuesday March 7th with the Director of Personnel to the city I live for a Public Health Nurse Position. May the will of God be done and I accept it. Thank you.

Healing of my marriage

Please pray for the healing of my marriage. May the will of God be done in our lives. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Amen.

Please pray!

Please pray for the health and well being of my family. Protect us from evil and danger. Please pray that the judge rules in our favor and we win our money back.


Pray for Jenn who has gotten involved in the occult and new age practices. She is in a serious trouble. Her husband and children need prayer. She has alienated herself from her family.

For a decent job

My job search has gone on for more than 18 months. Pray that I get something decent and viable before Easter.


Please pray for my family to find peace & forgiveness with each other. That we may love again.


Please help me pray for B.B. He has an addiction to drugs and is presently recovering from multiple stab wounds in his back. He needs to feel our Lord's love and guidance. Strength, wisdom, and courage to defeat the evil. To open his heart and want to be connected to the Sacred heart of Jesus. Amen.

For Stephen

Could you please pray for Stephen who died on February 21st? Thank you and God bless you.


Please pray for the resolution of an issue that will help to heal many... thank you and God bless always.

Prayer against cancer returning

Through the grace of Our Lord and the prayers of many, including those at the Shrine in Arizona, I am in remission from cancer. My last check-up showed some "spots" that may be a recurrence...I have faith that prayers and fasts will see me through yet again. Please pray for me. Thank you and many blessings to all.

For my son and family member

Pray for my son who is addicted to alcohol - may he be freed and converted to Christ-- pray for T. who is involved with drugs and needs conversion- pray for F. who has marriage problems and just was tested for leukemia -- pray for J's healing from injury - for my husband's conversion

For my daughter

For my daughter to return to the Catholic faith and healing in her relationships with the family.

Grace for discipline

Been trying to stay away from unhealthy activities and my will power is not enough, I need to surrender everything!

Prayer for healing, strength to preservere and to offer it up placing my suffering at the foot of the cross of Jesus

Jessica is suffering with cancer. She is at the young tender age of 21 years. She is very faithful and her spirits are high. Her mother and father are hurting and need prayers to strengthen them.

my son and daughter

Please pray for my daughter to find Jesus and obey His laws.  my daughter is living with her boyfriend and does not want to get married. Also my son suffers from OCD and has a very difficult time with alot of issues. He needs prayers.

For my brother

Please pray for my brother Isaiah. He is 19 years old has been battling a drug addiction and had fallen away from the church during his teen years. He has been sober now for a couple months, and has recently encountered a friend who has invited him to his protestant evangelical church. Our family has always been active and rooted in our catholic faith, besides my father who is protestant but has not always been active in his faith. I fear that although my brother may be searching for God, he may be persuaded to leave the one true church, because he has had an initial good experience at this evangelical church. Please pray that the Lord will protect my brother, and that Isaiah will remember what he has been taught, and perhaps this will encourage him to seek more knowledge and truth within his church before looking for it elsewhere. Thank you all and may God Bless.  

Pray for Ashleigh’s mother who just passed

Please pray for Ashleigh's mother who just died from cancer in England, pray for her soul and for Ashleigh.

Humility and Conversion

Please pray that with the help of these prayerful fasts, I will learn true humility and make a greater conversion to the Lord and thereby learn to discern His will for my life. I pray also for humility and conversion for my husband and our three children, ages 20, 18, and 16, who were all born and baptized Catholic but will not return with me to the Catholic faith. Pray that I don't push them away by talking too much about it or talking about it in the wrong manner; let me have humility and have patience for God to take care of bringing my family back to the Church with me. I pray that He gives us all the graces of humility, gratitude, repentance and conversion, and that He makes a profound change in my husband's heart as soon as possible. I pray also that our Mother Mary would invite each member of my family back to the Church personally, just as she did for me last year. Thanks for praying with me! I want you to know that as I read each intention, I pray for it with you who wrote it. May God grant us the holy desires of our hearts. Amen.

Conversion of children

For the conversion of my children.

Finance, protection and healing

May the good Lord lead me and strengthen me during the Friday and Wednesday fasting.....may all prayers be answered.....

Keep my daughter safe

Please pray for my daughter Andrea who is moving to California. That God protect her and help in all her endeavors and that she stay true to her faith.

prayers and fasting

Prayers and fasting for president Donald Trump tomorrow Friday February 24th for his protection.

My Family

My husband has been out of work for a year now. We are newly married and my husband is a convert. Currently, my husband's family is not speaking with me due to family holiday conflict, perhaps more reasons, not sure. We have a blended family of young adult children and we are slowly bonding as a family. Please pray for my husband and our family.

For my son

That my son's heart be open to doing the right thing in his relationship, that he get an annulment so he can possess the grace to see God's wisdom.

Christian first

Please pray for my daughter that first she will be Christian-like in her daily life, loving to others and keeping God close. Second, please pray that she and her team mates pull out of their "slump" and win a hockey game with Mary's graces through her most blessed Son, our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Amen again for keeping them all safe.

For my daughter

That my daughter's heart may be guided by God's wisdom to make the necessary changes in her life and in her job.

For my son

That my son may curb his addiction to smoking. That God guide him in his work to determine if his current job is going to work out.

Please Pray For Annabelle

Please pray for my 9 month old granddaughter Annabelle who is fighting a kidney infection. Her fever continues to run high. Please pray for the antibiotic to begin working and that she will be restored to perfect health. Thank you.

Forgiveness & Reconciliation in an Estranged Family

For my dysfunctional birth family. There is so much anger, jealousy, and unforgiveness. Especially, please pray that my brother and his wife and my parents will forgive one another and reconcile after 30 + years of estrangement - and that we all will have some peaceful, bonding times together before it is too late.


For priests who are addicted, that they have the courage to own it and seek the help that will allow them to overcome them.


I am working on losing weight so as to have longevity of good health. I am off to a good start but want prayers for fortitude in this journey.

Prayer for all my family and people I associate with

Need prayers for conversion and salvation of all those I'm praying for by God's grace (on my list which is a bit too big to put on here). Those include my family all over the world and people I associate with. Thank you all and I'll be praying and fasting for your intentions as well. God Bless!

For the safety of President Donald Trump

Let us pray for the safety of President Donald Trump and that he will remain 100% prolife and convert to the Catholic Faith.

prayer for my son

My son is not a Christian, he is an alcoholic and unemployed at the moment. I ask for prayer for his conversion, freedom from addictions and employment. May God's will be done in his life and help me to accept His will.


Please pray that my family find peace & forgivness with each other.

Financial Blessing

After losing my job six weeks ago, I find myself in need of a financial blessing. Thank you, Lord, in advance.

Marriage and selling home

That my son and his girlfriend stop cohabiting and get married in the Church and come to Jesus Christ. That my husband and I know whether we should sell our house or not.


I would ask for prayers for my brother Frank, who has OCD and is schizophrenic. That his mind can be made normal again. Thank you so much for praying for him.

Please pray for Tony

Please pray that Tony shows respect to his coworkers, especially toward Diane and I. Please heal his anger towards me.

Freedom from addictions

Please pray for my husband, for his conversion and freedom from alcohol and smoking addictions.

Prayers for my son

Please pray for conversion for my son, an university-educated young man who during his high-school and especially his university years let go of any belief in the existence of God. Lord, free him from the lies he embraces and bring him back to the truth.

Prayer for an end to over-eating

Please pray for my daughter, married with three young children. She has gained an enormous amount of weight in the past six years. Her eating is out of control and she is not in a good place with regard to her physical, emotional and spiritual health. May God, in His mercy, break the bonds holding her back from freedom in Christ.

Healing of relationship

Prayers for my son's broken marriage, for peace & sense of security for the children and for my son's return to the faith.


Pray for me to pass with flying colours my final year university exams and so that I may graduate with second class upper division in September. I've worked so hard before, but my results have always been demoralizing. I pray these last ones I'm waiting for may be a major boost to the previous ones so that I can achieve my second class upper division.

For Jessika’s tongue cancer

I pray that Blessed Mother Mary wrap her mantle and along with her Son Jesus Christ heal and help Jessika through her pain in radiation. This is her second time with cancer. She had breast cancer 10 years ago when she was 28 and now has tongue cancer. Her mouth is full of blisters from the radiation and she is having difficulty eating. PRAISE GOD for all his Love and Mercy. She gladly accepts His Will. Amen.

Debt free

Please pray that I will find additional income to pay my debts and move to Bozeman Mt where my kids live.

For inactive Catholics to return home

For my siblings who are no longer practicing their Catholic Faith, for them to return home to Mother Church, and for all fallen away Catholics.


Please pray for my son Theo who says he is agnostic. I brought him up Catholic but he really needs prayers. For the conversion of my husband and for his addiction to cigarettes and for myself for perseverance in my prayers.

Finance, protection and healing

May God help me in my finances. ..may He protect me and my family...may He heal me in Jesus Christ, our Lord. AMEN.

Create in me a clean heart, O God!

Please pray that I may obtain purity of heart. Thank you, my brothers & sisters in Christ!

For the success of Nineveh 90

Over 10,000 people have signed up to participate in Nineveh 90. I pray that each individual is successful in their attempt to grow closer to Mary, our Mother, and God through this process and that as a group we bring about significant change in the world. Also a prayer for in the intro to Live the Fast from Fr. Heilman! Just 2 fast days so far but already having an impact on my prayer and spiritual life! Thanks to all at Live the Fast!!

Successful marriage

That Our Lord would provide the financial resources necessary for my brother as he plans to marry and may their marriage be a blessing unto them. May they make God the solid rock on which they build their foundation.

Please pray for Sr. Cecilia

Please pray for Sr. Cecilia, Franciscan Sisters of Mary Immaculate, who was kidnapped by jihadists in Mali.

Husband’s job and conversion to the Catholic Church

Hello! Please pray for my husband who has recently starting attended Mass with me on Saturdays - 5PM. He has been blessed with a great job for the past 25 years. He is in a time of transition at work, so please pray for him, that he has peace with the changes, and that he recognizes how our God listens and cares for us personally. Pray that his faith in Father/Son/Holy Spirit continues to grow and he opens his heart to become a Catholic. We are especially concerned with keeping our health benefits in his job transition. Thank You!

Prayer Request

Please pray for me.  I am very poor after our father passed away. I need prayer in order to obtain employment and recovery from illness. I also need money to complete my studies at the university without any problems. Although it's been a long time, I don't attend school since I do not have money. I need a lot of prayer and miracles.


My family and I are at a crossroads and deciding between two different places to move. We are very torn and want to above all follow God's will. We have been fasting on Fridays with the intention for clarity in this decision-making process.

Total healing

Today I made it to 8 pm 22 hour fast but when I broke it, I added some chocolate which was not part of the plan. I am asking for special intercession to be able to choose God's will instead of the flesh.  I feel healing coming slowly. I will never give up, I will keep trying. I pray for more humility. Thank you.

new job

I recently learned that my contract will not be renewed (my own fault). Please pray that I can forgive myself for my shortcomings and that I will soon find other employment.

Special Intention

For all of the intentions of the BVM Mary's Immaculate & Triumphant Heart.

Loving Marriage

Please pray for my marriage, that my husband and I may truly love one another faithfully. May our marriage be a sign of Christ's love for His Church. May we always be faithful to each other and repent and go to confession for any times that we weren't faithful in our marriage.

Victory over a Bad Habit

May God give me the grace of total victory over a bad habit that I am struggling with.

Reconciliation of family

Please pray for the reconciliation of my family, in particular fast and pray with me that my son Jeremy will let go of a very strong pride and that he can feel the great love of God for him. He needs a Conversion. I have been praying for a very long time for this intention. I do not lose hope and I surrender to God's will. I know that it is agreable to Him that my son becomes a better person. Mother Mary, we entrust our intention to your Immaculate Heart to give to Jesus. Amen.

Peace in families

Please pray for peace in my family and in our hearts. Peace in our hearts, peace in the families, peace in the world. May the Immaculate Heart of Mary triumph. Thank you.

Prayer for marriages, unbelievers/the spiritual lost/seeking

I am asking for prayers for the miracle of reconciliation, healing communication and the miracle of a healthy loving marriage for Antonio and Elsa. I also ask for prayers for the healing of my husband in the way of temptation. I pray that he offer up all anxiety about finances to the Lord, our great Physician and Provider. I ask for prayers for all my family and friends who are not walking with the Lord, and seek to fill the God-shaped hole in the hearts. I finally ask that our community prays for all celebrities and wealthy individuals currently being deceived by this culture of death.

Please pray for my son

For my son, Joe to pass a exam needed for work. This wil be Joe's 5th time taking the same exam, since he didn't get passing grade on the prior 4 times. Joe has spent countless hours studying the material. It is a very hard exam. I pray that this time he can get enough correct answers to achieve a passing grade. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Please pray for me!

Please pray for the health and well being of my family...P,J,P,J,M and please pray that the judge rules in my favor and I win my case.

For healing

For my mental and physical health, that I may have patience and peace with where God has me right now. That my digestive problems will be healed and that my test results at the end of the month show progress. That I may be less isolated and be more connected with others.

Prayer for family

Praying for healing of son's (Gus) spine and healing of his mind, heart and spirit as well as for Robert and David. Prayers for healing for my mom. Please pray that we may all step into the calling God has for each of us. I lift up the healing ministry to God and our ministry of feeding homeless and those needing to be fed with God's word up to God and pray for financial blessings. God bless you.


Please pray for healing of David, Ofelia and Vicky, all due to illness. For the restoration of loving communication and letting go of the past between Mike and M. God bless you all

Please pray I heal from anxiety, panic attack and overworrying

Please pray I heal from anxiety, panic attacks and over worrying as we plan my daughter's shower and wedding venue. Please pray we are able to find affordable venues.


Asking for healing prayers and to keep my eyes on the storm of loneliness. Asking healing and miracle of a healthy Godly marriage for sweet, beautiful Mike and myself. For a Hannah miracle of lots of Catholic babies to consecrate to the Lord God. Asking for me to always praise God no matter what. He is truly GLORIOUS.

For my son and my marriage

Please pray for my son who is failing and otherwise doing poorly in school. He has no direction, no motivation and many excuses. I am becoming mentally exhausted from his behavior and also from what I believe are demonic attacks on my marriage. I am becoming depressed. I am an emotional and stress eater, and have not succeeded in fasting but will keep trying. Thank you for your kindness in praying and fasting for my intentions.

Prayers for Dani and Luke

Please pray for Dani and Luke, especially through the intercession of St. Therese, St. John Paul II, Our Lady of the Rosary, and St. Joseph, that the LORD may speak clearly to their hearts, making them attuned to His voice and aware of their identity as the beloved children of His Father. Through the intercession of these saints, please pray for the softening of their hearts to the merciful love of Jesus, and that, if the Father will permit it, the Holy Spirit will soon lead Dani and Luke to receive the sacrament of Holy Matrimony, uniting them in love and raising them up as powerful witnesses to each other and those they encounter of the merciful love of Jesus.

Please pray

Please pray for healing for a broken marriage and increased spirituality for my son.


Please pray for Lisa D. who has been diagnosed with a cancer lesion on her liver and lymph node. She has already had surgery for cancer last year, and was given the all clear. Please pray for her healing. Thank you.

For all Pregnant Women and the Pre-born

That God will grant pregnant women a safe delivery. That the pre-born are recognized as humans especially in Canada and all abortion laws that condem the pre-born to death are overturned as well as the minds behind those laws.

daughter and son

Thank you for listening to my prayer request. For my daughter to become a kind, loving person - right now she is an angsty 16 year old! For her to obtain a future cut in the next two weeks in swimming, make it to state in two individual swim events and a junior nationals cut in swimming in the next year. For my son who is autistic and has ADHD and anxiety. He is doing really well, please help him stay anxiety free and break free of the bonds of autism and ADHD. For my sister to return to the Catholic church. For my husband to believe. For me to grow more and more in communion with God, through Mary and Jesus. For my mom and dad to stay healthy and happy and to get back to church. For my in-laws who are wonderful, health, happiness and to grow in faith.

Please pray!

Please pray that I win my court case and get my money back. Please pray for the good health and well being of my family.

Please pray

Please pray for Mrs. Galen Brady, who for nine months has been battling an ailment. Pray also for her family. She is a grandma and you know how special grandmas are!

For my nephew, Bradley

Please pray for my nephew's sobriety, conversion and safety. He also needs good, healthy, Christian friendships and role models. Please pray for his healing. Amen.

Job for M.

Please pray for Mokane to find a job. It is urgent. He does not even have money for food.


Please help me to focus on Jesus and not on food.  I have a difficult time fasting.  Please heal me of all that is in my way.

New job

I've been on the job hunt for 19 months with only some luck on part-time work and getting interviews. I need something really soon. Pray I am delivered from this nightmare soon.

Employment Needed

I am currently unemployed. Please pray with me to obtain a good job in commercial lines insurance with good pay and great medical benefits. Amen. Thank you.

Please pray

Please pray for a good friend of my niece's who recently passed away from brain cancer. She leaves behind a younger sister and her parents. Please pray for the repose of her soul and for comfort for her family.

For those battling cancer

Please pray for Cecily and all who are fighting cancer.

For Katie

For Katie to come back to our family and for her healing from an assault.

Dearest Lord please deliver me from greed and selfishness

Please, Lord, deliver me from greed and selfishness. I want to try to stay debt-free and guard against concupiscence better than I have been doing.

Marriage/Babies Miracle

Hello, asking for prayers for the miracle of reconciliation, healing communication and the miracle of a healthy loving marriage for M and M. For the Hannah Miracle of God looking at M with the same merciful eyes he looked at Hannah. For the miracle of little Samuels for M and M. We will consecrate these gifts to God and encourage discernment of religious life/priesthood. Please God, touch M's heart for forgiving and not looking back. Touch M  to be the best wife and healing and letting go of the past hurt. Nothing is impossible with God. Thanking God for the rain in Southern California.


Elizabeth is my sister and she has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. Please pray for my family's intention that she will be comforted during treatment and cured.


For my marriage, that my husband can stop drinking and that God will renew our marriage. For my family, that God will touch our hearts and that we come to know his love in a special way. In thanksgiving for all that I have and all that I have not. Amen


Please pray for healing for Carol, Carol, Kelly, Karen and L. Pray for all those who suffer from mental illness and drug addictions. Please pray that I am able to find employment that is pleasing to God and me.

Please pray for Patricia

We have a friend Patricia who has health challenges and last week has had many seizures and is presently in hospital. We ask that your prayer warriors pray for her.  She is the most positive woman I know. Thank you.

Pray for My Dear Friend, Mary

Please pray for my dear friend, Mary D., who is facing a possible diagnosis of aggressive breast cancer which doctors think may have spread to her bones. I say possible because the doctors are continuing some tests on her. Mary is a beautiful mother of five children ranging in ages from 12 to 1. She also home-schools and owns her own occupational therapy service company. On top of that, she is battling a bacterial lung infection which is making it very difficult for her to breathe. Please, we need a miracle. We are praying novenas to Saints Rita and Agatha as well as our Blessed Mother. We need their intercession. I would greatly appreciate it if you could ask them to unite their prayers to ours. Mary is a special soul who is loved by all that know her.

Deliverance from sin of vanity

I am asking for prayer and fasting to be delivered from at least 38 years of vanity problems. Our Dear Lord has delivered me from many other sinful problems through the sacraments, and I again trust in Him and Our Lady's help.

Healing Prayers

Please can I ask prayers for healing for both myself (recovery from a broken ankle-it's still sore and very stiff and walking is awkward), my mother (blood clot on her lung) and my husband (COPD). Please pray that I might find my courage and have trust in the Lord.

prayer for faith-filled priest

Please pray for Fr. Peter because he is so burnt out and has taken a sabbatical. A much-loved priest, who is faithful and a very hard worker.

Open heart surgery

I am having open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve and would appreciate your prayers! I am blessed to be under the care of the Mercy Medical cardiologist/surgical team in Sacramento, California and trust in our Lord's intervention every step of the way. Thank you and God bless you all in your fasting community.

Please pray for my health

Health, please-been battling flu on and off for weeks (as a mom and teacher this has been very difficult and all areas are suffering because of it). I know this may not seem like a big deal but it would certainly help--and I will be joining in praying for everyone's intentions too.

May His will be done

Please pray for CBR, the doctorate, full-time work, all those for whom we pray, our country and especially our sanctification and peace in our hearts.

Inner familial healing

For J, A, S, K, W, Z, X, and ourselves for inner healing, peace and complete surrender to the Divine Will, for the grace of fasting, L.

Please pray for my husband who just found out he has a brain tumor.

Please pray for my husband who just found out he has a brain tumor. Please pray that it is benign. Also for my son who just went through detox for alcohol that he remains sober. Thank you.


Asking miraculous prayers and a Hannah Miracle for myself. Asking Restoration prayers between my darling husband and myself. For the restoration of loving, healing communication and reconciliation of relationship. For a Godly marriage and the Hannah miracle of gifts of babies for us. Let our marriage be a testimony of God's merciful love. For these children to be consecrated and raised to consider priesthood/religious life.

Conversions and Employment

Please pray for the conversions of my children who have left the faith. May their hearts soften and may they return to knowing and loving Our Lord. May my grandchildren be baptized in the faith and become part of the Body of Christ. May He protect them from all evil. It is difficult to see how the world has taken them away from Our Lord. Please also pray for my husband. He lost his job and finding another one has been very difficult. He is a good man and hard working and very devoted to Our Lord. Thank you for praying with me as I fear mine are not enough. Bless each of you for your sacrifices and your prayers, Amen and thank you.

Please pray for my dad, a recent crime victim

My elderly father was awfully assaulted by a man he didn't know at a public place for no good reason very recently. While they arrested the man, they let him go after only one day. Please pray for my father's earthly safety and that of our whole family. May God hold us all in the palm of His hands. Thank you, God bless you!


For healing where they are most in need of healing for my daughters and sons-in-law. That through Our Lady's intercession I may receive the strength and the grace to fully embrace fasting. Thank you!

Praying for grades

Praying for me to pass my CPA exams and also so that I may pass my final year papers and graduate with second class upper division.

For Stephen

Could you please pray for Stephen for his good health and well being and also for his family? Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for Father John

Please pray for Father John Keller from Prince of Peace Catholic Church in Houston, Texas.  He is in ICU with blood clots in his lungs.  Please keep Father Keller and Prince of Peace Catholic Church in your prayers.  Also keep Father Alfonso and Father Biju, who are Parochial Vicars, in prayer as they fill in for Father Keller. Thank you for keeping our Catholic Church in prayers.


Please pray that my wife Karen will not lose her job. Thank you.

Please pray for my friend’s husband, a young father of five

Please pray for my friend's husband, a young father of five, he is in the hospital and doctors are trying to discern what is wrong. Pray that the test results will provide the doctors with answers to know how to treat him and restore his health. Thank you for your prayers.

For a job

I'm overwhelmed by my job search. So far it has been fruitless, not even something relatively basic to just pay the bills. Please pray that this ends soon. It has been going on for a ridiculously long period of time and it is causing strain on me and my family.

Need Two Reliable Cars

Our car was stolen one week before Christmas. It was my car, which was the more reliable car but still getting old. My husband's car is in really bad shape. We were hoping to replace his soon but now mine was stolen. We do not have the financial means to get new cars, and I do not desire to go into debt as I do not think that is God's will. Please pray that Jesus and Mary will pour mercy on our situation and the hearts of their servants here on Earth that we will be helped financially in this situation and/or given cars. Thank you. I will pray for all of you.

For my father

Please pray for my father who will undergo surgery on 1/18 to remove a cancerous tumor in his esophagus. Please pray for the surgery to go well, that they are able to remove all the cancer and for a quick recovery from surgery. Please also pray that he will be healed of early onset dementia and will live for many years to enjoy time with his family and grandchildren. Please also pray for his spiritual healing, that he be fully reconciled with the Lord and the Church and that his soul be filled with joy and peace.

For My Husband’s Conversion

When we got married, I was away from the church. Once we had children, I was called by God to come back and my life hasn't been the same since (all for the better!) My husband was brought up Lutheran, is not a practicing Christian but has supported me (often going to Mass with us and agreed to get married in the Catholic Church)---all graces, praise God! Now I am praying for the greatest grace, my husband's conversion to the Catholic faith. My prayer is that our family will be united in the faith with Christ at its center so that we can pray together and grow in holiness. A family that prays together stays together! St. Monica, pray for us. Thank you for your prayers, I will be praying for you all! Pax Christi

please pray….

Please pray that I win my case, the judge rules in my favor andI and receive my money back.


Hello asking for prayers for the miracle of reconciliation, healing communication and the miracle of a healthy loving marriage for Mike and Monica. For the Hannah Miracle of God looking at Monica with the same merciful eyes he looked at Hannah. For the miracle of little Samuels for Mike and Monica. We will consecrate these gifts to God and encourage discernment of religious life/priesthood. Please God, touch Mike's heart for forgiving and not looking back. Touch Monica to be the best wife and healing and letting go of the past hurt. Nothing is impossible with God. Thanking God for the rain in Southern California. Thank you for the prayers and fasting. I am a recovering eating disorder addict. Fasting is extremely dangerous for me but I will do a  Mary Undoer of Knots novena for you all.

Tough times

20 year legal career coming to an end and teetering on the verge of financial ruin. All after I have committed myself to converting to the Roman Catholic Church. In RCIA and awaiting the Easter Vigil where I will be baptized at 40 year old, confirmed & receive Holy Communion.. Pray that I can see God is leading me in the right direction career wise, to show me how to provide for my wife & three children, for their souls to be saved & brought to the faith, and for the humility to accept God's will. Thank you & God bless! Amen.

Brain bleed

My sister has a brain bleed that has affected her speech. And my grand-nephew was born with his kidneys operating only at half capacity. I have a heart and thyroid issue.  Please pray for these intentions.

Freedom from sin

I pray to be freed from bondage to sexual sin and lukewarmness and to find a good spiritual director.

For my friend

I pray for my friend M that he might have the grace to truly convert from sin and give his life to God. I pray that he will find a good job and stable situation in France and meet good and holy Catholics who will show him the right path of righteousness and disinterested friendship and that he will be able to receive baptism.

Prayer request

Please pray for our son who rarely goes to Mass. I also pray for many family members who do not go to Confession. I pray for myself, my food addictions and to trust Jesus that He will take care of all my prayers in His time, not mine.

Mental and Emotional Health

Deliverance from irrational fears and acute anxiety plus medication dependency.

Prayers for Our Family

Please pray for our children. For L as he discerns where to go for college, for C as she learns how to drive, for D's broken toe and for the health and job stability of mom and dad, K and A.

God’s will

I pray for the desire to fulfill God's will, especially in my relationship with AWP. I also pray for AWP's conversion to the Lord and my continuous conversion in my love for him and for God.

Please pray for my husband

Please pray for my husband, he is antagonist towards the Catholic faith, does not support me in the use of Natural Family Planning and is undermining me trying to raise our children Catholic. Please pray for a conversion and that I will have the courage, hope and fortitude to continue to live my Catholic faith and be able to raise my children in the faith.

Please pray

Please pray for Paul, a 34-year-old man with a very rare internal melanoma and will be given an experimental drug today.  His situation is desperate, but NOT TO OUR GOD - FOR ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD!  Please keep Paul in your prayers today. He will be receiving a relatively new form of treatment called immunotherapy at Sloan. Please pray the drug does its thing with little to no side effects. If God is for us, who can be against us?  To Him be the glory forever and forever!  Thank you for your ongoing intercessory prayers for Paul and his family.

Safe studying abroad

My shy daughter, who has never left home before, is leaving to go to the US to study engineering this January. Please help me to pray for a safe time away from family, that she never loses her catholic faith, that she continues to be a dedicated student, that she remains pure until after marriage , that God provides for her needs and a safe return home back to Belize.

Deliver Us From Evil

Heavenly Father, Heal the deepest wounds of intimacy and break the bondages of evil in our family in the Name of Jesus. Amen.

Finance/money problems

My kids and I are losing our home. Please pray for a miracle turn around so we can keep our home or money to get another one so we are not homeless. Daughter got very ill and got behind on mortgage and we're now being evicted. In desperate need of prayers so we do not lose our home. Thank you.

employment needed

My husband has been out of full-time work since January 2013 and if he doesn't get work soon, we will have to sell our home as our savings are nearly depleted. We have a son in his freshman college year and three children at home. Please pray for the protection of our little family and financial security and stability for the the Glory of God.  Thank you, and God bless you for your prayers.

Healing of my marriage

I have become very depressed after learning of my husband's return to drinking and finding that he was viewing pornography. He does practice his faith and is now in counseling with a psychologist and family priest friend. We have been married 26 years and have 2 sons. Through those years my husband has done many things against our marriage and I have been told I could receive an annulment by the priest that has married us and been my spiritual counselor for 30 years. I am hopeful of divine intervention after reading Andy's book about his total conversion. I am asking for prayers for healing of mind and addiction for my husband and for reconciliation of my marriage. I am also asking for prayer for my depression and anxiety from all this. I find it difficult to function through the days. Thank you and God bless.

Reconciliation marriage and babies

Asking for prayers of reconciliation between Michael and Monica the miracle of a healthy marriage and the honor of being a mommy to lots of healthy biological babies. Jesus, I trust in you!

Adult Child to Return to the Faith

Please pray for my son to return fully to the Catholic church and his girlfriend to convert happily.

Family healing- individual and collective

Please guide all of my family members to love and serve Jesus. Please heal my son who had a liver transplant and is still suffering from that. Please heal my older son who can't find his purpose in life. Please keep me strong to withstand all of the pressures I am living with. God, please hear and answer all of the prayers from everyone on this site! God bless everyone!

My father who is in rehabilitation, my sister with severe back pain

My father has a bleeding brain. Last Wednesday, he was admitted to the ER because he was vomiting and not feeling well. He was transferred to the ICU for a few days and is now in rehabilitation, and is having trouble walking and with vision on his left side. Also, my sister has been bedridden and unable to work because of severe lower back pain. We are praying for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. My mother has now been placed with significant caretaking responsibilities for my father and sister. Please pray for her health and peace of mind as well during a period of trial.

Renewed Faith and Purity

Praying for my 21 year old daughter that has stopped going to Mass and would like to move in with her boyfriend. Praying for all youth that they may stay firm in their faith and turn away from the world view. In Jesus' Name, Amen. Thank you!

Healing of heart

My heart has been in and out of atrial fibrillation. Trying to control it with meds. Also I have thyroid problems. Pray that I can get balanced out. Thank you.


Please pray for me and my family. To give us good health, harmony and peace. We are selling our condo, but no offers yet. We really need the money ASAP. Please pray we get offers soon. Please pray for me to obtain a good promotion soon. I haven't been promoted in 8 years. I work in a hostile work environment, where my coworkers are envious of my talents. Please pray for me to work in a positive work environment, where they value me and my contributions. Thank you for your prayers.  

Healing of addiction

Please pray for Mitch to be healed of his addiction to heroin and pills.

7-month-old granddaughter

Please pray for my granddaughter Annabelle. She is 7 months old and was born with a defective kidney. She will need surgery and daily takes an antibiotic to try and prevent infection. She is at the Urologist as I request this prayer. She may have an infection. Please pray for a complete healing of her body and wisdom for all medical staff on how to best treat her.

total healing

Bring me total healing of my food addiction.

Healing from affects of Trigeminal neuralgia

Elisabeth has suffered many years from trigeminal neuralgia--what doctors call the most excruciating pain known to man--in her jaw. Surgery four years ago not only failed to help, but damaged other nerves behind her eyes and face, making eating and talking difficult and painful. I'm asking that this woman be healed and relieved from the constant pain.

Heroine addiction

Please continue to pray for my brother and sister-in-law who are both addicted to heroine. They are now in rehab thanks to the many prayers and sacrifices of others. Continue to pray for them for the strength and perseverance to overcome their addiction and for healing of their marriage.

Depression, pain, anxiety and constant fear

I'm 79 yrs old and have some medical issues. I have been depressed most of my life. I hate to go to confession. It's been that way since I was in Catholic grade school. We had a grouchy Monsignor and would kind of yell at you in confession. I think that's where it all started. I pray, but my sons and their families do not go to church. My brothers and sisters and their families also do not go to church. My church is so empty and I don't think our priest even cares. Please pray for me and my family. Thank you so much.

Prayer Request

Please pray me. I need money for the needs of my life and my family, also to finance my education, I need a job, and healing from cancer.

Deliverance from unemployment

Please pray for deliverance from unemployment through a decent job. I can't take much more.


Please pray that I will find gainful employment so that will allow me to financially take care of myself,my family, and those in need.


Brothers and Sisters, please pray for me, am a nurse / midwife by profession, am also a nurse/midwife educator. Am not employed as of now because the Catholic Diocese which I was working in 6 months ago, run short of projects to run, which meant no salary for me. I am the bread winner for my family and significant others. Pray for me that through the intervention of our dear Mother Mary, I may be employed the sooner the better to take care of my family which is suffering now.

Fasting for grades

I pray that I may get good grades hence graduate with a second upper. I may not be put to shame before my classmates by not graduating with honours and not also having a decent job.


For my brother to get to the airport safely & safe flight home. For our mom to have good results on her blood test & to stop itching. For peace in my heart & for the  odd addiction in our family. Thank you all & God bless!

Believe and trust in God’s will

Please pray that my brother's upcoming meeting on Dec 16th has a positive outcome for him and his family, and courage to accept the will of God. I beg you my Lord have mercy. AMEN

Please Pray for my family

Please for me and my children for our physical and spiritual healing. Please pray for the world peace, the defeat of ISIS and the conversion of each members.

Healing of my heart

I was 4 days in hospital for atrial fibrillation. Pray the combination of drugs I'm on will help. Also healing of thyroid and that I stay faithfully on diabetic diet.

Please pray for my wife

Please pray for my wife, that she stops using contraception and trusts in God.

Please pray for my youngest son

Please pray for my youngest son who was caught with a small amount of marijuana. The fact that he was caught is a good thing so that we can now help him stop smoking. Please pray for a positive outcome at juvenile court. Thanks so much.


Pray that my husband would be humble and receive God's grace through the sacrament of confession. Pray he would no longer use me to hate and blame and hurt but would turn to Jesus to be free of anger and hurt.

Sister-in-law’s sister

Please pray for my sister-in-law's sister Kim who just had two surgeries for colon cancer, that she will eventually have a complete recovery. Thank you and God bless.

Please pray!

Please pray that the judge in our case rules in our favor and we are awarded our money back.

Return to the Lord

Please pray for my 2 sons that they will recognize their failings and return to the Lord for forgiveness and healing, and to the Church.

Emotional and spiritual!

Relief from acute anxieties and addiction to prescribed medications - please pray for me!

Good spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health for self and family

Please pray that I will be able to place God first in my life, that I will hear and instantly obey the promptings of the Holy Spirit. That my body will be healed and that I will honor God by sticking to the principles that led to the healing. Healing for my sister, mother, daughter, granddaughter and friends!


Please pray that our Neonatal ICU can remain functional given the financial cuts to the NYC public health system. We care for the uninsured and our babies are very vulnerable and of very low birth weight.  God bless you!

Success in school and at work

Please pray for my elder son Christopher who has just written his final exam to succeed so that he gets admission and scholarship into University next year. Pray also for me to succeed in my driving lessons and to be confident in driving so as to fulfill all the requirements for my new job.

Jim L’s Healing

I ask for prayers for Jim and his friends and family. I pray for peace. I pray that if it be God's will that He will heal Jim of his cancer. If it be His will to continue to allow the progression of the cancer, then I ask for peace and for comfort and for all of those around Jim and including Jim that he will be drawn closer to Christ through the pain and suffering. Thank You.


Please pray for the following Priests: Rev Fr. Valentine A Rev Fr. Eusebius O Rev. Fr. Joseph I Rev. Fr. Henry Rev. Fr. Valerie


Please pray for my 4 children. My son will be a teenager on the 10th. Please pray for God's leading in his life that he will never stray from God. That he will continue to be the child and man of God that he is. Please pray for my husband to get a divine job opportunity very soon. Please pray for my mother-in-law to have divine healing from her cardiac arrest. Please pray for miraculous divine financial blessing for my parents. Please pray for me to have divine clarity and guidance in my life. Divine financial blessing. That God would bless my businesses. Give my family good health. God give the fruit of the womb to my friends N, M, L and W.  Amen.  

Work commitments

Please pray that my hours will be changed in work so I can get to Mass more.

Fear of Son’s Salvation

My son recently announced his same sex attraction and intention on marrying his 'roommate'. I've known in my heart for a long time that he was struggled and have had many beautiful signs that my prayers have been heard - however, I've also been made aware that his heart is hard. Please pray that he will be open to God's grace and mercy and that Our Lady will give my husband and I the divine guidance we need at this time. Thank you.

Prayer for my daughter

I am in urgent need for your prayers as my daughter who is in college and might be kicked out from the physical therapy program she is in right now if she doesn't get good grades, especially in her genetics class. Please, please help me pray for her as I know she will be devastated if this happens. She is really studying hard. Thank you in advance for all your prayers.


Please pray for my financial breakthrough to be freed from ALL debts.

special intentions

For peace and clarity.


For the Lord to guide me towards a new career, a new path and a new beginning. For a breakthrough in my life.

Pain relief

Please pray for sustained pain relief in my low back and hip that I may return to work with vitality and good discernment. Gratefully in Christ.

Be Beacon of Faith in the Corporate World and rekindle my career

I am praying for a new role where I can be an apostolate of the Catholic faith, build professional reputation, raise a strong family and build the path of greatness for my kids.  May I encounter people that facilitate this objectives.

Conversion of heart of husband

I fast and pray for the freeing of the sexual vices my unbelieving husband has, to realize their wickedness and ultimately, for his heart and soul to be converted to Our Lord. Amen & thank you.

Pray for a good report

Please pray for my husband who is going for his 6 month CT scan for cancer, that all will be well.

New diagnosis for husband

I wish to raise my husband up to the Good Lord to help alleviate the complications of leukemia. Please help the doctors to find the right treatment for his chemotherapy. Please grace Rose's mother with super abundant perseverance as she readied to leave this world. In thanksgiving for Roberts's new home! Please inspire Matthew and Andrew to do the right thing when it comes to leaving their jobs. Help me, dear Lord, to manage these knee problems until I can have knee replacements.

Relief of pain

Please pray for healing of my brother's neck pain. Thank you.

Prayer needed

Please pray for my daughter, she is in a same-sex union and, while my door has remained open, we are estranged. The whole situation is very heartbreaking please pray for our family. Thank you.

For My Friend

For the healing of my friend Yolanda.

Beloved of God

In reparation for the damages caused by the generational spirits attached to our nation due to our grave sins; in reparation for those grave sins and all sin which stems from those grave sins.

Prayers for conversion

I kindly am asking for prayers for my father who has been struggling with alcoholism for over 43 years. I beg God to convert him and allow him to experience the love of Christ so that he no longer needs the alcohol to numb his pain. Also, I'm asking for prayers for whole family and the world to really and truly receive and accept God's love in our hearts.

Please pray for my family

My daughter and son-in-law are in a rehabilitation program for drugs. My husband and I have temporary custody of their three children.  I am hospitalized with a lung infection. Please keep my husband in prayer that he can handle the children. And hopefully they won't have to be put into the care of the county.

Please pray for my wife

My wife is suffering from deep depression and insomnia. Please pray for her.

Please pray

Please pray for my brother who has OCD and schizophrenia. I hope he can find purpose in his life again.

Prayers requested

My brother-in-law is facing a possible leg amputation. Please pray for a miracle of healing to avoid this consequence.

For my sister-in-law

Prayers please for my sister-in-law ...she has been given two-three months to live. End stages of Stage 4 colon cancer. Her youngest child is 12 years old.


Please pray for healing for my friend David who has cancer and going through chemo.

Fasting for Blessed Mother

Please pray for the desire to fast at least once a week with Adoration, Prayer and the Eucharist daily. I desire to give thanks and praise to Jesus thru Blessed Mother to the Eternal Father and to be more grateful for the many blessings and graces. Thank You. Praise be to Jesus and Mary.

Prayer for my friend and Mentor

Jesus bless my friend and mentor immensely and help him to get his promotion to DS this year. Now he is taken out of his specialization and made to head a different group. I am sure Jesus who is aware of his potential in the field will bring him back to his group through a big miracle. Wash him with your HOLY BLOOD and protect him from all evil and fill him with your HOLY SPIRIT and make him a good leader for our institute.

Pray for My Colleague to be healed of depression

R is my colleague and he is suffering from depression because of his non-tolerance attitude and generosity, he is unable to bear his junior colleagues getting promotions or sharing his work. His fear is that they are snatching his work. This has made him to go onto a depression attack and he is under medical treatment. I pray for him that LORD JESUS CHRIST will cure him and make him as generous and loving as HIMSELF so that he will come back and become a good leader for his colleagues. Nothing is impossible to our Lord Luke Chapter 1 verse 27.

Success in board exams

Please join me and pray for success in my USMLE exams.

Prayers needed!

Please pray for a special intention of mine.

Request for prayer

Please pray for eventual inner-ear surgery,in pain now, inner ear appliance has migrated out of position, fear that something more like a cyst or tumor might be there.  Also in terrible pain frequently in bones of body. Thank you.

pray for a priest

Fr Eugene  (90), who after undergoing surgery to remove a section of his small intestine, which was affected by blood clots, suffered a stroke. He is totally paralyzed on his right side and unable to speak or swallow.

Poor Soul in Purgatory

For the soul of my grandfather, Chuck Miazga.

My Prayer for Fasting

My God, you have given me a wonderful life, husband and family. I offer this fast for them to thank you for all you have giving me.

Job Relief

I am in desperate need of a full-time job. I've been on the hunt for a very long time. I fear that if I don't get one before Thanksgiving, I won't get another one until well after the New Year. Please pray, maybe even a little extra that the jobs I am interviewing for come through ASAP.


Please pray for our financial breakthrough and my husband's salvation.

For a Special Intention

Please pray for a special intention.

Conversion of my daughters

Please pray for the return to the practice of the faith for my daughters and the healing of the older daughter from her same sex attraction and an end to her sinful relationship.


In thanksgiving that our country elected a pro-life candidate. And we pray for our president and leaders that they have God's protection and make moral decisions based on God's commandments.


Please pray for Sandi, who is recovering from mini strokes and other illness and now must take care of her son, who is a drug addict. Pray for her strength and her son's recovery from his addiction.

Please pray for me!

Please pray for a special intention of mine. Praying that judge rules in my favor.

Special Intention

To Jesus through Mary: Lord , I pray for my son and his wife. Marriage problems. Please guide them and bring healing and our love! Also to their 2 young children.

Healing, Deliverance, Conversion

I'm asking for prayers for spiritual and psychological healing in the area of pride and my relationship with God. It is a deeply rooted and very difficult struggle to try to explain but I am hoping to begin this journey of prayer and fasting with a community that will walk beside me. Thank you so, so much.

Prayer for conversion of heart

Please keep my husband in your prayers. He recently told me he doesn't believe in God, but I think really it's because he's been suffering from health issues, and his prayers are "unanswered."  He's mad at God. Thank you!

Prayer for my friend’s sister

A great mother of young children has been stricken with brain cancer. Please pray for Mindy an her family.

Prayers for our family

Please pray for my husband to find good, steady employment very soon and for my 12-year-old son who has a growth deficiency and learning disability. Pray for answers. Thank you.


I'm in need of work... and physical healing. Provide for my finances.

Thanksgiving for Fr. Jeremy Paulin November 4

In thanksgiving for his 10th anniversary of priesthood, Fr. Jeremy Paulin.

Son’s discernment

Please pray for our son's discernment of the Holy Priesthood. And for family members who are fallen away from the Holy Catholic Church. Thank you and God bless you!

Mother with ovarian cancer

This past Sunday, I looked over at our choir during Mass and noticed that one of our cantors, Beth, had her head shaved! She had beautiful long, curly dark hair and it was gone. After Mass, I was told that she has just been diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. She is in her 40's with children. She has the voice of an angel and sings at all our parish Masses. I am moved to tears when she sings after communion. She shaved her head herself in anticipation of her chemotherapy treatment. Please FAST AND PRAY for Beth and her family and for a complete cure. Thank you so very much.

Healing from Recurring Pneumonia

Please pray and fast for Charles.M.M. from recurring pneumonia and other illnesses including previous strokes and heart attacks. Kindly also thank God for His Love, Mercy and Goodness to Charles and his family and relatives.

Prayer or special intention

Please pray for a special intention of mine.

Miracle of marriage and babies

Hello please pray for my dad's employer, who may go out of business. For the miracle of lot of factory/sheet metal orders. For the healing of my mom Ofelia and sister Vicky. For much success in their catering/baking business and for success in my dream business in addition to regular job. I have been asking Saint Anne to join me in intercession for the miracle of marriage and biological children for me. I long to be a wife and mommy and I am almost 40 so time is running out. The Evil One puts thoughts of despair and sadness in my heart. But God, when I call out to him, he comforts me. I offer my emotional pain for those who truly suffer. I ask for reconciliation and communication between Michael and I. I ask for pity as God pitied Hannah.

Drug addiction

Please pray for my brother and his wife who are both addicted to heroine. They are now homeless and their two children have been separated and living with family members. Pray that they may be delivered from this terrible addiction and please pray for their children who are suffering also.

Prayer Request

I would appreciate your prayers for a special intention named 'Rose'. Thank you and may Our LORD and Blessed Mother bless you all.

For these intentions

Returning to bread and water fasting after many years. I ask for the grace to remain faithful. May this effort help in the fight against evil. For peace in our world, country, families and hearts. For my daughter's conversion and that she may find the joy of marrying a devoted, Catholic husband.


I am fasting to become more like Blessed Mary, I want to say" let it be your will". I want to surrender my body, soul and thoughts to God. To be able to be open to the Holy Spirit, for God to use me as he sees fit. I want to give up my will, control and be a living example of God's unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness to my children and community. I ask this and ask for help from the angels and saints, in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

conversion for son living a gay lifestyle

Please pray for my son who is living a gay lifestyle. Son now has a daughter and said he is married to a man who also has a son.

In need of prayers

I am asking for prayers and fasting for a special intention.  Thank you and God bless.

Please pray for Fr. John

Please pray for Fr. John, who is very active with Mother Tincarni Prayer Group at St. Anthony Convent where he gives a lively teaching on the Pope Francis weekly messages, along with doing The Corporal Works of Mercy, helping immigrant brothers, shopping for elderly, etc; He brings great comfort to me as a spiritual guide: not an easy task. In His Holy Name, through Mary.  

My Son-in-law and myself

The raging demons of drug abuse have gotten a hold of my Son-in-Law. Dan is the father of 3 children and now has to stay in a drug rehab for a few months. My daughter and the children have come to stay with us until Dan gets out. As for me, I have been hospitalized for breathing problems and am recovering from lung problems.  Please pray for us.

For the presidential election

Blessed Mother, We have become a sinful nation but God-fearing Catholics and Christians all over this country are begging you to intercede on our nation's behalf so that the next president is pro-life and protects our religious liberties. Donald Trump is by no means perfect and neither are we, your children, but please ask your Son to hear the cry of the oppressed, and allow people to see the real differences between the two candidates and vote for the candidate that won't continue the path of this current administration. Pray for the conversion of Mr Trump and our nation to Christ.  

Repose of the soul of my dear friend Mr.Geach

Please, say a prayer for my dear friend, Mr. David Geach, who went forward, beyond this world to meet his Creator on 20th October. May his soul and souls of all the faithfully departed through the mercy of GOD rest in peace. Amen. And thank you.

Catholic SMS Text Apostolate

Please pray for the successful up take of a Catholic sms text apostolate in Kenya and that those who will use it will be attracted to The Catholic Religion and become devout and active Catholics.

Freedom from the addictions

Please pray for my husband and two sons to free them from their addictions and open their hearts to the love of God. I humbly ask this in Jesus' name, Amen.

In need of your prayers!

Please pray for my girlfriend Angela. She has fought a courageous battle with metastasized breast cancer for seven years and now brain cancer. She and her two daughters have faced their father's suicide and their mom's cancer. Please pray that the Blessed Mother holds them in her tender embrace and her beloved son Jesus showers them with strength.

“Apparition Hill” Documentary on Medjugorje

Please pray that this documentary which follows seven people's journey to Medjugorje be seen by millions and thus learn about the messages of Our Lady Queen of Peace. That God's will for this film be realized.

Discerning Spirit

God bless me to be able to discern more of what you would have me to be able to discern. That I will walk in the light and in the way that you would have me to walk and that you will be pleased with me, oh Lord, that I can do your work and your will in Jesus' name. I'm trusting, praying and believing that God will bless me with the job with Alutiiq, NRDH, City, or Bview. God bless my financial resources and flood my financial bucket right now, in the name of Jesus, that I will be able to take care of and provide for my family and I that I will be able to pay the bills that are behind, that I will be able to get things that I need for my children and I that I will come out of all this debt and that should be debt-free, in Jesus name, I'm trusting praying and believing that God restore my marriage, restore my love for my husband, restore our commitment that he will have eyes for me and only me, that he would be faithful, loyal and true. Bless us with more finances that we can buy a new house, a new car. Blessed in the name of Jesus, keep us safe. In the name of Jesus, I trust pray and believe. Amen

Saving Dad’s Employment & Miracle of marriage

Thank you for the prayers. Asking first for the saving of a small Los Angeles sheet metal factory which employs my dad in addition to other poor men. The factory has no orders. Asking God for showering this factory with lots of orders. For healing of O and V and for their catering businesses. For V  to go back to her doctorate. I ask for end of addiction for V. I ask for prayers and intercession of Grandma Saint Anne for her to join me in prayers for the return of M. McC and the honor of being his wife and mommy to heathy biological children. May God look at me with the same pity he looked at Hannah. I promise to consecrate the gifts of children as she did Samuel and encourage discernment to religious life/priesthood. For an end to abortion and the end of suffering for Holy Souls in Purgatory. Mary Undoer of Knots, pray for us and the intentions of this beautiful ministry.

For God to bless us with a baby

My wife is struggling with health issues and infertility. We ask that God would heal her and help us conceive a child soon.

Miracle of Marriage and Babies

Thank you for the prayers and God bless you. Father, with a bold yet respectful heart, I come before you asking for the miracle of marriage and healthy biological babies for me, your daughter. Father, I am almost 40. Have pity on me. Look to me with the same merciful eyes you looked at Sarah, Elizabeth, Hannah and dear grandma Saint Anne. How I long to be a mommy. But I need to be a Catholic wife first. Father you know I love Michael. Nothing would be more for me to move this mountain and create loving and healing communication between sweet Michael and I. I pray for reconciliation, marriage and lots and lots of Catholic babies, which I promise to encourage discernment of priesthood/religious life. NOTHING is impossible with you. I go before you with loving faith in your will, which is love and mercy in itself. I love you no matter what. Thank you for loving me back. I don't deserve you but so glad I have you.

Place to live and work

Please pray for my dear friend M., he has been out of work for too long. He finally has a job offer in another country but needs a reasonable place to live to be able to go there. Please pray for him to find a place to live and be able to get on his feet, as he is becoming desperate.

So many things

My son's conversion, emotional healing, that he will be drawn to God and back to confession. For him to be a priest, despite all his past, if it is God's will. Daughter-in-law, healing of scrupulous thoughts. And her to realize her calling to motherhood and being a good example of order and cleanliness to grandchildren. Conversions of daughter, brother and relatives. A friend whose husband degrades her, they will find healing in marriage...and their daughter. Our diocese will be given a Bishop that lives Holy Mother Church, and will be a great shepherd, lives Eucharist and Mary. Healing for our pastor. Grandchildren, protection from evil. A mother accused of trying to harm her daughter, that the outcome is positive. Perseverence to the end of life. All priests and bishops. All apostleships of prayer and good works. Our country.

Salvation for my family

Salvation for my dear parents, who have embraced a heretical position; salvation and perseverance for my siblings, M/M; A/A; J/A and their families. Defeat of the dangerous political and false religious ideology that seeks to continue its 1400-year worldwide conquest, and most especially against the lands of Christendom. Unity of all in the body of Christ, under the one, Catholic, apostolic faith, specifically, that evangelical churches will be convicted to enter into communion with the Catholic church en masse, as has already happened with some of the Anglican churches who have come into communion with Rome.

Please pray for Mary Clare

My sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and needs a mastectomy. Please pray for peace and her healing of the cancer in general. There is currently no cancer after the chemo, but the type of cancer makes the surgery the only way to guarantee it is unlikely to return. Thank you.


Lord, please send your love to my sons, may they know you, Jesus, and their lives be filled with your Holy Spirit.  Please, Jesus, send your blessings, graces, and mercy to my sons, raise them up, Lord, to be sons of whom God is proud. And Lord, may one of my sons follow you to his priesthood, if it is your will, and the other son follow you through marriage. Thank you, Lord, thank you for everything. My Savior the world, the whole world, we need you. Jesus, you take over, take over everything. Amen.

Please pray for B.

Please pray for B. Heal his heart mind body and soul. Guide him. Protect him from evil and harm. Protect him from all accidents injuries, illnesses and sin and sexual immorality. Guide him in his decisions regarding work and where to live. Bring him peace and joy and comfort. Bring him back to your church and make him a man of strong faith and love of Christ. In Jesus' holy name. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please pray for these intentions. Amen.

Personal Needs

Thanksgiving! Healing for Baby Sawyer Job for Michael All promised to pray for and/or ought to pray for especially children, brothers, sisters and families to grow in faith and love and baptism in the Holy Spirit End to abortion Holy Souls in Purgatory Our nation and the upcoming elections For all those I have hurt when I have made choices that were not in God's will

Job Offer, Good Health

I would ask that you stand in agreement in prayer with me and my family that I will get a job offer at some places that I have applied and interviewed for within the next few days. That God will bless me, my sons and my husband with good health, good grades, understanding being able to process what's being taught in school, a better marriage, closer walk with God, financial stability, wisdom and knowledge. That God will bless and remove any witchcraft that anybody has tried to place over me or my family, that it be reversed and cut off at the root in Jesus' name. That God will open up a door for me that no man can shut, that God will bless my youngest son with reading, handwriting and then he will bless my oldest son on the football field and with his grace that he will continue to make honor roll. That my husband be released from prison and the next few months that he should come home and be a faithful man of God, loving husband and a good father that he has always been to our children. That God bless my stepsons and cover them with his blood as their situation is not the best and may he bless my sister-in-law and cover her and her children as they live in a bad neighborhood. I just asked that God does find His grace and mercy on me and my life on my financial situation, my living situation and my car situation, that God just turn it all around. I am thankful for what He has given us and He knows what I need and I'm trusting you, God, that my children and I and my husband are covered with your blood that we share them with long healthy lives on Earth in our right mind. Strengthen my willpower to continue to do your will Lord that you will be pleased with me, in Jesus' name. I'm trusting, praying and believing that no weapon is formed against me nor my family so whatever possible.

Ex husband…

I ask that God heal my ex-husband from any demonic strongholds that's on him and that's causing his sickness. That God keep us all blessed and protected if it's in His will. That God bless my ex-husband that he would turn back to God and being the man that God has called him to be that he can be a great father to our son. That God would give him a change of heart and a change of mind to want to do the right thing. In Jesus' name, amen.

Answered Prayer

The New York Times reported on Thursday, October 13 21 Girls Kidnapped From Chibok School Released by Boko Haram, Nigeria Says LAGOS, Nigeria — Two and a half years after nearly 300 girls were kidnapped from a school in northeastern Nigeria, the government said on Thursday that 21 of them had been freed, the biggest breakthrough in an ordeal that has shocked the world and laid bare the deadly instability gripping large parts of the country. Boko Haram, the radical Islamist group that has killed thousands of civilians, overrun villages and terrorized the region, seized the girls from a school in the town of Chibok on April 14, 2014. For many around the globe, the mass abduction provided a stunning introduction to a militant group that had been waging war against Nigerians for years. The girls were released around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday, the government said. In addition to the 21 girls, a 20-month-old boy born to one of them in captivity was released, it said. At a news conference in the capital, Abuja, the girls sat in rows in a room packed with government ministers, officials and journalists. Wearing colorful dresses, the girls listened to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo speak from behind a table, flanked by his ministers. “We can imagine what they’ve gone through,” he said. “So much needs to be done to get them back to living a normal life after so much trauma in captivity.” Mr. Osinbajo described the girls as being in “reasonably good health considering the circumstances they’ve been held in.” He added that they would stay in a medical facility “for some time, until we’re reasonably satisfied of their health condition. “The release of the girls, in a limited number, is the outcome of negotiations between the administration and the Boko Haram, brokered by the International Red Cross and the Swiss government,” Garba Shehu, a spokesman for President Muhammadu Buhari, said in a series of messages posted on Twitter. “The negotiations will continue.”.

Pray for Biopsy Results

Dear Live the Fast Prayer Warriors, Please pray for a woman who recently discovered in an ultrasound a mass in her left breast. She will be getting a biopsy soon to determine if it's cancerous or not. Please pray that the results are negative. She is a wife of 11 years and mother to 5 children. Thank you.

Prayer for Job Offer

God, thank you for the interview at my dream company on October 3. God have mercy on me, and grant me my wish to intern here starting in October 2016 and hear back about receiving a job offer. God, I ask you for your mercy and blessing over my life and that you give me this financial breakthrough and grant me this prayer. In the name of Jesus, I pray, AMEN.


For my family to return to the Catholic Church and its teachings. They are so far away.

prayers for family

Please pray for my family, our community, our Country. I'm a husband and father of 4 and out of work at age 59 with little saved. Please pray our Lord helps me with my fears and anger that are paralyzing me.  I am very worried for my family. Jesus, I need to get out of this state of mind. I know we are very blessed. Please help me to move forward and not focus on the confusion and mayhem in this world.

Prayer for my daughter

My daughter has had issues throughout her young life. She is 11 years old and troubled with obsessive compulsive disorder, she also suffers from depression and has sensory issues. Often times she asks if we (she) is/are safe. I pray for her daily and have even had her attend a healing mass. I continue to ask God to bless and watch over her in Jesus' name and ask for the LTF community for their prayers for my daughter as well. Thank you.

Prayer for Stephen

Could you please pray for Stephen for his good health and well being and also for his family? Thank you and God bless you.

Healing and restoration

Pray for healing and restoring of my life -I recently started going to the gym and prayers that I would be able to exercise well and lose weight and I also pray that God's healing would flow through my spirit and revive me so that I can feel his presence and help me with my job and that I would prosper in it. Help me overcome fatigue and restore my creativity and that Jesus would walk into my woundness and brokeness and bring about a reconnection to him and a deep healing and hope for me.

Mother with CKD

Please pray for my Mon's health, she is currently suffering from chronic kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and depression. Thank you God for all the blessings you give us.

Children to return to the faith

Please pray that my children will return to faith and that my grandchildren will grow up close to God. Thank you.

Prayer request

Please pray for: G: emotional,physical,financial, marital healing . P and his family as he battles alcohol and other forms of addiction. emotional,physical,financial,marital healing and conversion. G  family business,fruitfulness and prosperity for many generations. J A, miraculous cure from brain tumors. Myself,A,physical healing from sinus problems,emotional,financial,marital healing. J, emotional, physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. R, emotional,physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. J,emotional,physical,financial,marital healing and conversion. D and family,emotional, physical, financial,marital healing and conversion. S  and family, emotional, physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. J and family, emotional, physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. M, conversion and protection  . G and S, marriage convalidation and health and safety of family. M family, emotional, physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. K , break the bonds with new age practices and use her gifts in a completely Catholic way. D , emotional, physical, financial, marital healing and conversion. A, R, S, P  


Please pray for J, M and D who have gotten involved in gaming and no longer go to church.

Prayer for employment

Please pray for employment for my husband and son. Thank you.

Please pray for this couple

I ask for healing prayers for a very troubled marriage and their children. That they would both seek out rehab and counseling for the sake of the children. That the depression and alcoholism would be lifted from them.

Good Job

Please pray that my brother gets his job back or a new job. Thank you, Blessed Mother Mary.

Please pray for Fr. L

Please pray for Fr. L who is suffering. Thank you.

Heroine addiction

Please pray for my brother and sister-in-law who are married and both addicted to heroine. Pray for them that they will turn to God for the strength they need to endure detox and recovery. Please also pray for their two children who are suffering greatly because of the situation.

Please Pray for My Music Ministry Job Application

I am about to be auditioned and interviewed for music ministry at a Catholic church. I have wanted to do this kind of work for many years and now is my first official potential opportunity. I pray for discernment, wisdom, and all the graces needed for God's will to be done. He knows better than me if this position is right for me. Please pray over my job application. I would love to be of service as I can be to the Church. Thank you so much in advance!

Praying for Husband to Find Full-Time Job Soon

My husband has had trouble for nearly a decade obtaining full-time work. Not only this, but he has a serious chronic health problem that requires expensive treatment. Please pray for his complete healing and wholeness and for God to help him find a good, lasting full-time job as soon as possible in order to meet his mounting obligations and debts. Thank you in advance for your gracious prayers and God bless you!

Prayer to Conceive a First Child

Please have my husband and I in your prayers for good health and fertility. We have been trying to conceive for a long while and it has been hard for us. We would love to naturally conceive a healthy, first child to raise up for God's greater glory. Thank you for your prayers!

A new job

Please pray and fast for my son- in-law Grant. Has an opportunity for a new job. He doesn't have much experience in the field of request, but they like him and are interested in Grant. He is a holy young man. Please, Holy Father, let's give Grant a chance. Come Holy Spirit allow Grant this chance.


Please pray for my son Charlie for direction, and for the $$ for Catholic school.

prayers needed

I am asking for prayers for a personal intention of mine. Thank you and God bless.

Fatal disease ALS

Please help my husband, Oh Lord. He is suffering with ALS. He has lost 40 percent of his body weight thru muscle loss and swallowing issues. He is 66 yrs old and we have a son with schizophrenia, another son with a wonderful wife and they have given us 3 very special grandchildren. They know their Papa is ill, but don't know the fatality of his illness. I Brought my husband to a healing mass with Father Ubald from Rwanda three nights ago. Father Ubald mentioned ALS victims during his messages from Jesus. I feel my husband may be cured, but I see nothing yet that would confirm that feeling I had during the healing mass. I ask, in the name of Jesus Christ, that my husband will be healed. I am watching my beloved die a little every day, and my heart is shattered. Please, St. Padre Pio, my Saint who helped us with our son with schizophrenia many years ago, help us again to be strong and faithful to our dear Lord Jesus Christ, in hopes of a miracle from Heaven. I invite all to pray for our family, and thank you from the depths of my heart.

for my oldest daughter

Our 16 yr old daughter gave up her virginity. She is struggling with her self-confidence, body image and understanding that she is precious. Please pray for her to have an encounter with our Lord Jesus Christ who can and will transform her image of herself and reclaim her from the lies of the enemy. Thank you.


Please pray that I get a formal, written job offer for one of the job interview processes. I lost my job, went back to school and the search after graduation has been quite the challenge. Pray that the good leads I have materialize so I can put this behind me and move forward with my life.

Please pray

Please pray for D, who is having a lung removed tomorrow. Please pray for B, who had eye and head injury. Please pray for I, who had major heart attack. Please pray for healing of B, who had head injury. Please pray for M, who is having cataract surgery. Her level of Platelet are decreasing. She will need a biopsy of her bone marrow.

Safe travels

Safe travels for all who are traveling this holiday weekend, especially for my son traveling back from China. Thank you and God Bless!

School applications

Lord and Blessed Mother, please strengthen our Faith & Hope as we persevere in our childrens' school applications. Help us to fast, pray and repent this month so that we can unite ourselves with your own sufferings, so that we can be made worthy to be called your children as we beg you to have mercy on our petitions. At the end of the day, help us to accept and understand your will.

Prayers for son

Please pray for my son who is divorced. It is an amicable divorce (thank you, God), but I wish they both would return to the sacraments (Confession and Mass). Our son is now dating another woman, very nice, but not Catholic and I pray for their chastity. And if it is God's will, the first marriage be annulled.

For the repose of the soul of Rich Bowers

Our immediate Past Grand Knight Rich Bowers passed away suddenly last night at the very young age of 47. May the peace that surpasses all understanding be with his wife Cherise and his children Maddie and Alex. Our prayers be also with our parish community as we grieve the loss of this vibrant member of our faith family.


Please pray for my friend who is involved with a woman who does witchcraft in order to keep him with her. He is trying to escape from this very bad situation but the woman continues to pursue and threaten him. Please pray for him that he will have the grace of God to break this bondage.

Softening of the heart

Please pray for my wife and I that we may have a softening of hearts toward each other and be able to find the peace and love that brought us together.

Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers. My recent CT shows STABLE .. no change.. I will continue medication for another 3 months. God is good..thanks, God bless!


Please pray that I might be steadfast in completing a 54 day rosary novena for some pressing intentions. Please pray for a love of the Holy Rosary in this rosary month of October.

Please pray for Joe

My Son-in-law, Joe, has just lost his job, again. He is very discouraged. He was a district manager in the food industry, however, the two companies set him up for failure both times. He is stressed out and recently broke the glass sliding door when he allowed himself to lose his temper over one of the antics of his young son. While the door has since been fixed today, he will soon be unable to support his family of four. Please pray that God's will be done for Joe. That he may find another job, learn to deal with self-control issues, and return to regular church attendance with his wife and two children. May God bless each of you who offer prayers for Joe. Thank you!

My family’s resilience in faith

Please pray that the world doesn't take back the ground I've gained on my faith journey, and that my children will have a mighty conversion of heart to live a radical life in Jesus.

Pray for my neighbor Dan

Please pray for Dan. The new technology pacemaker that was planted in his heart muscle is not functioning properly. Without it, his heart cannot pump efficiently which is affecting his kidney function and he fills up with fluid. He also has a rare kidney disease. He may need to go on dialysis but can't without the heart working properly.

Please pray for my son and future daughter-in-law

Please pray and fast for my son and future daughter-in-law as they prepare for their wedding in a few weeks. Thank you!

My big family

No one in my immediate family attends church. That's a lot of people to pray for. Please help me to help them. Please pray for me too, for I am anxious. I am diabetic so how does one fast properly? Thank you very much for listening. GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU...


Please pray for my uncle who is in ICU. He has been in a medically-induced coma for a few weeks, after a surgery to remove his cancer resulted in an infection. Thank you.

The “little” Brown Scapular Apostolate

Please pray for all the intentions of my "little" Brown Scapular Apostolate. That the devotion of the Brown Scapular is brought back into the churches and for my newly-published children's coloring book, called The "little" Brown Scapular Coloring Book, the Story, Miracles, and the Rosary Prayer will assist in doing that. May God reward you.

Good health

Can you please pray for Stephen for his good health and well being and also for his family. Thank you and God bless you.

Please pray for my friend’s mother

Please pray and fast for my friend's mother, who is critically ill and on a ventilator.  Thanks!

restore friendship/stop smoking

Please restore a friendship of over 40 years, I don't know what I did to offend my friend, and please help me to stop smoking, thank you.

Repose of the soul

Please pray for the Sloss family who will bury a 24-yr-old daughter after a terrible accident.

Please pray for Oscar

Please pray for Oscar. He is having his second back surgery this Friday, September 23.

Please pray

I am asking the intercession of our grandmother St Anne to give 20-year-old Redempta a new brain so she can speak.

Help Me To Be An Example

Help me to be an example thru actions. I'm fearful. Pray that I can fast successfully for the love of Jesus. Help me not to give up or give in. Thank you. I believe, I trust, I love you, Jesus.

Health for our family

Pray that I will get a doctor's appointment soon. I have black streaks on my thumbs which could be subungal melanoma (cancer that is rare). Pray that it is not cancer. I also keep hearing my heartbeat in my left ear that this be healed. My husband and I have a seven-year-old son; we are older parents. Pray for whatever these ailments to be diagnosed correctly and to be healed. Pray also for my husband who has type one diabetes -- he has new insulin prescription that is causing spike in his blood sugar levels. Pray that his diabetes provider can get the equipment my husband needs to monitor this issue. Pray for our son who has allergies, enlarged tonsils and eczema. In your name, Lord Jesus. Amen

Broken marriage and problems related to it

Please pray for my son who has divorced and he and ex-wife are fighting and not considering their children. Please pray for peace and freedom from obsession. Thank you.

Addiction to heroin

Please pray for my bother and his wife who are both addicted to heroin. Please also pray for their two children who are suffering greatly as a result these addictions. May God give all of them the strength and perseverance that need.

Lost daughter

Please pray for the complete healing of our 21 year old daughter - mental , emotional, physical and most importantly, spiritual. To be delivered from the sin of lust, from loneliness, from attraction to pornography/the occult, depression, overeating, from anxiety. Make her whole. Remove the scales from her eyes. Help her to speak out against these traps the devil set in front of her. Help her to be a holy, chaste woman again.

son in bondage

All praise be to God for setting our son free! I also thank all peoples who say yes to fasting and prayer and participate in this ministry! Our son is free and home safe. Everyday you can see the Holy Spirit working in him to become a new creation. We are excited to see the path and vocation the Good Lord has in store. Staying prayerful and taking up others prayers in thanksgiving! God is good, All the time!

Young woman in despair

Please pray for a young woman who has something similar to Asperger's that makes it so that she does not have conversation skills. She is in college now, living in depression and isolation due to her inability to connect with others and form friendships. This has caused severe mental illness and her falling away from God. Please pray for her healing in mind, body, soul and for friendships.

Deliverance from Sinful Relationship

The person that I love most in the world has chosen to enter a sinful relationship. Please pray with me that he will be delivered and permanently converted. And that God place his hand over him so that the worst is prevented.

School for my daughter

Please pray that my daughter gets accepted to the medical study program she is applying for and for our son who is a priest. For our marriages to be strong in love, respect and kindness all over the world. For healthy weight loss program success for C.

Please pray for me

Please pray for me to start fasting successfully. I haven't been able to do the fasts due to my inability or reluctance or laziness. I'm not sure what the problem is but I need a lot of prayers in order to fast along with prayer for the conversion of my children and their return to the Catholic church.

Marriage crisis

Please pray for our marriage! We have became strangers. We have lost intimacy and passion for one another. Please pray that God  will renew and rekindle our marriage. My husband wanted to give up today. Our hearts are breaking. God, please help. Thank you.

For my friend in trouble

Please pray for my friend M. who is on the point of making a terrible and catastrophic choice for his life which will ruin him spiritually. He has lost hope and trust in God and feels he has no hope or options. Please pray for him that God will rescue him before his choices become reality and will open his heart to the truth about what he is doing.

Health recovery

For my family, for my physical and financial recovery, for Laura, Alexis Ellen and Jennifer's health recovery.

Please pray for my husband

Please keep my husband Danny in your prayers. He is in the intensive care unit in the hospital. They found a cyst on his brain & he needs surgery to remove it. It is fairly large & in a dangerous location. His surgery is scheduled for tomorrow, Wed. Sept 14 at 11:00 am so please keep him in prayer at that time & ask anyone else you know to pray.


My fiancé and I have been deeply in love for three years but separated because we cannot work out a visa situation to be together. We are suffering unbelievably from this, as we want to be together and feel that life is passing with no future. Please pray that God will open a door for us to get married.

Please pray for my husband’s cousin

Please pray for my husband's cousin who is only in her 20's and has cancer. Please pray for healing, if that is God's will. Send graces to her and to her entire family. Amen.

For safety in battle

For my son Stephen, an Army helicopter pilot deployed to Afghanistan. That he may serve bravely and be returned safely to our family and his fiancé.

For a Special Intention

We are trying to get Bishop P into our diocese. Please pray for this to happen. Thanks so much!

Pray for D

Please pray that D be healed from her stomatitis (dental disease).

fasting prayer

Please pray to take away the hurt and anger in my family and in my heart, and to convert, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Strength to Fast with Love and Conviction

I just recently learned about fasting on Wednesdays and Fridays. And as I am starting out, I am struggling to complete my fasting and to do it with a glad heart and love of the Lord. Please pray for me to have the strength to begin to fast humbly and without discouragement and to put my love of God before my temptations. Thank you so much.

Healing from cancer

Please pray that my daughter is cured from cancer. She has leukemia and had a bone marrow transplant 50 days ago. Pray that the cancer goes away and that her body accepts the donor marrow. Thank you and God bless.

For healing of atrial fibrillation.

I need to discern to accept a 7.5 hour procedure called AF ablation. I am terrified for there is no guarantee it will be 100 per cent to be successful. Please pray for me.

Answered prayer from November 2015

My daughter and son-in-law have a beautiful baby boy, Noah, after waiting eight years they were blessed with this beautiful baby who will be baptized this Sunday. Thanks be to Mother Mary for this most joyous blessing and to the Live the Fast prayer community for all their prayers!


Please pray for my sons, that they may open their hearts to the love of Jesus and walk the narrow path that God has planned for them. Amen

Please pray

For the grace to fast and pray, to keep silent and to do this all for Jesus through Mary. Thank you.


For spiritual, physical and mental healing for my son-in-law.


For the grace to find a spouse, or whatever other vocation God has in mind for me.


Please pray that I may get employment, amen. I have been jobless for the last three years.

Healing and restoration

Ever since March 6 of last year I have been struggling with fatigue and continuous tiredness. I have called it "the lay down" disorder. Please pray that I would be healed from it and all dysfunction that started on March 6, and that wholeness would be brought into my life and every vestige of this problem would be removed and I would be healed mentally/spiritually and be restored to wholeness physically and mentally and be able to ride my bike, exercise, and also have restored creativity. Please put this on your long-term list. Thank you.

Work, Bad Habits, Priests in Need

I have three main intentions: a job where I can best use my gifts and talents, the grace to overcome bad habits, and for a priest and his parents who are in need.

Conception after miscarriage

Please pray for my God daughter Heather to be able to conceive again after having a miscarriage 2 years ago! Thank you and God Bless!!!

Employment children peace

Please pray for ability to have children, a job for him to thrive, peace and holiness... And peace, healing and resolution in tough employment and education situations.

Prayers for John’s Intentions

For the diagnosis, treatment and healing of my chest pain. For trust in God and His mercy. For healing from depression and anxiety. To truly know the Lord and love Him. For a better prayer life. For Jessica to get medical help for her knees. For her to get a driver's license and find a job or go to some type of college. For healing of anxiety. For Aileen to get a job in her field and to get a driver's license. For healing from depression. For Tiffany to get a job in her field. For relief from back pain. For reconciliation with her mom. For Christine to successfully complete her last year of college. For healing from anxiety. For my daughters to come back to God, the Church and the Sacraments. For my mom - strength, hope and healing for her various medical problems: eyesight, diabetes, knees and feet, incontinence. For the finances to meet her daily living expenses. For my brother and sister to come back to God, the Church and the Sacraments. For the conversion of my brother-in-law. For healing of all their various ailments. For Zachary to be raised in the knowledge of God and the Catholic faith. For Chris, half-brother of my daughters, to come back to God, the Church and the Sacraments. For courage, hope, healing and protection for all the persecuted Christians of the world. For the protection, freedom and healing of all the victims of human trafficking. For the relief of the Holy Souls in Purgatory. For the protection of all the military servicemen and policemen. For the return to God and His laws for the United States.

For Family Reconciliation

Asking the Lord for emotional and spiritual healing for a family that will bring about reconciliation and a closeness with Him, through Our Lady. Thank you.

Prayer warriors

Please pray for intentions of the prayer warrior group to include those deep in our hearts and our growth in holiness.


Immaculate Heart of Mary, send me peace after being in poverty for 20 years.

Missing my children

I'm missing my children. Please pray I'm married really soon.


Please pray for my 45 yr.old neighbor who has a returning cancerous brain tumor. We pray that she is able to fight this again! Please pray for healing for her, and for her children and family to get through this difficult time.

Family needs help

I am requesting prayers from the community for my daughter and grandson. The child is only 11 and needs help badly. Both desperately need prayers to bring them back into the grace of the Holy Spirit. They are desperate and far from God. Please I beg for prayers to help them and save them.

Please pray

For my dad, brother and sister to return to the Catholic Church and the sacraments.

travel safely

Please pray for safe travels to Lourdes and back; also keep the sanctuary safe thank you.


Pray for a priest who is being persecuted at this time. Pray that through the intercession of Mother Mary, and her Son Jesus, Almighty God will stop this evil that is coming against him.

Hardened Family

Please pray for my wife and I. I need patience in the Lord, and with my same sex attracted spouse. It has been almost five years since she told me she didn't want to honor our marriage. My resolve is breaking under the constant pressure of keeping our family of four together. Pray that my wife will find consolation in the Trinity. Please also pray that the Lord fills me ever more with His strength.

Grace to Fast

Please pray that Our Lady gives me the grace to fast. I want to fast for my son who has left the Church. For my husband to have a relationship with Jesus as he gets older. Time is short. Thank you and may God bless you.

Financial Burdens

Please pray and fast so that God will provide extra income per month for us so that we can reduce and pay down our already overwhelming debt. Provide financially for our adult children and for us. Help us to be better stewards of our money. Provide financially for our small company. In Jesus' and Mary's name, Amen.

Pay off debt

Dear Lord Jesus please have pity on our finances. Help us pay off credit card debt.

Love salvation vocations

Pray for my the salvation of my whole family including my in-laws. Love and fidelity in my marriage and family. That I'll become a nurse and use this gift to glorify God and for my daughter's dad and brother to be free from all strongholds of the enemy and depression.

Lily Catherine

Praying through the intercession of Fr. Joseph Musquiz that Lily have restored brain activity and health.

Answered prayer and pray for new supervisors

In thanksgiving for answered prayer. Our abusive/bully of a supervisor was released of her duties and is no longer working with us. Please pray for our new supervisors to have the grace to lead our department. Amen Original prayer request: Bullying from my supervisor by MaryOfNazareth on 13th June 2016 in Please pray for me and my co-workers. Our supervisor is a bully. She makes us feel bad when errors are made, she micro-manages all our work, break, lunch time and sets policies (cell phone use) that are not in alignment with Archdiocese. Our work environment is oppressive. Please bring us peace to our day at work. Amen.

Please pray for our son to find a place to live

Our son is attending college in a large city far away from us. He has not found an affordable place to live near the campus and he starts classes in less than two weeks. Please pray that he can find an affordable place to live in a healthy and moral environment. Thank you.

Pray for my husband

My husband is a non practicing Catholic. We need prayers for him to return to the Church. He is a good man who has lost his way. He started attending Sunday Mass since our only child passed away last year. Thank you for your prayers.

Conversion and good employment

Please pray for familial healing, conversion and gainful employment for our son. Thank you.

Led by and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit

Please pray that Isaac, who is in college, would hear the voice of the good shepherd and obey.

Prayers for my boss

Please pray for my boss to be healed of whatever worry or affliction is making my boss so angry and difficult to talk with and approach for help. Please pray for peace and fairness in my workplace and between co-workers.

Spiritual Warfare in a Relationship

Prayers requested for a relationship so clearly guided by God in the start, now struggling with serious spiritual warfare. A relationship with so much potential not only to serve the least of God's kingdom but also be an incredible beacon of the power of trusting your life to God's will with recklessness, and trusting God to overcome and redeem your past. Specific prayers for increased communication between M and G, that G might remember the joys and laughter of better time, and trust to share his struggle, and that M might receive that with grace and humilty. Prayers for increased guidance from the Holy Spirit during this trial.


I begin this Friday (for the first time to fast) not knowing what to expect - Will I be successful but with prayer throughout the day I will do my best. The fast day is for Peace in the World and in my family. Thank you all for your help and the courage to begin.

My son

Pray for my son (7 years old), who doesn't listen and follow directions, takes his sweet time to do things. Pray for his allergies, large tonsils, and eczema. Thank you Lord for this loving, easy going, funny child you have blessed us with. Amen.

Healing, return to the church, restoration of relationship

That my children and family members return to the church. That my son be delivered from drugs, that he be healed spiritually, emotionally and physically. That P may have a spiritual conversion and that our relationship be restored.

Please pray to persevere in Fasting

Please I ask you for your prayers during Fasting days. I never seem to succeed to fast the entire day, but I have noticed that fasting has helped me in controlling intruding thoughts and the passions of the heart. I also ask you to pray for my entire family, for conversion of heart. Many thanks and Blessing.

Prayers for South Louisiana

Please pray for hope and restoration for all the people of South Louisiana who have lost everything in these devastating and unprecedented floods.


For the conversion of my brother, his wife and their son B.


Pray for the B and A families to return to the Catholic Church and to go to confession so they can receive all sacraments.

Please pray

Would you please pray for my dad? He has lung cancer and duodenal cancer. I am offering up my fast days for his healing and that he doesn't get really sick from the chemotherapy. I also pray for mental strength for him and my family as we help him through this. Thank you so much! God Bless!


For my aunt, who is ill and in the hospital. For my brother, for my friend, that she recover from vertigo and is able to go to Rome with her son's family in September. For a special intention.

For my children ‘s conversion

I pray and fast and request your support for the conversion of my two boys to return to the Catholic religion. I also pray for my 3 grandchildren to be baptized. Thank you for your prayers.

Please pray

Please pray that I would make the 9th grade homecoming court at school. I have never gotten it before and it would be a blessing.

Very Urgent Prayer Request

Please pray me for me and my entire family.  Thank you.

new position

Please pray that my son gets the position he has put in for at his work...it will be better for him so he can be home more with his three little girls (no more Sunday workdays)..we pray in Jesus' name...thank you all.

My thyroid

I recently had an ultrasound that showed several thyroid nodules. I've been referred to a specialist. He's a very good doctor but the appointment is not till November 3. Please pray that If it be God's will the nodules will be treated successfully.

Prayer for complete healing & deliverance for my son and family

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ, My son is 14 and half years of age is having mental, behavioural and learning disabilities. He is very hyperactive and with little attention span. He is very disturbed and very timid; scared of almost all things – fire, crackers, animals, thunder, darkness etc. He feels insecure and lack of confidence and keeps on talking or murmuring insignificant things. At times He gets agitated and wild with rage for noting. He is not getting good sleep also. Now a days he has developed some aggressive nature also. At times he cries and screams aloud inconsolably or laugh uncontrollably for hours together without any reason or provocation; biting his palm of hands, rolling on ground, head banging and hitting and kicking the people around him. He is on drugs and has not much effect. Additionally, he is now started with homeo medicines also. Please pray for complete healing for my son, so that he will become a witness to God's glory in front of the people who mock and ridicule prayers. Pray that he may be filled with Holy Spirit that he may be transformed to a new creation breaking all bondage in Jesus name. Amen. Also please pray that my wife (a breast cancer survivor after removing her right breast) and son could join me and that we may stay together near my work place. Also please pray that my wife may get a job near the place to mutually support and keep our son together. Praise Lord Jesus Christ for the sufferings and grace of Hope and Trust in You. Amen. I have helped my friend in business by funding money. I have even taken loan also for him. Because of bad business, he has now closed the business activities. I am finding very difficult of pay off the loan and the connected debts. Even my salary is insufficient to pay off the loan installments and money borrowed from others. I am now borrowing heavily for rolling on. He is trying to sort out the things by arranging funds from elsewhere which is not definite or sure. Please pray that I may receive the money back in full within shortest time. Please pray for my situations and my family. Praise the Lord. Thanking and praising God.

Pray for Son

Please pray for my 26 year old son, who has an enlarged prostate. Doctors are not sure why and he'll need to be tested. Please pray that it's not serious and can be easily treated.

Healing for Baby Sawyer

Baby suffers from neurological problems that prevent her from talking and other issues. Please pray for healing for baby and peace for parents, especially the mother.

Prayer for my son

Pray for my son to have courage, faith, confidence and patience as he finishes his program. That upon completion he receives many job offers.

Stop an abortion

Please pray for a woman who has scheduled her 4th abortion for today.

To find God’s will

Need prayers. I feel lost and incomplete. Im doing something wrong. I live a clean life, have amazing kids and I'm surrounded by love. I participate in church activities, but I'm single. I feel lonely. I feel as if I need a partner. I know it's not so. Please pray that I get rid of my insecurities and follow God's plan no matter what.

Pray for my children

Please pray for my grandson and daughter, both of whom are far away from Jesus and His mother. Pray that she will have a conversion and lead her son to him. Pray for my grandson as he is entering junior high in the sixth grade and needs support and encouragement to do the right things and seek the right friends.

Parents’ acceptance of priesthood vocation

I'm a convert from a fundamentalist Protestant group. I'm in my early 20's and although my parents have come to grips with me being Catholic, I'm guessing they won't respond well to the news that I'm going to seminary next year. Please pray for them that they may accept this and that it may, perhaps, lead to their conversion. Please also pray that I may have the strength to endure what is to come. In Christ's love, I thank you.

For my son-in-law

That my son-in-law may be healed spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally. For my daughter, his wife, that she may be given the Grace to persevere in faith as a wife and mother.

For Bob

Please pray for Bob, for his health, his healing and his holiness. As well, please pray for his wife and children.

For Buddy

For Buddy.


I just find out that my wife is pregnant. Please pray that God's will is done in this pregnancy, and that we may rise to be great Catholic parents.

God’s Will for my home

Thank you for your fasting and praying for God's Will and Grace be done in the selling of my home. It has been on the market for four months. Many lookers. To sell...or not? To me, it is a financial difficulty. I would like to downsize...is it His Will?? God's blessings upon you all. My prayers are with you.

Loss of job

Was just terminated from my job of 18 years. Please pray that I may understand what the good Lord has in His will for me.

For healing

For my husband's spiritual healing and physical healing from MS and gout.

A Full-Time Job

I am hoping and praying for a full-time job where I can best use my time and talents. I was laid off nearly three years ago, went back to school and have been searching for the last 13 months even while at school. I need to start paying off loans. The idle time is not helpful for me in conquering bad habits. So a job would be a double whammy for two very necessary intentions. God, please help me!!

My son’s healing

I pray for complete healing for my son who has neurological complications following a liver transplant! Please heal my son so he can regain his life back! God bless everyone!

My father

We pray for complete healing for our father following his open heart surgery! Please heal him from complications and make him well and healthy again! God bless everyone!

Financial crisis

Respected Father I am from Kerala, India. We have 4 children, youngest one a Seminarian,now Sub-Deacon. We has worked as a Pro Lifer since 1997. Now we face a very huge financial crisis. All human sources are closed. So please pray for us. It affects our Prolife ministry also. Please put our intentions at Our Lady's feet at Medjugorje. Thank you very much.  

Healing for my son

My son suffered a traumatic brain injury. Please pray that his soul is renewed and restored by this earthly experience. And pray that his physical health experience a full recovery to his wonderful self. In His Holy will. Thank you.

For my sons

Praise be to God Almighty, to Jesus Christ my Redeemer, to the Holy Spirit and to Mother Mary. Father Lord, may you deliver, free and save my elder son from evil spirit and demons. Restore my son's spirituality. Inspire him and his two siblings to do well and succeed in school. Mother Mary, pray for my family to win the battle against evil spirit and witchcraft. Holy Spirit, be with my family always and guide us to live in accordance with God`s will. BLOOD of JESUS, protect and save my family forever. Thank you, Holy Trinity. Amen.


Help me, Lord, to be a better steward with my money. Thank you.

Passing a work-related exam

Please pray for my son to pass an exam in October. This coming October will be the 4th time of taking the exam, which is needed for work. He has always studied hard, but due to its difficulty, he hasn't been able to pass. I pray that this 4th time of taking it, he'll be able to pass & then move on to the other exams that he needs to take & pass for his job as an actuary.

Holy Souls in Purgatory

Please remember in your prayers and fasting the Holy Souls while they are being cleansed in Purgatory, may they soon enjoy beatific vision of Our Loving God and intercede for us all. Remember the words of St Charles Borromeo:  "Reflect on what you do when you aid to release one of the prisoners of love. You free a soul from dire woe, from inexpressible suffering, you add a citizen to Heaven, you give joy to the angels and saints, you comfort and delight Jesus and His Blessed Mother." Thank you.

For my children

For my children, for their return to the church, for a conversion of hearts. For their safety this summer in all their travels, especially my son who is traveling to China for work at the end of this week. For their health...in mind, body and spirit. Thank you and God bless!

For my sister

Please pray for my sister Karen. She is chronically ill and she had to go on medical disability. May the Lord bless her health and help her find some answers and also find the best medical professionals. And may there be peace and unity in her home.

Prayers for My Husband and Our Marriage

My husband and I have been married four and a half years. I truly believed and believe this marriage was God's will. We separated 7 weeks ago after increasing paranoid delusions and a psychotic break on his part. I am fairly confident he has schizophrenia. His delusions include mimd control, weather control, special abilities given by god, and thinking I am lying to him that we knew each other 10 years ago and he trained me in using radio equipment for a law enforcement agency. He is a veteran with PTSD and substance abuse issues. He is living with his mother and is continuing to be delusions and I believe his substance abuse. He believes he has had a religious conversion in which God told him to leave me and be with other women. My prayer is: that God will create a situation in which my husband can be hospitalized, diagnosed, and will agree to treatment and that if it is God's will, that the delusions and psychosis will cease and my husband will be able to come home again. I believe God can heal him because he healed the man of demons and the man in the temple, as well as the woman with bleeding problems who just touched cloak.

Grad Assistant position prayers needed

That my daughter is offered a GA position at Defiance college.

Miracle Needed for Co-Worker

Please pray for a co-worker who has an issue with the inner ear canal that specialists have tried everything but say they cannot cure. He can no longer drive, perform his job, and has difficulty walking due to severe vertigo.

Parish Renewal

Please pray that my parish, St. Richard Catholic Church, enthusiastically decides to begin offering the Christ Life program. Also that our five children would experience a life-saving conversion to Jesus and return to the Church.

Obtain my daughter’s birth certificate

Please pray that we are granted Lili's birth certificate so she can start school in the fall. I had an unattended home birth and now we need her birth certificate from the probate court. Thank you!!!!

For employment

My husband and I were both laid off at the same time last year. We are seeking employment, but the economy is so depressed in South Louisiana, that we are having a hard time. I pray that one of us finds full-time employment soon. This experience has brought us together spiritually and allowed us time to attend weekday Mass and do work for our church. We are grateful for this time, but we do need means to sustain us ahead. May we follow our Lord's plan for us, whatever that may be.

Healing from Betrayal

I was very deeply betrayed by someone close to me. He takes no responsibility for all the harm and suffering he has caused me. I ask you to please pray for me to be healed in my heart and memories, and I ask for the conversion and salvation of the one who harmed me so deeply.


Please pray for my son Andrew who has struggled with addiction, anxiety, depression, guilt etc for 20 years. I pray for a healing of body mind and spirit and an outpouring or God's Grace, Mercy, Healing, Guidance. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

Deliverance from Sinful Relationship

Please pray for my dearest friend. In a vulnerable time in his life, he has chosen to enter a sinful relationship. He has ruined a good relationship in order to choose the sinful one. Please pray for him to be freed from spiritual bondage and to have a true conversion of heart and mind, and to have the wisdom to leave this relationship before its effects become too lasting in his soul.


To Jesus Through Mary, help me to surrender all, help me to be an example, take away pride, arrogance, jealousy. Give me humility. Help me to be an example of Jesus through my action. Help me to be closer to you, Jesus.


My friend desperately needs a job. She finally finished nursing school and is not finding work. Please pray for her.

Prayers for my grandmother’s soul

Our grandmother passed away on July 4th, 96 years old. Praying that she enter Heaven and for the family left on Earth. I will always love and miss her.

Releasing a Relationship

Please please please pray for me to be freed from a hard situation. I am in love with a man who may have moved on and left me for someone else without telling me. I do not know this for certain. Please pray for me that the truth will be revealed to me. Pray also that God will bring good out of this situation. That my faith and adherence to truth will become stronger in the future, that this leads me closer to God and to my true vocation, not away from it. I want to know God's truth. Pray that I will live in God's truth, and not in wishful thinking or delusions.

Pray for Anita, young mother with cancer

May I ask for your prayers for God's healing for Anita, a young mother in Minneapolis who has fast spreading cancer of her stomach and doesn't have long left to live; she has a husband and two young sons. If God wills it, for her to be healed.  Thank you and may God bless you.  

For baby Natalia

Please pray and fast for baby Natalia, who was born with multiple birth defects. From her father: "Please praise God for continuing to breathe life into Natalia's lungs, that she is able to smile and respond to our touch, that our nurses and medical staff are so knowledgeable and willing to collaborate with other institutions."

Prayer for a priest friend

For Fr. Rob, that God will heal him physically, mentally and spiritually during his leave of absence.

For my sister and family

For my sister and her family, for the healing of the devastating effects of her son's death.

Prayer for my marriage

We are going through a difficult time with our marriage. I pray for its renewal. For the conversion of the heart of my husband.

Please pray for my health

Please pray that God will heal me physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Also, that I get a great job. I ask this in the name of Jesus. Amen. Jesus, I trust in you. Thank you for praying for my intentions. God bless you.

Prayer for a woman who has made a pact with satan

Please pray for K, a wife and mother who believes she can love both Jesus and Satan at the same time. Pray that she will see that this is a lie planted in her mind by the evil one. Pray she renounces the lie, rejects Satan and his evil spirits, and can give her whole life to Jesus. Thank you.

A good job for my son

My 29-year-old son still has the same part-time job he had when he was 15. My dear husband has heavily subsidized our son in rent, food, car, etc. Our son wants a full-time job but has been unsuccessful time after time after time...years. He is discouraged, stressed and depressed. Please, please pray that he may find work to support himself. Thank you and God bless.  

A Job & Grace

For a suitable job that allows me to use my gifts and to pay the bills. For the grace to overcome habitual sins.

Conversion, healing of family

For our adult children, KSK and MJK, that they may develop a personal relationship with Christ and embrace their Catholic faith again. That MJK may be healed of her mental issues and that all of our family may be holy. I pray that we may be delivered/healed from whatever deters us from doing God's holy will. Thank you!

For a friend’s daughter

Can you please include a prayer intention for a friend's daughter. Her mother is seeking a diagnosis for her daughter who can no longer function in society. Her mother has taken her to 15+ doctors to find out what ails her daughter. Her daughter can be very demanding physically where her mother is not enough to take care of her. Please pray for the daughter's diagnosis: That God will brightly illuminate a path for a weary mother to take to a doctor who can help her daughter. Also strength, peace and courage to continue on what seems like a very difficult and strenuous path for this family. Thank you for your prayers.

For Matthew

Please pray for Matthew.
We have known that Matthew has had issues since he was little. We have heard everything from autistic to ADHD to sensory integration disorder and on. He is a very lovable little boy with a TON of energy. He currently is in special education class at school and he does very well. So well that they integrate him into the regular (general education) classroom. However, he has had episodes of behavior (it will change overnight) where he can't function in a regular or special education classroom. Something systemic is going on and triggers behavior which he has a very difficult time controlling. It looks like he is bursting to get out of his skin for lack of a better analogy. I like to tell people for Matthew it's like giving someone who doesn't have caffeine a huge cup of coffee and asking him to sit still. It's virtually impossible or at the very least extremely difficult for Matthew to function at times. To make my long story longer, Matthew had a different kind of episode last week where he couldn't bear weight on his legs. It started Sunday evening and was on and off for 5 days. Sometimes we had to carry him around the house because he couldn't even hobble on his legs. It was very frightening. I would ask for your prayers. I pray that God will illuminate the doctor or myself with answers to what condition plagues Matthew and allow us the best course of healing treatment within His Divine Will and along the way to offer up whatever we go through.

For These Intentions

I would ask for the Lord's mercy in illuminating, answering and healing what aliment(s) or disease plagues my son and to guide us to what is the best treatment within His divine Will and allow us to offer it up along the way. As well as three ill persons, may the Lord bring them peace, healing and comfort - Sister Mary-Ryan, Maureen, and Kristen. And the family whose 2 yr old boy died in Orlando, Florida.

financial relief

Please pray for my financial needs.

healing from habits of impurity

Please pray for me, I continually fall into a sin of impurity. I became very emotionally wounded because of a relationships with a dishonest man and since then I have struggled with emotional and spiritual problems. I really want to be free.

to use my gifts and talents

I have been feeling bad for a long time because I feel I do not have an opportunity to use my gifts and talents for God's glory. I need to make some decisions soon about looking for a professional job or doing some other thing with my life than what I am doing now. Please pray for me to know God's will for me.

For My Friend’s Husband

My friend's husband's cancer has returned with a vengeance. Please pray for him and for his family: for healing and for the grace to deal with God's will. Thank you.

God’s Will for My Life

Please pray for me that God shows me his will for my life. Although I have a successful career in the nursing field and I have been extremely blessed throughout my life, I feel very lost. I am not married nor do I have children. I truly feel God has a different plan for me,but I do not know what that is. I have been praying for the last 2.5 years that he reveal his plan to me, but all I feel is silence. I often question my self-worth and the meaning of my life. Thank you for your prayers!

Healing of Womb, Soul and Heart

For my precious daughter and her husband to conceive and carry a child to term. We just lost our precious granddaughter who was born at 21 weeks and now my daughter (a cancer survivor) has been told she may never conceive and be able to carry a child to term. Please bring them faith, hope, peace and healing. May Mother Mary and St Joseph ever be at their side to protect and assist them to become parents. May their precious daughter be a frequent intercessor for her loving and grieving parents. May their struggles bring them back to the church and devotion to Mary.

Hannah’s Heart and Soul

I have been praying (and am now starting to fast) for a softening of my daughter's heart toward our Lord, toward our family and to herself. May she turn to Jesus in order to find her way.

Restoration of our family business

Please pray for our family business to be restored financially to a profitable business again. So many employees depend on us for their livelihood. Please help us to find a way to successfully pay our debt. I have been asking and praying to hear God's will for us and I still do not have a clear sense of our future. I know he brought us here and I believe he wants us successful, but I feel I go repeatedly down dead end streets putting effort into the wrong direction. God has always guided and directed me in the past so I know he will help, but I am afraid I haven't heard his guidance this time or I have to hang on just a bit more.

For my son

My son is in financial crisis and I fear for his future. We pray, Jesus, I trust in you!

Babysitting for grandkids

I will be traveling to Texas to watch my grandchildren while my daughter and her husband go on a pilgrimage to Italy and Austria. Please pray that all goes well, and that grandma can keep up with the antics of an 8 year old and 5 year old. I will be far from home, not knowing anyone very well where they live (Houston area), and the highways are "crazy"! I live in a small rural town in Indiana! I have been asking Our Lady to help me, and with the prayers from "Live the Fast" community, I know all will be fine. God's blessings on this ministry and all involved with it. Thank you all.

My daughter and family members

Please pray for my oldest daughter and other family members that they will become devoted to the Church teachings and develop a deeper relationship with God. My daughter is questioning the faith and is very vulernable right now, and my sister has gone from being a devout Catholic to divorcing, living with her boyfriend, and plans to marry soon outside of the Church. Thank you!

Faith in God’s promise

I have been fasting and praying for the past 2 to 3 months for my daughter. She is 33 years old and has lost all her hair. It has been said to be a genetic autoimmune condition. My heart breaks for her. Last month I went to a healing mass. The priest had a gift of Prophecy. He called out many healings. The last one he called out was " someone is being healed of a condition concerning their hair, but they will not know it because this person is at home." My daughter was at home. I claimed that healing for my child and after the mass I went and spoke to the priest. He told me "your child is being healed. She must pray for those who have this condition and she must also be Anointed with holy oil." We have followed these instructions faithfully. We now await a manifestation of this healing. As I continue to fast and pray, please join me in my prayer that I will not lose faith as I cling to the Word God has spoken, and that this word will be made manifest through the re-growrh of my daughter's hair.

For my favorite cousin

Please pray for healing of my cousin Greg, whose life has been a struggle since he was a young boy. He found out two weeks ago that he has stage 4 lung cancer that has spread to his liver and brain. We pray for God's will along with His walking with Greg and his family during this trying time.

Our small Catholic company

Please pray for our small Catholic company. Please pray that our sales increase so that we can pay our bills. Thank you.

For Our Oldest Son

Please pray for our oldest son who has mental problems, but has also become a passionate atheist who criticizes our Catholic faith. Please pray for his healing, both spiritually and mentally.


Dear Lord Jesus, please grant us good health, my husband, son and myself. Mark has blood in his urine. Isaiah has allergies, large tonsils, and eczema. Please heal me of the cause of the tinnitus (ringing in my ears). Help me get more sleep. Amen.

Bullying from my supervisor

Please pray for me and my co-workers. Our supervisor is a bully. She makes us feel bad when errors are made, she micro-manages all our work, break, lunch time and sets policies (cell phone use) that are not in alignment with Archdiocese. Our work environment is oppressive. Please bring us peace to our day at work. Amen.

Hospitalized parent

Pray for Ms. S's mother who is hospitalized, for her recovery and blessings upon her and her family. Amen

Gastric cancer & oral cancer

Please pray for the husbands of two of my friends. First, my colleague's husband M was recently diagnosed with gastric cancer. He underwent surgery in May and was fortunate to keep 1/2 of his stomach. For the rest of the summer, he will have chemo & radiation. Please pray for M and his wife and their three children. Second, please pray for R who has oral cancer. His surgery will take place soon, and then he, too, will have chemo and radiation. Please pray for R, his wife and their son. In addition, please pray for my sister-in-law who was the victim of an attempted rape on overnight airline flight. She continues to struggle and is unable to work.

Assistance with Harassing Neighbor

Single neighbor sharing residential property line has been harassing my husband and I for the last 15 years. We have come to the conclusion that she is mentally ill. She gets pleasure from arguing with all neighbors. We are her favorite target because of her jealousy of us. We attempt to live a low-profile to stay away from her, but our property boundaries are 20 feet apart. She has constantly thrown rocks at our roof in an attempt to damage our roof tiles. We have received unsolicited mail, numerous hang-up phone calls. Every time we are in our backyard patio she is slamming her door, banging her garbage cans, slamming her garage entrance door. All, we believe, on purpose. If we have company over sitting on our patio, she has her lawn chair backed up against our privacy fence to listen to our conversations. This has been going on for 15 years. Her husband died 3 years ago and her harassment towards us has increased. Her 4 children seldom visit her because she is always in disagreements with them or their spouses. We are asking for Protection from her constant insults and Praying that she will down-size her home by moving. There is no Peace with living next door to her. She is not religious, was raised Jewish, but does not practice her religion. She dislikes Catholics and yet lives in a predominately Irish Catholic neighborhood. People that have had run-ins with her say she is crazy and unstable. She was violent with her husband; I did witness her slapping her husband in the face. I do not feel safe with her living next door and am always on guard on what she will do next to damage our property building or garden plants. I have been Praying for 15 years that she moves and leaves us alone.  Please pray for her, for us and for this situation.

Intercessory Prayers

Please pray for healing for my sister who is dying from cancer and her family. For my son to find a good job that can support his family. Conversion of heart & return to the faith for all my children and their spouses. For Tom who needs a job and healing from addiction and other medical issues. For Jack who suffers with crones disease and addiction. For Michelle who is taking the patent bar test and her law bar test. And that I may have the strength to fast and do God's will.

End of life pain

Please pray for Tom, who is nearing the end of a very long battle with non-hodgkins lymphoma. He does not have faith and has begun to lash out at friends, accusing them of abandoning him. For his peace, comfort and understanding that God is with him in his suffering and for his family.

For God’s Will

For Vicka, that our beautiful Blessed Mother keep her mantle around her and answer our Lord's will for her situation.

For Dominic

For Dominic, in this trying time that the Lord lift him up!

For Peggy

For Peggy, in Ireland,who has a brain tumor that the good Lord use all her previous sufferings for a magnificent healing!

Pray for Healing for my sister E

My sister is not feeling well for a week now. She suffered stomach pain & blood test showed some abnormalities. Her doctor said she might have hepatitis, anemia, and urine in her blood. She will undergo another intense examination on Tuesday. Please include her in your prayers. God bless and thank you!  

Private intentions

Please intercede for my intentions, especially to pass all workplace exams with flying colours and to seek the ultimate Catholic vocation best to save my soul along with those under my care. Also for those who need prayers, who are persecuted for their Christian faith, for the release of souls from Purgatory and for the intentions of Holy Mother the Church.  Thank you and God bless...

Prayer for a home

For a family home

For friend’s father

Please pray for a friend's father, who took a bad fall and is recovering.

Tumors and less than six months to live

Our dear brother-in-law has a slow growing tumor and a cancerous fast-growing tumor. We ask that these tumors leave him and his health return. He is a brand new grandfather, and we would hope that he could get to spend more time with his grandson. If it is our Lord's Will to take him, we pray for strength and guidance to help each other through this.

Please pray…

For a completion of my dental work and a plan for summer with my autistic kids.

Please pray

For my cousin and for a running buddy, for all Catholics to return home, for all seeking employment and other intentions carried in my heart.


Please pray for good health and financial blessings.  Pray for J for deliverance, healing, salvation, restoration, peace and love in his heart. Lift his name in prayer for anger, hatred, rage, bitterness and any evil within him. Pray for K to leave my home. I want her to leave my home and relationship in peace. Pray for J and J to be united in peace, love, romance, harmony and love at home. Thank you.  

For God’s Will

God's Will: Please pray for my education - to abandon to His Will for my undergraduate and graduate degree and the success to write a book and for His generous Provision for all financial needs!

Pray for my recovery and healing

I have surrendered myself to God. I have finally realized that his path and what he has in store for us in our lives is the only way we can lead a healthy life surrounded by the love he pours into our hearts, so we are able to share it with not just our family but with the rest of the world. I got very sick in July and I need all your prayers through Virgin Mary and our Lord Jesus Christ. I need to be here for our Lord so he can guide me and show the way in life....God bless you all for your prayers.

Need help paying for Catholic education

Next fall we will have 3 children in Catholic High School and 2 in Catholic Elementary School. The combined tuition for all 5 is well beyond what we can afford. We send our children to Catholic School for the continued Catholic formation and not as a public school alternative. Having a Catholic Education shouldn't break a family. We will be crushed if it ends up that we aren't able to send some or of them next year to Catholic School. Please pray that our financial aid process goes well and that we can afford Catholic Education for our children.

Healing and restoration

Pray that Christ would bring restoration and healing to me spiritually and mentally. Pray that I would be able to feel God's presence, get the new job, and be restored so that I may exercise and lose weight and that I would have wholeness and everything that hinders my creativity or blocks my spiritual connection would be removed. Thank you.


Please pray for Ashley and Eric.


Please pray for P.

Abusive supervisor

Please pray for me, my supervisor is verbally abusive. I feel so sad for leaving my job from a nonprofit (eight months) to go to work at a Catholic high school. I have made some mistakes in my learning new responsibilities. I left my job of ten years before these two jobs. I am under attack from the evil one at this job. I am stressed out, averaging 5 to 6 hours of sleep every night. I am struggling to have balance in my prayer life, exercise schedule, family life and work. Please pray that I find gainful employment with great people to work with, stabile work environment, a supervisor who will be a mentor and like Jesus, a commute that is close by, and accounting work that I am capable and confident in doing. My ears are ringing constantly from this stressful work environment. For God's great mercy upon my husband, son, and myself. Amen

Health of mind and body

For greater health of mind and body, the grace to overcome an addiction, and suitable full-time work where I can best use my gifts.

for all school children

For all school children and for my nephew Matt.

Finding a job

Could I please ask for your prayers to help me find a job? I was laid off over 10 months ago, and have had absolutely no success finding another job. I have asked God for guidance and to direct me to the path I should be on, but I feel I am at a dead end. I would be most grateful and appreciative for any prayers offered which will lead me to my next opportunity. Thank you.

Financial help

Our company is in financial distress because of lack of payment from customers. Please pray for people to pay their bills, so we in turn can pay ours. Thank you.

Come Home

For my son and other family members to return to the Catholic faith; a successful relocation for my older brother from CA to TX; a successful thesis defense for my son and employment; for all the sick and suffering;

Prayers for safe travels

Prayers needed for safe travels for my parents who are driving from Arizona to New York for the next two or three days. Thank you and God bless!


Pray for my son and his wife. They no longer attend Mass and are not having their child baptized.

job seeking and deliverance from evil spirit

I am a graduate for 6 years and still have no job,I pray for God to give me a good job and also to deliver me from every evil spirit that torments my life.


My father and brother don't have salvation. Please pray for them that God will open their hearts and minds, choose Jesus Christ as their savior!  Thank you !


I want to know if it's God's will to let me become a CPA, I don't know what should I do with my career. I hope He can make it clear to me.  Thank you !

Healing of Heart

Please pray for me to be emotionally healed. I was in a long-distance relationship/engagement for almost three years before discovering that the man had been lying to me about some key details of his past life. I am really suffering from this and I need to move forward but I seem stuck.


Please pray for our children (T, B and M) to practice being Catholic again. May they also believe in a Catholic wedding. May they also bring their close friends to the faith.  Thank you for your prayers.


Please pray for my very important intention. God bless you and thanks.

For My Son

Heavenly Father, first let me thank you for all your blessings. Those I am aware of and those I am not. Thank you for your love and trust in me. At this moment I like to humbly ask you to please help my son tomorrow when he goes to court. He is a good person and has a good heart. Most importantly dear Lord, he is truly sorry for what he did. Please stand beside him during this time. My God, I believe, I trust, and I love Thee and I pray for those who do not believe, trust and do not love Thee.

Answered prayer

Dear community, last week I sent the prayer request to pray for our visa processing which was pending for more than 3 weeks with my husband's manager. Praise be to our God...the manager approved the application and now it is in second stage. Please pray for us that this application goes through and we get the visa stamped as soon as possible.

Grant Me the grace, Lord, to…

I’ve sinned against God so much in my past, and am still a sinner - only much less, by the grace of God alone. I live in sorrow due to my sins against my purity. My heart was made for God alone. But, I give in to temptation, and am forever grateful for always receiving the grace to rush to our Lord in the confessional. I fear that the sins of my past might affect my son. I pray for his holiness. I pray for the grace to guide my child to be as holy as he ought to be. I ask for the intercession of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, to pray for my child’s vocation. That God may grant him the opportunity to serve Him always. I thank my Lord for his inexhaustible mercy.Please help me overcome my sinful ways, especially those of impurity and grant me the graces needed never to sin against my Lord again. Amen.

Sins of impurity

I've sinned against God in my past. I live in sorrow due to my sins against my purity. My heart was made for God alone. But, I submitted myself to pornography and promiscuity. I fear that the sins of my past might affect my children. I pray for their holiness. I pray for the grace to guide my children to be holy because they will be my key to salvation. I ask through the intercession of The Immaculate Heart of Mary, for my children's vocation. That God may grant them the opportunity to serve Him always. I ask for the forgiveness of my sins. Especially, those of impurity and the graces needed never to sin against my Lord again.

Sale of Home

Please pray for the sale of our home. Our home has been on the market for eight years. We are in great need to sell it. Thank you.

Legal relief

A group of people are trying to take our idea and make us pay for it. My husband, with God's help, thought of a great pet product, these so-called friends are now wanting us to do all the work, pay all the bills and they will sit back and reap the benefits. They will not contribute to pay bills or anything they agreed to help with. We are working to get out from the contract so we can live freely and do the will of God on whether this treat should ever get to the market or not. These people want money from us now and the product is little more than an idea. We need out of the contract. They will not help in any way. Yet they are demanding millions from us.  Please pray for a resolution to this.

Prayer request for on-site projects abroad

Dear community , we have loans to settle. My husband's firm has finally decided to process his visa application for on-site projects abroad. However, first stage is over. Now in the second stage of application. His manager has to approve. But it is pending with manager for more than 3 weeks for no reason. He just gives us lame excuse that he will do it today or tomorrow. Really don't know what to do. Please pray for us so that we can travel as a family. Without his approval, the application cannot be processed further.

My children to return to the faith and finances

Please pray that my children will return to the faith, and that all my grandchildren will be baptized.  I also need financial aid so I can pay my property taxes very soon or I may lose my home.

Healing from stroke

Please pray for my mother who had a stroke on 24th December, 2013. She has strong faith that through the intercession of Our Blessed Mother Mary, she will be able to walk again and talk without problems. Let us help her so that she will walk one day to give testimony as she always recites in psalms 118: 19 - 21.

For my children

Before I go to Argentina to celebrate Mass at our Holy Father's country church with Drew Mariani, I would like to ask for the Lord to help my daughter and her husband on the journey they are on with trying to have a baby and for the healing of endometriosis that my daughter is going through. For my son that he may find God and Jesus again and turn away from drugs... That he may remember the promises he made to his late father but more importantly to Jesus. May our Lord find it in his heart to lead my children to salvation by his Great Love and for their sake, I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.

my son

Please keep my son in your prayers he is having an emotional breakdown. Thank you.

For the healing of our marriage

For healing of our marriage and the health of our marriage. I have much trouble fasting from foods with my diabetes, but am willing to try if it will mean an improvement in our family life, especially the ills of moral relativism and all the ills our children are involved in. Thanks so much.

Sons’ Conversion/Medjugorje Pilgrimage

For conversion of my sons, D and A who want nothing to do with church, and for N who still believes, but no longer attends Mass. May Our Blessed Mother Mary touch their hearts and bring them back to her son, Jesus. For a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit on my marriage. Also, I have wanted to go to Medjugorje for over 20 years and thanks be to God, I am finally going on March 31 with two of my sons, A and N. May this pilgrimage be life changing for my whole family. Thank you and God bless you all.

A family in pain

I would greatly appreciate it if you would pray for our family. We are a Catholic family of 5. We've been greatly challenged by a connective tissue disorder called Ehler Danlos Syndrome. My wife and 2 of our 3 children have been diagnosed (our 3rd child has some symptoms but has not yet been diagnosed) with this debilitating condition that causes nerve, muscle and joint pain (constantly through the day and night). It's been difficult seeing God's purpose through these circumstances as we watched our once young and vibrant children turn into severely disabled teens within a matter of a few weeks. So many tears. It's been one day at a time for 6 years now. We ask for prayers for strength and fortitude and patience as we continue to wait upon the Lord. Thanks so much!

Restore/Reconcile Marriage

This past November 2015, my husband of 6 years came back from his first military deployment, completely moved out of our house, filed for divorce without any closure/explanation, and zero communication. I was served divorce papers in December at my work. Early March 2016, in court my husband's attorney told the judge that he has moved on and is in another relationship even though we were still married. The judge denied my request for marriage counseling, stating that he has already moved on. As of March 17th 2016, I received the worst email in my life, that I was officially divorced. I'll will forever remain faithful to my husband and I will never give up as love never loses hope and is always patient. Please pray for God to show us the way back to each other. Dear Heavenly Father, Please hear my prayer and have mercy on us... I fully surrender myself, my husband, our marriage, our minds, our bodies, our souls, our spirits, our sufferings, and our hearts to You Lord to do with as you please Help my husband and I to repent to You, turning away from sinful lifestyles, thoughts, and actions Sprinkle Your clean water on my husband, me, our marriage, and our families and wash us clean Be a wall of fire and a Divine Seal of Protection around my husband, me, our marriage, and our families Be a Divine influence like you did Hosea’s wife (Hos 2:6-7) Block my husband's path with thornbushes, wall him in so he cannot find his way that leads him away from You, me, and our marriage. When he chases his lovers, sinful lifestyle, and divorce he will not catch them and will not find satisfaction or happiness until he returns to You, me, and our marriage. Holy Spirit dwell inside and move inside my husband, me, our marriage, our families, and friends Help my husband and I to daily wear the full Armor of God (Gird our loins with truth, Put on the Breastplate of Righteousness, Shod our feet with the preparation of the Gospel of Peace, Take up the Shield of Faith, Put on the Helmet of Salvation, and Take up the Sword of the Spirit) to stand firm and walk in Your faith and victory Speak to my husband and I loudly and clearly: Open our hearts, minds, body, soul, spirits, ears, and eyes to be open to Your truth: Cure my husband and me of spiritual blindness and deafness Guide and direct mine and my husband's steps and position us to where You want us to be Touch/Heal mine, my husband's, and our families’ hearts with Your love, grace, and mercy so that we can be born again with a new faith and a new heart that hates evil; Create in my husband, me, and our marriage a clean pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast, faithful, loyal, spirit within us Daily examine and control mine and his hearts, spirits, tongues, emotions, and feelings Holy Spirit give my husband and I the power, wisdom, strength, courage, grace, perseverance, and mercy to be able to start to change the areas that need to be changed and to survive and surpass this trial/suffering in our marriage Send a Heavenly or Christian mortal to help my husband repent and hear God’s voice of reason and truth Teach my husband and I to love You 1st, 2nd each other, and our marriage unconditionally Help my husband and I to ALWAYS Fear You and always be obedient to Your Holy will and Your way Help my husband and I to respect, accept, obey, fulfill, and surrender daily to Your Holy will Help my husband and I to mature in You and mold us to be Your disciples: Mold me to be the wife You need me to be for my husband and mold him to be the husband You need him to be for me Help my husband and I NOT to lean on our own understandings and to see and know the devil’s lies Remove everything from my husband, I, and our marriage that is not of You and not Your will Remove mine and my husband's heart of stone and give us a new heart of flesh Deliver our marriage and my husband and I from Satan’s stronghold and influence Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, rebuke and end all bitterness, hate, rage, anger, hurt, hostility, slander, envy, jealously, malice, impurity, lust, fantasy, greed, guilt, selfishness, lies, pride, stubbornness, unbelief, doubt, revenge, rebellion, punishment, addictions, PTSD, depression, bipolar, anxiety, fear, worries, Satan, all diabolic infestations/oppressions, sinful desires/temptations, harmful friendships, and negative internal and external mortal influences away from my husband, I, our marriage/home, friends and family Bind, cancel, destroy, banish, and rebuke this divorce, separation/division, silence, curses, and Satan and quickly guide my husband back to You, our marriage, and our home Fill and cover my husband and I, our marriage, and families with the Protection of the Precious Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, unending love, forgiveness, compassion, patience, wisdom, strength, courage, kindness, fortitude, understanding, piety, meekness, integrity, humility, Chasity, perseverance, self-control, clarity, joy, grace, peace, faith, hope, trust, and mercy Knock down and destroy the walls of silence, pride, and anger and open the doors to love, forgiveness, communication, reconciliation, and restoration Heal our broken hearts, bind our wounds from pain and sorrow, and remove negative memories, actions, and words from the past Help my husband and I to remember of all of our good times, happy memories, moments, words, and sacred promises/vows we made to You and each other Please reconcile, restore, renew, and rebuild our marriage with YOU and each other on the solid rock of Jesus Christ I humbly and whole heartedly ask all the Holy Saints, Apostles, Martyrs, Servants of God, Blesseds, Venerables, Holy Angels, Holy Souls in Purgatory, and my Blessed Mother Mary to lift my prayers up to my Heavenly Father and to be intercessors for my husband, I, and our marriage. Please pray for us Thank you Heavenly Father for Your trust, and promises of Your word. Thank you my one and only God, my 1st love, in advance for rebuilding and reconciling our marriage, changing mine and my husband's hearts, and bringing my husband back to You, our marriage and back home. I love you! In Jesus name I pray, Amen. I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I begging and praying for a miracle. Please reconcile my marriage and and non-existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. Please save our marriage.


I received the sacrament of reconciliation yesterday after battling with myself whether I need to go or not. To recommit or commit yourself to be closer to God is a great gift from the church. God doesn't need our physical going to confession, we do. I pray that the Holy Spirit would fall upon us and our priests to embrace once again the power in the sacrament of reconciliation, that precious cross we are willing to bare. I pray for a resurgence of courage, humility and obedience in the faithful. Amen.

Little Sisters of the Poor

Please fast and pray for the softening of the Supreme Court Justices' hearts in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor regarding the healthcare mandate.

Parent’s Prayer

I ask for prayer for my children who have fallen away from the Faith that they may be filled with the Holy Spirit and return to the Catholic Faith that we may all be reunited in Heaven in the end. I also ask for those of my children who struggle with their vocation. I ask that they be given wisdom and moral courage to live out the vocation God is calling them to.

Food Obsession

Give me total healing during this Holy week. I trust in you and surrender ALL to you, Lord.  Thank you.


Please pray for me. I need deliverance really bad. I hear a demonic voice all the time and it makes me smirk and all kinds of things (torments my sleep, etc..). I would appreciate your help!  

Financial Aid

I need financial help soon. I am seriously behind with my property taxes and am afraid of losing my home. I am also fasting so my children will return to the church.


I pray to be released of spirit of abuse. I keep finding jobs with unkind and abusive supervisors.


Pray for my parents who are out of country to be safe and healthy and to come home in May rested and refreshed. I have been trying to call them but can't reach them 3-17-16. Amen

Job and Personal Health

For the grace to find a suitable, full-time permanent job and for improvement of my health issues.

Financial Blessing

Please pray my husband and I to receive financial blessings so we can adopt many children.

Test success

Please pray that I pass the MTEL test I took recently. Thank you!

Strength to Fast

Please pray that I have the strength and perseverance to fast on bread and water. Thank you!

Daughter’s Broken Heart & Spirit

Please pray for my daughter who is downtrodden with a broken heart and spirit. Ask the Lord to uplift her by healing her heart. Please ask if Archangel Raphael may quickly lead her to the love God has chosen for her just as he lead Tobiah to Sarah.

Healing and peace

Please pray for my friend Brett who will begin treatment for his pancreatic cancer soon.


Please pray for my husband that his prostate biopsy will be negative and that he not have any side effects from the procedure. The biopsy is scheduled for Holy Thursday.

Conversion of my two sons and grandsons.

Please pray for my two sons who were raised in a Catholic home but are not practicing. There is much heartache on the part of my grandson too.

Deliverance and healing from mental and spiritual illness

Please pray for my son Z's deliverance and healing from spiritual and mental illness. Please Lord, please make him come to realize that he is being tricked by the evil one and give him the chance he needs to repent and return to you in the Sacraments and return home to us that love him. I pray for his protection, healing, and deliverance from evil. Amen.


God rescued us as parents and we humbly ask GOD for the same for our son Bill.

Financial Aid

I need financial aid to pay my property taxes that I let get seriously behind. Please pray that my children will come back to the faith and my grandchildren will be baptized.

Granddaughter’s eyesight

So J. had an optometrist apt today. Doctor was having her look at the letters, then turned his attention to one of her eyes suddenly and kept checking her eyes with a light and a special ruler. She has one pupil that is 2-3mm bigger than the other. We need to keep an eye on this. Follow up appt in 3 months to look at this specifically. Doctor thinks it's okay right now because pupil still opens and closes when light is shined & taken away. If we notice it much larger than the other, or not opening and closing comparably to the other, we need to bring her in immediately and most likely an MRI. It could be a problem with the optic nerve or possibly a tumor or something behind optic nerve putting pressure on it resulting in larger shape or not functioning properly. This was the note I received from my daughter today, please pray for my granddaughter (age 5), and my daughter and her husband to trust in Jesus and please pray for the intercession of Our Blessed Mother to relieve their fears.

Pray for Andrew,my fiancé, myself and our relationship

Please help me pray for Andrew. I am worried about him. It has been really hard for him to find a job for the past 4 years which is something he really needs. He needs a new job that makes enough to have him move out of his parents house, support himself and then later after we are married support me. He has had a hard time trusting Jesus and the other day when finding out he wasn't given one job he almost went into despair. We want to get married next year and I have faith it will happen but he needs to get a good paying job first. God willing. I know he is the one for me and I am there for him but I need help with prayers. Prayers that he can learn to trust Jesus with everything and prayers with this job search. I need prayers to help me be strong and support him and to not let this negativity get to me. I need prayers to help us to work on our relationship with God together and help us lead each to Jesus. Pray that I am a good example of how to trust Jesus with your heart, mind and soul with everything that happens in life. Thank you so much for them! I will be praying for all of you!

A New Chapter at Work for a Husband and Father

I trust God will provide an answer for what's next in my working life. I know there will be a change in that the place I have worked for over 17 years is moving in May so as to lengthen my commute and that could make my time for my wife and family more constrained. Perhaps I may be able to find a job I love as much or even more that is still only 10 minutes from home or God may have something totally different and better yet in mind for the talents He's given me. I ask for your prayers that the change, whatever it will be, is good beyond my family's wildest expectations and it brings us even closer together as a family and better able to pursue God and His ways with all our hearts. Mary our mother, guide and protector, pray for us.

For my sister’s kids

I considered doing this fast for a while. I finally ordered the kit. I prayed about it and wondered about a worthwhile intention. I thought that there were a million good reasons. I love being at mass. Last Sunday during mass I was reflecting on how I feel when I am in the presence of our Lord. Then I felt sad because I grew up with my sister's kids that were all around my age. Two younger than me and two older than me. They went to Catholic school as I did. Why are they completely detached from their faith now?  That's when it hit me. I will fast for their reversion to their Catholic faith. My sister, their mother, was a single mother and was a waitress who worked very hard. She put them through Catholic school. I know the seed has been planted in their hearts. I am going to fast to do battle with whatever it is that keeps them from The True Presence. Please pray for them.

Family healing

I have taken into my home my 17-year-old niece who was removed from her home. Her father is alcoholic and mother died of AIDS from drug use. This young girl has many issues and is in need of healing and help for my family to make good decisions and for guidance. Also healing for her father and my whole family woundedness.


V is bedridden.  Please pray for her healing.

Cure from stage 4 cancer of the stomach.

My friend Cindy has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. I pray that she goes in remission and becomes cancer free. Her husband has Alzheimer's and needs her. Please pray for her.


A. lost his older brother to a murder-suicide when he was 18.  This trauma forever changed him and contributed to a great hatred to the Catholic church.The priest abuse scandal became another point of great anger. He has very little ability to talk to his four children, now young adults, and through the years has been very selfish and uncaring in our marriage. This has caused great suffering for his son and for the three daughters also. Please ask God to be merciful and provide the grace needed for his healing and conversion. He is already in his late 60's and time for reconciliation and healing with his family is growing short.

Please pray for my difficult situation

I am going through a difficult situation that is all I can say about it now. Please pray for my family and me that this situation will be removed, dismissed never to hurt my family or me again. Thank you and GOD OUR FATHER BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILIES.

Pray for my family

Please pray that we will follow and surrender both our lives and our marriage to our LORD AND SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST and that we will follow OUR LORD in the holy Catholic and apostolic church. Thank you and GOD BLESS YOU.

get united

Kindly pray for my husband philips to return back to me...pray for him to change, to become a man of god and come back to me.

My family and especially my oldest daughter B.

We have been through a lot. Please pray for my oldest daughter who is very confused right now.

Healing and conversion

Please pray for my brother Eric to find a new job. Also for his healing, physically and spiritually. Thank you.

Husband’s conversion

Please pray that my husband will embrace the Sacrament of Penance with love and that his eyes will be opened and his ears will hear and he will come to repentance and into a personal relationship with our Lord through Mary.

Tuition Scholarship

Please pray that my daughter receives a full scholarship to our local Catholic High School.

For dear family friends

Please pray for family friends of ours: the healing of a daughter from double mastectomy surgery and that she remains cancer-free. Also, that the husband seeks the medical attention he needs and for the reconciliation of the marriage.

Prayer for my son

Please pray for my 15-year-old son who is having a very troubling time during his freshman year in high school. He has made very good decisions on how to conduct his behavior and because of this he is an outsider. Please pray for a friend to come along and lift him up. Please pray that he can make a good friend who is also making the right choices. He is on the swim team and the water polo team. Please pray that some good freshmen join the water polo team so that he can be friends with them. Thank you very much.

Going through a divorce

I humbly ask the prayer community to pray for my four daughters and myself as our family is going through a divorce. After almost 20 years of marriage, my husband said he no longer loved me and realized that I was not the type of woman he had wanted to marry. He is now in love with someone else. I do not want my girls to be another statistic because of divorce, but they are struggling at home, at school and with their friends. I have been praying and fasting for them and would like the community to join their prayers with mine. We need God's strength, love, and most of all PEACE as we face this tragedy. Please Lord guide me to help my children and show me how to overcome our financial problems. Mother Mary, help me to be a good role model for my girls!

Admission to medical school and for a special intention

My son has been trying to get accepted in medical school for five years now. He graduated his pre-med from a very good university with honors. He is very active in church. I know he will be a good doctor. We desperately need your prayers as he had a couple of interviews and still waiting for the results. With God's will and in His perfect time, we are hoping that he will make it this time. If you could also include a prayer for a special intention as our family is facing another problem. Thank you in advance and God bless to you all.

For Various Intentions

I have a brother who has been away from the Church for about 10 years. He is a good person, and practiced his faith for many years. We come from a very good Christian family. He said it is because of the priests that abused children. I don't really think this is the reason. I believe it is due to the fact that he doesn't like all the regulations we are asked to follow. He is very liberal. Also please pray for all the persecutions that the Catholic Church is now suffering both in our country and in other countries. Also for an answer from the Lord in what he wants me to do in my life.For my nieces that are living with their boyfriends and also are away from the church. For my mom who will be 94 yrs old on March 3rd. Thank you and God Bless.


Please pray for my son who has been trying to find an internship for school but having trouble obtaining one.

son in bondage

Please pray for my son in bondage. He's a beautiful and sweet man who is locked up in an unhealthy relationship, suffers anxiety and panic, abuses alcohol, and needs gainful employment to pay student debt. The debt has accumulated severely and he has not received a degree. Thank you for your prayers! God is good, all the time.

For My Marriage

Please pray for reconciliation with my husband. He has been distant for about a month and I fear he is relapsing with pornography. He assures me "nothing's up" but he won't talk about the situation beyond that. The distance hurts terribly and I don't know what to do but pray.

My Cousin

Please pray for my cousin who is 25 and single and just learned that she is pregnant. Pray for her to have a good pregnancy and to feel our love and support.

Please Pray for Kelsey

Please pray for my friend, Kelsey, who is seven weeks pregnant. It is a high risk pregnancy due to a bicornuate uterus. Please pray for a healthy pregnancy and delivery, if it is God's will. Thank you.

For Eva and Holly

Please pray for the mental health healing of a young adult battling many spiritual demons who has been committed to a mental health facility for 3 months. She needs to forgive herself for her past sins and be able to focus on getting her life in order. Prayers also for my aunt battling anxiety and depression. And that she will realize how much God loves her.

Weight loss and health

Please pray that I will be strengthened to continue with my ketogenic diet and fasting to lose the rest of the weight I need to in order to correct metabolic syndrome and help osteoarthritis. I lost 90 lbs. and regained 25 over the winter due to depression over some personal challenges. I now need to lose another 90 to be at my healthy weight. I have struggled with food addiction for many years and would request you pray for me please. I need to be healthy to be able to do more for myself, my family and others.  I thank you and pray for all here and ask God's mercy for all of us.


My husband only has part-time job & has applied for full-time. I have a 10-month position & either need some weekend work or summer job. Daughter needs job closer to home, son needs full-time using gifts God gave him. Please pray, no matter what the Lord gives us, we seek to do His will.

God’s love and mercy for my family

My eldest daughter's family has been dealing with their son, who has ADHD, and his unruly behavior at home and especially at school. Please pray that they seek the will of God in all that they do in regard to their son. They do not live close, so no way for me to help out, other than by my prayers. I have asked my daughter to pray with her husband for guidance in this situation, but do not know if this is actually happening. They, like so many young couples, and old, too, seem to have time to use cell phone and computers, which eat up a lot of time that could be spent talking to God and spending time with their children. My youngest daughter may be losing her "new" job in four weeks, due to not enough business. Please pray for the company that she is working for to have enough business to keep all employed.

Answered Prayer (Original Intention – Please pray for Karen’s Recovery)

After a month of hospitalization for severe pneumonia, Karen has been released from the hospital and is slowly recovering. She is sincerely grateful for all of the love, concern and prayers, especially those of her husband Alex, whose great love saw her through this illness. She is touched by all of the caring and support and is deeply thankful.

Saving the USA and its Judeo Christian Culture

Please pray for God's inspired hand in the USA elections.

Please pray for my friend’s son

Please pray for my friend's young son who has sepsis and has been put into a medically induced coma to fight the sepsis. Please pray for his healing.

For me and my friends

Greetings. I would like you to pray for me for healing of mind and restoration of my spirit. I would want healing for my memory/intellect and I want to feel God's presence and joy again, and that every area/aspect of my life would have a resurrection and healing. This includes being able to bicycle and exercise, do jewelry and other art creation, and spending time with family and friends again. For work, I want to find a good school with good teachers/students, a happy work enviroment, and close to home as I am a substitute teacher looking for a suitable place for on-going work. Two, please pray for salvation for two friends I and M and that God would bless our friendship and cause it to grow and prosper in communcation and sharing.  I really want God's presence and sense of peace and his direction again. Restoration for my health and life.

Please pray for me, brothers and sisters!

Please pray that my dental issues resolve and that my family finds affordable housing soon. Also that we find a washer & dryer that we can afford. Please also pray for me to grow in my relationship with Christ and find a home parish. Thank you! I will be praying for all your intentions.

For Son Nick

Please pray for Nick to get into NEW LIFE LODGE safe living, sober living. Thank you, a prayerful Mom.

Grandson freedom from addiction

Please pray for my grandson to be free of all addictions (drugs and alcohol) and please pray that God will lead him to a good job where he will be successful, and surround him with good & Godly people and that he himself will truly seek God, in Jesus name I pray.  Thank you and may God bless you all.

Prayer for Health

Please pray for me to stay strong and healthy. I am suffering from a chronic disease.

Broken Hearted

Please pray that my daughter's broken heart/spirit be healed. May God lead get to the true love He has set aside for her soon.

Back Surgery

My daughter is having back surgery on 2/24/16 and I am worry because she is also a diabetic. Please pray that the surgery goes well and the recuperation fast. Also my grandchild is having back problems. Can we pray for that too, please? She is only three years old. Thank you and God bless.

Closure of Abortion Facility

Please God pray for the abortion facility (Family Planning Associates on Washington Blvd in Chicago, IL). Please find a way to close the clinic down. We need a miracle. It's one of the busiest clinics in Chicago. Please, Blessed Mother, help to convert the souls of the workers who work at the facility and help find a way to close the clinic. Thank you!

Stable Employment

Please, God Bless Karol with a stable salary job position. Please help him to prepare well enough so that he is ready for all the questions that will be asked and that he gets any job he applies to. God bless our relationship so that if it is God's will we will be able to get married some day. Thank you!

Healing for Baby Walter

My grandson, Walter, was born in November with a neuro-muscular disorder that affects all his muscles and in particular the inability to suck, swallow or breath properly. We ask for a miracle healing for little Walter who has been in the NICU since his birth 3 months ago.

Abortionist will close

Please pray for the conversion of the abortionist in Port Charlotte, FL and that he will close his doors. Please pray for his nurse as well.

Pray that Jane will choose life for her baby.

Today "Jane" went to an abortion site in Florida, but did not go into the abortionist office after speaking with a sidewalk counselor. She was undecided when she left. Please pray that the words of the counselor will bear fruit. Thank you.


Please pray for those who are struggling with anger and forgiveness in their relationships as parent-child, husband-wife, sibling to sibling. With your prayers and the intercession of our Blessed Mother, may they be open to receive the Holy Spirit. May they have mercy on themselves and one another and may they seek to reconcile with one another during this Lenten season.

For my mother who is battling cancer

My mother has colon cancer and is in need of healing and courage and perseverance. Please ask our Lord to shrink her tumors and allow her to feel better and live! And to increase her and our faith during this ordeal.Thank you. Blessed be our Lord and Savior forever!

Family resentment

My husband will not talk to his 90-year-old mother, because she makes comments about our family, that, in my opinion, she does not realize hurt us. So, he said that he will not take her phone calls, or visit her anymore. Please pray for some type of reconcilliation on both sides.


My Jesus, mercy please help me, Mary Mother of God, pray for me!!!!!

For an outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the deliverance team of the KCK archdiocese. Thank you.


Please pray for the conversion of my mother, Deborah. She has been away from the Church for over 25 years and has, sadly, been disillusioned by what she thinks or has heard are the teachings of the Catholic faith. I challenged her to "rediscover" the faith this Lent by committing to 40 days of prayer, reading & research about what we truly believe. May this Lenten season soften her heart and open her mind that this Easter we may rejoice in not only the Resurrection of our Lord, but also in the return of His sheep to the fold!

Desperately in need of a miracle to regain our home

My son and I desperately need a miracle to regain our home, which was foreclosed on Jan. 4 by the city for back taxes. We weren't even notified of a payment deadline or hearing date until the week AFTER the city took the title on our house. We consulted an attorney who told us that we might be able to get the house back if we can come up with at least $8,000 before the end of March. I am widowed and partially disabled and that is as much as I earned all last year and have been living in my son's house with him. He's been searching for regular employment for over a year, and his jobs this past year have been seasonal. He's also been looking for partners to share expenses to open a photo studio, but so far, no one has committed to his business proposals. So we are praying, as ask your prayers, first - because time is of the essence before we could be homeless - that somehow we find the finances to regain possession of our home. Second - that he find a permanent job and/or business partners to start his own successful photo studio to support himself and get caught up on our many financial debts.

For my sons

Please pray for my son who has been away from sacraments for 20 years that his will would be strengthened to return to the practice of his faith. For another son's fidelity to the teachings of the Catholic faith.

Conversion of Venezuela

For the conversion of all people in Venezuela. Dear Lord, let us return my beloved country to Thee and to Thy Will. Amen

For son and daughter

Please pray for my daughter, that she will return to full communion with the Catholic Church. Pray for her and her fiancé, for a happy and holy marriage, and that her fiancé will be moved by the Holy Spirit to desire baptism. Pray for my son, that God will make known to him his true vocation in life, whether it be marriage, single life, or religious life. God's Will be done.

Please pray for my son

Please pray for my son Dwight who is suffering from arthritis of both knees. Surgery is not recommended at present because of potential complications.

Reconcile Marriage/Dismiss Divorce: Miracle

I pray for divine intercession for forgiveness, to dismiss this divorce and quickly reconcile/restore our holy sacred marriage (D&R). I pray that God will open the doors to communication, and forgiveness and knock down the walls to silence, pride, hurt, and anger. This past November, my husband of 6 years came back from his military deployment, completely moved out of the house, and has filed for divorce without any closure or explanation and zero communication. I was also served the divorce papers this past December at work. I humbly ask all the Angels, Saints, Martyrs, Blessed Mother Mary,  Apostles, and Jesus to bind and remove the work of satan, evil spirits, and all negative external influences in our lives and away from our marriage. Dear Heavenly Father, please deliver our minds, bodies, hearts, souls, and spirits from all hurt/pain, anger/bitterness, hate/malice, pride, selfishness, lying, lust, rebellion/revenge, fear/anxiety, unbelief/doubt, separation, and confusion, and in turn create a spirit of patience, compassion, faith, self-control, confidence, wisdom, clarity, humbleness, forgiveness, joy, grace, hope, integrity, communication, and unending love. O God, please tear down the walls around our hearts and help my husband find/turn to You and the Holy Catholic Church. I humbly pray that the Holy Spirit will dwell and move in my husband's heart, body, soul, spirit, and mind in order for him to be open to see and hear God's message about divorce and marriage reconciliation. Lord please help us to stand firm and put on the Full Armor of God. In Jesus' name we pray, Amen.  I miss my husband so much. Please pray my husband will quickly come home so we can start our restored marriage based on the solid rock of Jesus Christ. I am begging and praying for a miracle! Please reconcile my marriage and dismiss this divorce and non-existent communication. My heart is aching and breaking daily for my husband. Please pray God will touch and heal his heart and save him. We need peace, grace, and forgiveness. Please save our marriage.

Please pray for my friend

Please pray for my friend who is 33 years old and is in the hospital ICU for her blood pressure. May St. Anthony and St. Maximilian Kolbe intercede on her behalf and allow her heart to be open and inspired to help take control of her health. In Jesus name, we pray.


Please pray for guidance in my career both in my current career and how to proceed going forward.

control my money

Pray that I can learn to live not spending too much money.

For Healing from Cancer

For my brother Bill who just had surgery to remove a bladder tumor. I pray that it did not extend and he is returned to full health soon.

For Healing from Cancer

For my friend Linda's daughter who has what may be a very advanced case of Uterine Cancer. It has attached to her bladder and she has lost somewhere around 50 lbs in only a couple of months. Her name is Angie.  I pray for her healing and for emotional support for Linda, her mother, who lost her husband of 30 years through a long battle with bowel cancer.

For a Miracle Cure/Healing

My daughter's husband's sister Carolyn who is only 50 years old just had seizures and they found an "inoperable" brain tumor. I would like a miracle, if God wills it. Thank you. The family lives in Germany and need a 'conversion' back to their Catholic roots, which has become a thing they do mainly in "word only." But their Mother, Maria, was a very devout Catholic in her younger years, and I believe they need a full Faith in this time.

For my neighbor

For my neighbor who is a mother of 3 battling leukemia and my friend who is an amazing person and has had a strong desire for marriage and motherhood. She began dating a man and she would like guidance to do God's will in her relationship and really prays that the man she is dating will be open his heart to the same. May God's all requests be done according to His Almighty Will and may we all accept it with gracious and loving hearts.

For strong guidance from God

For strong guidance from God. May His angels of mercy and the intercession of Mother Mary enlighten my path to helping/healing/accepting/enlightening/turning it over to God for my daughter's stomach issues (she's 3) and my son's behavioral/speech/social/emotional and school issues (he's 5) as well as finding the best therapy for him.

Baby #1

Thank you for the gift of life to Colleen and Christopher, please guard and guide them during the pregnancy. Please guide and guard the Doctor and nurses and all family members. Praying for a safe pregnancy and delivery. Please guide Christopher in all work decisions and about any employment positions.

Emotional & Spiritual Health

I've been struggling with both emotional and spiritual health. Please pray for me! Thank you  


During Lent for the fasting God has called us to. That He would give us his strength, anointing, and grace to commune with Him and that He would send us His Spirit in fullness. We want to follow Jesus and to be holy and truly disciples in fullness. Also, in warfare over the enemy, that God would destroy strongholds in people's thought lives that keep them from seeing God's way: for a flood of souls released from blindness and return to the Church.

Souls In Purgatory

Please pray for all the souls in Purgatory. I pray for my sacrifice to benefit and release the souls that they may obtain eternal life with God Our Almighty Father. Amen.

Heal my broken marriage

I pray and please pray that my marriage is healed and for love and trust and forgiveness to be restored. May our Dear Mother Mary help and guide me to strengthen my Faith and help me love Jesus.

A job for Steven

Steve has "a little" Asperger's and finds it very difficult to make a positive impression on interviewers. Although he has taught himself to act "neuro-typical," his mannerisms make him stand out as different.

Praying for a son

I have one son and two daughters. My son is the first child and seriously need a younger brother. He told me he needed a brother and that same month I got pregnant without planning for it. Please pray for our family's trust in God's will, that He knows what is best for our family! For a healthy pregnancy and safe delivery.

Please pray for Bruno who was involved in a bad car accident.

Please pray for and for healing for Bruno who was involved in a bad car accident. Please pray for the healing on the emotional stress for his family especially his wife.

For a mother of nine with cancer

My friend, a mother of nine, was diagnosed with cancer on Christmas Eve. After testing, the doctors have determined that she has stage four colon cancer which has spread to her liver. I asked her what her intentions were so that we could all know specifically what to pray for. Here is her response. "My prayer is that I get stronger and stay healthy enough to withstand the chemotherapy treatments over the next number of months. That my blood work always comes back good, and that the cancer shrinks so much that surgery will be possible sooner!" Please pray for a miracle. She is a dear friend to me, a loving wife and a mother to 9 amazing children!!

For These Intentions

My friend's daughter has cancer--will be getting chemo and then a bone marrow transplant. My friend has recently had to place her husband in an institution for dementia and her son has recently lost his job. Please pray for these intentions. Thank you.

Pray for the conversion of my friend, Patty, an atheist

For healing, spiritually, physically, mentally and emotionally for my friend Patty who is an atheist. Also for her two kids, that the Holy Spirit penetrates their hearts and set it on fire for Jesus.

For God to protect me and my siblings from any demonic attack

Six years ago our dear parents were involved in a car accident which claimed their lives. We carried both funerals on the same day. Last year our dear brother died in the ICU after a hit and run accident. we have been left in unimaginable pain, fear and eternal bereavement. Please pray for me and my siblings to have peace and be free from any demonic attacks from illness or premature deaths in Jesus' name. Let God have mercy on us and unlock our blessings in line with getting marriage partners, financial freedom, for my Australian visa application to succeed and to get a job that I will love and pleasing to God. Thank you and may God continue to bless you all.

Please pray

Please pray for the repose of the soul of J., a three-year-old boy who recently died at the hands of his mother and for his mother's repentance and conversion.

Physical and Spiritual Cleansing

For the grace to lose weight and overcome personal vices and the graces necessary to make that happen this year.

Young mother with cancer requests prayers for positive scans

Please pray for J.R. who has cancer. She has been undergoing chemo after the doctor was unable to remove all of the tumor around her spine. Today she is receiving her scans and is praying that they are positive and will show that the tumors have shrunk. She also needs prayers for ease as she receives the pain pump. God truly heals!

15 month old son

Our son was running a high fever with rash for almost 3 weeks in June of 2015. We brought him to the doctor 8 times and the ER once. No one knew what was wrong. He was eventually air lifted to Texas Children's in Houston where he stayed for 2 weeks. William was diagnosed with a rare disease called Kawasaki Disease. It attacks the heart if not caught in time. He has giant aneurysms in his coronary arteries. We have to give him blood thinner shots twice a day and aspirin. The problem with this disease is he will have heart disease at an early age. These kids with his severity of the disease will eventually have bypass surgery or heart attacks. Our doctor is worried because his arteries are showing no signs of coming down in size. She said if this doesn't happen before the first year is up it will cause more problems in the future. My prayers have been for complete healing and I know that God will heal him. I have fasted in the past and I know the power. This Wednesday and Friday I have been doing only bread and water and I will continue until our sweet baby is healed. It has been a long road with weekly doctors visits to Houston which his 2 1/2 hours away. With 2 other small children, it has put a toll on them and our parents. Thank you and I'm so happy that God has brought me to this group.

Young Mother with tumor around spine

Please pray for a young mother, J.R., who has a tumor wrapped around her spine. The surgeon is not able to remove all of the tumor because of the complexity of the situation.

Passing my rn nclex the first time

I am going to take my Rn nclex for the first time. I pray for His mercy and grace so I can pass this test the first time I will take this test.

Please pray for Karen’s recovery

Please pray for the recovery of my friend Karen who has been hospitalized with severe pneumonia. Below is the latest update from her husband Alex: "I stayed over the night with her. The nurses caring for my bride are fine tuning her vent settings from what they see from her blood gas. She is still sedated, paralyzed and on the RotoProne. Her temp went down to normal. She is tolerating the turns. She is still on the same 3 antibiotics and 1 antiviral. She is fighting what ever is causing her pneumonia. She developed Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome a couple days ago. Still waiting on the viral cultures to show something, but that may take days to weeks as they continue to provide the antibiotics and antiviral. Today at midnight will be 1 week since she has been hospitalized. The doctor said that Karen is going in the right direction, she is improving but it will take time. They did another X-ray early this morning and I saw it that it was about the same as the one a couple days ago but with very little improvement. I pray every day to God to heal my bride. I recall the verse from Luke 11: 9-10, "And I tell you, ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks, receives; and the one who seeks, finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened." I continued on my Miraculous Medal Novena. Our parish family continues to pray for us both. Both our friends and families prayers are helping us, and I thank you all again to please continue praying for Karen and I. I also pray for the medical staff that are giving great care to my bride for their professionalism, kindness, compassion and determination to help all patients. I continue to ask intercessional help from our saints in Heaven to please ask Jesus to heal my bride. I love my bride so much that my heart hurts seeing her this way. I know I have to trust God, and I am trusting Him."

Family Peace

Please pray for the spiritual healing of my husband and that he comes to know the love of Our Blessed Mother as he was adopted and feels the emptiness of not having a loving mother. May She bring him close to her son and may St. Joseph intercede for him to be the man God intended.

For My Marriage and Family

Pray for my wife to stop the divorce and put her energy into bringing us back together. Today marks 5 months since coercive means were used to prevent me from seeing my three beautiful children.  Pray that the head of the serpent that has invaded my family will be crushed.

Nostrils to heal

B is having wheezing and nostril problems. Kindly pray he can be healed wthout operation.


Royan has lost his job and he has a family. Kindly pray that he gets a job soon. Thank you.

Reunion of husband and wife…URGENT

I cry with tears and ask you to pray for my husband to retun back to me, let all the hurt from my side to him go away. Let the inner healing happen and let him come back to me. I am very sad. Let him not go to any other girl but return to me. I am sincerely repentant and also forgiven whatever he has done to me. Kindly pray he comes soon to me. This is serious and urgent. Thank you.

For Andrew, Doris and Roger

Please pray for Andrew, my fiancé, that he becomes a better communicator. He is one of the blessings that has come into my life and he is not good at answering his phone. I love him and want to spend my life with him. He know what he needs to work on. Pray that we can work on getting better in touch with each other and  pray to strengthen our relationship and be closer to God and each other. That is all I want and ask of God. Help me pray for us! And also for my new job I started two weeks ago! Please also pray for my mom's mother Doris, who might be called to God at anytime, and my mom's father, Roger, who has faithfully been by his wife during this difficult time. Thank you so much for you time and prayers! I will keep you all in mine!


Please pray for Winnie and Philip to join back together; we are divorced. Many plan to separate us...kindly pray that we reunite.

Mental and physical healing

Please pray for Christy who is mentally ill and cannot be a true wife with her husband due to her disease..kindly pray for her healing to become a normal girl and a good wife to her husband. Also Please pray for Royan to get a good job and solve his financial crises.

For Nicholas

For Nicholas, for his rehab and recovery.

Catherine B.

1. For Catherine B., the strength and willpower to quit smoking 2. Cure of her cancer, if it is God's will, or the grace to accept and face her trial.

physical healing and spiritual healing

Kindly pray for Valar who cannot walk due to an ailment. Pray for her to become normal.

addiction to food

Help me to let go and surrender all to Jesus. Help me in my food addictions.


For my sister, Lisa. She has Tardive Dyskinesia and she has twitches, jerking and tremors; all uncontrollable body movements. It is difficult for her to function at home and at work. She has limited support because all family lives far away. Thank you.

Relief of dread and anxiety

I experience the feeling of dreadful premonitions on a daily basis. I have been experiencing this for about the past 4 months and it continues to get worse everyday. I pray that I can find relief and clarity of thought, so that I don't overreact to everyday annoyances and irritations, especially when they are coming from my enemies.


My friend has been trapped in the sins of the flesh. The more he tries to rid himself of his habits, the deeper he gives in to those sins. Please pray that he may be delivered and be able to lead a normal life. Thanks.

For my broken family

Most have fallen away, the others have never known Jesus at all. Please ask for our Blessed Mother's intercessory prayers for their eyes to be opened to the faith, for their heartfelt repentance, and for their conversion.

Increase in FSSP

A prayer for the increase in vocations to the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Petri) so that the Tridentine Mass may become increasingly available to Roman rite Catholics and so that the fraternity may continue to spread throughout the world.

healing, forgiveness

I have a few prayer requests 1) healing a relationship with my sister. 2) for a good Catholic spouse to share my life with.

For Kim

Please pray for Kim. Two days before Christmas she was diagnosed with stage 4 esophageal cancer, which has spread to other places. She is a 39-year-old mom of four who will be enduring a 4-hour commute to Baltimore for treatments to prolong her time with her family.

Prayer for Marriage

Please pray for me and with me as I humbly pray and ask God to bless and have mercy on me and to place me in Tony's heart for love and marriage. I ask God please bless and protect our friendship and relationship. I plead the blood of Jesus over our friendship, relationship and future union. Above all else I ask God's will be done in our lives on earth as it is done in heaven and for the grace for both Tony and I to accept and embrace God's will in our lives. Blessed be God forever. Amen.

Please pray for my wife’s physical, spiritual, and emotional well being

My wife has a lot of weight on her shoulders with being a young mom, a college student, having a lack of friends (besides me), and having to testify in her parents' upcoming divorce hearing for custody of her younger siblings. She needs all the strength and consolation she can get.


Please pray for my sister, Nancy, to be healed of many health problems, for healing of an unhappy marriage, and for the health and conversion of her husband.

My Intentions

I have some prayer intentions that I want you to pray for, together with me and all the saints, so that everything unfolds according to God's most holy will. Amen. Thank you.


For my son to have speech.

Obsession with food

Please help me to surrender all to Jesus and to stop my food obsession/addiction.

Please Pray for Two Catholic Screenwriters

Please pray for the personal and professional intentions of two Catholic screenwriters and for the success and grace that their new movie might grace souls with His life and healing presence.

Prayer Requests

Pray for healing of cancer for Barb, who'll be undergoing a lumpectomy this week, Alice who's in her second stage of breast cancer, David, Alice's son, who also has cancer and Allison, whose cancer has returned after four years. Thank you!

Fast Recovery

Pray for my sister Lolita for her fast and complete recovery who still lying in the ICU having undergone CVA brain operation.

Prayer request

Please, Mother Mary, intercede on my behalf. May you help all family members. Please help that my H issues / M issues will be cured. May you bless my wife and kids. Please help that V A will stop. May we get renewal for work. God bless all intentions. Thank you


I have 3 intentions that I have been praying about for many years. In my heart I feel Our Lord said, "If this is important to you, you need to fast in addition to praying." Here goes: 1. Pray for my son to get an annulment, get his current marriage blessed in the church and go to confession so he will become a full-fledged Catholic once again and his children will receive the sacraments. 2. My daughter suffers from anxiety and she does not like to think about the devil. She also has had some bad experiences at the Catholic Church so she and her family left and now attend a mega-church. My daughter actually went to Medjugorje and Ivan told her she needed to get rid of her "fear" because it was from the devil. I am so upset about her taking her family away from the sacraments. 3. Pray for the healing of the relationship between my husband and my children and grandchildren.

Please pray for Sally

15-year-old Sally is faced again with an unthinkable challenge.  This is a 5th round of battling cancer since the original tumor on her knee in 4th grade.  A CT scan revealed a new tumor too large in her chest wall to operate.  Her parents are "shattered" by the news.  Her father's lone request was prayer.  Please pray for Sally.

For Josh

My son Josh needs prayer for physical healing from pain he suffered from a fall years ago.........neck injury . He is now dependent on opiates which is leading into abuse.........free him from his addictions........please pray for him.

For my son and family healing

My son attempted suicide in 2014. He healed physically but has a lot of emotional and spiritual healing needed. These issues have hurt our family and my former spouse has caused a lot of family division. As a result I haven't seen my grandchildren in months, my children did not attend my wedding this past September and my son is not speaking to me because I am not helping with his legal expenses. I am praying they return to the faith and we have forgiveness and reconciliation in the family. Thank you.


Please pray for a man I know who is being unfaithful to his wife. His wife of 15 years is distraught because he wont stop his behavior. He is destroying his family....pray for him to change his ways and reconcile with his wife.

For my unborn grandson

My daughter received news that her unborn child may have Down Syndrome. We are praying and doing the rosary for a blessing and miracle that he is born healthy. After hearing about Live the Fast on Relevant Radio, I will also be fasting for these intentions. Please pray for my unborn grandchild. Thank you.

For a priest

For Fr. Juan, who recently broke his shoulder. For a quick and speedy recovery.

pray for us

Please pray for Anne, for St. Joseph's prayers.

For Job and Vocation

For the grace to overcome illness, obtain a full-time job offer where I can best use my gifts, and the grace to know clearly and follow my vocation.

Need an instant sudden financial breakthrough

Prayer for Financial Miracle Dear Lord, We pray for a favor that financial miracle may come our way the soonest. We don't ask for more that what we need, Lord. We just need the right amount we need to clear all our debts as well as my wife's. Nothing more than that, Lord. We acknowledge that we did not manage our finances well. We felt sorry for being irresponsible. The money matters has affected us emotionally. It has drained both me and my wife. Because of this, we have had sleepless nights and can't help but to worry too much. It has affected our relationship with family. It has even affected our kids as well. We have been receiving notices from the banks's lawyers and this has really affected us so much. We don't know what to do. Please, Lord. Grant our prayer request for our family to be able to stand again and recover from this trouble and burden. We do promise that once we settle this problem, we will manage our finances properly and give to everyone in need for charity and also for your prayer site. Thank You, Lord. This we pray, AMEN.

Pray for my son

Please pray for my son’s purification and sanctity and his girlfriend who lives with him. Please pray for his conversion to Christ and return to the Sacraments. He has read so much on the web that has convinced him that the Catholic church is out of touch. He said the stigmata of Padre Pio is a hoax. He sent pictures saying this is a hoax.

Pray for Wesley

Please pray for healing of a seminarian, Wesley, whose brain cancer has returned and he has been given months to live.

Food addiction

Pray that I can surrender all to Jesus and trust Him to fill all my needs instead of food.


Please pray for all my deceased Taylor, Harrison, Blowe, Brown, Kessler Family Members and Ancestral Line to be cleansed from all sins and to be set free from Purgatory.

Please pray for Matt

Please keep Matt in your prayers. He has been given a dire cancer prognosis. Time is very short. Thanks.

Prayer For Restoration of Friendship

Please pray with me and for me as I humbly pray and ask of God for the blessing of restoration,reconciliation and healing of friendship with a friend I love dearly. I pray for God's most holy will to be done in both our lives. May the peace, mercy, blessing, healing and protection of God be with us and around us always. Amen.

For freedom from addiction

For the grace to be free of my addiction before my marriage this summer. For healing and a pure heart. For my fiance who this affects and for him and his intentions. That our relationship be strengthened during this time of engagement and that our relationship remain pure.

Pray for Gina

My cousin Gina and her spouse had a virus a month or so ago. He got over it, but Gina did not. When she went to the doctor for tests, they found that the virus attacked her liver violently. She is now up at the liver hospital near Boston, Lahey Clinic Hospital with a Vitriolic Liver. She needs a liver transplant immediately, her liver is totally destroyed, she is at the top of the transplant list. Gina is a wonderful young Grandmother and a very special cousin to me and teaches severe special ed kids in the middle school of Bellingham MA. This is a freak illness. Please send up your prayers for her to God and also ask Mary to intercede with her son.Without a quick transplant, she only has 1 day to one week.

Woman in the grip of evil

Please pray for K, a woman who has suffered severe childhood abuse. Pray for her healing and deliverance, and that she will choose to continue seeking help from the bishop's office. Pray for the people on the team appointed to pray over her, that the Holy Spirit will guide them, and that the holy angels will fight beside them.

Strength, courage, and faith in a fight against cancer

My friend Dave was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer about a month ago. He has a wife and two children, one of whom has Down Syndrome. Whatever the outcome, please pray that Dave and his family be given the courage, strength, and faith to fight this disease and join their suffering to that of Jesus on the cross.

With Gratitude

Please pray that my husband and I can find my brother-in-law a good place to live. That he begins to take care of himself by managing his illness, diabetes. Please pray for my friend who was recently operated on for cancer, and for another friend who suffered a stroke, another friend who is in a nursing home, my goddaughter's son in the NICU. Please pray that I may become one who fasts. Thank you and God bless you.  


Please pray for the reconciliation of my mom and her sister. Their names are Cathy and Peggy Sue. Thank you!

Please pray

Please pray that God heals my elderly mother's (Dana) high blood pressure and severe back pain. She had a stroke and very ill now. Thank you.

My Heart’s True Desires

That I may be granted the Graces to become holy. That I may be granted the Graces to pray better. That I may be granted the Graces to become a true, devoted Advocate to The Holy Souls.

Holy Souls in Purgatory

Please pray for all the Holy Souls especially those whose family and friends aren't praying for them.

For a Catholic Husband

My name is Jennifer. Please pray for me, that God would send me the right man that he would like me to marry. I live in the South, where there are very few Catholics, and the members of other churches tend to be anti-Catholic. I have not been able to find anyone that would be suitable for me to even date. Thank you!

Prayers for Nancy

Please remember Nancy, especially on November 10 which is Saint Andrew Avellino the patron saint of stroke victims feast day. Even though it is a Tuesday any sacrifice with fasting or prayer intentions for Nancy would be appreciated. After one year with no improvement of speech and right-sided paralysis, her doctors have stopped treatments.  There is new hope because she has been chosen for a study which is to begin on November 10th that will last for three weeks. If it is God's will, may Nancy be healed. Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you all.


That I can go to Jesus for all needs and not go to food. Help me to be humble. Let me see ALL thru Jesus eyes including myself. Thank you.


Please help me in prayers for financial help, for my son Randy cure of alcoholism and find direction in his life as well as a steady job with better pay. Please help me entrust my intentions to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Special Intentions

Please help me in prayers for my special intentions for Sonny and Ernesto. May our Lord hear their prayers through the Blessed Mother's intercession. Thank you and God bless.

For my marriage

Please pray for my marriage and that we will be able to continue with good Catholic counselling even though it is not covered by our insurance.

Job, Family, Improvement

For the grace of a full-time job, for my parents and brother, and the grace to overcome a personal struggle.

For Liberation and Peace

For all those who are raised on the dark side. For their liberation and peace.

Yvonne’s pregnancy

For my wife who is pregnant and is in constant pain in her back and hips and has severe nausea. Thank You.


For the grace to be made free of pornography addiction within one year.

My father’s infection/to avoid amputation

They want to amputate my elderly father's leg if they can't control his knee infection. Please pray that he can avoid amputation.

Housing for Oldest Son

Please pray for our oldest son (age 28) to find affordable housing. He has mental issues and is on a fixed income. Thanks so much.

Peace and Unity in Family

Please pray for peace and unity in my extended family which has been torn apart by much suffering and death. Ask the Lord and Our Blessed Mother to draw my nieces and nephews back to an aunt who loves them, misses them, and above all, forgives them. I pray that they will be with me on Thanksgiving which would be more than significant. To God be the Glory!


Please pray for my adult son to find a good job so that he can move on with his life.


Pray for me because my job is very tedious and overwhelming because the new job I started in August was not done properly. There is a lot of work that had fallen behind. My supervisor is stressed out and is challenging when she is overwhelmed.

Please pray for a relationship

Please pray for a relationship that is almost 4 months to grow into hopefully marriage and that my boyfriend’s smoking addiction and poor choices on the internet will stop.

Please pray for my husband who is ill with cancer

Please pray for the healing of my husband Kevin who is ill with cancer. Our family needs the favor of our heavenly father. Thanks.

For Greg

Please pray for Greg, a terminally ill young man, and his family.

For Jay

Please pray for Jay for a speedy recovery from kidney surgery.

Provision need

Please pray for God's provision for me of His willed job or jobs, and ministries.

Family’s conversion

For my parents and siblings and their families' return and conversion to the Roman Catholic faith and Holy Sacraments.

Boss that is bossy

For my boss who is very demanding, degrading, and bullying when she wants and needs her way. She makes my co-workers and myself feel like we are on eggshells and ice. She is a workaholic that gets paid well while those of us who work for her are not equitably paid. She treats the hourly employees with kid gloves but expects me (salaried exempt) to work above and beyond hours to get the job done. I am called a "supervisor," but am not paid and recognized as a supervisor on the pay scale. I feel that I am expected to work extra and not treated fairly when it comes to flex hours. I have been at my job for two months. There is lot of work in the business office with big volume.

Financial grace

Please pray for financial blessings on paying off credit card balance caused by stress from landslide repair (80,000) and for search for a car to replace our car that has a transmission issue.

Pray for Monica

Please pray for Monica who is in her last battle with cancer. She may only have days left on this earth. Thank you.

Return to Catholic Church

Please pray for my sister, Wendy, and her husband, Wayne and their children, Mike and Sarah, to return to the Holy Catholic Church and for Ethan and Joe to enter the Holy Catholic Church. Also for nephews Chad and Joshua and niece Anna to return to our Church. Thank you and God bless you all!!!

Healing, Freedom, and Conversion

Please pray for a friend of mine named Peyson, that he will experience healing and be set free from his multiple deadly addictions, get off the streets, and experience the grace of conversion to the love of God in Jesus Christ.


Please help me to surrender all my food needs to Jesus and help me with fasting.

For my sister’s return to mental health and walking in the faith

Praying for her to attend the appointment on 10/19 with her psychiatrist. Oh Holy Father and Mother Mary, may she be open to getting back on track with treatment of her mental illness that had been highly successful for so long and that things turn around for her. May she give up her struggles to Your will. For the sake of his sorrowful passion and that our family look unfailingly to You for guidance.

Please Pray For My Friend

Please pray for my dear friend who is fighting four active tick-borne illnesses as well as other health issues. Thanks so much in advance.

Jacob and I

Please pray that Jacob and I can rekindle and renew our love. We finally stated that our bond is of love, but we are both still holding back. Please pray that he and I can be brave and restart our relationship. Please pray he contacts me soon and we get back together soon.

Prayer request

For my friend Mary. Mother Mary, please wrap your warm mantle around her, as she gets through each day. This prayer is for her healing of body and mind. Thank you.


Please pray for the Noland, Martin and Bouck families. I also ask you to pray for all suffering families. Thank you.

Mother Mary pray for us

Mother Mary please pray for these my intentions. For my son and fiance to return to church with a greater love for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit than they ever had before. Please pray for continued protection and blessings over my marriage. For the gift of discernment regarding our finances. For our youngest son, that God reveals to him his vocation in life. Thank you Loving Father for ALL the wonderful gifts to bestow upon us and for the gifts of the Holy Spirit! Praise be to God. Mother Mary pray for us.

Miracle for Jak

Jak is 16 years old involved in auto accident on 10/4. At the moment he is paralyzed. Please pray for a healing miracle. Thank you.

For my cousin who is gravely ill

For my cousin who is gravely ill with COPD. Please pray for her and for her entire family as they are having a hard time dealing with the news that their mother may not live for very much longer.

For a family member to be freed from vice

Please pray for a member of our family who is struggling against viewing pornography.


Please pray for my friend's son who thinks he is transgender. Please pray for God's plan for his life.

My Marriage

God's will be done. In Jesus' Name I pray the Father please keep my husband planted, no more separation, no more giving room for Satan, he has taken up enough space in our marriage. I plead the Precious Blood of the Lamb over us or any type of division between my husband and I. I pray my husband's heart be softened, his spirit pierced with the Love and forgiveness of The Father. His heart open to truly forgive and receive me again. I command in the Almighty Name of Jesus Christ satan's strongholds be broken off, cancelled, removed and cast down to the pits of hell. I ask you, Father, to forgive me and please grant me mercy and grace that my husband stay planted. I ask the Father to mend my marriage in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

Mission to Burma

For financial provision and spiritual courage to be a missionary for humanitarian efforts in Burma and for all the intentions of the FreeBurmaRangers.org. Thanksgiving for a new friend and his family's exceeding generosity and the Holy Father's visit.

For a successful interview

I have been praying the 54 day rosary novena for gainful employment and for the first time I have an interview scheduled tomorrow. Please pray that God's will be done and I receive an offer. O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee, Amen. Thanks.

For my friend’s brother

For my friend's brother who recently drowned in an accident, leaving a wife and small children behind. Please pray for his soul and for his family.

For my cousin who has cancer

Please pray for my cousin, John, who has advanced stage four cancer of the spine, lungs, liver and ribs.

Lost documents

Pray that I will find the fireproof box that contains my birth certificate, naturalization document (US), baptism certificate and passport.

Healing from wounds

Pray for healing of wounds from my physically/psychological abusive marriage I left after ten years and from my mother's criticism. Amen

Husband’s unbelief

Pray for my husband, Mark, who struggles with his faith. He is a convert and he struggles with Mary and praying the rosary. Amen

For my unborn child

For my unborn child that he continues to live and grow stronger each day.


Pray for my healing from the wounds caused by my mother being critical of me (especially my parenting style), my cooking, my husband, and treating me like a child, calling me stupid, condemning me. My mother and father stopped practicing their Catholic faith 17 years ago.

For my son Edward to be healed from anxiety

That my son would be healed from anxiety through prayer and fasting and/or a physician's help and that my daughter will be healed from an eating disorder through prayer and fasting.


Please pray for the success of the Lay Carmelite Convocation. Also for the safe travel to and from and that all in attendance will be filled with the Holy Spirit. May each individual feel welcomed by the Family of Carmel. Thank you.

Discernment Grace

For three specific graces that I believe would be extremely helpful in my vocational discernment and that I may begin obtaining these graces in the next month.

Business to Prosper

Asking for God to bless my business with an increase of paying customers and financial breakthrough.


Please pray for me. I have a father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and his wife who are prejudiced towards me and treat me and my son (their nephew) with such coldness and are mean. My father-in-law is jealous of the amount of time his son spends with my family. I feel slighted by them when I am around my husband's family.

My husband

For my husband to return to the church, be freed of depression and anxiety, and find meaningful work. And for peace and patience during this time of transition.

To experience the love of Jesus

We request your prayers for all our family members that we should grow and experience the love of Jesus in our life, especially our firstborn Mathew  (21 yrs)who stays away from the Holy Mass, confession, Bible reading retreats and family prayer. Please pray for us.

For vocations and support

May almighty God, through the inspiration of the Holy spirit inspire vocations to our Franciscan Community and also contributors to our outreach to the poor, outcasts, aged, nursing home and hospice ministry.


Please pray and fast for my family to come back to the faith and believe in God again. Please pray for our protection from evil , and for a healing of body , mind and spirit.

Our School Community

For renewal of our school community and for our financial needs to be met. Amen.

Please pray for Morgan, Todd, and their premature baby girl, Marlowe

Marlowe was born by C-section at 29 weeks weighing only two and a half pounds. Her mother, Morgan, had a severe form of preeclampsia. Marlowe is making daily gains, but this is a very stressful time for her parents. Please pray that Marlowe will continue to thrive and that her parents will be blessed with God's love and strength. Marlowe's parents are fallen-away Catholics, so please pray that they will return to the Church to receive all the great blessings of the Sacraments. In Jesus's name, AMEN.

Prayers for conversion

For my children, Kenan and Mariska, that they are converted wholly back to their faith and have the intimate relationship that He desires. May they be healed of physical and spiritual wounds that are acting as obstacles to God's grace.


That my husband and I are making the correct decision in deciding on an early retirement. That we really do serve God's will with our extra time. That God will let my husband know how He wants to use us for the Kingdom.

Prayer for Gainful Employment

Pray for me to be able to obtain gainful employment soon in the accounting profession. I have been unemployed for the last two years and it's been difficult. Today I have an appointment with a recruiter for an open position. Pray that God's will be done. I need all of us to storm heaven with prayers for gainful employment. Thanks.

Please Pray

I have several friends going through major health issues. Eileen, Bill, Maggie, Margaret, Michele, and Maureen need your prayers. Please ask God to return them to good health if it is His Holy Will.

Prayer for Purity

Please pray for healing and strength, during this time as I try to avoid habitual sins of impurity.

Marriage prayer, urgent

Please pray that Billy is back home with Amy tonight. Pray that he will open his eyes to what he has and that he will see they need to be married and be a family for the kids. Pray that he will listen to God and not man or himself and change his mind on marriage, pray that he is being faithful and if there is anyone else, that it will stop now.

For favour in examination

Please pray for me. I have written a mathematics exam on 12 September 2015 .Pray for the Lord's favour in my math paper.

Prayers for Healing

For Bill, Debbie, Andy, Jenny, Emma, Billy, Doris, Megan, Ben, Matthew, Greg, souls in purgatory, Pope Francis

Protection from evil

Pray for my family to be covered by Jesus' precious blood. Amen.


Pray for my family to find and buy a reliable, safe, reasonably priced car. That we can afford the payment and not be taken advantage of. I really don't like buying cars but our current car transmission seems to be slipping (2005 model ). Amen

Healing of addiction

Please pray for my son, Brian, that he may be healed of all addictions that plague him, and all the anxiety and guilt which comes with these behaviors. I pray that the Lord Jesus and our Blessed Mother will grant him the graces needed to overcome this evil. Please pray that he may find the peace of Christ which he has known in the past. Please Jesus, heal his heart! Amen.

Employment & Financial Relief Needed

Please pray for my husband, an electrical engineer who has been unemployed for 15 months, and all people who have been unemployed for an extended period of time. This period of extended unemployment is wreaking havoc on our finances to the point where we have had a vehicle repossessed, had possessions auctioned off from a storage shed we were renting, and may be evicted from our apartment, I pray that Jesus will reveal His Will to us and direct our path.

For my son

For my son, Isaiah, who is in first grade. Pray for Isaiah who is struggling in listening to the teacher. He got reprimanded for not listening by being sent to the kindergarten room. The teacher did not call, email, or send us a note to let us know what happened. Pray for Isaiah to listen, talk, follow directions, and communicate and get along .

Lost documents

Please pray that I find the Sentury fireproof box that contains my birth certificate, US citizenship document, baptism certificate and passport. I went to look for it in a cabinet high above my closet and it is not there. My husband thinks I'm out of my mind because he does not recall it being there but I know it was there. I am at a loss and am sad about this.

Financial Help

I pray for the financial means to pay for my daughter's college fees. Please keep her in the university until she graduates. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Petition for my daughter

Our daughter, Mariska, age 19, suffers from some type of mental illness and makes the worst decisions. She is always trying to run away from her responsibilities and really struggles with extreme anxiety. However, she is very bull-headed and won't take her medication regularly. She is currently not attending Mass and lives with her boyfriend and their baby far from our home. We ask that the Lord heals her through the means He chooses to use, that she would be open to this healing, work the program, fall in love with Jesus Christ, and get back to the church of her childhood. Also, if it be God's will, that He put on her heart to marry her boyfriend and baptize the baby and be the mother God has called her to be.

For my son

For my son, Kenan, who is currently away from his Catholic faith. He says he believes that all religions are equal and there is no one true God. Please pray God's grace will wash over him and He will fall in love with Jesus and his faith.

For Carlos

Please pray for Carlos G. M. He has lymphoma and has been in the hospital for the last 55 days. They are running tests to try and figure out if it's spreading to his liver. If you could say some prayers, it would be greatly appreciated.   He could use all the prayer and support.

For a Fallen Away Priest

Please pray for Father D, who was asked by his diocese to leave after allegations (which he never denied) of inappropriate conduct. He is no longer practicing his faith or his priesthood. Please pray for him.

For My Goddaughter

Please pray for my goddaughter to return to the faith. She has not spoken to her parents in many years and her parents are heartbroken. She has two beautiful little girls (and her parents have not seen them since the older girl was an infant.) Thanks so much.

Prayers for my deceased relatives

Please pray for the repose of the souls of my deceased relatives: Khuan Seng, Poh Cheng, Yoong Hian and Ka Leng. Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. Amen.


I have been at my new job for three weeks. My supervisior is a college classmate of mine. I feel like she doesn't listen very well, is impatient, and scattered in her thoughts. I really feel disappointed in the job because I was lead to believe that the responsibilities of payroll were not as big as it is in the job. I left previous job I had for 10 months for this one to escape a very critical and controlling supervisor. Prior to this job I left my job of 10 years. I feel very lost. Please pray for me.


Not sure if it's addiction or just love of food, gluttony. Asking Jesus to totally heal me of my fleshly desire to lust after food. Fill my all with Jesus. I believe it. I trust, I love you, Jesus. Thank you.

For My Friend

Please pray for my friend, AnnMarie, whose health is declining and the doctors can't figure out what's wrong with her. Please pray that the doctors can diagnose what's wrong and give her treatment to restore her health.

Original Prayer

Please pray for Jennifer to find employment and not to lapse back into depression. Please pray for her ability to cope with what life has in store for her.

That my medical tests will come back normal.

Please pray that my medical tests will have normal findings. I am having anxiety about the procedure and the results. Thank you and God bless all!  

Prayer for healing

Please help me to pray to our dear Lord Jesus thru the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary for the healing of my Vertigo. In Jesus name. Amen.

For Those Working in Apostolates

For all those working simultaneously in Catholic apostolates and for secular companies, that we can be good stewards, that God will bless our work and seal us all in the precious Blood of Jesus Christ, especially when we are faced with difficult situations.

Miscellaneous Prayers

For my atheist sister and the quick healing of my son's broken arm.

Live the Fast Prayer and Fasting Groups

Please pray for parish prayer and fasting groups (which Live the Fast is trying to organize), that many will step forward to facilitate them, that the pastors of parishes will be open and enthusiastic about the groups and that, through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, many will feel called to join.

For Calvin

For Calvin, who has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. For his upcoming evaluation for surgery and for his healing. For his wife and family, for peace and trust in God during this time.

No friends, rejection at school

Please pray for my niece and nephews, especially the 17 year old who is so shy and tries so hard to be a part of a group. He is only partially included. He is so hurt. Please heal him and help him this year at school with the bully and smart mouth types who care nothing about their religious faiths. My nephew is so lacking in confidence that no one can seem to help him. Please pray that we can find suitable counselling for him and that he agrees to go. Also pray that his father not stop him from going. Please pray for my nephew's healing. My heart just aches for him. I know how he feels because it was the same for me when I was in school. I have never really 'matured' in my own right and am unable to help him other than through prayer. I also cannot help him with guy/girl stuff as I also have no personal knowledge of that either. I am over 50 years and quite embarrassed by my ignorance on the matter. Aside from that, I can be of no help to the kids. Help me to learn or help us to find help for them. Please pray for us all, loneliness seems to run in the family. Thank you for this opportunity to ask for prayer. God bless you all.

For Bill

For a speedy recovery for Bill who is paralyzed from neck down and has no speech.

Food for Coping

For the grace to have a healthy relationship with food and for healing from the sin of gluttony. For Jesus to increase and for I to decrease.


Conversion of my family, husband Alan, sons Daniel & Thomas, daughter Hannah & sister Susan.

Prayers for Judy and her son Bobby…cancer

Please pray for my dear friend Judy who will undergo surgery today for breast cancer. She had breast cancer and has been cancer free for 20 years. This is a new tumor in the opposite breast. Her oldest son is currently undergoing treatment for pancreatic cancer and I ask you all for prayers for Bobby as well. For nothing is impossible for God.

For Fallen Away Catholics

For fallen away Catholics to come back. For broken families. Conversions to the Catholic faith.


Pray for my husband and son to find and implement appropriate medical, spiritual and psychological help for their depression and anxiety.

Conversion, reconciliation and thanksgiving

Conversion to God's Holy Will, family reconciliation and thanksgiving for many, many, many blessings.

Help with employment

I have been "underemployed" for 4 months now (I have a part-time position that brings in a little money). I quit my last full-time position after a terrible ordeal with management. I have grown and have continued to look for jobs and to go for interviews. I would like to continue healing from that terrible ordeal and get some direction for what employment opportunity is next. If I have to wait some more... then I could use some patience. I may need to start up my own business but this seems like a risky venture right now. May God lead me!

Jaquie’s healing

Please pray for my friend who is having kidney failure and has severe pneumonia.


Conversion back to the faith for my family and relatives.

Self worth

That Stephen learns how to properly respond to his adult children versus just reacting to their behavior.

Test, Job, Vocation

For the grace to pass a certification test, the grace of a full-time job that enables me to reach my full professional potential and stimulate my personal interests. And the grace to know and fully realize my vocation.

To Complete Graduate School

Please pray for my son David to complete his rotations in physician assistant graduate school (PA). He is on academic probation and needs prayers. He only has 6 months left.  Please pray that he studies hard and passes all his exams and does well in his clinical rotations, and finally graduates. God bless you all for your prayers. Thank you.

Coping Mechanism Addiction

That I can stop going to food to cope, to go to Jesus for ALL my needs, surrender! Let go and let God. To be the best wife, worker and living example for ALL to see. For job, to suffer for Jesus, and to see Jesus in all including me when I look. Thank you! I believe, I expect, I trust. I LOVE YOU, JESUS!

For Life

For the grace to fast on bread and water on Mondays and Fridays.

Financial Healing

I am asking for prayers for my financial healing.


I am asking for the healing of my godchild who is suffering from heroin addiction. Please pray that he is healed from this terrible addiction.


Want to go to Jesus to fill my needs, not FOOD for coping, Jesus for all. Surrender food and my need. Please, Jesus I am begging for acceptance. Be willing to use me. Make me an example for all to see you working in and through me. Let me see all through your eyes, Jesus. Thank you. I believe, I trust, I LOVE YOU!

Leanna and HAE type 3

Please pray for my 18 year old daughter who is currently being diagnosed with the very rare HAE III that she will finally, with our Lord's help and mercy, be granted permission by our insurance company to use medication FDA-approved for HAE 1 and II for its life-saving effects. May she always feel His loving presence and embrace, even when an attack brings her so close to death's door. I hold her up continually in prayer and deep in my mother's loving heart I pray for healing and a miraculous cure with every breath. AMEN.

My son & god-daughter

Please pray for my son Matthew who is struggling with addiction. Take from him this addiction and give him strength and courage to continue fight for his sobriety. Please pray for my god-daughter Samantha who is struggling with same sex attraction and has 'married' her girlfriend. Pray that this sin will loosen its grip on her life, that she will turn back to Jesus and live in full communion with Him.

Overcoming addiction

I just finished my third fast day for my 20-year-old son who has an addiction to marijuana. He was suspended from his university for drug use and has been living at home for the past 7 months, working and going to rehab to try and overcome this addiction. He has spent every last cent of his earnings on wayward living. Things seemed so grim that my husband and I asked him to move out by August 31st. Please pray that he will be given the grace to overcome this addiction, know God's will for his life, and be able to return to school. Thank you and God Bless.

Special Intentions

Please pray that my husband (and all others who have been unemployed for months) will get work as soon as possible, and that our financial situation will improve.


Return of children to the one true Church.

Stage four metastatic cancer

Everything has failed so far -- medicine, therapy. So now I am facing chemotherapy. Please pray to the Lord for me, through the prayers of the Blessed Virgin Mary, that I may cured of this awful disease. I want to live my life for Jesus as a consecrated man, in some kind of religious vocation, and work hard to develop many vocations among young men and women. Untimely death would knock that out. But in all things I give the glory to God and am resigned, joyfully, to His will. Thank you.

Completion of Doctorate

I pray for the successful completion of my doctorate in counseling psychology and that I may be drawn to future endeavors associated with my education and career that are God and Holy Spirit driven.

Marriage restoration

Please pray for my marriage. My husband left us on May 8, 2015. If it is God's will, I pray that my husband comes back home quickly and suddenly and to be able to seek healing.

For the Unborn

For the unborn, expecting mothers and those who do not yet know God.

A Miracle to Save my Marriage

Please pray that my wife will have a change of heart and work together to save our marriage of 13 years.  My wife filed for divorce in her home country, Panama.  I have been here for 8 weeks with no home, no car, no extended family, no job, and I don't speak Spanish well.  We have three beautiful children that are also having trouble coping with the situation.  Please pray that I will learn to love and serve my wife better and that she will pause the divorce proceedings to attempt to reconcile.

Forgiveness, divine mercy and the intercession of virgin Mary

Please pray for me to be freed me from my sins which everyday is tormenting me. Pray that l can receive love from Jesus and to love happily in doing prayers. Pray for me to have strong faith in Jesus so as to be saved from evil persecution. Pray for me to be converted and saved. Pray for me so that my prayer and fasting can be done with great love, devotion and humility.

Breaking the bonds of the past

Please pray for a 26-year-old woman, clean for 5 years of drugs and alcohol, that is in a co-dependent gay relationship. The relationship is with another addict, who is unable to stay clean. Please pray that the bond that holds these two women together comes to an end, and that the 26 year old will see all that our Merciful God has for her to live for, and that she will be open to coming back to the church.

People at my job

I pray that the people at my job would stop being against me. Also that my classroom will run smoothly and the children will listen to me. There is one particular one who tries to make bad things happen to me. Please allow me to do well in my new job.  I am struggling and the people at my job talk about me and one woman who used to be my co-teacher causes problems for me. I ask for prayer for things to work out in my favor. I'm doing the right things. Thank you in adance. I need my job as I have children to take care of.

For My Family

I ask for God to bring Elijah and I together as husband and wife before the end of this year. That our combined family will work well, our children will give their life to our Lord Jesus Christ and receive their Salvation. Our home will be one big God family. My boys are in Africa with their father. He was scared to combine families because of my boys' behavior. I raised my boys alone until 3 months ago, then sent them to their dad's as they were getting into a lot of trouble. Also I have a body odor I need to get rid off. Whatever the problem is, please allow God to solve it. Thank you, God, in thanksgiving.

My Grandchildren

Please pray for my dear grandchildren, Gabriel, Vivian and Lucy. I am not allowed to see them because I pray with them. My daughter has rejected the Catholic Church and does not want them exposed to my "values."

Sleep & health

Pray for me as I only manage to sleep 5 hours every night. Between work, prayer time, daily scripture, exercise schedule, and my family life, I find myself short on sleep, cranky, and tired. Pray for me to balance all of these. I am also trying to organize and clean my home but find no time for that. Amen


For my husband to stop drinking. Amen


For my six year old son, he doesn't listen and follow directions, continues not to respond to time out. Amen

Physical Healing and Prayer for the Soul

Please pray for guidance, protection and for the health of my parents and my siblings. Also please pray for the soul of my grandparents, namely: Damiana and Isabelo and Asicla. As well as, for the soul of my little sister Vivian.

For my best friend

Please help me pray and fast for my best friend, that she may have the will and the strength to walk away from a relationship with someone who is married. Thank you.

Please pray for Chuck

Chuck is the brother of Two Sister Hibernians. He is seriously ill in FLorida. If it is God's will, pray for his return to good health.

Rest in Peace, Joyce

A Dear Friend went home to God this week. Asking God to assist her family during this time. A void in so many friends' lives as well. A new star in the Heavens.

For healing

For Edward's healing.

For son with mental illness and addictions

Please pray for my son who has a mental illness and addictions and has become very anti-Catholic. Please pray for his healing and conversion. Thank you.

For Our Financial Needs

Please pray that God will provide for our financial needs and help us to get out of debt.

Peaceful Transition

I have been accepted, and I am entering seminary next August. I am in the middle of selling my house, amongst other things. Please pray that someone buys my home soon at a fair price, so I don’t go into debt or stress about it for the next year. If I don’t sell the house, I will have to delay entering seminary for another year until I can sell it. Please pray for me.


That J and R get pregnant. They have been trying for 7 years.....that God will bless them with this wish through the intercession of Mary our Mother.

For my sister’s courage

Please pray for my sister who recently learned that her white and red blood cell count is low and she fears she may have leukemia. Please pray that she gets in soon for a bone marrow test and that the end result is treatable and optimistic and that the doctor rules out leukemia.

Mother’s transition

I would like to ask for prayers for our Mother and our family as we try to decide how to help Mom transition from independent living to a situation where she is less alone and better monitored for safety. This is difficult as she has been independent her whole life and our family is spread throughout the country and are struggling to find ways to help her. I ask for blessings for all in this faith community of Live the Fast. God Bless.

First Fast

Please pray for me as I am trying to fast for the first time. Pray that my intentions are for His will.

Fasting Community

For the Live the Fast community to grow at a grassroots level. For prayer and fasting groups to start at parishes.

For the grace

For the grace of upcoming trials and for peace for all members involved.

Blessing of Prayer on Our Family and Home

Dear Jesus and Mama Mary, Please help us to pray the rosary in our home fervently. Please help my husband M and children D, M and R pray the rosary. Let prayer prevail in our home. Help us all to seek the kingdom of God in all things. Bless my son E to accept his disability and seek the plan of Jesus in his life. Help my daughter M to get the right person as life partner in her life, preferably from Mama Mary’s remnants. Help my son R as he is pursuing a job overseas if it is truly the will or God. Or else, please give him a job here in India. Mama Mary cover us with your holy mantle of love and protect us. Please don’t allow any of us to stray away from you, please Mama. Your humble child, E.

Finding work

Lost my job after 7 years in a high profile position and am a candidate for the diaconate in my first year of candidacy and want to find the work God is calling me to that will sustain my family and help me also along the path of discernment and becoming a deacon.

For Marital Healing

Please pray for my wife and for the healing and strengthening of our marriage of 24 years. My wife is distant both psychologically and physically. She has refused to be intimate with me for the past 15 months and views me as "the father of our children" only. I am fasting on Fridays for this, but could sure use extra help and prayers. God Bless.

Prayer for Conversion of Soul, Mind and Body

-Conversion to the Holy Church from error -Purity from the scourge of sin -Willingness to fight Satan -Willingness to become a saint

Prayer to save a marriage

Please pray for my brother and his wife not to separate and break their marriage vows. Thank you.

For my sister-in-law

Please pray for my sister-in-law D to find peace and forgiveness in her heart with her family.


I'm fasting for my children, healing and a resurrected life.

Healing addiction to food

Total transformation, renewal of mindset to stop living for food, but to live for God for ALL my needs. Thank you.

For Tomislav

A prayer that all is well with my friend and a former colleague Tomislav, threatened to be beheaded by terrorists. -- Jesus I trust in You.

Porn Addiction

Please pray for me and for all the people struggling with porn addiction, so that with the help of Jesus we can defeat this addiction and follow God's will in our lives.

My weak will

Please help me to follow God's plan for me. I am often weak and my will fails me. I need to become more strong so I can live the full life that Christ wants for me. Thank you for your prayers.

For finances

I and my family members need employment and financial blessings from God.

For My Husband

That my husband will encounter Christ and be blessed with a living faith.

Job for Tom

Please pray that my brother-in-law Tom is able to find a job soon to support himself and his son and to meet his financial obligations. Also please pray that he has a conversion of heart, mind, soul and spirit and that he and his family are converted. Thank you.

For my daughter

For my daughter's healing from mental illness and conversion back to Christ.


Pray for all cancer victims and their families.


Please pray for Mr. Gladwin who is on Life Support in UK. He has two small daughters, Betty and Alice.  Please also pray for the successful completion of our financial job. For five years we are facing obstacle after obstacle.

Sheltering homeless

I have a step-son who divorced his wife because of adultery. He lives here with two girls.  It's been three years. He wastes money on soccer, televisons, eating out, steaks and buys gifts for his friends. How can I help him see that he is taking advantage and he should buy medicine, food, beds for his girls? The girls sleep on my childhood bed, he sleeps on the bed my father gave me. This might be a works of mercy, however, he still has not learned to be a real father. Pray for me as my patience is thinning out. I don't see how this behavior pleases God.

My daughter

My daughter has a mental problem---so far undiagnosed -- creating such pain to herself, her children, her husband and her sibling and to me, her mother. She left the church over 20 years ago. She is really horrible when she speaks of our Holy Mother Church. Yes we all pray for her. I'm asking you to pray for her to come home to the truth and beauty of our faith. I ask for another prayer request for my son who is a believer, but not a practicing a Catholic. Such a mix in my five adult children. The other three are active in our church. One is a theology teacher in a Catholic high-school, one is a DRE in a wonderful parish in Michigan, and the last is a devoted mother teaching her three boys the faith as she grew up with. Sometimes I wonder what went wrong with two of my children. God bless you all for your kindness. Ill be ordering fasting bread. I've never fasted but one of my daughters does and suggested the beauty of this.

My Son

Please pray for my son Drew who is battling clinical depression and substance abuse issues and has twice attempted suicide this year. He has turned his back on the Church and refuses both anti-depressant medication and any kind of therapy or counseling. Pray that the Holy Spirit help drive away the darkness and restore joy to his spirit.

For my adult son with autism

My son is 22 and needs to go into a residential home but there are no openings available because our state has no funding. My son is on a waiting list of 22,000 people, all with disabilities. Instead of working together for a solution, my son's mother (my ex-wife) and I cannot see eye to eye. Please pray for a peaceful solution to this problem, a solution that is the best for my son and our respective families.

Peace for Our Family

Please pray for peace and protection from evil for our family. Were facing a lot of temptation to despair.

Job search by Joshua

Please pray for Joshua who is desperately looking for a job. We have until the 17th of the month to find a job and move out of our place. Please help us with your prayers. May God Bless you.


Please pray that if it is God's will, I will soon meet the man who is meant to be my spouse. My hope is that I will recognize him when I meet him and that my heart will be open and trusting.

A friend recently diagnosed with breast cancer

Please pray for a family friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Her mastectomy is scheduled for August 11th.

Discerning a relationship

Please pray for me and Annika; that we may know and love God's will regarding each other.

Prayer for healing

I am a Deacon in Illinois. As I age my knees and legs are holding me back from ministering to my brothers and sisters. Pray for the healing of the legs and knees so I may continue.

Prayer for healing

Prayer request for young man battling colon cancer with nodules on liver. He has so much faith and trust in God and Jesus. He is placing all trust for a healing in Them. He is very ill yet offers to pray for others all the time I am hoping to fast and pray for a miracle healing. All for the Glory of God. His will be done Thank you and God Bless you all.

For my brother

Please pray for my brother who suffers severe abdominal pain, sending him to the emergency room several times a month. Doctors seem unable to diagnose nor treat him successfully. So I ask for your prayers for healing for him, physically and spiritually as well. Thank you so much.


I have been discerning a call to religious life for a few years. For a few months now, though, I have been slacking in my prayer life and am now confused as to whether I was ever called or if that desire (so strong at one point) was just that - a desire, not a call. Please pray that I may turn back in prayer to trust Jesus and answer whatever call He is making. I need clarity. Thank you!


I pray that I, with the grace of Mama Mary, can have the finances I need to travel to POLAND for the WORLD YOUTH DAY.

special intentions of the heart

Please pray for my children to have conversions of their hearts back to the Catholic Church Please pray that my daughter has a safe and easy delivery and a healthy baby boy that is due in two weeks. Please pray that my son meets a nice Catholic girl to fall in love with. Please pray that I am able to obtain some financial stability for my home business at this point in my life. I pray for all members of this group and all the intentions in your hearts. Thank you and God Bless!

Advocates of Planned Parenthood

For our brethren who support Planned Parenthood so that they may have a conversion of heart and realize the evil being perform with abortions. For them I pray.

For my daughter

That she may know the dignity she has as a daughter of God and not fall prey to insecurity, jealousy and envy.


I lost my job, health, energy and hope. Say a prayer for me, please.

Food fight

I'd like prayer as I prepare to fast, tomorrow (Wednesday). I am hoping to join you all on Wednesdays and Fridays, each week, going forward, during the weeks when I am at home. I used to fast when I was in my 30's and 40's and did very well, but my spiritual director told me to stop because of my busy life as a mom. Now in my 50's, I fight the urge to eat much more. I need to rediscover my dependency on God and not food. Ultimately, though, my prayer request is that God save many souls. Thank you!

For my children

Good Shepherd, please bring my five lost sheep back into the fold. They have all been baptized, received confession and Holy Eucharist, been confirmed, and two have received the sacrament of matrimony. But they have drifted away from the Catholic Church. I pray daily they will return.

change of heart

Please pray for the change of heart of our elected officials to make a law to protect the lives of innocent babies being slaughtered before they have the chance to breathe the air and admire God's beautiful creation. May our blessed Mother Mary protect us. Thank you.

For my family

We are having a great deal of family turmoil right now. Please pray. Thank you.

For those with addictions

Praying for unbelievers and for those with addictions and their families.


Please pray that my daughter, who is 26 and not been a part of the church for almost 8 years, will find her way back to Jesus. She is also living an alternative lifestyle, please pray that these inclinations will lessen and she will live a chaste life. She also battles the addictions of alcohol and drugs, please pray that she continue in her recovery.

Family Life

Pray for healing in our family. My daughter is dealing with thyroid and hormone issues, and it causes her to not deal with the needs of her family very well, she becomes depressed and anxious, and has a tendency to take it out on her kids and husband.

Paying off debt

Please pray that I can pay off all debt.

Job for my husband

Please pray for a job for my husband and a special intention.

Financial blessings

I have been fasting and praying for a government job and God's blessings for the last eight years, but it seems like I haven't received anything from God. We are passing through financial crisis, unemployment, defame, failures, strongholds, captivities, lack of wisdom. Please pray for me and all of my family members.


I am in need of a job. I am 63 and need to survive. Please have mercy on me. CA

Half an answered prayer- for Keith to find a job & Jesus.

My son Keith finally found a good job to support his family - only after I put the intention on the Live the Fast site. He said he has also been praying.

In thanksgiving for your apostolate!

I have been trying (off and on) to live the call to fast by Our Lady of Medjugorje since going on pilgrimage there in October 2010. The trip changed my life, and in leaving my former career, I am now discerning a move to Boston. During this morning's fast, while looking up nourishing bread recipes to bake, I stumbled upon a Boston Pilot article about Andy Lavallee and recognized him from a YouTube video I had streamed earlier this year on fasting. Learning about his bakery and this prayer community through livethefast is so encouraging--it helps me to realize that, whether I end up making the move to Boston or not, I am not alone in striving to live this message here in the US. Thank you, thank you, thank you for having responded to Our Mother's call with such love and generosity! United with you using the weapons of prayer and fasting to battle against the scheduled black Mass in Oklahoma and all that opposes Love.

For conversion

For 45 months my wife has been trying to live a gay lifestyle. We need prayer for her conversion to a path that leads to Christ, and away from the grip of the evil one. Additionally I need prayer to continue to stand fast for Christ, my wife, and my two beautiful 5 year-olds.

Wisdom in Decision making

My daughter was shocked after 33yrs her husband wants a divorce. For the last 12 months she had been trying to sell her lovely house that they raised their children in and looking for an apartment that she can afford on just her own salary alone. Her husband is not cooperating in finalizing the divorce. She is trying to Trust in God but the younger generation finds that hard to do. She hates her working conditions and salary but glad to have it while she keeps sending out unanswered job applications. She is trying to control her life and is very tense and upset. Thank you

Answered prayer Job Interview

Thanks be to God, my prayer was answered. I was offered the Accounting Manager position on Monday 7-20-15. Pray for my success at my new job. Original intention from 7-17-15: Please pray for me, I have a job interview with a Catholic high school for an accounting manager position. Pray God’s will be done and His great mercy upon me as I discern His will.

Prayers for my Mother

Please pray for my mom, who is in the end stage of Alzheimer's. Her left heel has developed a pressure sore and we are hoping it does not open but gets reabsorbed or she will have a tissue-wasting open wound that will not heal. I am also praying to find a dentist who can come to our house to deal with the few teeth she has left because they are rotting and I know are giving her pain. I want her last days to be peaceful and not painfilled. Thank you so much for any prayers offered.

To Do God’s Will

Please God that I will do Your Will always and fast for your intentions.

My daughter

My daughter will begin the clinical portion of her medical school training in the fall. She was just informed that she would have to have her blood tested to determine her immunity for all of the illnesses she was vaccinated against in her childhood. If her immunity is not sufficient she will have to be re-immunized. Knowing what we know now about vaccines grown in aborted fetal cell cultures we don't want her to be subjected to that horror. I am asking for prayers that her blood show sufficient immunity. Thank you for your prayers.

food addiction

For freedom from going to food to fill my emptiness instead of Jesus. Jesus is ALL I need - Jesus fill me! Thank you

Conversion of family members

Pray for the conversion of a majority of my family members and friends who don't go to church, don't believe in the Church, and don't trust in God. Pray that I may have the strength to continue helping them, Lord willing, or at least send people in their lives that draw them to Christ.

Job interview

Please pray for me, I have a job interview with a Catholic high school for an accounting manager position. Pray God's will be done and His great mercy upon me as I discern His will.

Cancer diagnosis

My 44 yr old daughter-in-law has inoperable cervical cancer. It has spread to several parts of her body. She will start a 28 day radiation regime for the cancerous ovaries on 7/20/15. She has a 10 yr old and a 13 yr old daughters. My son, the youngest of my seven children, is devastated. Please pray for a miracle of healing and strength for the whole family. I will start fasting tomorrow 7/16/15 which I have kept putting off. Love, Joy and Peace, Nancy

Return to the Faith

Please pray for my young adult son who may be losing his Faith. Please pray that the Lord will open his heart & guide him back to church. Also, please pray for special intentions for my family. Thank you.

Praying Daughter will Baptize Child(ren)

Please pray for my daughter and her husband so they will be filled with the Holy Spirit and want to seek out Baptism for their daughter and 2nd child which is on the way. Her husband had a bad experience with the Lutheran religion and needs have his heart opened to the Truth of the Catholic Church and be the spiritual leader of his family. My daughter is suffering from betrayal and has been pulled away from her Catholic faith. Please pray that they both can have a profound experience that will lead them to seek out the community of faith and want to include their children through the sacrament of baptism.

Family harmony

My step daughter and I are having a disagreement. Pray that she will accept my compromise proposal And our family will gather to celebrate our grandsons' birthdays.

Job application

Please pray for me as I submit a job application, coverletter, and resume to a Catholic high school that if it is God's will I be offered an interview(s) and the position. I have little experience in payroll which might be the deal breaker. Please pray for wisdom and the grace I am on need of at this time.

Several Special Intentions

For two friends who appear lost and confused. For the grace to know my vocation, suitable full-time work, and a special intention

Niece and her family

Recovering from recent serious illnes. Needs new home and help for two sons with emotional issues. also prayer for her mother who has been taking care of all.

Thank your praying for me… Because my prayers have been answered!

I asked this wonderful community to pray for me, for I was taking my board exam on July 8th. After taking the exam I must admit I was nervous and felt I had not performed well, but I received my status today, and I passed my boards! By God's infinite grace and mercy, and by all of the people who kept me in their prayers, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! God Bless you All!

For a Soul Losing Hope

Please join me in prayer for a beloved friend Eddie, who is deeply downcast by life and close to the point of believing that he must not be worthy of having a better life. No matter how hard he tries, no matter what forward progress he makes, unexpected and serious setbacks occur that are increasingly difficult to overcome. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, he's spent. He is anxious, stressed, and suffering from PTSD. He's even afraid to pray, because he's unsure that it will lead to something positive, instead of 'yet another trial.' He's at a breaking point. Join me in immersing him in the abyss of God's mercy through our prayer and fasting. I thank you, and praise God who can do all things. Amen.

For My Young Adult Children

Please pray for special intentions for our young adult children to turn back to their faith and to grow close to the Lord and place Him as leader in their lives trusting in His mercy and guidance. Thank you. Amen.  Suzanne

Gary W

My father is being wrongly accused of harrasment at work. His strength to fight this is waning and he might be wrongfully terminated on July 28. Please send prayers of protection. He is a quiet man.

Prayer for my children

My son is 2 yrs old and will be baptized next Saturday. Words cannot express the amount of happiness this brings to our family. I ask for your prayers in helping the Holy Spirit find my wife who struggles with her faith, but fully supports this blessed sacrament. The Lord has recently blessed our lives with another child, so I ask for more of your prayers in that my wife maintains a healthy pregnancy. I enjoyed your show this morning and I'm seriously contemplating a fasting journey. Thanks for opening my eyes to this sacred wisdom. -Craig

healing for a sick child

My 16 year old daughter has had a chronic digestive illness for the last 2 1/2 years. She is very miserable physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Thank you and God bless!

Help for marriages

For my daughters and their husbands, and all other couples with troubles, and singles who also suffer from addiction and other relationship-destroying attitudes or behaviors. I pray for freedom from food addiction, compulsive eating, anorexia, bulimia, alcoholism, smoking and other tobacco or drug use, sex and pornography addiction, gambling, compulsive shopping and materialism, and all other problems which supplant Jesus, who should be our God and Savior. I pray for healing of wounds and memories, for strong, happy, godly and enduring marriages for my daughters and for everyone. I pray that the church, society and government would support marriage, as the building block for healthy families and society. Also that the church would do a better job of preparing couples to select appropriate partners and to build godly marriages. God, please bring my daughters and their husbands back to the devout practice of their faith! AMEN

Adult Daughters of Friends

For the two adult daughters of my friends who are cohabiting with their boyfriends. Please pray for their conversion...


I ask for prayer to be delivered of the lusts of the flesh. I had a sinful past and understand that I opened to door to demonic activity and ungodly soul ties and a spirit of coveting. I desire with all my heart to be a pure vessel of honor and humble (with out coveting or jealousy). Thank you so much for your prayers. Sarah

Prayers for our family

That our daughter and her family return to their faith with love and understanding. I ask for healing in our family and for a just decision from the VA for my husband. I also unite my prayers in hope and trust that our Lord will help all of us during this time of trouble in the world. Please pray for our Priests, Bishops, Archbishop's, Cardinals and especially for our Holy Father the Pope.

For Aaron

For Aaron, a young father with aggressive stage VI lymphoma.

For my son and daughter

For my oldest 2 children who are far from God either in their thinking or/and lifestyle. That they would convert back to their faith and have a fresh encounter with Jesus Christ that grows and grows. For my own struggles with a particular sin...

Prayers for healing and to be upheld in faith

I am asking for prayers for my stage 3a high grade uterine cancer. I had surgery and will begin chemotherapy next Friday July 10. I am very scared and even though I have constantly prayed and offered my trust, the evil one has dogged me and filled me with negative thoughts about defeat. I love the Lord and I have worked for His intentions for years, and I ask that He console me and help me to trust in His mercy . I ask Him to heal me with his hands and restore peace in my heart and my body. I pray for Him to forgive me my many transgressions and lead me to heaven someday. In the name of Jesus, Amen

healing request

please pray for Joan for healing of many medical issues, as well as for her faith journey and healing of her soul/spirit that she may be guided to the right path.

Deliverance from adultery and fornication

Please fast and pray for my brother who needs deliverance from adultery and fornication. Praying he returns to God and his family.

Prayer for ISIS

Heavenly Father, Lover of all Mankind, bless American and other western policy makers with the desire to make a fearless commitment to Truth, and anoint them to be bold in the gift of true humility, in order to listen to the grievances of ISIS, and to confess and repent of all our sinful wrongdoing before we ask for the repentance of our 'enemies.' You made Pilate and Herod become friends despite their enmity for each other; act now and bless us in our need, and free us from the blindness to which we cling. We put our trust in you, through your Son our Lord Jesus Christ, in the unity of the Holy Spirit, now and forever. Amen. [submitted by: Fr. Thomas Hart, O.S.B.]

That my son can find an affordable place to live

Please pray that my 19-year-old son can find an affordable place to live in Toronto, where he will be attending college in September. Many thanks.

I need a miracle

I'm in a very bad situation and nothing short of a miracle will help me. Please, I beg you, please pray for a miracle for me. Thank you so much!

pray for premie

Please pray for baby William, a 5 pound boy born 8 weeks premature by emergency C-section, who is in the ICU fighting for his life with a collapsed lung. Also pray for his parents Bill and Amanda at this difficult time.

Good Friends

I asking for prayers for my two teenage daughters Ania and Aiyana. Please pray that the Lord will bring them each good and godly friends. Friends that are trustworthy, loyal, caring and fun. I also pray for the up coming school year for protection, success and focus. Thank you all very much.

please pray for my mom and family

Dear Live the Fast community. My mother is suffering with late stage lung cancer. Please pray for her to be free from fear as well as shame and guilt. She blames herself because of her many years of smoking. I pray she will allow the merciful and forgiving love of Jesus to set her free. Please pray also for conversions to take place in my family. My three siblings have not been practicing Catholics for many years. The best gift my mother could receive would be their return to the sacraments and the practice of their baptismal faith. Of course, her siblings, grandchildren and friends are also in need of prayers as well as my dad (her husband of 52 years) and myself, who provide her primary care at home. Thank you!

Conversion of husband

Please pray for my husband William: he's away from the Church and the Sacraments. He is also an alcoholic and smokes. Thank you so much. I will keep you also in prayer. God Bless you, Elana


For healing from past hurts caused by my mother, co-workers/boss, abusive ex-husband and my work environment. Please pray that I do not lose my job. I am feeling stressed out, sad, disappointed in my new employer/bosses. Pray for God's will to be done. Amen


Pray for my husband, Mark, the union at his job is planning a strike. Please pray that the contract will be negotiated and that a strike will not happen. We can't afford for his pay to be put on hold by a strike. Amen


To know God's will about my job that I have been at for eight months. I have lost my confidence, been demoted, and feeling like a failure. I changed jobs after ten years at the same company for this new company. I am having challenges getting enough sleep, reading scripture, praying my rosary , exercising, time with my family, and daily prayer. My supervisor has told me that she and the company have high expectations and that the culture of the company is a "culture of perfection." I felt that this job was God's will for me as I discerned my job search. I really feel lost. Please pray for me. Amen

prayer for 3 things

My husband is not treated well at work and he wants to quit. I don't want him to quit cause we need the money to pay school and to live untill we start our selling business. 2. My twins are starting a business today they have less than 150 dollars, my prayer is that God grant them favour and they get lots of customers today as they begin. I pray that I get monet to start a business so I can help my husband.

For my oldest son

For my oldest son who is dealing with two addictions and mental illness. He has also become quite anti-Catholic and anti-religious. Please pray for his healing and conversion. Thanks so much.

Praying for a Baby

Please pray for my husband and I. We have been trying to add more babies to our family since we had our daughter 6 yrs ago. Thank you!


Pray that i will be able to get thru the full day tomorrow in a fast and not fall to temptation. I fast and pray for my sister who has been living in constant pain, that she will find some relief. And for her husband who is dealing with non smokers lung disease.

For Healing

The mother of a friend of mine was just diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Through the intercession of Our Lady, St. Joseph, and St. Rita, we pray for her complete healing, for strength for her family, and for all their family and friends to draw closer to Christ throughout the process.

For my Friend

Please pray for my friend, who is a widow with eight children.

Debt Mess

Please pray me that I receive a much needed raise or new, higher paying job, so I can clean up my debt mess without hurting my family. Pray for me that I will be Blessed with the strength to maintain my discipline NOT TO SHOP and that I will be content with what I have and seek the Lord instead of worldly material things to fulfill the inner emptiness. Thank you! May God Bless us all!


Please pray that I will be reconciled with my daughter and her family. I am so upset with the separation that I can focus on nothing else but this grief and sorrow. Even when I pray, I am distracted by this cross.

Pray for our family

Please pray for my husband and I and our very critical work situation, as well as our son's faith. Thank you


Please pray for me, I left a job of ten years for my current job. I have been demoted and have had a cut in pay. I need this job for my family's financial security. Please pray God's protection upon us: physically, emotionally, spiritually, and financially. I am also struggling with having enough time to pray, exercise and most especially getting enough sleep. Amen


Please pray for Mary who has oral cancer and is in great pain from recent surgery. Also Karin, who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, she has 2 young children. Also for Denny and his girlfriend, who are both undergoing cancer treatment. Thank you.

Cancer: breast and other

Please pray for two women who may have cancer (biopsy results pending) as well as a father whose cancer is spreading.


For fertility, sale of home, courage, peace, healing (emotional, spiritual and physical), and conversion for self and family and friends, and for intentions for which we are praying for others.

God’s Love, Grace, and Mercy

-Please pray for my stepmom and dad's business to continue to thrive. Pray they truly know our lord Jesus and His sovereign love always and never question their salvation. -Please pray as I sit for my comprehensive exam next week on the 22nd. -Please pray I continue to put Christ first. Pray for me this year in school and pray God will go ahead of me and prepare a a way for me to get a job with the all of the right accommodations I need. -Please pray for my assistance-ship in school. -Please pray for my health and eyesight -Pray for Shelby


Please pray for my husband's, son's, his partner, and my siblings' conversion, and the development of my young grandson's faith.

Health concern

I am recovering from esophagus cancer and I am having other health issues. I pray to the Blessed Mother to ask God our Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to allow me to remain cancer free through the intercession of Jesus our Lord and Savior.

Job and Faith

Job and conversion for Christopher.

New Job and conversion of children

Unjustly lost current job, in running for job closer to home pray if God's will that I get this other job.. Pray also for conversion of my daughters. Thank you will pray for your community.


Prayers that my son Austin returns to the Faith - to Jesus and Mary. He has been to Medjugorje twice, so I know Our Lady is calling him.

New business owner

I began a new business July 16, 2014, and dedicated it to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel. As my first year comes to a close I wish to place it once again under Her mantle of protection. She is a perfect role model. I ask for her continued guidance, and favor. Thank you for this opportunity.

Two and a half year old girl with leukemia

Need your prayers desperately. A little 2 1/2 year old girl has been diagnosed with leukemia...don't know much yet ...hoping it's curable!...She's my 1st cousin's granddaughter......Please pray for her.


For work for myself. For my brother to be successful in his career and also to unite with his separated wife. For all the family to be filled with Gods love, faith, blessings and peace.


Please give me strength to wait on your miracle as i believe that your will for me is to answer my prayers. Bring deliverance to my mind and heart. Heal the wounds of my heart and restore all my broken relationships.


Please pray that my fiancee who has mental and physical illness will allow me to continue to love and care for him. I know God can send one touch and change the situation totally.

Vocational Discernment

I am in the process of discerning a vocation to the permanent diaconate and am nearing the end of the process. I pray that God's will be done, that I will understand His will for me, and have the strength and courage to follow Him wherever He leads me, so that I may be a conduit for God's love and grace and mercy to others. I make this prayer in Jesus' Holy Name.

Please Pray for me and my family

I humbly ask that you pray for me, I take my board exam on July 8th and really need to pass. It is so important for the future of my family. I also ask for you to pray for my family, especially for unity during these difficult times, and specifically the time ahead, in preparation for Christ's return.

Surgery for Rectal Cancer

My colleague, Mary is a fallen away Catholic who was diagnosed with rectal cancer a few months ago. She has been recovering from her first surgery, but will be having her second surgery on June 22. She is schedule to have a permanent ileostomy bag. May this experience remind her how much Jesus loves her and that our Blessed Mother has an abundance of graces for her child, Mary. For a peaceful and speedy recovery.

Restored marriage

My prayer is that God will heal my marriage of 10 years. We are separated now and I pray that we will resolve our issues and he will move back home.

Please pray for Marisa

Please pray for Marisa who had to have a biopsy on her thyroid. Please pray the test results come back normal

Please Pray for Mark and Jan

Please pray for Mark who is about to undergo his 4th open heart surgery at the age of 44. He has a wife and 2 young children. Pray that it will be successful and will be a means to his conversion. Please also pray for his mom, Jan, who has a bad heart and is very worried about it-  that she will be able to trust in the Lord and find peace.

Miscellaneous Intentions

Pray for a dwelling for a family of eight preferably in the area they presently live. Also, have a teenager with Special Needs SIB pray that this stops the anger and frustration In Jesus Name. Also a special intention for Rebecca with Special Needs new student with anger issues to stop in Jesus Name. Also, Josh Special Needs teenager with MD Duschennes given six months to live January 20014 healing In Jesus Name. William recent college graduate direction in his life and career, In Jesus Name. Michael spiritual direction and good Catholic friends. Julie spiritual direction in life choices & vocation and friends, In Jesus Name. Emily a teenager a special intention and good friends and spiritual direction, In Jesus Name. Sara spiritual direction Godly guidance life choices, In Jesus Name. Sharon to have the courage and strength to go to confession and back to God, In Jesus Name.

Help me pray for my granny

Dear family, please help me pray for my grand mother who has been suffering.

looking for permanent job

Dear Family, Please help me pray to find a good permanent paying job as a Marketing Assistant. I have changing jobs but all not what am looking for. I am on the edge of loosing this one please help me pray for a new stable, good environment, paying job. I believe God will work a miracle for me, soon I will testify..

Help with an additction

Pray for my husband, Bryan has an addiction to alcohol. He also no longer attends Mass. Please pray that he desires to be healed of this addiction and get help in fighting this addiction. Pray also that he desires to know our Lord. Thank you.

Please keep them safe from harm

Please pray for my friend Maria and her family, especially her father Albertus who is receiving care in ICU at a hospital in Indonesia. They had a fire accident at home on Monday morning, 1 June 2015. The father suffered some burns and is now on ventilator because of his asthma. Please pray for his recovery, that the family be protected from further tragedy and that they are blessed with a safe home to live in. Thank you.

Help me achieve my goal

After three long years I have finally graduated from college. I know that I could not have done it without Our Lord Jesus Christ. I ask that he continue to guide me, and help me prepare for my board exams in July. Please pray for me that I may find the strength, determination, discipline, and understanding to study and prepare for this very important exam. I also ask that you pray for dear friend of mine who recently miscarried her twin daughters. Please help her mind and body to heal. Thank you


For all those who are struggling with addictions and for their family members. For all those who have died in an overdose and for the families grieving their loss.


Please pray for me. I started my new job six months ago, I have had challenges getting up to speed on learning my work. I am having difficulty in adjusting my work, prayer, exercise schedule and family life.


Please pray for honesty and truth in my marriage. For God to give me the grace I need, because we have a six year old son.

Pray for twins

Please pray that God sends me beautiful healthy twin boy and girl. God bless everyone!

Return to the Church

Please pray that my children will return to their Catholic faith. Thank you

for one recently deceased

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Dr. Dan K., who just died this morning of ALS.

avoid a stroke

Please pray for Dr. Thomas B., who has a history of stroke, recovered well, but is currently experiencing similar symptoms

Prayer for finances

This is an urgent request!!! Please pray for our apartment to sell. We are in the middle of negotiations with a buyer and we have come up against a roadblock and uncertainty with the potential buyer having problems with the bank lending him money. We desperately need to sell this or we face bankruptcy and losing everything we own ..Please pray the bank will approve his loan and the sale of this apartment can proceed ahead ..Thank you for your prayers

For the hungry and poor

For all those who are starving, especially children, and those who are living without basic needs of food, shelter, clothing and health.

For families

For all families that are suffering because of the addiction of a family member. For complete healing and for the intercession of The Holy Family.

Truth in my marriage

For truth and fidelity my marriage. For our 6 year old son and for the grace we are in need of. Amen

prayers for Ella

A friend of our has a grandniece named Ella. She is 6 years old with a brain tumor. The doctor's told the family there is nothing more they can do. All things are possible in Christ. Please pray for Ella


Brian, a fire fighter asked me to pray for healing for himself, so I gave him St. Raphael, (Medicine of God), Holy healing oil and Prayer Card, Blessed by Fr. Joe Whalen's, Ministry being carried forward in Upton, MA. at St Gabriel and the Angels Parish. May it be God's Will that Brian receive complete healing from his condition. Thanks, Bob

finding a new home

My parents have asked for prayers that they can find a small apartment to fit their needs. They had to sell their condo due to the financial burden it had become. They have one month before they move out. They want to stay close to their children and grandchildren. They are encouraged to know the Live the Fast community is praying for their intention!

Pancreatic cancer

A father has had his pancreas removed and is on chemotherapy. Please pray for successful outcome.

For a family

For four year old Caroline, who was born deaf in one ear - and at risk to lose hearing in her other - abruptly lost her hearing two weeks ago.  For her surgery on Thursday, May 14th.

For the mother who is due with their third child on May 29th (a pregnancy that has complications requiring them to take the baby at 37 weeks).

For the family, for peace during this time and grace for increased trust and hope in The Lord.

Pray for Healing for Paul

Please pray for healing for a young man named Paul who is suffering from a skin disorder. He is also in the middle of job hunting and please pray that he finds a job.

For a couple who lost a baby

For two dear friends who had a baby girl, Gabriella, who was born with anencephaly and lived only 13 minutes. For their healing and consolation. For all those dealing with loss.

Generational healing

My son John has a "social anxiety condition with a fear of rejection" which is genetic..My daughter Elizabeth has problems with relationships with "anxiety" My oldest daughter has Lyme disease with a heart valve problem. Also Elizabeth needs a new job that would be God sent and to renew her relationship with M.....if it is in God's plan.....Thank you

Family Harmony

Please pray for my siblings, children, spouse, grandchildren, and significant others that we may grow in love, conscious acceptance and complement of each others' lives. May each family and individual honor each other and have time to expand and teach the importance of family, acceptance of all, and love. May each family and individual be graced with abundance and blessings to be secure.

For Live the Fast

For the discernment of the future of Live the Fast.

For a friend in need

For an exceptionally gifted friend who is trapped in a viciously destructive lifestyle. For her healing and conversion to the Catholic faith.

For a school

For a friend who is trying to build and establish a bilingual Catholic school. That her efforts may be successful

For Porfirio

For my uncle Porfirio. He was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a rapidly progressive, invariably fatal neurological disease that attacks the nerve cell (neurons). He is suffering a lot please pray for him and his family, he already lost a daughter. Thanks.

Brain damage

Please continue to pray for Stephen B., who thankfully is no longer in danger of losing his life after surgery but has suffered some degree of brain damage. Please pray for his full recovery.

Healing for Jim who has been diagnosed with brain cancer

Jim has been fighting melanoma skin cancer, which went to his lungs and now his brain. Please pray for healing and conversion.

Healing for Tina, a young Mom with a brain tumor

Tina has 3 children and is now receiving chemotherapy and radiation.

Pray for Ruby

Ruby is fighting cancer. May God give her guidance and help her in her fight. May Ruby accept God's will.

Employment Needed

Please pray that my niece (Julie) find a job as a pharmacist before she graduates next month. She is very smart but quiet which employers count against her. She has had many interviews but no job offer yet.

Please pray for Kathleen.

She is suffering terribly from the aftermath of abortion. Is currently under psychiatric care. Please pray that she would be open to the Lord and would understand his merciful forgiveness. Also that she would be open to a Rachel's Vineyard retreat.


Please please help me in prayer and fasting for Michael. He is really making poor decisions that effect his future and evil one is after him. Michael is not walking a path of holiness. Truly needs a good confession and healing. He has really hurt his father and I in so many ways. We are willing to forgive, but he is not sorry. Pray for us and him.

Conversion and repentence

Please pray for Anna, a prodigal, for her conversion and repentence.

Please pray for Zach.

That he may get his life back on track after recovery from heroin addiction and is now in financial straits. Laid off from work, behind on child support, no car on the road, behind on rent. Please pray that he would be open to the Lord and that the Lord may lead him on the right path.

Please pray for Tony and Maria

Please pray for Tony who had a biopsy on his thyroid. Please pray that all the results come back normal. Please pray for Maria, that her MRI on the brain comes back normal. Please pray that Lisa's mammogram comes back normal.

Preparing for Easter

For all Catholics and Christians to enter more fully into prayer of The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord. For our hearts to be open to receive the many graces!

Pray for my Grandmother

Please send Prayers up for my grandmother Doris. She just had her second stroke a couple days ago. Please pray this pasts and that she can go home with my grandfather. Pray for my mother and my aunts and rest of the family. Pray for the doctors to found out what is truly going on with her. Jesus please be near her and my Pa! Mama Mary please be with them too! Thank you! Also pray for my boss to found the right people who are loving and caring who have amazing work ethics to join our work family at the daycare I work for. Thank all for adding these to your prayers! I will keep you all in mine!

for help and guidance for my family and myself

A stronger faith to hold on! Prayers for our finances and conversion for my husband and kids.

His Mercy & Grace

Please pray with me as I begin on a fasting and prayer journey for the first time starting next week. I have NEVER been in a place like this before. I am in need of a financial miracle. Help me pray that I will not start doubting God's provisions and promises. He's brought me too far. May God bless you.

healing for my daughter’s breast cancer and for her marriage

My daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer. Treatment has not yet begun. She has three children ages 15-7 and her marriage is in need of restoration. God's greatest blessings to all who pray.

Peace during job transition

For an executive that is transitioning to a new job. May he able find joy and presence of God during this phase and find a suitable work where he can greater impact to the enterprise and to the society. Also, be able to live and practice the Catholic social doctrine.

My son’s broken heart

Please pray for my son. He attends a Catholic school , and is being bullied. Ask The Lord and for all your prayers fthat he finds joy and safety during his school day and for the school that they will take control of this cruel behavior and protect my son and others suffering the torment of physical and emotional bullying. Thank you for your prayers, I can't do it alone.

For husband to end affair

Please pray that my ex-husband (civilly) ends the affair that devastated our marriage. Please pray for a restoration of our family and that he will begin anew as a good husband and father and be an example of faithfulness to our children if this be God's Holy Will.

Blessed Jesus, Through Blessed Mary

I come to you again,for help. I know you have given me gifts and strengths, direct me in using them. Strengthen my body by bringing me even closer to you. Strengthen my soul with the gifts of your Holy Spirit. Assist me in seeking to see those gifts in my life by making them priorities. I pray these things through the intercession of Mary, Queen of Heaven. Blessed be God, Jesus his son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen

Pray for Father Greg

Father Greg is very ill and bedridden. Please pray that the Almighty God may restore him to full health and to our holy Mother Church and his community.

Litany (7)

7. Prayers and special intentions offered up for Kathy and the Disciples of Divine Mercy in the Holy Face of Jesus, and Blythe and the Children’s Rosary. May they be held constantly in Mother Mary’s heart and be specially blessed and grow in merit and holiness, and bring about many graces and conversion in the world, and for the communities of the Benedictine Daughters of Divine Will and the Dominican Nuns of the Monastery of our Lady of the Rosary. May they receive abundant and ceaseless blessings and graces and grow in merit, holiness and number, while spreading the Truth of the Gospel so that many souls are brought to Christ and prayers for all the souls in purgatory, may many be released each and every day, especially the most forgotten and abandoned souls and those of Priests and religious. For the eternal salvation of the dying, may none be lost, and for the many conversions. With much thanksgiving and gratitude God bless and again thank you and united in Christ we shall keep each other in prayer To Jesus through Mother Mary always

Litany (6)

6. That powerful, abundant and ceaseless blessings and graces be bestowed continually upon the ministry You Shall Believe/Science Tests Faith and all the people directly and indirectly involved. Especially Tim, Colleen, Ron, Mike, Ricardo and Catalina. May their work and ministry always fulfill God’s Will, bring them closer to God and help bring about a worldwide conversion to Jesus and produce a 1000 fold of lasting fruit, and that Deacon Rey continues to grow in love with Jesus and Mary and His people, while surrendering more deeply to God’s Most Holy Will, and that his ministry flourishes abundantly and powerfully and is the spark that Jesus uses in battling the evil one within the USA, Church and whole world.  

Litany (5)

5. O Heavenly Father, through Mother Mary, Ever-Virgin, we commit Your and our beloved world into the Kingship and Lordship of Jesus Christ. We ask You to renew our countries in the power of the Holy Spirit, that all people may bow their knee and confess with their tongues that Jesus Christ is Lord. We pray that all political leaders receive Wisdom and Knowledge from on High to govern their countries according to Your Sovereign Will and that we may prosper in Justice and in Peace, in Holiness and in Purity, and in Love and in Truth, until our Lord is indeed the King of all nations from coast to coast and from sea to sea. We pledge a covenant of prayer and witness so that the powers of evil be defeated and the enemy of God, Satan, be subdued. Let Jesus Christ be Sovereign every City Hall, every Parliament, every court, every home, and in every nation until the day of His Glorious coming.  

Litany (4)

4. Through Jesus and Mary that all of us receive the special gift of the Living Seal of God and a double portion of Mother Mary’s Spirit, so that we may all live in the fullness of love, to love as God loves, and that Mother Mary, Our Lady Mediatrix of all graces wrap Her Mantle of Purity, Protection and Love around all of us, so that we may be Jesus’ Light in the world, and for the culture of life to prevail in our hearts and the whole world, that planned parenthood becomes miraculously transformed into a profound, abundant, and growing institute of life for the Roman Catholic Church, and for the repose of the souls of Christopher, Franz, Gabriel, Maria, my dad Vincent, Robert, Francois, Lise, Vincent, Joan, and Brian.  

Litany (3)

3. Praying that Pope Francis will declare the fifth Marian Dogma very soon in his Pontificate, and that he will also establish a Year for the Faithful Departed and the Souls in Purgatory, and prayers for the conversions of all sinners, especially for the conversions of Ken, Christina, Marc, Dave, Gilles, John, Paul, Georg, Brigit, David, Jean-Pierre, my brother Vince, Richard, William "Bill"Jr., Daniel, Sam, Cecile and Dr.Morgentaler, and for our own continual conversion, repentance and growth in holiness, and with prayers for Emma and La Pieta International Prayer Group, and all other good and faithful Christian prayer groups, and for my mom Christina and sister Nina’s intentions.  

Litany (2)

2. That through Mother Mary’s most powerful and never failing intercession that Alexander's spiritual direction, discernment, all his schooling, education goes extremely well, so he passes all the courses he takes with very good marks, and that he soon receives his Masters of Divinity, while his desire for the Priesthood continues to grow strongly, so that he becomes a good, devoted, prayerful, dedicated, joyful, faithful, devout and holy Priest with the Marians of the Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. That he is also graced by Jesus to always desire and accept His graces and love as God loves. That Alexander is open to receive Him fully so that he will always seek and do His Most Holy Will with prompt, loving, and joyful obedience, and that he is graced with a strong dedication and devotion for Mother Mary and the souls in purgatory, and with prayers that the Marians Of The Immaculate Conception Of The Most Blessed Virgin Mary grow in continual and deep reverence and holiness, and also constantly grow rapidly, abundantly, faithfully, and in merit, and spread into Canada and the whole world.  

Litany of Prayers

Please offer these prayer intentions with your daily round of prayers: 1. That through Mother Mary, Our Lady of Mercy, that each Angel and Saint present at every Mass celebrated in the whole world, each and every day, will bring many souls out of purgatory, eternal salvation to many dying souls and miraculous conversions to many obstinate sinners, while also powerfully interceding for all people to become and remain faithful followers in Christ, and that all people choosing and living a celibate life, especially Priests, Religious, and the Consecrated, that each and every day of their celibate life that many souls be released from purgatory, eternal salvation be achieved for many of the dying, and that many poor sinners be miraculously converted each and every day, and with ongoing and ceaseless prayers for the sanctity and purity of the Church and world, and we ask that Our Lady of Mercy protect all believers so that they will remain with the truth in love and service.  


Please include my intentions in your prayers that I will not be evicted from my apartment and that I will be able to pay in full all of my rent arrears immediately. Please pray that, going forward, I will be able to consistently pay my rent on time. I am a single parent and cannot afford to lose my home for my child's sake especially. Thank you so much for all your prayers.

For Marcus & his family

For Marcus and his family as they grieve the loss of their sister in a domestic violence incident. For the repose of the soul of his sister. For all victims of domestic violence.

Spirital Warfare

For my daughter who says she no longer believes in God.

Divine Union

For our wills to be united with the will of God's. For a deeper conversion of heart this Lenten Season for all Catholics and Christians.


For the safety of a young one-year-old boy on the west coast and his family.


For the safety of two brothers ages 3 and 1.

Consecrated Life

For the nuns of Christ the Bridegroom Monastery and the discernment of my vocation.

Prayers for conversion for two cronically sick people

Please pray for my Aunt Diane who will be having heart surgery soon and was just diagnosed with breast cancer. She has been away from the faith so long. Also, please pray for James (Buddy) who fell from the faith after his wife's suicide. He has been just diagnosed with bladder cancer (and also has heart issues). They both need spiritual conversions and medical mercy. Thank you Jesus for being there.


Please pray for Stephen B., who is fighting for his life as he recovers from surgery.

men’s prayer breakfast

I am scheduled to give a talk for a men's prayer breakfast in St. Louis and I pray that God will bring the people that need to hear this message. I pray for openness of hearts to Jesus and Mary and that barriers to openness would be demolished in the process. Thank you Jesus for the opportunity to praise you in speaking your words.

Young Mother with Cancer

Please continue to pray for J who has stage IV cancer. She is a young wife and mother of several children, the youngest of which is disabled. Jesus, Mercy!

Healing of the Spine

Please pray for my co-worker whose back pain from herniated discs has progressively worsened over the last week. I pray that her MRI today shows that only a shot is needed and NOT back surgery. All of you patron Saints against pain, pray for T!

Please pray for two brothers

Please pray for two brothers who witnessed a tragic accident. They are blaming each other causing family division. Please pray for forgiveness and unity of the families.

Help his unbelief!

Our son, Christopher, is 19 years old and continues to question and struggle with his faith. He had a rough road through high school and is now slowly beginning his life as a young adult, questioning his catholic faith, especially the purpose of prayer and suffering. Please pray for his unbelief and that he be granted the gift of a heart that longs for Christ in the Eucharist and receives the graces that come from fasting! We thank you for all you do!

Healing of unknown illness

Please pray for a dear friend and neighbor who has been battling an undetermined illness for a year now. It began with a bleeding ulcer. After hospitalization he developed issues with breathing and lungs and requires ongoing use of oxygen. Last month he suffered headaches and a CT revealed a lesion on his brain which as of last week now shows extra swelling. None of the symptoms are thought to be related, but all independent. I have been praying to St. Pedro for his intercession, but know that with more people praying for him, God will hear our prayers. Please pray for "Bob". Thank you and God Bless you.

Please pray for Alicia

My sister-in-law, Alicia, has recently been diagnosed with Stage 3 Cervical Cancer. She is my brother's wife and she is the mother of 2 wonderful kids and I'd like to lift her up to God and ask for her complete healing and that she be cured of this very aggressive cancer. I'd also like to pray that she and her family be blessed with courage and hope and also the peace of knowing Jesus is with her throughout all of her suffering.

Prospective Deacon

I applied to the Deaconate last fall, and both me and my wife will be scheduled to meet with the review board sometime in the next few months; I suspect it will be a couple weeks after Easter. I can use any and all prayers to help give me strength as the attacks from the enemy begin.

Love for Nicole

Nicole is a 10 yo who had a heart transplant at birth. Lately she cannot catch a break, as medically, everything is continually causing her distress. (her heart is still strong) visit her facebook page 'Love for Nicole" and put a face to your prayers. And please keep Nicole's family in your prayers also. thank you and blessings.


For a community member's healing so she can have her shoulder surgery. For a successful surgery and quick recovery process.

Prayer for Elise

Please pray for my sister, Elise, who is battling cancer for the third time in 21 years. This last one has invaded her bones and lymph systems. Surgery is not an option. She has had breast cancer twice. She is starting chemo today. For her healing in body and soul. Thank you and God bless! Richard

prayer for my grandchildren & their parents

Blessed Mary please ask your Son to heal my grandkids and their parents from the ravages of divorce and to remove the spirit of hate, revenge and despair from their souls. In Jesus name. Thank you.

Prayers for a job, a friend in need, and a priest

Please keep in your prayers my search for a summer job, a friend who is in need of clarity and guidance in her life, and a priest-friend recently diagnosed with cancer.

Conversion and Confession

Please pray for the returning to the Faith for Todd, Charles, AnneMarie, James, Katherine, Anthony, Eryn and Andrew. That they come to know and love Our Lord and Our Mother Mary. For my continued strengthening in the Faith and Trusting in the Lord. For Hope, that she receive the healing she needs to overcome her inllness that has left her so sick and weary, that she may rest in the loving arms of Jesus and Mother Mary. For our Guardian Angels and for the Souls in purgatory. Thank you for your continued prayers. Mischelle

Conversion to Christ

Please pray for the conversion of a dear Muslim friend; that his heart and his mind may be open to the very best that God has to offer through the ultimate gift that is the divine loving presence of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

A job

Please pray for my intention which is for my son, Terry, to get a good job and God’s will be done in his life.

For My Son Ryan

Ryan is 37 yrs old and has had Parkinson's disease for 9 yrs. He has a wife and 3 young children. Pray that he will be lifted up by the love of Jesus Christ and find peace of mind, hope and comfort.

Life is Complicated but God is Not

I am in the process of finishing and delivering a reflection on Luke 17:11-19 which will be given at a prayer breakfast in St. Louis as well as taped for a radio segment in the upcoming month. I would ask for all people of fasting to ask for their Guardian Angels and Favorite Saints to intercede for God's holy work to be done through these talks. Help us Lord to be like the Leper that returned, overwhelmed and humbled because the newfound purpose of his life was to give thanks to Our Lord. God be praised!


Please pray God will perform miracles in a legal mess and that His glory will shine through from it. And that it will end soon favorably. Thank you.

Emotional Healing for a Friend

Please pray for Christine who is struggling with Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Please pray for her to receive the grace in inspiration from the Holy Spirit to seek help. Please also pray for a special intention. Thank you so much and God bless you.

Pray for my sister Louise who has been struggling physically and emotionally.

I pray that she will have a complete healing of her physical and spiritual heart. I pray that God will open her mind and heart so that she can see how much her family loves her and we are here for her and she can turn her life around. I pray that God will give her courage and hope.


I ask for your prayers for a couple where one spouse was sterlized against the other's wishes.

Young Mother battling cancer

Please pray for a young wife and mother who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. She lost a cousin to the disease at a very young age and her own mother had a double mastectomy just a few years ago. Praying for miraculous healing.

Prayers to stay home

Please pray for me for strength and courage in awaiting God's response to my deepest desire to be able to quit my job and stay home with my young children. I have wept and prayed for many years for Him to bring this desire to fruition. Please pray that my husband will be motivated to find work that will afford us this opportunity, hopefully without having to relocate or commute. Thanks and God Bless!

For John

For John's full recovery and healing of his heart. For his family and especially his wife during this difficult time. May the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around John and his family and give them all the necessary graces. St. Joseph, pray for John.

Save My Marriage

Lord my husband is drifting away from the faith. He no longer prays with us as a family. His priorities are friends and work. Please send the Holy Spirit onto him and open his heart and mind to you. Please protect my marriage and family from the attacks of the evil one.

For Sean, his family and for the funeral expense.

For Sean, a loving husband and father of three, who died as the result of a tragic accident on Feb. 22. For the repose of his soul, for his family and community and for the family's finances.

pray for 9yr.old

Please remember my 9 yr old cousin, Aidan in your prayers. He was recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes. Thank the Lord a blood test was done in the nick of time and revealed a blood sugar level of 531. Pray also for his anxiety ridden parents and an older sibling. Thank you and many blessings.

Our son who claims to be atheist

Please pray for our son who has left the church and says he doesn't believe in God. We pray for him daily, and he knows this. We can see that his life is empty and he is searching for something to fill the emptiness. We pray for him to return to God and His holy Church. Thank you so much!

Job hunting

Please pray for our son, John, who is looking for a job. His current contract ends in August 2015, and he is looking for a job to support his young family. He is currently doing vision and perception research at a university, and is looking for another research position or a professorship. Thak you for your prayers. Dave and Cari

Recovery from Surgery

Please pray for my cousin Lourdes, that she may recover from the aftermath of bariatric surgery which has not gone well.

For the Dying, for conversion

Pray for peace for the wife and children of a terminally ill young husband and father in his final hours; for reparation of strained relationships; for the reversion of those who have fallen away, especially within my family; for a change of heart regarding sterilization.

For Feryn

My daughter's classmate, Feryn, died on 2/20 after battling cancer for more than three years. She was 12. Lord, please watch over Feryn and for her family and friends who miss her.

Pray for God’s providence to provide for his loving servant, my grandmother

My beautiful 96 year old grandmother, Santa Maria, celebrates her birthday this Thursday and has raised a faithful family with three children, seven grandchildren and five great-grandchildren (so far). Every morning she prays the rosary and asks for Mary to look out for each member of her family. With her increasing age and needs and everyone living with their own families she has now moved to an assisted living facility. However, quality facilities are costly and the financial burdens are becoming critical. Please pray for God's providence and blessing on this tremendous woman in her time of need and join her in celebrating a near century of love. Thank you all.

Financial Difficulty

My husband lost his job for almost 3 years and got a job last year but we are drowning in debt, please pray for restoration of our finances so that we will be able to help God's work, the poor and able to pay our bills. thanks.

Please pray for our service to the God

Please pray for: - Poland - A stirring up service to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 - God's will and wisdom for me and my family; specially for learning in school for Daniel, working for Edmund, Dorothy, Peter and Ann - God's order in my work. Blessings and the knowledge of Jesus Christ for my bosses. Thank you. Edmund


I ask for prayers for my 25 year old son who is away from the Church and is suffering from anxiety and alcoholism. I pray for healing for him, both physical and spiritual, in Jesus' name.

Kristy -Rose

Daughter (33 yrs old) has a mass which involves stage 1, 2, or 3. Pray to our Lady for a complete healing. They have twin boys (3 yrs old) and an older boy of 10 yrs old who has a brain tumor is stable and doing well. Pray for the Family as well to remain steadfast, trusting and faithful. Praise Jesus and Mary!Blessed Mother shower her with graces.

God’s grace

The guidance of the Holy Spirit to do God's work. Thanks. ( From Juliana)

Pray for Peter

Please, pray for Peter, my brother, who is drug addict and alcoholic for the past 30 years; that the Lord will have mercy on him and deliver and heal him. Thanks.

Prayers For Lisa

Please pray for my sister who was recently diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. May she receive the intervention of our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary in asking her beloved son Jesus for her to be healed. Please Jesus , if you want to heal her , she will be. We pray that it be your will to pour out your most merciful blood upon her and provide her with a healing of her illness along with your blessing.

prayers for family, souls in purgatory

For my family, for the holy souls in purgatory, for all priests, and for all members of my prayer groups, and for Frank's daughter: Debra

To Get Accepted To DNP Program

Please pray that I get accepted to the CSU DNP program and that I finish the program too. Thanks!


For a friend from Norway that she may find suitable work and draw closer to Christ and his Church through the help of her friends.

Prayers for my Sister

Please pray for my sister. I unintentionally hurt her. Please pray that she heals and that our relationship heals.

Consecration to mary

Please pray for my friend Lizzette and her husband who will be doing the Consecration to Mary. My son will also be consecrating himself. Thank you

Need for a job

I ask for prayers that I will be successful in my job search, which has been going on for over a year and a half, and that my family will soon have greater financial stability.

House for Jackie

Please pray for my friend Jackie to find a house.


I ask for prayers, for Jennifer, who found out that she has early stage cancer and will be having an operation within 2 weeks. We pray, in Jesus' name, to God for his loving graces and healing. Thank you.

Healing from a ruptured disk

Please pray for me.... I am recovery from back surgery on Jan. 29, 2015. My disk ruptured last August leaving most of my left leg and foot numb. I also have pain. The surgeon said the surgery went well. My symptoms have not changed.

Pleae pray for Steve.

He was recently demoted, unjustly, and has had to take a huge reduction in pay. Please pray that he will find a new job with a compassionate company and just compensation. Thank you.

Give me peace

Please give me grace and peace. My house has been on the market for over 6 months. I was given an offer 1 week ago and the offer was withdrawn yesterday. The house is a financial burden. Dear mother Mary please help me through this struggle.


For a special intention related to my vocational discernment

Asking for miracle

Miracle healing for my son Roger from prostate cancer, colitis, diverticulitis and chrohns disease most of all spiritual conversion. Surgery is scheduled on March 2, 2015.

Surgery and healing

Prayers needed for my sister who's having bladder surgery Tuesday . Also prayer for my 83 year old mom who's been sunning a fever and horrible headache recently .

Change of heart

Please pray for my heart to be like Jesus' heart. Pray for my healing from an abusive relationship, a controlling mother, hurtful and judgemental words that have caused me pain from prejudice in-laws and a unhealthy work environment. I pray for a child like heart to be able to enter into heaven. Amen

a new steady job

Prayers for a brand new job due to medical issues. Blessings!Melissa

Broken Marriage

Please pray that Patrick will feel the Holy Spirit of the Lord upon him and that the Holy Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ will cover him and give him an insight to flee his adulterous life with the woman he's putting up with now and repent and then reunite with his family, wife of 21yrs. and 4 children as soon as possible. I ask that through the intercession of His holy mother Mary that God Will make this come to pass by His Holy Will. Through the Holy Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ-Amen. Please pray also for the quick recovery of Bobbi Kristina Brown that she'll regain consciousness and even be on her two feet again and prove the drs. wrong through the intercession of Holy Mary, I ask this through the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ-Amen

For Debra

Please pray for Debra and her recovery.

Prayer answered

I had ask for prayers for my carpal tunnel surgery and my sister's hysterectomy . Both surgeries went well. My recovery is going well as is my sister's who has a longer recover time . Glory to God .

Eye surgery 2-12-15

Pray for my husband, Mark, who is having a cyst in his eye surgically removed. He is a type one diabetic, pray that he does not have complications, a successful surgery, a quick recovery and good health. Amen


My son is in his second year of college and his friends have not been including him in their activities. I pray that he will find new friends and enjoy their companionship. He is a great kid who deserves to have good friendships.

Answered Prayer

Thank you for your prayers. Shane was in ICU on a respirator with a severe case of pneumonia. He is off the respirator and on his way home. Thanks be to God.

Conversion and return-family

Pray for the return and conversion of my family members and their families to the Roman Catholic Church and holy sacraments.


Please pray for our 5 year old son, Isaiah. He is in kindergarten and struggles with listening to directions and reacts to other classmates. He has mild sleep apnea and allergies. Pray for wisdom for him. May he be blessed. Amen

Prayer for healing from mental illness

Please pray for my sister in law. She has autism and has had several psychotic breaks since the death of her mother. Her illness keeps her from being with her brothers, nephews and niece.

For Carly

My best friend Carly had a brain aneurysm yesterday morning and just survived a seven-hour surgery. Prayers would mean the world.

Sara Jayne

I ask for prayers that my daughter is healed of depression and anxiety. I give it to Mother Mary, Our Lady Undoer of Knots in Jesus holy name.

Discernment for son in seminary

Please remember my son, and all young men discerning a vocation to the priesthood in seminaries around the world. It is a privilege to keep this community's intentions in my prayer!

Need prayer for me and my family

I was abandoned by my wife for 35 years, she left me and went to live with her boyfriend from when she was 15 years of age. We both are 55 years old. I do not know why this is happening, but I still trust God and know He has something good for me in store. I am sad and depressed for obvious reasons and need spiritual help and prayer. I have been alone for 5 months today. And by the way, it is my birthday today. Thank you.

Please pray for Maria who had a seizure

Please pray for Maria who had a seizure. Please pray that all her test results come back normal. Please pray for her parents.

For a Family Member’s Healing

Please pray for a family member who has struggled with depression and harming herself for many years. She was living with her mom, but her mother recently passed away, so we are trying to figure out how to care for her/where she should live. Please pray for her complete healing, if it be the Lord's holy will, and that the Holy Spirit guides everyone involved in her care. Prayers for the continual conversion of everyone in our family and for the soul of her mother, father, and all the deceased members of our family would also be greatly appreciated.

For our family

For my 7 year-old, Peter, as he prepares to receive Jesus in his First Holy Communion in May, that he will be in the best possible state to receive. For my 11 year-old who struggles with self-control. That I and my husband may be the best possible parents we can be and lead our 6 children into deep love of God. That my father, who hates and misunderstands the Catholic Church, may be converted and become Catholic. For issues within our homeschooling group, that friendships may be reconciled, and that those who are considered strange or outcast may be healed and embraced. And for guidance from the Holy Spirit as we attempt to discern God's most holy and perfect will for our children's education in the coming year. For the care and maintenance of our home, and for guidance on whether to stay where we are or move, and to be at peace either way. We are deeply grateful for all of God's enormous blessings in our lives.

Please pray for Shane

Please pray for Shane, a 41-year old married father of a 3 year old child is in the ICU with life-threatening pneumonia. He is sedated and on a respirator. He is my brother's only surviving child. Please pray for his complete healing, and strength for his parents and his wife. Thank you.


i am an undisciplined guy inconsistent lazy and my life is in a mess because of this whether it is work prayer and life as a whole. i want to be a disciplined and well organised person so that i can be an example for others.because of my laziness and inconsistency i have messed up my life i dont work with passion or with any interest i somhow do the job reluctantly any job for that matter i dont have passion for any job final word lazy inconsistent no interest in any job.i would be most glad if you can pray me out of this mess so that i can be an example that others can copy

grace to begin to fast

Please pray that this time I may successfully fast on bread and water one day a week. I had given up but feel God urging me to try again. Please also pray for problems with my knees. God Bless You.


Please pray for my brother Anthony who is going to have surgery on his leg and for my nephew who will have surgery on his arm in a few weeks. Thank you for the prayers.  

Cancer Cure

For Sophie's complete healing from cancer and restoration to good health. Sophie is the mother of nine children and has dedicated her life to sharing her faith and spreading devotion to the Blessed Mother and the Rosary. Please please pray for her. Thank you very much.

Prayer for finances

Please pray for our finances, as our business isn't making enough to cover all our expenses and loans. We are facing bankruptcy. If something doesn't change, we risk losing our home and business. Pray the lord will provide a way for us to get out of debt..Thank you and God bless you for your good works.Mary

For my husband

Please pray for Doug . His Melanoma has spread to the liver. We ask for great hope and faith and courage! Thank you so much!

Peace and Dicipleship

Sweet Jesus I ask for peace, conversion and dicipleship in our families for your church.

for my husband

For my husband, that he may experience peace and joy, that he may trust in Gods plan for his life and that he may discern what God is calling him to do next in his career.


Please pray that Mark and I will reconcile.

Prayers for Work

Urgent prayers needed for a young family struggling to pay for unexpected bills which are preventing them from returning home so the husband can return to work. The wife has also been earnestly trying to find work to help provide for their young family. Please pray for my husband to find work suitable to his talents that will give him satisfaction and finally allow me to fulfill my long-awaited desire to be a FT SAHM to our young children. Thanks and God Bless

Pray for Complete Healing of Cancer

Please pray for Julie recently diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. For wisdom of the doctors, a complete healing, and that she would become united with Christ in her suffering. Please pray also for her husband and two children.

Urgent prayer for complete healing

Urgent prayer needed for my 14 yr old daughter, Solange. She has a swollen gland that needs further testing. There is only pain, but no fever, cough or strep. We have a ENT appointment on Wednesday. Praying for complete healing, that God will dissolve the gland and good report. Amen. Thank you, Suzan

Help in a Financial situation

Please pray for me and help in a financial situation. Also for my business endeavor (career change) to be successful in my new vocation. thanks

Please pray for my sister, her daughters and her marriage.

Please pray for my sister , her daughters and her marriage. She has been bullied, insulted, verbal abused and falsely accused. Please pray that she is fill with the Holy Spirit for strength and courage for herself and her daughters. Please pray to St Joseph for a major conversion of her husband.

Please pray for my marriage

Please pray for God's direction in my marriage and for our family. The majority of the time I feel there is no hope, that there's no turning back, that divorce is inevitable. For the past year, I have felt sick to my stomach almost every day. I feel that I have very little to no joy in my life. I feel victimized, betrayed and so alone. I pray that God will fill me with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, especially discernment to know God's will for my life and the courage and wisdom to carry out his will.

Prayer for teenagers

I pray that my two teenagers remain chaste until marriage, and that they give religious life serious consideration. I pray that they stay clear of drugs and alcohol and steer away from all kinds of peer pressure. I pray that they continue going to church after they leave home, and that they develop a deep desire to know, love and serve God.

For my husband

I pray that my husband completely turns away from sin (pornography and the use of many prostitutes that he claims he has stopped). I pray that he will learn to love God through the RCIA program that he is currently attending. Please pray for peace in my family and each of our hearts as our whole family has suffered and continues to suffer as a result of my husband's double life. Only through a miracle and God's grace can I forgive and trust again. Please pray that I can stop reliving the lies and the deep feelings of betrayal. I am locked in my own grief like a prisoner. It is hard to concentrate and go about daily life. Bitterness is like a poison that is slowly killing my soul and my relationships with others, even my own children.

Original Prayer

Please pray for my brother and sister to return to the Catholic Church.

Anna B

Please pray for Anna, who has been diagnosed with breast cancer  at 45 years old

Please pray for Christina

Please pray for my beautiful daughter in her struggles. Pray that she realizes the strength she has within herself. Help her to realize she is loved and worthy. She feels undeserving of our family and so alone and empty inside. Please pray for her to feel God's love and let Him fill her soul and heart. Pray she gets the help she needs to overcome her personal demons. Thank you.

Healing of illness

Please pray for quick and complete healing of the severe cold virus that has invaded my son, his wife, and three children. The symptoms of this illness have been lingering long. I hope for recovery from this serious illness soon, for my family whom I love so very much, and also healing and recovery from all illnesses that are brought to this website for intercessory prayer by my brothers and sisters in Christ.

For a peaceful death for Julia

Pray for the soul and peaceful death of ninety-five year old Julia who is now on hospice care. Also, please pray for her family.

Please pray for peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and an end of all kinds of human oppression and abuse.

Please pray that my apartment lease will be extended after this month. I have no place to call home but this one. Pray too for peace, reconciliation, forgiveness, and an end of all kinds of human oppression and abuse. Thank you and God bless.

Families suffering the effects of mental illness

Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal Hope and Light of All, break through the darkness of mental illness in our family and the chaos, despair, dysfunction, and violence that too often flows from it. Bring peace in our minds and in our homes. Give us hearts of compassion and mercy, and the courage to fully accept your truth. Guide us to the resources we need and through the decisions we must make. And through the prayers of the Mother of God, O Savior, save us!

Please pray

Facing rotator cuff surgery, please pray for the doctor and for me that the surgery will be successful, if it is God's will. Thank you.


I pray Dear God, Blessed Mother, St. Joseph, St. Ann that you will help my children to come back to God. To keep them safe and out of danger I pray for all the children of the world. Please ease Tim's suffering. And help Paula with her problems. Amen

Healing for Joan

Pray for Joan who cannot walk because of severe back pain. She just recovered from the surgery she had on her hiatal hernia for the second time and now this. Her husband passed away a few years ago and her one son won't even talk to her.

Pray for Megan

Please pray for Megan, eating disorder; also for the healing of her emotional wounds.

Cancer cure

Please pray for Joanna her lymph node cancer has returned. She is our friend and has four young children. Thank you God bless, Merry Christmas


Please God and Blessed Mother help Tim, Mike, Chuck who are all suffering with health issues. Amen

Healing , Direction & financial issues

Please pray for my friends who have cancer . Also for my sister Rachel who needs clear direction regarding her life . Also need prayers for my financial situation . Thank you .

Power of Prayer

Prayers have been answered. I asked for prayers for Ted who had cancer of the mouth and wife Judy. They have just received word that Ted is cancer free. Believe in the power of prayer.


For God's victory over a desperate legal situation and the release of my anger and to forgive. To find a better life, a good means to live on and a new vehicle and for my son and me to know God's purpose for our life and the grace to follow it. As well as all that is in my heart as He knows. Thank you.

Pray for Janeth

Please, pray for family that are separated husband and wife. Wife is away from the church and the children are talking about take away their life's. One of the children is at the hospital because she was talking to take away her life.

Healing for Michelle

My daughter, Michelle, has been battling a rare form of cancer for 5 years. She has a 5 yr old daughter( Michelle's cancer discovered at daughter"s birth), She has had 3 surgeries with several organs removed and multiple chemo regimes. Please pray cancer Goes Away over this Christmas season. She is suppose to start another round of chemo in January and is running out of strength! Praise Jesus hear our prayers. Mother Lois


Please pray and fast for me that when I go for a mammography Monday 15 December that the results will be good. Also that my young niece Katherine who has breast cancer will get the all clear after she completes her treatments and that her wedding will go ahead next July. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and fasting. God Bless.

Please pray for Diane

Please pray for Diane who is schedule for a colonoscopy Thursday. Please pray for normal result with pre cancerous cells and that the procedure has no complications like last year,

For A Good Job

For a good job for Karen. I have been out of work or under-employed for almost 5 years. I haven't worked in my field for 2 years and there aren't many openings. There have been some major changes in my field recently and I am willing to take an entry level job so I can learn, but I fear employers will not consider me because of my many years of experience and age. Thank you for fasting for me to find a new job as soon as possible!

Pray for Mary diagnosed with cancer

Please pray for my sister-in-law Mary who has suffered with breast cancer for 7 years, it has now spread to her brain. Please pray for healing for her and that she and her family may turn to the Lord and find Him in this difficult time.


For deliverance of substance abuse for Ralph.

Anxious parents

Please pray for our son Garreth that he will really start to focus on where to go from here, please ask Jesus to direct him in every area of his life, especially with the kind of music he is involved with, that he will be able to use his musical ability to do good and to be able to support himself. May the Lord please help him return to his Faith and find a devout Catholic lady to help him and hopefully marry. Thank you.

Christmas Season

For all those who will be celebrating Christmas for the first time without a loved one. May they find joy and hope in Christ's birth and may the souls of the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.

New job

I have been out of work for 18 months. My line of work is quite specialized and there are few openings. Also I am often seen as "overqualified" or "too senior". Thank you for fasting for me to find a new job quickly.

obedience to Divine Love

For my "yes" to God with Mary regarding my CONSENT to His full return of me from the amnesia I have begun to be released from, the work of discernment and forgiveness I must do; for His Will opened fully and brought forth for my music as a true work of His Love - for me to fulfill my financial responsibility to Him. Thank you.

Medical Treatment

Please pray for SC who deals with overwhelming depression and anger. Pray that she will reach out for medical attention. She is afraid she is losing her faith in God. She won't go for help. Thank you.


Please pray for my Melaleuca business to expand and grow and may it provide me with a full time income to meet my families temporal needs. I pray for this change in vocation so that I may grow and help other families to supplement their incomes a gain financial freedom.

Answered Prayer: Kidney surgery !!

Thank you, Live the Fast community. I had my kidney surgery on Nov 20th and Nov 21st. It was an amazing success. Even the Doctor's were amazed. Don't ever give up praying or fasting or believing . It is all a matter of submitting your will to Our Lord. Trust HIM. He can do anything!!!! Thank you again, Donna

Thansgiving and HOPE for a Miracle.

Diana, a young mother with stage 4 Breast Cancer has just directed a successful pilgrimage to The Shrines in Italy, on behalf of Eternal Life Catholic Radio, 89.3 FM, an affiliate of EWTN. Also brings Love and Papal Blessings to all family and friends at the request of Pope Francis, in an audience at The Vatican on November 12th. Also pray for Msgr. Donato Conte, a friend of St. Joseph Parish in Medford. That his heart condition allow him to come to Medford to visit family and friends at Christmas. Also for benefactors that provide for a new Tower in the Fitchburg, Shirley area to widen the audience for 'Eternal Live Catholic Radio', for the spread of The Gospel.  

Starting a new business

I ask this community for prayers as I'm getting ready to start a new business. Please pray that I will remain in the right path. Lord, remember your daughter and everyone that will depend on the success of this effort.  

Please pray for Cristina

Please pray for Cristina who had an MRI on Sat . The doctors want her to following up with a Neurologist. Please pray that there are no abnormalities.

A peaceful passing for Dad

For my father-in-law, Henry C., and his family as we let him slip away to our Lord and his loving embrace. May he go in peace and may the merciful love of Jesus embrace him and comfort his family.

Please pray for Diane and two special young ladies.

Please pray for a special friend who experiencing constant back pain and psoriasis with arthritis pain throughout her whole body. Please pray she finds the best doctors and the right treatments that will alleviate her problems. Pray that she has the strength to go through her days dealing with her pain in a positive way. We are asking for peace and serenity for two special young ladies that are struggling with private health issues. They feel alone and scared for what they are facing in their lives. They need help remembering that they are not alone, they have wonderful families who love them and will always accept them for the beautiful people they are. Please pray to help them learn to make thoughtful choices in their lives and the strength to deal with the problems them are facing. Pray that all the challenges these young ladies have faced in their lives will make them into strong loving women.

Pray for Sick

Please remember all those ill, sick dying & that are in harm's way. Special prays for "Marlo", who is unresponsive to medical efforts.

Please pray for Jean

Healing for back and leg pain. Also, that I find the right treatments and doctors to help with the pain management. Thank you

Please help to find a job!

Please pray for us so that my husband can find a job. Please. Thank you!

Prayers for annulment

Please pray for CC and a positive result for his annulment. He has returned to his faith after 40 years . Please

Employment for my husband matching his skills and experience

For my husband in his late 60s to find gainful employment worthy of his experience to support our family. That he may not despair and faith will persevere. I pray each morning to Our Lord entrusting my husband to Him as one of His bruised reeds and smoldering wicks. I think my husband's faith is also being shaken so I ask Our Lord that whatever good plan is unfolding, that my husband be able to know unmistakably that it came from Him and will give Him the glory and will come to know the wonder of His love. Thank you for your prayers!


I am having kidney surgery on Thursday Nov 20th and Friday Nov 21 st. I am praying for a miracle.

Please pray for a special young adult

Please pray for a special young adult all her blood test come back negative. Please pray she has healing body, mind and soul.

Please pray for a special young adult

Please pray for a special young adult all her blood test come back negative. Please pray she has healing body, mind and soul.

For my son James

For my son James that he marries the right woman.


For total healing of my husband Mark who is going through chemo and is deciding if a stem cell transplant would be beneficial for him. Also for healing of my whole family. thank you, Claire

My broken heart

Dear God, Blessed Mother, I pray that my 3 Sons and I can all come together as a loving family after a bad divorce . It's been 5yrs since we have had a meal together and that this Thanksgiving will be a new beginning. The sons who have an alcohol problem will be cured of the disease . I pray everyday for this. Please help me . AMEN. I believe.

Prayer For a new job

Please help me pray and fast for the gift of a new job.

For Father Benny and my family

For my son Matt who needs emotional healing after the loss of his father last week. For Father Benny who has diabetes. For my sister Margaret who will have surgery in a few weeks and her husband Steve who had surgery yesterday.

For Priests

A priest in our local area wants to say the Latin Mass, but is encountering obstacles.

For my father.

For my father, John, who is in critical condition - sedated with pneumonia following complications from chemotherapy and congestive heart failure. For his healing and for peace with God's plan for our family.

Job for my sister

Pray for my sister to find gainful employment. She lost her job working at a title company three years ago. She did not finish high school and does not have a GED. She is 43 years old and currently works at McDonalds and is depressed due to her situation. May she find the grace to improve her situation. Amen

For Matthew

My grandson who is living in an volatile environment. Protect his heart Lord.

Guidance for Son

Please pray for my son whose education has been complicated by a late diagnosis of a learning disability. Please pray that God's plan becomes clear to my son; and that he make my son's path perfect for him, in his time. Help me as his mother to provide him support and stop my anxiety about the future.

Healing for Leroy, my husband who is having a heart procedure on Monday 17th

Pray that the Lord would guide the surgeons hands and that Leroy would be healed and recover quickly.

For Brad

Who is having his first promising job interview in 2 years on Tuesday, November 11.

For the healing of Keith’s back

Keith has been struggling with back problems for the last year and a half--problems severe enough to keep him out of work. He has lots of kids, and a baby on the way!

For conversion

That my sons James and Corey who have fallen away return to Holy Mother Church.

Pray for my son and his fiancée

Please pray that my son will have a stronger conviction in his faith and that his fiancée will be open to studying the faith. That they will learn what the church teaches about marriage. That they will be married in the church and stay in communion with the sacraments.

Employment for my son-in-law

My son-in-law had a good job until a few years ago when the company closed. Ever since then, he's been in and out of small-paying jobs. Due to his age of 60 yrs, he isn't able to work where he has to move very heavy items. My daughter is working but her salary isn't high so I help them financially. Thank you and God bless you for accepting this prayer request, Rose

For a healing

My 58 year old niece and godchild has lost most of her eyesight due to multiple eye problems and diabetes. She's also on dialysis 3 days a week and cannot work She is single and lives alone.

My Spiritual Fast

Please pray for my 21 Day fast. I seek to get closer to God and pray for these 21 days. Thank you, Robin

Pray for Ken

Please pray for Ken who had a heart attack and has weak kidneys. Pray for his soul, as he has not received sacraments in a long time.

Prayer for patti

Pray for Patti who is starting16 weeks of chemotherapy.

For Melissa

Please pray for a total healing of the Stage 4 colon cancer which has spread throughout my lymph nodes, continued tolerance of chemotherapy (7 treatments down, 5 to go!), and for the courage, strength, and desire for God's will in my life.

prayer needed

For a young woman diagnosed with vascular dementia and for a woman addicted to pain killers .

Please pray for Sr Anne Susan

Please pray for Sr Anne Susan who will be having Cataract surgery on Nov 19. Please pray that her double vision problem will be resolved as well and her sight will not be affected. Thank you

Please pray for Marisa.

Please pray for Marisa who had a major car accident. Please pray that she heals from the Post Dramatic Stress that she is experiencing.

For my younger brother Casey and family.

Things have become worse please help pray things come to a peaceful resolve. That my brother and parents snap out of it and come together to fight this thing affecting my famiy.


For my precious sister Rosemarie, who has an undiagnosed "mass" in her abdomen which is growing. It is the size of a baseball. She never complains and she has had very much to suffer in her life. Thank you.

Self Confidence

Dear Community, I was severely mocked and criticized by my mother and sister when I was young and still by my sister as my mother has gone to God. In spite of being religious my mother had that weird streak of saying the most hurtful things to me when she'd get in a mood. Since, I am battling confidence issues, self esteem issues and fear of rejection. It prevents me from doing things where rejection is a possibility, or speaking out on things I have feelings on. Please pray for me as I have a responsible job and have been asked to give a talk soon and am having a confidence crisis. Thank you for taking the time to pray for this intention.  

Fast for the seriously ill.

For Claire and Charlie that they may grow closer to Jesus and may receive the Sacrament of Penance and The Sacrament of the Sick.

For a special home

We are praying for a great financial blessing as we are in need of a new home and finances to live on and pay off all debts. I am praying for a successful homeschooling year for my 2 children and for good health and protection for them and all my loved ones needs; especially for my brother a good Catholic wife to share his life and Faith with.

Answered prayer for gainful employment 9-9-14

I have found gainful employment. I submitted my resignation on 10-24-14. I start my new job on 11-10-14. Please continue to pray for my success in my new job,. Amen Original prayer: Please pray that I find gainful employment soon. The company I work for is downsizing and consolidating with another company. Lord Jesus I trust in you. Amen

Healing for Lisa

My cousin Lisa has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.


My son Logan has lost his way, he is 22 years old and he has chosen a dangerous path.

For my sister’s family

Please pray that my sister will be healed of all her past hurts and that she may experience the joy of full communion with Jesus through the sacraments. That her husband will return to his faith and will lead his family to holiness through his example and devotion to Christ and His Church. That husband and wife will experience the joy of sharing faith and that the marriage will be strengthened and healed. That the children will grow in love of Christ through the sacraments.

Prayers Needed!!

Please pray for healing for Kerry, stomach cancer; for Megan to overcome eating disorder. St. Jude, pray for us and for those who invoke your aid. Blessed Mother, be a Mother to us now. Thank you!

For the ultimate sacrifice of a mother

For Donielle Wilde, a pregnant mother of 10 children who has a terminal (stage 4) breast cancer diagnosis for which she can not receive treatment until her baby is born in November. They found it earlier and wanted her to abort the baby so she could receive treatment sooner and stop the progression of the cancer (pregnancy made it grow faster), but she refused. Read her story here.

Sick Baby

Please pray for Baby Jimmy. He is almost one year old and has been rushed to Children's Hospital and admitted to the Cardiac Unit. His parents are frantic. Please pray for his care and healing.

brain hemmorrhage -prayers please!

On Oct. 5th, my 34 yr old quadrapeligic daughter had a sudden brain hemmorrhage- she has been hospitalized since then & is likely to be for months. She has a huge amount of swelling in her brain & it will take a very long time for that to come down, We pray that she will not have damage! We ask for God to give her total healing. She has a 7 yr old son who is very scared & lonely for his momma! It's hard for all of us who love her! Thank you for your prayers.

Peace in Diagnosis

For my very dear brother-in-law Todd, and his peace and acceptance in God's Providence in his terminal diagnosis of Stage IV cancer. Also, for his wife and two boys and for their challenges ahead. May God hold them very near!

For my husband Neal

Please pray for my husband Neal, who will be having heart surgery this Friday.

A Mother’s Healing

Please hold my mother in your hearts and prayers as her health is in need of divine support. Next week she is undergoing a difficult eye surgery. She is also struggling with bone and joint inflammation and pain, and overall diminished health. She puts the needs of others first and doesn't take great care of herself as a result. Please pray that Mary and the Saints watch over her and that Jesus sends his healing love to her heart, soul, mind and body. Thank you.

No cancer

When the doctor gives me the results from my biopsy please let me be cancer free.

Holy Father and Synod of Bishops in Rome

Prayers also for a priest suffering from "burn out," that he may make time in his day for quiet prayer and personal relationship with Jesus. For another priest undergoing treatment and longing to return to ministry and for all priests. For the members of my family who no longer practice their holy faith, that they would receive the grace to come home.

Mental Suffering

Pray for my daughter with confused thinking patterns and is not making clear and good decisions. May she let God in and stop trying to do everything in her own power.

Faith for an Atheist

For my friend Ryan who has been an atheist since he was 19. I pray he'll find faith, especially during a time when he's undergoing personal trials. I pray also that I'll always be a good witness to the faith, to him and others I meet.

Skin disorder

Please pray for my daughter with a contagious skin infection that has not been able to be diagnosed and is spreading. May she be diagnosed and healed of this affliction.

For guidance from the blessed virgin mary

For the Pope in his calling for a synod on family life.....may the blessed virgin mary...enlighten and guide the cardinal and bishops and most especially our Pope!

Please pray for our service to God

Please pray for: 1. stirring up the service to God for me, my wife Dorothy, our daughter Ann, our sons Peter and Daniel - "..but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord" Joshua 24.15 2. God's will and wisdom for me and my family, 3. God's order in my work. I have problems with my boss, who is very abusive towards me.

Legal/Family Issues

Please pray for a peaceful and just resolution to my family estate settlement. Please pray for myself and my family to be at peace with God and to trust Him with increased faith. Thank you.

Kidney stones

I have huge kidney stones that do not bother me, but they may in the future. They may cause an obstruction in both kidney's . I see a specialist on October 22nd. I am afraid that he is going to recommend surgery for both kidney's. I am praying to our Lady for a miracle.

Prayers answered

I submitted a request in August that prayers be said for me having been diagnosed with breast cancer and for the Lord to guide the mind, heart and hands of the surgeon operating on me and for a favorable outcome if it is HIS will. The surgery went well, the tumor was removed and there is no node involvement. Prognosis is extremely good with radiation about to begin followed by medication treatment for 5 years. All Praise and Thanksgiving be to God for answering these prayers and for continued graces and perseverance to see this through to completion uniting it to the Cross of His Son . Thank you all

having a child

My daughter and son-in-law who have being trying for 6 years to have a baby that through all these prayers and the blessings of Mother Mary this will happen for them. thanks for all your prayers

urgent healing

For Paul who has been exposed to a certain amount of harmful radiation for a long time (around 3 months straight), and is aching all over his body. His whole body feels like it's burning and he does not know what to do and is frightened, but trusts in God. Please pray for him. Thank you, and God bless you

To find gainful employment

Please pray that I find gainful employment. I pray that I will be successful at the new job. That the people I will work with be supportive, welcoming, open, and good hearted. For all my know and unknown needs at this new job. Amen

For my brother Larry and for my children who are adults

For my brother Larry, that the doctors find a cure for his health problems. He is 81 and he has been faithful to God and the Blessed Mother all of his life. For my children and grand children to return to the church. No one is going, I am the only one.

Healing for Jerry.

Please pray for healing of body, mind and soul of Jerry. He is very broken and needs Christ desperately. Mary, Mother of God, please bring Jerry to your Son, Jesus. Thank you, Amen.

for my younger brother Casey

Please pray that my brother by some miracle gets over his addition to gaming. He has no life and no friends. Gaming has taking hold of him. He always has a sour attitude toward everything because of this addiction. Please pray that he becomes even closer to God. I worry so much for him!

Heart full of the peace of Jesus

For myself, family, friends, extended family/friends.

Catholics Come Home!

Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for baptized Catholics to desire to come Home this Advent and Christmas season! For millions to return to the Sacrament of Reconcilliation and desire to live for God - holy tears of repentance and conversion! Especially those who are VERY far from God...to know the love of God and give Him the love He desires! Mother Mary, wrap your mantle around them and guide them Home with the assistance of the Holy Spirit and our Guardian Angels! St. Michael, destroy the demons hounding each soul! St. Gabriel, guide them to God's truth and cause a desperate desire in their soul to seek and hunger for it, St. Raphael, heal us from all the wounds our sins have caused! Jesus, I trust in you! Come Holy Spirit! God our Father - thank you! I also pray for the ISIS people and our government leaders - their DEEP conversions!

Conversion of family and neighbors and son’s complete healing from uncontrollable seizures and delays

We are conservative Catholics and try to be a good witness to our extended family & neighbors, but we come off like "holy rollers" . We try to be like St. Francis, but some times our humanness gets the best of us. We also ask for complete healing of our son, from uncontrollable seizures and delays

New Emergency Department.

Please give peace at my work. The emergency department does not have enough room to care for the patients. Please give us the physical space and the staff we need to take good care of the patients. Please also help me to fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. amen I love you.

Healing for Richie

Richie is a 16 yr old former high school wrestler, who was in a car accident and is now a paraplegic. Prayer request for healing for Richie and his mom. Prayer request for healing of marriage for Cindy and John

Husband to get help for alcoholism

Please pray for whatever graces necessary for my husband Richard to get the help he needs for his alcoholism / addictions, and his humility, desire & courage to respond to those graces. For his DEEP & FULL conversion - peace & healing in his heart & soul, and then for our marriage to be fully reconciled. For for me to love him as God desires - including tough love as necessary to do God's holy will and for his healing. I plead your mercy Lord - NOTHING is impossible with God!

For the first Catholic Hospice in the US

We need prayers for financial and professional resources to continue to grow and serve patients of all faith traditions at the end-of-life regardless of ability to pay. We are attempting to acquire a hospice home for priests and religious, as well as build an additional facility to serve other patients who are unable to remain at home at the end of life.

For employment

Please pray for Tim, who has been out of work for a whole year.

For the messages of God

Please pray that God will create clarity among the many private revelations that have led many to the Heart of Christ. Pray that all of these messages and messengers will lead people in obedience with the one true holy Catholic Church and that the Church will establish the authenticity of those that are true.

for Jerold

"I am confident that He who has begun the good work in you will carry it through to completion on the day of Christ Jesus." Phil 1:6 Lord, please raise up intercessors for Jerold to help carry through the work you have begun in him in drawing him to you, teaching him, freeing him from the chains of addiction and childhood abuse and neglect, and empowering him to reach out to young people as your servant. Ad maioram Dei gloriam! Thank you, Lord.

pray for my children and my family

please pray for my son who is addicted to heroin and is currently in jail, for my daughter and her spouse who are unbelievers and for my 5 sisters who have all left the Catholic church. Also pray for my many nieces and nephews who do not practice the faith. One bright note, a nephew entered the church just before he started college this year, so I know there is hope for everyone else. Praise Jesus

Prayer request

For my husband Louis who will have surgery on Friday, September 26 to have his back fused. That God will protect him and that the outcome to the surgery is a good one. For healing of our family especially my son Dominic that he finds God and is successful in school and overcomes his addictions. God bless all of you and thank you for praying for us.


For the conversion all of our family members.

Christians being martyred

Pray for Christians being martyred in prisons in China, and all who suffer similarly in innocence - and their predatorial captors. If you cannot pray for the enemies of God that they be "blessed", then pray that God's Will be done with them!

Suffering innocent animals

Pray for all animals helplessly suffering their own martyrdom as human beings torture and kill them for money and sheer sadism; for animals that are dying because of our abuse of our planet.

Amnesia and music

Thank you for your prayers as I continue to recover from amnesia. Please continue to pray for my recovery so that I can continue to be involved with music and for the spiritual warfare I am facing. Thank you.

Jobs/ family

Please I ask for prayers upon my job and my husband's job too. Please also pray for blessings upon our 2 daughters. Thank you, Mindy

Answered Prayer – original prayer July 7,2014

My niece April who was diagnosed with Leukemia earlier this year is now officially in remission! Praise the Lord! I would like to thank you all for your prayers.

For work and reconciliation through marriage

Please pray for me, I am struggling to find a job and asking God to grant my estranged partner and I reconciliation through the sacrament of holy matrimony. I am also praying for our 12 year old son to develop healthy self-esteem and good behaviour. Thank you.

Please pray for a special couples marriage and their families.

Please pray for the strength of a marriage especially during illness esp with compassion, support and understanding. Please value the hard labors of work to provide all for the family.

Please pray for Iva

Can you please for a young Mom Iva who has had a breast biopsy and needs to go consult with a surgeon. Pray that all the findings are normal.

Please remove the loneliness

Please pray for me as I have lost my family and am now alone. God carries me through each day, I know. Please pray to bring the will to live each day with joy.

Healing of my spouse

Through the intercession of servant of God Fulton Sheen, Lord I ask for a complete healing of Drucilla body, mind, and spirit.


Please pray for me so that I could overcome my fears of dying. I am almost 77, so I know what's coming. It's the fear of hell. Also I have been like this almost my whole life. My family is all messed up. I pray for them but it is such a big job because there are so so many of them. Thank You

Good health

Please pray that we have good health. It seems like my family has been having issues with allergies, sleep apnea, eye cuts/cysts, and other issues since last fall. Pray that any curses and ill intentions put upon us be broken. Amen

Legal Battle

Please pray for justice in a legal battle with my former lawyer and family members, regarding my late mother's estate and family business. I feel I have been taken advantage of and don't have the financial resources for a long legal battle. Please pray for the souls of all involved.

My Son

Please pray my son will marry a godly Christian woman and his present girlfriend will also marry the same kind of spouse and that the two of them will not make the wrong choices in marriage - both will find the right church to belong to. Thank you

Prayers for my children and mother

Please pray that my children return to the sacraments and that my two sons find the spouses our Good God has pick for them. Please pray for my daughter and son-in law-to-be that they grow closer to God and each other as they prepare for marriage and journey through life together. Please pray for my Mom as she continues her battle with pancreatic cancer. She is now on hospice services. We hope for a happy death. We as a family need your prayers as we face this with her.

Justice for Joel

Please pray that the court system will be fair to Joel.

For my son, Brandon, 7, who cannot speak.

He suffers from a motor planning problem that has left him voiceless. Thank you for your prayers.

Help Start a School

A dear friend is trying to establish a Catholic school in a foreign country and is experiencing difficulties. There are interested parents of prospective students, but the actual legal establishment of the school has proven to be a challenge. Pray that she is successful so that these children can get an excellent Catholic education

Lord of all

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, You alone know how to heal my family. I ask for Your loving and Fatherly hand reach down and save us from destruction. Show us Your way to healing and wholeness. May Your discipline not be too severe so as to discourage . Show us your light and may we be drawn to it because of your mercy. LORD, please help us

To break my addiction to Valium

I pray that I would be free from my physical addiction to Valium. I am in the process of tapering down and pray that the withdrawl effects will not be as severe as I have had them in the past. I pray I would be successful this time. I have been prescribed this by my doctor for over 10years. I never thought it would be so hard to get off this stuff. I pray that God would heal my brain and nervous system to function properly without this drug.

Fasting testimony and continued prayers.

Hello Fasting Community, This is a continuation of a prayer intention that was posted the Wednesday before the Assumption of Mary. Our son Andrew has a passionate desire to be accepted into a high school that has become increasingly more difficult to get into. He was put on the wait list in April but has not given up hope, even though the school year started in August. He has been granted a third interview this Wednesday at 9:00 am with the Asst. Principal! The phone call came to us with this information during the 3:00 hour on the third day of a 3 day fast that my husband and I were doing for this intention and for our 21 year old son who was harboring anger toward us. On that third day, both of us were able to reconcile with him as well! Praise you Jesus! Thank you Mary! Thank you for these powerful prayers!

Return to Catholic Faith

Please pray for my family members to return to Catholic Faith and Sacraments.


For special blessings in my religious vocation. Thank you Mother Mary, you know it all.

Please pray that we may conceive (a) healthy sibling(s) for our daughter if this be God’s will.

Please pray for strength and perseverance for me to pray and fast the way Our Blessed Mother asks. Please pray for the physical & spiritual healing of my brother, and that he'll be successful quitting smoking. Thank you for your fasting & prayers!

For my father-in-law

Please pray for my father-in-law Robert, he had major heart failure back in February of 1996 and was diagnosed to live 6 month to a year, but God is in control he's still alive to-date. Though, he has been experiencing a series of complications and the prognosis is not good. Please pray for him and his family. May God's peace rest in them.


Please pray for the souls of my Aunt Justine and Cousin Tom, who both died this past month.

For my brother Tony

Pray that Tony finds a job and stays positive. I also pray that he finds a woman of faith to share his life with.

Repose of the soul of Jim

Please pray for my dear friend Jim who died on September 5th, he was such a good person and I will deeply miss him. May his soul rest in peace.

Professional Change

Please offer a little prayer for my career change. Thank you

Welgosh Family Prayer Requests

Please pray for communication with our daughter, son-in-law, and grandsons from whom we are estranged. Our son-in-law Is a disabled veteran. Also pray for return to Catholic Church for several family members, cure of sickness and help in providing for our aged family members. Thank you for your time and sacrifices.


Please pray for my husband Mark, for healing of his cough/cold, that he doesn't get bronchitis or pneumonia this fall or next spring. Thank you so much for prarying for me/us.

deliverance, conversion and God’s holy will

That my son be delivered from drug addiction and that he may turn his heart to God and be protected while incarcerated. That my future plans work out according to God's will.

Victor C

Please pray for my son Victor who is recoving from addiction, may he continue to heal of mind, body and soul. May he grow in deeper faith and that he may become the person our Lord God intended him to be. May he surround himself with positive Christian like people. May the Blessed Mary wrap her mantle of protection around him and my entire family.

For a new job

I lost my job 15 months ago and urgently need new employment. Please pray and fast for me.


Please pray that I find gainful employment soon. The company I work for is downsizing and consolidating with another company. Lord Jesus I trust in you. Amen


Pray for our five year old son, Isaiah, who has allergies and sleep apnea due to large tonsils and adenoids. That he will not need surgery and be healed of these health issues. In thanksgiving for the gift of our son. Amen

Prayers for my grandson

My eight year old autistic grandson needs prayers that he is able to increase his understanding of the Eucharist so he can receive his First Holy Communion.

Grandson with autism

Please pray for my eight year old grandson with autism

For Family

I have been praying for a long time for a holy spouse with no answer. Please join me in my prayers for a fruitful and holy marriage. I also pray for the conversion of my three brothers who have all turned from the Catholic faith and my entire extended family - many of whom are indifferent or have fallen away to other Christian sects. Lastly, I pray for my continued conversion and surrender to God and a greater reverence for the holy Eucharist.

Prayer for my son and my brother to return to their Catholic faith.

My son and my brother have strayed from the Catholic faith that they grew up with. Please bring them back to that faith.

Answered prayer

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Live the Fast community. I had requested prayer for my mother, Lucille, who was awaiting a new pacemaker. I am happy to say that despite her advanced age, she came through with minimal issues. She later told me she "felt " the prayers!!


Dylan was in a serious car accident one year ago when he was 17, free of alcohol and drugs. The driver of the other car unfortunately did not survive. Please pray for Dylan and his family as he appears before the Judge next week. For clarity in judgement for the judge and for the victim's family to be healed of all suffering.

For my Husband and all who begin RCIA this year

That they experience the love and welcoming graces of the Holy Trinity and that each and every RCIA student's hearts are set "on fire" with love for our Lore Jesus Christ and become true disciples of Christ.

Prayer for the mentally ill in my apartment building

Please pray for a few men and women in my building who are on medication and struggling with forms of mental illness. I fear that they are not getting the help they need - just being medicated. it is both frightening and heartbreaking. Pray for me, that I not try to help them in ways that would bring me to harm; that I earn enough money to find a better place to live! May God's WIll be done. Thank you.

Healing of mind and body

Please pray for my sister who lives with chronic pain and it has taken all joy from her life. Thank you for your prayers.

Meaningful employment

Please pray that my son and my husband find meaningful employment. Each has lost their jobs and are very discouraged. Thank you for your prayers

prayer intentions for family and friends

Please pray for a peaceful annulment for CC and for Kathleen; pray in thanksgiving for good test results from cancer for Dito; and for my daughter's conversion.

Pray that our son will enter addiction treatment center

Our 26 year old son Kevin has been struggling with mental illness and addictions for the last 10 years. He has an opportunity to enter an 8 week program that has great potential to help him but he has to say yes. Please pray that God's will is done and that we as his parents can accept his decision whatever it is.

Please pray that Our Lord will direct my path.

After several years of struggling with chronic fatigue and other side effects of cancer treatment, please pray that I will be approved for Social Security disability. Please pray that Our Lord will help me find a safe place to live and a job I can handle. Thank you all so much; you give me hope. May the best be for all of you -- for we know that nothing is impossible with Him.

For a young family

For Evan - she is a 28 year old mother of two small children and has been diagnosed with MS. Please pray for her healing, for her family and for their finances.

My Marriage

I ask Almighty God to erase the knots that the devil has put into my marriage. Bless us as we continue beyond 36 years of marriage into the next phase of our lives. Erase the addiction that has my husband confused and isolated from me.

For my daughter who has an alcohol addiction.

My daughter drinks too much and her fiance drinks also. She is newly divorced and is not being the mother God meant her to be. Pray that she will come back to Jesus and be a Godly mom again and be freed from her addiction.

My daughter Hannah

My daughter suffers from IBS and is in a lot of discomfort every month. She is getting discouraged and wants to drop out of school. Please pray for this illness to be cured. Thank you and God Bless

Answered prayer

In July I submitted a prayer request for my spiritual sister to find a spiritual director. After two years of searching for a director she finally found a spiritual director! He was the one that she had been praying for. Friday she called and told me that she has an appointment with him.

My son Michael

Please pray for Michael, who seems to be headed in the wrong direction and keeps trying, but is struggling. That he doesn't lose hope and keeps trying. Please pray for the conversion of my daughter and her husband. Please pray my daughter, who recently found she needed to move, finds a place. Please pray my husband and I find Gods will for retirement, housing. Please pray for healing for my sister, and conversion of her family. For continued healing for my brother-in-law.

great financial blessing, home, and peace in family matter

Please pray for our intention of a great financial blessing, the blessing of a special home, and for the conversion of a family member and a peaceful resolve in a urgent family matter. Please pray for special blessings on my children Hannah and Isaac and for a great homeschool year. Thank you and God Blessings to everyone!

fasting power

Lord, please increase your grace in Jerold and me so that we may fast according to Our Mother's request. Please grant the intercessors we need to be able to fast! Thank you for hearing my prayer.

Live the fast prayer

Pray for my daughter who suffers from depression and anxiety. Pray they find a medication that she is not allergic to. Also I ask prayers for a 17 year old grandson who also has depression. He took himself off medication and was self medicating with drugs.

senior citizen needs a job

a senior citizen needs a job to pay for medical insurance and taxes. She has outlived her money. Her sister needs a financial blessing for same things but she however is unable to work since she takes care of a sick husband. PTL


On the feast of St. Monica, I can identify with her constancy. My brother has had the prayers of many but especially my mother who prayed for his conversion and healing for 50 years. Please pray for him. He is in very dire need of an honest evaluation of his life and a total conversion.

C and R

Dear Prayerful folks, Please pray for my son, Carl for a good diagnosis and complete healing of body. For my son, Robbi, for the job the Lord wants him to have.... thank you. For myself for so many reasons. gratefully

Prayer for Aiyana

Please pray for my daughter Aiyana. Today was her first day of highschool and she came home stating she hated it. She didn't say why. Please pray for her that this situation will change for her. Amen and Thank you. Angie

prayers for the middle east

Please pray for your fellow Christians In Iraq, and especially for the children.

Our daughter Heather Anne

She has been suffering from an immune deficiency since 1998. She now has a blockage in her intestines, a large cyst growing into her uterus and is in constant pain. Please pray for blockage to be removed and wisdom/skill for doctor so she will not have to have a hysterectomy. She has 2 small children and prays for the gift of more children.

pray for my brother

Please pray for my brother so that he recognizes his dependence on alcohol and his inability to handle stress. Pray for his healing, as well as joining an AA group.

Pray for healing

Please pray for my granddaughter Grace, age 7. She has Juvenile Rheumation Arthritis (JRA) since age 2 and it has progressed to the severe level. My daughter received this call from her specialist after Grace's MRI: ”Dr. Spencer called me himself last night. Grace has JRA related TMJ which can cause her jaw bones to grow at different rates. This can cause severe deformity and require surgery. If we use steroid injections ASAP we can hope to slow it down. Embrel becomes more important because the deformity can be so bad and we really need to stop the JRA in her jaw. It is worse on her right side than her left, but in both.” They will inject both jaws on Friday August 29th. Her left knee is again very swollen so they will also drain the knee and inject steriods in it. (this is about the 6th time for the knee in the last 6 years.) She will start on the drug Embrel soom as a necessity, in hopes of relieving her joints from this autoimmune disease. God bless you all!

Pray for a young mother with cancer

For Meghan who is 32 and has had a recurrence of breast cancer which has now spread to her lymph nodes and bones. She is trying an experimental drug. Please pray for her healing so that she can remain with her three young sons under the age of seven.

Peace protection, and great financial blessing

Please pray for the safety and protection of my 2 children this weekend and that God will intervene in a miraculous manner. Please pray for our special intention of a great financial blessing and the complete sale of our land and home at the great price the Lord gave me. For the rest of my family involved too and for the conversion of my sister and the wellbeing of her children and marriage; for the conversion of another family member and for my brother Matt - for a good Catholic wife; and for the special place to be available again if in God's Holy Will. Thanks and God's Blessings!

For work for my brother Craig

My brother has been out of work for over two years and is losing hope. His marriage is also in dire need of healing. Please pray that Our Lord helps him in these two areas. Thank you for your charity in praying and fasting for his needs.

Mary keep my family

Please never let us stray from your Son. Keep us close to you and use me to do your work. Help me with schooling the kids this year, and patience with them. Thank your for your Son's intervention with CFL and all the many graces I received there. Totus Tuus. Denise

For the Unemployed

Please pray for the unemployed, that they may find meaningful work in which to glorify God. That I may seek to do God's will in finding a job, where I can use the talents He gave me, to evangelize and support my family.

For Tony

For Tony my brother who has a growth on his thyroid and needs it biopsied. For a negative result and for Tony's peace during this procedure.

Isaiah’s health

Pray for our five year old son, Isaiah, who has allergies and diagnosis of mild to moderate sleep apnea. Pray his tonsils and adenoids by a miracle shrink to normal size. Pray he does not have to have surgery. Pray for his good health. Amen

Faith for my husband

Pray for my husband, Mark, who is convert. He struggles with his faith. May he come to daily prayer, daily reading of scripture and devotion to our Mother Mary's rosary. Amen

Peace in Ferguson MO

For peace in the hearts of all in Ferguson MO. For the soul of the Michael Brown and the safety of the police officer who shot him. Let us remember the prayer of St. Francis, "Lord make me an instrument of your peace."

prayer to cure cancer

prayer to cure cancer for Ted who has cancer of the tongue and mouth and for Judy his wife.

In Thanksgiving

Prayers have been answered for my cousin Nicole and her twins. They are home and all are doing ok. Please continue to keep them and all mothers and newborns in their care.

For everyone on Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Prayer Chain

For everyone suffering from cancer and from miscarriages. I thank you all and will keep your intentions in my prayers also.    

For Our Friend

Please pray for Mary who was diagnosed with bladder cancer - she will be having surgery on September 3rd.

for my prostate cancer cure

Please pray for trustful surrender to Divine Providence regarding my upcoming decision on what treatment/surgery to have regarding my prostate cancer. May my decision be God's decision, and Dr. Gettman/all medical staff involved, be guided by the Holy Spirit during my procedure. JESUS I TRUST IN YOU!!!

for peace & employment

For peace within my family, the conversion of my siblings and patience and compassion. For employment. Mary

For Matt and Bill

Please pray for peace and forgiveness for my son Matt and his father Bill. My son loves his father and wants to be able to hear his father say that he loves him and is proud of him. Bill has terminal cancer and Matt fears Bill will never say that he loves him. Matt is very depressed.

For Cristina & her mirgraines

Please pray for Cristina who is experiencing bad migraines. Please pray that all the blood test comes back good. She may have to follow up with a neurologist if they continue.

Family Prayer

For peace, love and truth to prevail in our family in which there is great division. For my parents’ siblings and their reconciliation. We pray for God’s love to envelope and protect us from hatred and for peace among our extended family. For my mother who is very saddened by the state of our family right now. Thank you for your prayers. Angie



Please pray for the conversion of my husband and friends and that they will come back to Mass. Thank you. My husband's been away for about 30 years. Anonymous

For my brother Tony who is struggling

Please pray that Tony finds a job and a woman of faith and that he keeps a positive attitude for he is struggling greatly.

For peace and healing

For peace and healing of my son Greg and his two daughters after a divorce. Pray for God's will in his life that he be a good influence for his daughters, Also if it is in God's plan that his marriage may be restored.

Reconcilliation, please Jesus!

Please pray that our 2 children would reconcile with each other, for deep heart healing for them both, and for a good job for our son. Thank you, Jesus for answered prayer.

Legal Help

Please pray that God will send me the right help in a legal family estate battle and the judge will find favor with me. I will have to appear before the judge in November. Thank you for your prayers.

Successful surgery

Please pray for my mom, Lucille, who is awaiting surgery to replace her pacemaker.

For Nancy

For Nancy, who had lung surgery today. It went well - praise God. Prayers for a complete recovery.

Pray for our priests

For a young priest who is struggling. For Our Blessed Mother to guide and protect him during this difficult time and give him strength, courage, trust and a deep personal relationship with her Son, Jesus.

Searching for gainful employment

Please pray for me to find gainful employment. I keep getting first and second interviews but nothing yet. Pray that I don't lose my job due to consolidation of two entities owned by our parent company. I pray for the grace for my future employer to see my potential and take the chance in hiring me. I pray that it will be a perfect match- supervisor, co-workers, work, pay, benefits, salary, flexible work hours, good work-life balance and to be able to workout during the lunch hour. God bless you!

Test results

Please pray for a negative biopsy for me which is scheduled for August 18th. I am finding myself unusually calm about the necessity of this biopsy and will accept whatever it is knowing it is the will of My Father for me. Thank you & God Bless the work that you do

seeeking employment

Please pray for me to find employment to support my family, as my husband is searching for employment as well. May my future employer see my heart and not my appearance. May I use my God-given talents to honor and glorify His Holy Name.


Please pray that my daughter, Jennie, and her family will return to the faithful practice of the Catholic faith.

Please pray for me to get a job

I have been looking for a job in which I can utilize my talents and skills, and serve people, for some time. Please pray that I will find employment very soon and that my financial situation will improve. Thank you. Joe

Pray for a healing – Paul

Please pray for my brother, Paul, who has severe cellulitis and infection in his left leg. He has been hospitalized since Monday, 8-4-14. He cant walk and his leg is swollen from his knee down to his foot and is deep red. He also has a "pickle size" blister on his leg.

For John

Please pray for John's recovery from a ruptured appendix. He is a young man in Pakistan who is awaiting adoption into an American home.

For My Sister Kim

Lord, through the intercession of Your Most Blessed Mother Mary, I ask that the Peace of the Holy Spirit come upon Kim. Fortify and sustain her with Hope and Love, and that You, our Most High, overshadow Kim with Your Mercy and the Graces necessary to face the challenges now manifesting in her life. Protect her from the darkness that seeks to interfere with her devotion to you, and I pray that you will send an Army of Heavenly Angles to stand guard over her, envelope her Heart and keep it preserved for You, whom she Loves above all else. And may You Bless us all Dear Lord, so that we may grow ever-stronger in our Faith, Hope, and Love of You and of each other. Amen


Please pray that my son will come back into his Catholic faith, that my husband will experience the Holy Spirit in a profound and moving way during his RCIA training this Fall and he will seek our Lord with all of his heart and soul, that my daughter will move to a full level of trust and belief in her faith and in our Lord and embrace his grace .

For children to return to the Church and to find a good husband

I have been a widow for nine years. Two of my children are away from the church and living in sin. I pray and fast but my prayers are not answered. I am very lonely and would like a good man to share my life with. Please hear me, Lord

Please pray for my family

So much is going on in my family right now. My oldest brother Joe lost his job in April and has been very depressed. He begs Our Lord to help him but Jesus is silent... For now. Please pray he finds a good secure position soon. My brother John's son is going through a lot which has caused much dissension in his family, especially between his son and wife. Please pray that their family heals. My husbands employer is threatening to fire him over something so silly as a hearing test. He has passed it but I guess his scores aren't high enough. Please pray he will not lose his job . I am beginning my clinical affiliation on Monday, August 11th. I am ver nervous about not doing well, not being prepared enough. Please pray for me...that I do well in school so that I may graduate in May. This new career will help alleviate some of the burden from my husband. And please keep my Mother in your prayers, for continued health, peace and safety from all things that could do her harm. Thank you... God Bless! Teresa

A job

I pray that the Lord provides a job for me that is in line with my personal and career goals, in which I will be enabled to thrive and grow professionally and financially. I ask St. Joseph and our Blessed Mother Mary to intervene on my behalf with Jesus. I not only ask this for myself, but so that I may be enabled to better provide for my family and my community.


We pray for our cousin Tom to be healed in the name of Jesus. We pray that Tom receives all God's graces that make him know, love and serve God before he passes from this earthly life so he will be able to spend Eternal Life with Our Lord and Blessed Mother.

For our service mission

Please pray for our mission to E. Kentucky that we may help the people we serve in Appalachia. May they see God through our works.

For the children

Pray for all the children in the world that are being used for political gain.

For teens who just finished a retreat

For the teens who just concluded their week at Camp El Camino at Santiago Retreat Center.  May they continue to walk this Camino of holiness each and every day if their lives.

For a liver transplant

For Michael to receive the liver transplant he needs to live. He's been on the transplant list for 6 months. For Michael's complete healing of body and soul.

unite us to serve christ through our marraige

For a wounded marriage to heal from the affects of broken trust and from an addiction that has swallowed our family and keeps us in captive with pride, lack of empathy and void of Godly leadership. May God break the cycle that we can't seem to get out of on our own. St. Joseph, pray for us.

For Neal

Pray for my husband Neal's heart health, and for me, for love and peace.

For healing of my children

Please pray for Nathan to be completely healed spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and physically. Please pray for Bridget and her family. She left the church several years ago and lives a pagan lifestyle. Her husband was brought up without any religious foundation. Please pray that he will one day convert to Catholicism and that they will have their marriage blessed. Also pray for my grand-daughters "K and M". "K" is 13 and is very prayerful and wants her parents to take her to church on Sunday. They live 5 hours away from me so the only time she goes to church is when I visit. Please pray that the seeds of faith that have been planted will continue to grow in them. I ask this in Jesus name. Amen

For Michele

For my beautiful friend Michele. We are discerning whether to pursue friendship or something more. I am wanting to get married and think she would be an excellent spouse, as she is a devout Catholic woman in love with the Faith. She wants only friendship at this time as she wishes to take more time in discerning her vocation. Lord, please watch over Michele and bless her, and please help me to be the best friend I can be for her, regardless of what the future holds.

RN test

Please help Christopher pass RN boards this time and find the job you want him to have JMJ, please help him know the job you want him to have and to not get fired or laid off. Help him support his family, St Joseph. Please help our family do your will and complete our mission and get to Heaven. Thank you for all our blessings. KS

Intercession for family and friends

Please pray for my nephew who is away from our Lord and is seeking something but doesn't want to recognize that it's our Lord. For all of my family members especially my dad who is ill and all who have requested prayer due to illness. For my parish community that the light be brought to those that continue to cause turmoil. For my personal intention.

Son’ acceptance to specific high school

We ask prayers for our 15 year old son Andrew. He had been on the waiting list since April for a vocational high school that he and we would love for him to attend. If it is God's will, we ask that he be accepted on or before August 15th (that is date of start of their school year.) thank you!

Conversion of heart and healing from heroin addiction

I pray for my nephew Randy who is struggling with addiction and has walked away from a long-term treatment, believing he can conquer on his own. Only you Lord can reach him and lead him on the path to recovery. Give him the strength to do the right thing and reach out for help when needed.

Pray for Fred H, 93 years old

He is suffering very much as his body fails him, from sleep apnea and lung/heart weakness. Please pray for his faith in Christ and his preparation for heaven - that he be joined in spirit to his beloved cousin John, a Catholic priest who passed on recently. That he be protected form people who are after his money. Thank you!

Christ Renews His Parish

At the end of October we will be having one of our bi-annual "Christ Renews His Parish" Retreats. We ask for prayer and fasting so the event is the best it can be and everyone comes away fully charged with the Holy Spirit and ready to do God's work.

Prayers of thanksgiving & continued healing

Prayers of thanksgiving for Marisa who was in a car accident. She was injured but is healing. She was praying the rosary on the way to Mass when her car was hit.  Almighty Father, we thank You for protecting her.  Jesus, the Divine Healer, we ask You to continue her healing.  O Holy Spirit, the Consoler, bless her and her family.  Our Lady of the Rosary, keep your mantle of love and protection around her and her family.  Jesus we trust in You.

For my daughter’s knee surgery

Please pray for our daughter, Mary-Catherine who is having knee surgery on Monday. It is more involved than they had anticipated, and she will have a longer recuperation, complicated by her return to college. Please pray for her peace of mind, for a successful surgery, and that God's will will be done in her life.

Healing from amnesia

For healing from years of amnesia, to forgive those who were the cause of it, and ample work with the gifts God has given me to come out of a lifetime of crippling poverty.

Spiritual direction

Please pray for my spiritual sister who is searching for the right spiritual director.


For my sons to stop drinking and using drugs. For them to come to know God and the Blessed Mother. I know and pray that my prayers will be answered. Amen

surgery outcome

My spouse is having a surgical procedure and exploratory on August 13. Please pray for a positive result. We both have had so many challenges and sacrifices this year. Diane

Prayer request

Please pray for my son Dominic, that he is dwelled with the gifts of the Holy Spirit and God's mercy. That he returns to his faith and away from the darkness of sin so he can have a fruitful and happy life and eternal life with Jesus and His Blessed Mother Mary. Thank you all and God bless you all. Kathleen

Great financial blessing

For a great financial blessing to purchase a good home and a good Christian developer to buy our home and land at the price everyone wants and even a better price than asked. For my children Hannah and Isaac to have good health and a good homeschooling year. I ask prayers for Steve for love and happiness and to find God's will in his life. For Cindy - conversion, peace and forgiveness. For a healing of my tooth.

Reconciliation with daughter

That my daughter estranged for 22 years would reconcile. That she will become a baptized Catholic.

Employment and home

Please pray to our Blessed Mother Mary intercession for a good job, that I may keep my home. A good husband would be a bonus! Thank you Jesus Mary and Joseph. I Love You! Catherine

For the conversion of my sons

Please pray that my two sons return to the Church. Corey has embraced secularism and is influenced by many New Age friends. James is married to a Protestant and after hopping from one faith community to another they and our grandchildren have become very involved with a cult called Remnant Fellowship. Pray for the Lord to send faithful orthodox Catholics into each of their lives and lead them back home to the Catholic Church.

Praying earnestly

For two of my children to return to the Church and sacraments. For me to find someone to share my life with having been a widow for nine years. Thank you

My husband Leroy

My husband Leroy, who had a heart attack 6 years ago, went to the heart specialist this week for his checkup and got a bad report. The Doctor said his heart is only working about 30% and he thinks Leroy might have a blockage again. Prayers for Leroy and for his heart to be healed.

For Carol and her husband

For Carol and her husband who have begun the process of a divorce. May they be renewed in the love of Jesus and may the power of their sacrament in holy marriage prevail.

A conversion

Please pray for Larry that he may open his heart to the Holy Spirit and personally encounter the Lord.

For Donna

Please pray for my sister Donna who is fighting cancer, and is in the hospital struggling with the side effects of chemotherapy.


Please pray for my husband, Ross, to find joy through work. Help him to secure a fulfilling job after staying home with our kids for a decade then struggling to find himself in life and in work. Thank you! Amen!

praying for family

For my husband who is not Catholic and not supportive of my faith. For our marriage to be renewed in love and in Christ. For my daughter, Mary's mental and emotional well-being, and for my son, Cory who also has a hatred toward the faith. Please pray for our family - the Zeng family. For faith, peace, hope, love and reconciliation.  

Job search guidance

I pray to find a job that will allow the opportunity to spend more time with church, family and friends. Mike P

Safe Delivery

Please pray for a safe delivery of our newest grandchild. Pray that all will go well for our daughter Nora, Joe and baby. Nora is to be induced on Sunday if she does not deliver by then.

Awaiting results of job interview

Please pray for me as I await the results of a job interview which will be finalized next week (7/27-8/1). I had a second interview last week. Please pray that God's will be done. I pray to find gainful employment soon because my current employer is going through a merger and fear that I will lose my job. Amen

Pope Francis

For Pope Francis, to be open to correspondence being sent from Boston requesting that he establish a foundation to assist those in need around the world.

Thanksgiving landslide repair

In thanksgiving for the answered prayers from the landslide we suffered in 2011. We are so thankful for the graces we received while we were going through this terrible ordeal. With God's grace we financially were able to pay for a lawyer, the soil engineer, withstand having no heat for a year, and refinance our home to pay for the repair. We are so thankful for the spiritual grace of increased faith, prayer (rosary) and God's great presence in this challenging time in our life. Also while this was occurring we suffered a miscarriage and fertility treatments that bore no babies, but the grace to get through all of this. We live you Lord and thank you for your loving graces. Maria Teresa, Mark & Isaiah

prayers for a new mother

For my cousin Nicole. She delivered twins Wednesday evening. She is not coming out of the deliveries. Pray for her recovery. The doctors say she is in very serious condition. Pray to Mother Mary to save this mother.


For peace in our hearts, in our family, in our community, in our country and in the world. For a safe flight for my son and his family. For my daughter to find a husband who loves Jesus and so she can have a family. For help in legal matters. Thank you- Amen.

Healing from tumors

Healing for a man who has malignant tumors on his brain, lung and liver.

Healing for wife and mother

For healing for a young wife and new mother from a malignant brain tumor.

Miracle requested for Bill

Prayers are requested for my brother-in-law Bill. He is in a Dallas, TX hospital undergoing evaluation to see if his body is healthy enough to have a heart transplant.

Stability in my husband’s work

For stability and success in my husband's work. He loves his job and has worked hard to build his company, but his commission-only business is stressful and unstable for supporting our family of 6. That he may have more income stability and that our family lives according to God's will for our lives.

Financial help

We ask prayers for financial help for us. Mother Mary knows from Her place in Heaven our great needs.


For a good report for my brother's biopsy and my own healing from this possible cancer.

For my aunt Amelia Oliva in Mexico

My aunt has metastatic cancer in her lungs, neck, breast. Please pray for a miraculous healing and united suffering with Jesus Christ. Thank you Eladio Valadez Coppell TX


For a mother, who is suffering from unknown health issues and probably won't be able to go to her daughter's wedding on July 26. Prayers please! For healing, peace, strength and surrender to God's will during this time.


I humbly request prays for my family and I - for our financial stability, happiness, good health, peace and faith.

Conceive a baby

Please pray that our daughter, Jenn, and her husband Rob are able to conceive a baby.

For all those working in sales

For all people who work in sales and feel the pressure to meet the quota for each quarter. We pray for their peace, trust in the Lord and the courage to seek first the Kingdom of God and obey His Commandments, no matter how intense the pressure may seem. In a special way for Francis, a community member who works in sales and all of our community members who experience pressure in work.


Please pray that details of my job will be resolved; assistance in improving skills, approach, details. Thank you.

loneliness and despair

For a community member who is struggling with loneliness and despair. May they go to Jesus, the Divine Doctor, in the Sacrament of Reconciliation and be healed of these bondages. May they be transformed in peace, joy and love from their encounter with Jesus Christ.

Our son

That through Our Blessed Mother and Our Lord Jesus Christ, our son will return to the faith. I beg that through our fasting and prayers, he will be transformed through Jesus Christ. I am offering this petition for his intercession and all the rest of the petitions on this web site through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless everyone through out today's fasting.

Please pray for my family

In the name of Jesus, that K,D,N,S will reunite, reconcile, heal, forgive each other, and be a loving family again. Thank you Jesus, Mary, and Joseph for your love. Thank you to the Live the Fast community for your prayers.

Prayers for my family members

For my son DCA and his wife, MFA to have improved financial matters so they can get their own apartment. For Dan to quit smoking cigarettes. That they grow deeper in their faith and rely on Jesus and Mary to help them in all ways at all times. May they give thanks and praise God perpetually. For my son BDA to learn the Will of God in his life. He wants to be married and has yet to meet the woman who shares his Catholic beliefs and is like-minded in moral fiber. He has grown bitter, lonely and cynical. May the love of Our Blessed Mother soften his heart and help him find God's will in his life. Praise and Glory to God now and eternally. Amen !


A new heart for Seth.


So we can keep the house that we are in. The bank wants to foreclose.

For a Benedictine Archbbot

Saint Vincent Archabbey, Latrobe, Pennsylvania: the largest Catholic Benedictine monastery in the world. Your prayers are requested its Archabbot, Douglas Nowicki, O.S.B. for a safe and healing road to recovery from major surgery 15 July 2014. God bless you richly.

Please storm heaven for David and his family

About 3 months ago David developed a virus in his spine which has left him paralyzed from the neck down. He has had a setback and is again in the hospital. Although the community has reached out to them, the medical bills plus the renovations necessary to his home to accommodate him, are staggering. He is facing surgery in the future and his wife is seeking employment. Fortunately, he is surrounded by his wife, 4 young children and siblings who love him.

Florence and Ann

My sister was admitted to the hospital tonight with blood clots in her lungs. Also, she needs guidance to believe Our Lord is there with her during each and every breath. Also, my sister in law Ann is recovery from open heart surgery and asked for prayers to help her continue to gain strength. May God bless each member of LiveThe Fast. Ruth

Healing for Jerry Stone

For Jerry Stone, who has pancreatic cancer. He starts chemo and radiation tomorrow for three months to try and shrink the tumor so they can operate and remove it. For his healing and full recovery.  

Eye surgery

Please pray for Mark, my husband, who will have a cyst removed from his eye this coming Friday, July 18th. That the hand of the doctor be guided by God. For Mark to have quick recovery and no complications. Amen

For family healing

For a healing of Jessica's food addiction and her to be successful in her diet. For my family to develop the right image of the Heavenly Father and so return His love.

For my son Jonathan

Jonathan is drinking too much. This has caused a severe strain in his relationship with his fiancée. She is discerning what God's will may be for her in this relationship. I pray for her that the Lord may give her His wisdom and for Jonathan that he may see and change his ways.

To find gainful employment

Pleas pray for me to find gainful employment. I have been at my current job for eleven years. I am under attack by my supervisor and a co-worker. Please pray I do not get fired. Please pray for protection from the evil one.


I am looking for part-time employment. I can work from home doing customer service, editing, administrative assistant, etc... Jesus, I trust in you!

Return to church

I pray that Manny and his wife will return to church

Healing for Marisa and Maria

Please pray for healing for Marisa who is hospitalized from a car accident and for peace while she is unable to work. Prayers for Maria scheduled to have a Temporal Arteritis Biopsy today. She has just been diagnosed with Polymyalgia rheumatica which can cause sudden, permanent blindness and other symptoms. Please pray for her doctors, treatment plan and for her healing. Thank you so much! Mary D


This week in Dayton, Ohio over 500 youth will be converging on the city to spread the word about our last remaining abortion mill. Witness, praise and worship throughout the street intersections as well as in front of the mill and the courthouse. We pray for the Holy Spirit to descend upon this city and spread so that this last mill will be closed down so all the glory can be given to God. Event info can be found at heartforthenextgeneration.com and use the #daytonprolife when tweeting or following. Event is July 16 - 19th. Fr. Frank Pavone from Priests for Life is our opening speaker tonight. Afternoons are filled with training, evenings are rallies. All open to the public.

16 yo who does not know the Lord

Please pray for my 16 year old son who is so lured and tempted by the ways of the world. He has low self esteem, depression, and has been welcomed into a group of friends that his parents are not happy with. He is experimenting with many behaviors that are contrary to our faith and the way he was brought up. He does not know the Lord in a personal way. I pray for a powerful conversion and a return to the Lord; healing of his low self esteem and his depression, and that he will turn away from some of the destructive behaviors. Thank you for your prayers.

Healing prayer

Please pray for my jaw bone to be healed after surgery of a tooth removed and for the pain that has come back. For my husband's upcoming implant surgery that it all goes well. Also to be healed of Lymes Disease and over all depression and anxiety of being ill. Thank You Jennifer

Our daughter Elizabeth Therese

Our daughter suffered from an eating disorder 5 years ago...she will soon be 21. God took awesome care of her and, due to that illness she has become a frequent visitor to our local Adoration Chapel. However, as she seems to feel she cannot find a good Catholic gentleman, she is seeing someone who is not good for her. Please pray that she realizes her beautiful virtues and opens her heart to find out what God is asking of her, that she will be patient and trust that God will again take good care of her.

Culture of Life in my family

For my wife who is using contraceptives, that she may be open to life and trust in the Lord.

For my children

For Nathan to be healed spiritually, emotionally, and physically and that he will find his way back to the Church. For Bridget that she will turn her life around, have her marriage blessed and that she and her family will be received into the Catholic Church one day. Thank you Jesus

Daughter and Grandson

That my daughter will be healed of depression and have the desire and action to do what is needed to stay well. That my grandson will be able to get a second opinion and that the doctors have the wisdom to evaluate him with the correct diagnosis.

For my husband’s depression

That my husband will be cured of his depression.

Son’s choice of wife

That my son, James, will choose the right woman to marry, and come back to the Church.


For parents to leave freemasonry

Body of Christ Farm Waldorf, MD

Pray for Holy roommates, holy families living on the farm. Holy volunteers to consistently work the garden. Fr. Pittman's Mission which is Christ's mission.

My family and husband

For my husband Josh that he will find happiness and spend time with the Lord. For my family that we stay strong and never lose faith, that the Holy Spirit helps us with our struggles and helps us to be as close to God as He will allow us and that we become a happy family that severs God everyday of our lives.

for healing

Pray for my son, that our Blessed Mother Mary and our Lord Jesus will help him into his light. May God bless him and his family. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to post our petitions on the web. God bless


Please pray for my religious vocation and the grace to adore Jesus with devotion and zeal for the missionary work of the Church. Thank you

For a special grace

Please, pray for me to get confirmation of God's will for me in my life. Thank you.

Prayers for Brianna

Please pray for Brianna D., 17 years old and doctors believe she has a brain tumor. Pray that if it is a tumor that it will be benign, that she will not need surgery of any kind and that it will not grow. Pray for this tumor to be gone. Amen.

For my niece April

For my niece April, that she may be cured of Leukemia. She is only 24 years old.

For prosperity on a restaurant

For prosperity, protection and blessing for La Plaza Mexican restaurant....that God will provide us a full-time server and a chef.

For Restoration of marriage

For my brother Jesus and his wife. For Alfredo and his life, for conversion and repentance and restoration. For peace and the heart of his children.

For Andres, for Wisdom and to do God’s will

For Andres, for Wisdom and for his commitment to do God's will and for his year at college to be a blessing for his life and dedicates hid life to serve Jesus.


Thank you, Dear God, for successful surgery

Prayers Needed!!

Please pray for Sophie, mother of 8, liver cancer; Charlotte, liver cancer. Thank you!


For trustful surrender to God's Divine Providence regarding my discernment for treatment for Prostate Cancer. In thanksgiving for the many graces and blessings God has bestowed on me, In gratitude to our Blessed Mother for her prayers and her intercession for me, and a cure for my cancer.

Please pray

Please pray for my mother Dana, recently she had a stroke and very ill now. Father, please take care of my mother and help her to fully recover. Also please pray for me. I really, really need help. After eight years of battling alcoholism and depression, I'm trying to get my life back, but everything seems so grey and empty now. I feel, I don't have any purpose to live anymore. I feel lost and in despair now. I need God to enlighten me and show my way in life. Help me to find the job best suited for me, the place to live and purpose to live. Thank you Tim

For a wonderful nun

For Sister Lucille Fournier. She passed away June 28, 2014. She helped the old and all who needed help. She also started Loves and Fishes. Please pray for her.

Music glorifying God

Please continue to pray for Ronald and Caroline and me (also Caroline) as we prepare for the fall season with his special orchestra and for a new chorus, which I will be directing I also need opportunities to sing with them myself. It is a salaried job, and God willing, it will be answered prayer for me - that I truly serve and glorify God in this position! For a marriage endangered by faulty counsel. For the conversion of my family.

Isaiah & Job

Pray for my son Isaiah who has enlarged tonsils, and allergies. That he will not have to have the tonsils removed . Pray for me to find gainful employment. My current company I work for will be going through restructuring and I am afraid I could lose my job.

Healing from mental illness

Please pray for Gail. She is suffering severely from fear/anxiety and is talking of taking her life. She is refusing professional help. Please pray for strength for her two adult children.


I have two neighbors Nate & Helen, who are seeking employment. Nate has been laid off now for a few months. And Helen was just let go from a temp service. Thank you so much. God continue to Bless you all. Sherry

For my daughter

Please pray that my daughter will be able to obtain work that will sustain her so that she can live on her own and be self supporting. Even more importantly please pray that she return to her faith and that her children will be Baptized. Thank you for your prayers on her behalf.

For Keith to find a job and Jesus.

For my son Keith who is unemployed and turning towards the Muslim religion.


Please pray that my husband will find meaningful employment to help support our family.

For Jean

Please pray for Jean who has shingles.  Please pray for relief from the pain and for a complete recovery.

For Nigeria

For our beloved priests and brothers and sisters in Nigeria. For peace in their country and that violent and all evildoers will repent and turn to the Lord.

Pass School

Please pray for me. I am going through a very stressful time with school, and I am worried that I will not pass and be able to proceed further. I need Our Lord to be by my side and to guide me through this trial.

Daughter, son-in-law and their two daughters

Please pray for my daughter and her husband who are Catholic but do not go to church or receive the sacraments, and for their 2 daughters. May their family be evangelized in the faith and return to the Church. Protect them from evil and any harm from person, place or thing. Also pray for my brothers and sisters who are away from the Church. Mother/Grandmother/Sister

For Miraculous Healing

For Angel's healing from a rare form of cancer. It is quite large and attached itself to the inside of her chest wall, outside and inside her lung. Doctor's are looking at a lung removal. Prayers for her peace, healing and steadfast joy and faith during this time. For her family's peace and especially for her middle daughter getting married this August. Immaculate Heart of Mary, may Angel be entrusted to your care and prayers.

Please pray the marriage of a couple with three children

Please pray for the strength of the family especially for the wife. Her husband wants the marriage over.

Nick’s Anxiety

Pray that Nick will learn to relax and enjoy his family and friends.

For Donna

For my sister, who is battling cancer that she may find strength, peace, and healing.

For my daughter

For my daughter, that she continues in recovery from addiction and that she is open to the guidance from the Holy Spirit in making decisions about relationships and independence. May she draw close to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

St. Mary School

Please pray for for our school (St. Mary School) that we may have a successful 2014-2015 school year and for an in increase in enrollment.

Please Sell Our Property

Please pray that our Portsmouth home will sell quickly and for enough money to help us out of debt and enable us to go on a much needed pilgrimage. Bless you and thank you.

That I May Receive the Grace of Fasting with Love

Please pray that as I begin incrementally to undertake Fasting, that I may do so in a manner that brings the greatest glory to God the Father by offering this Fast as a true gift of love to Him, through His Son Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. - Tom C.


Please pray for my wife, who has been diagnosed with cancer. We have just recently learned of this diagnosis and it is frightful and devastating. Please pray for my wife to have peace and hope that God will heal

For conversion

For the conversion of my children and their families.

Prayers for healing

For healing of my two daughters serious autoimmune disorders. Also for healing of my Lupus , Cushing's Syndrome, and for my return to work (currently on short-term disability).

Marriage Restoration

For the restoration of my marriage and family. That my ex-husband would come back to our Lord and then back to his family.

Discerning the diaconate

For a couple who are in the process of discerning the diaconate, finishing grad school and having financial difficulties. That they can persevere in their discernment and schoolwork despite the obstacles. Also, for God to smooth the way to be accepted into the diaconate formation program if it is truly God's will.

Prayers for healing

For a dear community member who's just been diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. Prayers for peace as he and his family faces the shock and discerns treatment. He asks for prayers to do God's Will. He continues to pray for all community members and intentions.

"I am very pleased to have been part of this Fasting Community. It has been a source of joy for me."

John 10:10 Prayer Ministry

Prayers for all the intentions of the John 10:10 Prayer Ministry.

Blessed family life

For blessed and holy spouses who are committed to Jesus Christ and Mary for myself and my son, for his future family and for the means for me to be close to them. For us all to remain good witnesses to Christ.

Conversion of Hearts

For my parents to grow in faith and closeness with the Lord, in order to find peace in His loving embrace as they age and face changing times and health issues.

My conversion and healing

I am the only practicing Catholic and fully devoted Christian in mt family. I have been the scapegoat for many years. I ask for strength, conviction, continuing courage and humility to overcome any provocation to retaliation or despair at their cruelty and ignorant arrogance, and show them only the living Christ, to dwell in our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart in victory, no matter how they behave. Thank you.

For my niece April

For my niece April who has leukemia and is going through her fourth round of chemo - that she may be healed.

Complete healing

I'm asking prayers for myself for complete healing so I can go to daily Mass again and to do my daily holy hours in church.. I have had physical problems since last November, 2013 that's kept me either in hospital or at home. I thank God for EWTN and their daily Masses!

Prayers for a newborn girl requested

Prayers are requested for a newborn girl named Meadow, who is not healthy enough to leave the hospital.

For Chastity

For my daughter, her mother and I to embrace the virtue of Chastity. Our daughter is 11, so she is starting to get to that age where she will start going to dances and being interested in boys. Her mother and I divorced largely because neither of us understood the virtue of Chastity, before and during our marriage. My daughter needs guidance, and while her mother wants a chaste lifestyle for our daughter, she is not interested in living one herself. I struggle as well. We need to improve our lifestyles so that we can properly lead our daughter. This is the intention for which I am fasting.

For Faith

11 year old girl named Faith who really needs prayers. She has been in and out of the hospital for the past year.


Please pray for my mother (Jo-Ann –passed in 2003, my father Paul –living, my sister Jessica - living, the holy souls in purgatory, the Holy Father, priests and nuns and all of my family and relatives and the whole world and me please. Thanks, Paul


That my daughter will make peace with her mother. That she will seek to be Baptized into the Catholic Church and seek a vocation.

Matthew Needs Healing

Healing of my chronic migraine, mental & nervous disorders. I have been suffering from severe permanent, migraines. It's causing hard temptations, bad judgement, weariness, anxiety. Thank you very much God Bless

Prayer for healing of a marriage

A Catholic marriage is being harmed through false counsel. Please pray for the marriage to be saved and healed, and for the counselor to be true to Catholic teaching! Thank you.

June 14 – 20, 2014

For my niece, Alex, who leaves for West Point Navel Academy this month.

For a huge project I am working on at work and that the whole process is blessed. Thank you for your prayers. God Bless you all.

For my family, my husband, our finances and our unexpected move. For peace, grace, knowledge and wisdom during this transitional time and help from St. Joseph to find us a new home.

For Matthew R. (23 years old and bedridden) very bad situation and for His father Ward, who has cancer.

For my grandmother who has dementia and for my grandfather who takes care of her.

For all expecting mothers considering an abortion, that they may have the grace and strength to choose LIFE.

Stronger and more determined in fasting for RML

G. Fitz- (77yrs old) infections, addiction, lonely

J.& J. R. Health and Spiritual

T.C.D. (10 yrs old) brain tumor

“Our Lady of Fatima” to be received by Clustered Churches as graces from Heaven!

Unity between K & S & B & R

June 1- 13, 2014

For Matt – A father, husband and friend who has battling cancer. It went into remission but on Friday he got work that the trial treatments are not working and they have given him 2 weeks. He is a fighter and we ask the community to pray for a healing.

For the repose of the soul of Fr. Walker and for the healing of Fr. Terra.

That I will find gainful employment. I have been searching for a year. I feel set back from my experience and having given up part of my career in support of ex-husband’s military career.

For spiritual protection upon myself and my family.

For Ronald and Caroline who are planning an orchestra to melt the barriers between people diagnosed with mental challenges and those without. For Caroline, who has been asked to perform and conduct a singing chorus for this event.

For Ann who has been reacting very badly to the chemotherapy and ending up in the hospital for a few days after treatments. For her health, peace and healing. For her husband Barry, who is helping her through this time. For his peace, faith and love.

For Mary to be freed from her addiction to smoking and caffeine.

For healing for my friend Lori, a young mother battling cancer and for her family.

For my children that may continue to grow in faith and trust in the Lord and that they will discern God’s plan for their lives and embrace it with courage and love and may the always be protected and walk humbly with the Lord.

For camp el Camino at santiago retreat center in Orange County CA

For my Husband whom is seeking employment to sustain our living expenses.

Please pray that Megan will meet a good, holy husband and that she is able to get a job near home after having gone on many interviews.

For my son, David, who has been very depressed. I pray that he will have a renewal of his faith and develop a relationship with God. He has not worked in several years and has lost confidence in himself. I pray that he will speak to a career counselor who will help him and that he will find a job where he feels good about what he is doing.

For the conversion of my children and family. I have three children, the oldest son says he doesn’t believe in God, my daughter is just now coming back to church and my youngest son is kind of a Catholic. There are three boys and three girls in my family.  I am the only practicing sibling in the family.

For the grace, strength, and good fortune to navigate a move.

For my two week old grand daughter, Rose, who had heart surgery on Monday Jun 2.

I was just told today that I have to have surgery on both kidneys due to extremely large kidney stones, please pray for me.

May 2014

For the 10 women at “Annunciation Home of Mary and Joseph” who are praying and discerning vocations.

For gainful employment for Peter, a community member. He has been unemployed since the company he worked for closed down in summer 2013. He graduated from college in 2009 but has been unable to find work in his area of education. He prays the rosary daily and hopes the collective prayers of the Live the Fast community will bombard heaven and his prayers granted. He asks that  the mother of Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary continue to lead you all to his son Jesus. For Jackie. She is going under severe surgery. Please God, guide the surgeon and return Jackie to good health. For Cathy, who has been told she has a few months to live. For her peace during this time and for strength for her family and loved ones.

For a religious community in Boston to continue to grow in sincere love for Christ and one another, and for the guidance and protection of the Holy Family. For more vocations, and spiritual and material support.

For the Holy Father's trip to the Holy Land this upcoming weekend, that it is safe, blessed and fruitful.

For all Live the Fast intentions and in particular the leadership team - from the Eucharistic Chapel at Christ Cathedral in OC

For the people of San Diego who are suffering with the fires, particularly those of St. Mark's parish in San Marcos.

For Violeta, who underwent serious surgery this Tuesday.

For my cousin Lana to be healed of her addiction, reconciled with her family and to be filled with the love and peace of Christ. For Fr. Paul and Fr. Rumpf who both have cancer. For my mother who is going through a very difficult time, she is the caregiver for my father and is becoming depressed and angry. For healing for both of my parents. For Tom to be able to sell his car wash. Tom will have to file bankruptcy if he cannot sell. For all those working in sales, for peace and trust in God. For my husband going on retreat this weekend. That he may find rest in the Lord and receive wisdom and understanding of God's Will in his life. Please pray for us. We live in Texas and our ac unit went out and the cost is going to be at least $6,000.00 to replace.  Pray that we get a good and honest, A/C person/company to come out and do the job. Please pray that we can come up with that kind of money. Please pray for my immediate family; I am the only Catholic, and there is much sin, much hostility against Christ in my family for His conversion of me.  Pray for me, as I am under constant attack from the enemy as he tries to make me feel guilty and insane for differing from my family. For our daughter Kelly Ann, that she will allow her family back into her life. We are shattered and continue to pray for healing. We have begged her, but are refused.  This has gone on for five years. For the conversion of my dad, Don. For the web developers and designers working on our new website and for the Blessed Mother to guide and protect the project. For peace, healing and conversion of Michael. For my granddaughter, Mary Elizabeth, who was born with 47 chromosomes, instead of the normal 46 (an extra 18th chromosome, which could mean mental retardation as well as many other physical problems, including immune deficiency).  She is still in ICU, being fed by a tube, and on a respirator. Please pray that she lives a long and holy life, with perfect mind, body, soul and spirit. Barbara For my sister who is going through a difficult divorce and for her children and for healing of relationships in our family. For my parents to be reconciled and to one day re-marry. For Steve, and the healing touch of Our Lord upon him, as he struggles with mental health difficulties. For our son, Roger Steven, who has banished his father and I from his life, and the lives of our daughter in law, Irene, and our grandson, Ryan. It will be two years in June since we have seen or heard from them. We have made contacts, but they are refused. We pray to the Lord, as we do daily, to always protect and guide this little family. We pray for Roger Steven to forgive us of whatever pain we have caused, or he perceives we have caused him.  To bring Roger Steven and his wife and son to Baptism, and free his soul of all burden of sin.  Please pray for them! Pray for all those who are broken by life and live in pain of all kinds. Fr. Greg Staab OMV has been diagnosed with MSA, a terminal illness. A beloved and exemplary religious and priest, Fr Greg is still able each day to offer Holy Mass. He is eager to hear confessions and still teaches classes on Marian consecration as well as providing spiritual direction. When asked if he would like a novena prayed to the OMV founder Fr Lanteri, Fr Greg, said yes, but that the first intention should be for the Holiness of all Oblates. For upcoming heart surgery for a dear friend. For Andrew and his family who are undergoing many struggles right now.

For David's recovery from surgery and healing of cancer. David is a young boy. For his family to be strengthened and comforted during this time.

Please pray for my homosexual son and his boyfriend, for my daughters boyfriend who struggles with the loss of a sibling and has a severe alcohol addiction, for healing for my husband’s rheumatoid arthritis and for emotional/physical healing for myself.

For my daughter Jennifer who has had stomach problems since early December and they are not sure what she has. For my daughter Michelle who has been losing her hair.

Urgent prayers for a wonderful and humble priest named Father Nano. He has been diagnosed with colon cancer that could possibly have spread to his liver. I pray that he be healed completely and not get discouraged. For Father Greg, who is facing medical issues and undergoing much suffering. For Gabriela. She is a beautiful 23 year old full of life. For a community member's Catholic Cardinal relative who is very sick. For my son and daughter-in-law. She is still wanting a divorce, seems like she intends to file in March. That our Daughter-in-law will let us see our grandson, Christopher For my mother Jo-Ann that passed in 2003, for my father Paul (living), for the Holy Souls in Purgatory, the Holy Father and all the priests and nuns in the world also for my sister Jessica (living). For World Peace. For my son, who died in 2009

For president Obama to open his heart to see the evil of abortion and to consider the great legacy he could leave if he used his influence to influence a reversal of roe v wade in the United States and use his persuasive manner around the world.

My 19 year old Son he is needing prayers for his conversion.  Let's ask our Lady and our Lord to please keep him close to their sacred and immaculate hearts as he journeys through this phase of his life. Begging to give him a determined and purposeful direction to his life.

Healing of the deep wounds of my daughter-in-law so that she can be a very nurturing and loving mother who sees the needs of her children and tends to them. My son will be attentive to her needs and be a good father and please help him to be the best family counselor to help many marriages and many souls.

For a young man who is almost brain-dead that he may pass from this life to the next with his suffering offered and united to Jesus will bring his soul to heaven through Mary.

For a successful beginning of our Prayer and healing meeting at United Church Manor in West Seneca, NY this upcoming summer.

For Ann as she undergoes treatments breast cancer.

For my 20 year old son, who is struggling with his sexual identity and is caught in the thinking of the new age and believes that he is genetically gay that he be able to discern God's holy will for his life.

For Olivia, who is a year and a half and suffers from the effects of her birth trauma. To read her story, click here.

For my beautiful daughter who was killed in her college dorm room last fall, please pray for my husband, Mark, daughter Sydney, and myself, to find strength and courage, during this difficult time... Thank You From New Hartford, NY

For all the past and present intentions of our fasting community handed to the providence of God’s wisdom through the aid of Our Blessed Mother. Be sure to send us your prayer updates!

Prayer Intentions

Daughter’s soul

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Please pray for Antonio

I ask you please to pray for my boyfriend named Antonio. He is away from the church and unaware of God’s mercy and love. He’s feeling bored, impatient, with difficulties sleeping and unworthy to live. He can’t find meaning to...

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