Fasting Bread

In this modern day, it is very difficult to fast on mass-produced breads from your local supermarket. They can be filled with artificial preservatives, additives, and dough conditioners that will accelerate your appetite.

Click on the video below to see a report on “Four ingredients that food scientists use to manipulate you,”

LaVallee’s Fasting Breads are natural and pure, with ingredients directly from the earth, so your body can have the highest basic nutrition. Be assured that all wheat used in the production of our fasting breads has NOT been genetically modified. These artisan breads— with untreated, unbleached flours, no artificial preservatives or additives, the highest nutritional value—will help you maintain and finish the fast.

We offer a variety of fasting breads which are clean and tasty to any palate. Our breads include: ancient grain, multi-grain, and cranberry oatmeal.

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